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  1. I saw that rig in France a few years ago, he had a racing mini on the trailer then so he is obviously working his way up slowly towards the top echelons of sport car racing.
  2. 'kin ada what a faff! would drilling a small pit in the top of the spindle to stop the screwy bit slipping have helped? Copperslip on reassembly?
  3. If you need E5 in France go to somewhere where they are likely to have decent turnover, village garages have mainly diesel customers so the E5 goes stale before being sold. This is my experience anyway.
  4. Keep some string with them so you can tie them to the back of the car, that way you can keep going until you are on grippier ground or until you get stuck again.
  5. I've read they are going to start doing cashback on cans and plastic bottles so this car could be a wise investment . I would check the brakes though because it looks like the driver shat himself.
  6. J51MTH in the Medway tunnel today made me chuckle, one of the worst name fails I have ever seen
  7. Looks like another production line quality control fail.
  8. Kwikfit did not charge for putting a new exhaust clamp on the Peugeot of last resort and it only took them two days to do.
  9. Just catching up on this thread and realised that you are asking for something that I may be able to provide. I run a company that specialises in boat windows so have stocks of various sliding window seals and also fixed glass seals for the likes of the front screen, check out yachtwindows.co.uk
  10. We had an AX Splash like this: Note the loop in the back bumper so you can put it on your keyring.
  11. The very reason some of us love Citroens and others (especially those in the motor trade) hate them.
  12. Roast pheasant without the lead shot, mmmm.
  13. What an amazing lack of white lines and other 'you will obey the rules' stuff
  14. I will try and delete the wrong information from my brain. I am not sure how it got there in the first place
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