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  1. My memory is a little hazy, they're not the same error codes as yours. I do have knock sensor codes though, Juular had some good input on my thread though: 21 - main oxygen sensor left bank 52 - #1 knock sensor signal 55 - #2 knock sensor signal
  2. I was gazumped in Scotland a few weeks before the agreed move in date and after we had signed the missives for selling our old place. Came close to leaving us homeless. It's shit but something @Schaefft and Mrs Schaefft loves will come along eventually. £50k's worth of work to get the gaff up to scratch sounds like a headache nicely avoided. Cracking read catching up on your fleet Schaefft. Celsior/LS400s seem to attract a lot of retired Alan Partridge types who talk bollocks. My favourite comment so far has been 'nice Mercedes!' I have the exact same set of error codes on my LS and have been driving in limp mode for a long time, I'm fairly convinced it's a leak on the exhaust/cats. The flanges where they join love a bit of rust.
  3. Clues: Modern. Down south. Jimmy Shand tape. Guinea pigs. Volvofans. Conclusions: Volvo
  4. Have they got autoaid cover? Might be able to get a beavertail out
  5. This is perfection. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/166597201734
  6. PROTIP: instead of going to TGI Friday's and spending £70 on a meal, simply sit down next to a bin for 60mins and then pay a tramp to fart in your mouth.
  7. Can't believe this is all your fault @loserone
  8. "Keys missing however can be replaced. Unable to confirm if vehicle will start." https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/225978473228
  9. I offer a two week, intensive, residential course in 'lowering your automotive standards'. First week involves getting to grips with a high mileage Passat with front wings you could stab dry spaghetti through and 2 doors that don't open. The instructors will ensure that you do absolutely ZERO preventative maintenance whilst you're here. From here, I don't think this looks like a lemon. You're the right man to improve it as you've got exacting standards. Godspeed, hope you start to gel with the car soon.
  10. Phwooar, that's very lovely. If I got that, I'd leave it in a worse state than the banger racer but I'd do it slowly and unintentionally. I'm pro 'do-whatever-the-fuck-you-want-with-your-own-things'. Bon chance to the guy.
  11. https://gooloo.uk/collections/top-sellers/products/gp4000 Gooloo and don't look back. They're class. Project farms on YouTube seemed to rate them in his testing
  12. Is that a Japanese 850? I mean because of all the blurring
  13. Back in 2013 I was driving up the M6 to Glasgow, late at night, with a mate in my Audi S8. I was/am an ignorant arsehole so I was pushing well past 130mph on an empty, unlit section. There was a large, fallen tree in lane 1. The top had sort of exploded so there was debris in lane. I had to swerve and emergency brake. I discussed it with my mate and we agreed that it made sense to report it to the emergency services. The operator said in fewer words 'that's not an emergency, don't call this number unless it's a real emergency'. Last night I was doing 60mph on the M6 in the exact same spot in the driving rain and wind, lo and behold there's a big fucking tree in lane 1 in nearly the exact same, unlit stretch. I had to swerve, as did a few other cars. Who are you supposed to call about this sort of thing? Is a tree in the motorway not an immediate hazard?
  14. Exporting cars from Italy looks about as painful as using Nair on your balls, surpassed only by exporting cars from Greece. Just look at it though. How charming can a car get? https://www.carandclassic.com/l/C1680997
  15. Loving the branding and design. Quality curation of shite as always
  16. Great write-ups and photos, also one hell of a fleet. Thanks for sharing, should be a cracking thread
  17. Baillieston. Sun, sea, sand, it's got it all. Including that brand new phone I left in a taxi in 2015. Good luck with the collection, got to be a new high score for pre collection PC
  18. Where is the numberplate obfuscation award thread?
  19. What in the name of Jesus Christ eating mayonnaise on a dirtbike is this? http://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202401055292433
  20. https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/nissan-micra-blue-lpg/1470439252 £895 for an LPG Micra with long MOT. Get that delivery driver look for 2024
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