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  1. A quick note on the postcards: even in the 1970s they were taken on black and white film and then pale prints were made and hand coloured with dye. Because colour film didn't give a bright enough image. That is why you tend to get a lot of cars the same bright red etc. And the sky is always bright blue! The resulting coloured photo was then reshot for litho printing.
  2. The factory original brake lights always were a tad rubbish
  3. There was a pit in the garage of the house I grew up in. We only found out how rotten the boards covering it were when my sister got her first car - an Issetta three wheeler
  4. Get paper map and a compass and draw circles centred on each location to the distance indicated, where they intersect should give you a triangulation.
  5. Aren't chassis considered to be counted as consumables like brake pads etc. on these?
  6. I have also always had good service from these guys, excellent prices on tyres as well.
  7. This theft was brought to you by drug crazed scrotes sponsored by your local bent scrap-metal dealer
  8. Sold for 3 bags which seems bargainous to me.
  9. did you still have the log book and would it have made any difference if it was one of the old buff or green ones and not on the computer system?
  10. The centre of that location circle is just about where I was born
  11. My son had "I brake for cake" on one of his cars which I found amusing and quite likely.
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