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  1. <lkjsetright mode> headlamp lenses that become milky are polycarbonate and those that craze are acrylic. Use a UV protective wax (eg Farecla) from new to prevent which is useless news when buying shite.
  2. Hmm there no longer seems to be any worry about people setting fire to their clothes and getting first degree burns because they stood too close to the fire to look in the mirror. Maybe because I'm from an age when there were open fires and highly flammable dresses and nighties
  3. I do use the lid of mine as a workbench as it is a good height to work at when standing. Stuff does tend to fall about though so the table top idea is definitely on my to do list, thanks. Wheelie bins are also good for flushing the salt water out of outboard engines. Half fill with water, clamp outboard on with a bit of batten as packing and run engine for a few minutes. Bonus is that the motion of the propeller gives the bin a good wash.
  4. Near Maidstone eh? Do call in when in the vicinity, we can do the return match Have a picture of your house with Saabs
  5. back window looks very much like Volvo 740 saloon
  6. Currently for sale on Hemmings https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/rolls-royce/silver-wraith/2298130.html?refer=blog
  7. I never actually did the arithmetic but I can remember thinking at the time that what I was saving on fuel and garage bills was similar to the monthly payments on my brand new Volvo 740 GLT
  8. Looks fantastique. Has it got the revolving speedo and DIRAVI (self centering) steering? I had a couple of familiale back in the 70's. Wonderful long distance cruisers, MrsDS clocking 300 miles in 3 hours in one of them. With the Diravi steering it was possible to get the car in a parking space only a foot longer than the car which came in handy as it was 16 ft long.
  9. Judging by the amount of motorcycle flics that zoomed past me today on their way to Biarritz for the G7 conference in a couple of days time the next few days should* be fairly hassle free for the rest of France. If anyone is planning to head that way for the Bilbao ferry over the next few days check that the border roads are open for you as they were posting notices of closures.
  10. I can't see it on the drawing. If it is just a flexible or rigid hose with standard connections a good hydraulic specialist should be able to make you up a new one or fit a new flexy onto your connectors. I know someone who is good at that sort of thing but he is in Ramsgate area so probably too far for you. I'll be back in England in a couple of days, if you need his details message me and I will find his address.
  11. Use stainless steel Jubilee clips, a few pence more but worth every penny.
  12. Lots of variety, I'll have the frogeye DS please
  13. Those aren't tyres, they are elastic bands
  14. Aha I seem to have accidentally bought a set of NOS alloys on ebay, what size tyres do they need?
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