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  1. No alloys, no turbo, keep-fit windows and random bits of wood stuck inside - that is ace.
  2. 04 plate Tesla in front of me this morning. Checked it out and its a 2018 car with a non-posh old plate. Strange but true.
  3. DSdriver

    Austin Maxi

    I might have said this before but will repeat for those like me with memory problems, one thing I can remember is the Maxi when first launched with fully reclining seats to provide a makeshift bed being described as "the ideal car for a young man about to start a family"
  4. This thread is full of WIN. If I recall correctly the gearbox on the H van was in front of the engine like the traction and the DS. Which way around are you putting the Rover lump? Is the solution in the transaxle because I would hate for you to end up with a single forward gear and many in reverse!
  5. For me, the sweet spot of shite manufacturing was between 1973 and 2002. Actually this covers all the cars (4) that I currently own and I have never owned anything more recent.
  6. Hi and welcome to Autoshite there are two options on 'cars to tinker with' namely those that never leave your driveway and those that can be daily drivers. There are probably inbetweenies that are the best of the former and the worst of the latter. Cars of the former type that you can spend hours on without actually going anywhere apart from collecting another the same to cannibalise for bits: Citroen XM (cheap), Triple carb Alfa Montreal (expensive) Basic daily drivers: Austin A35 or Hillman Minx (really basic), anything made by British Leyland (BL) (you might not need a car rug and overcoat when driving) Volvo 940 (just leave your brains in a bucket when you take it for a spin), get another Renault 25 or a 20 or a 19 or an 18 or a 17 etc. I kook forward to reading your choices and adventures
  7. "This stunningly persevered"
  8. My first impression on seeing the 'as found' car was that someone had started a restoration, cutting out some of the rot. So maybe the scrote/guardian has done the proper owner a favour saving him a bit of time. And hopefully the pieces removed for the rust removal to commence are to be found either in the car or the garage
  9. Good luck with the roadtrip, the weather here is diabolical at the moment so feel free to call in and rest a while.
  10. We had an AX Splash from new on an F plate, kept it a while until the local oiks realised how easy it was to push the panels in. 'Lightly built' Mrs DS complained she couldn't keep up with me on a run down to Petworth where we needed two cars so we swapped and she drove the Volvo but still couldn't keep up. So there you go, its official: Quicker than a LPT Volvo Estate. Not quite as roomy.
  11. <lkjsetright mode> headlamp lenses that become milky are polycarbonate and those that craze are acrylic. Use a UV protective wax (eg Farecla) from new to prevent which is useless news when buying shite.
  12. Is this the scenic route to France?
  13. Hmm there no longer seems to be any worry about people setting fire to their clothes and getting first degree burns because they stood too close to the fire to look in the mirror. Maybe because I'm from an age when there were open fires and highly flammable dresses and nighties
  14. I do use the lid of mine as a workbench as it is a good height to work at when standing. Stuff does tend to fall about though so the table top idea is definitely on my to do list, thanks. Wheelie bins are also good for flushing the salt water out of outboard engines. Half fill with water, clamp outboard on with a bit of batten as packing and run engine for a few minutes. Bonus is that the motion of the propeller gives the bin a good wash.
  15. Near Maidstone eh? Do call in when in the vicinity, we can do the return match Have a picture of your house with Saabs
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