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  1. I believe people who worked at Ford's Dagenham plant were able to buy cars at a discount.
  2. Congrats on the engagement... and completing the grand tour of European MacDonalds without ftp, just afts (almost fail to stop).
  3. Was the car driving alright when you bought it? (just to save me re-reading the whole thread)
  4. When the Sabb (not Saab) engine in my sailing boat was not revving properly under load I took the governor to the local truck specialist for them to service. Half an hour later I had it back and my problems were solved. It was money very well spent
  5. If you have to do the rear wheel bearings be careful not to let the spanner slip off the nut and knock a hole in the chassis which was the demise of mine. Everything looked fine from the outside, the rust was under the underseal. To repair it would have meant removing the fuel tank and dropping the subframe which made it beyond economic repair. If it had remained undiscovered the car would have sailed through the MOT and been perfectly safe which was rather annoying.
  6. Looks for moggies sitting on cars and then feels stupid
  7. Organised pikey gangs: d'yer like dags
  8. I presume its called the Exclusive because all the options have been excluded
  9. My long experience with small marine diesel engines has taught me that diesel fuel is excellent for using as penetrating fluid for rusting nuts, copper washers should be annealed (heated to cherry red glow then plunged into water) each time they are re-used because this softens the copper.
  10. Carbuilder.com do 4 point belts in various colours labeled by TWR racing, their Securon belts (which I have in my DS) are only in black though.
  11. Aye, mebe poke some holes, some seals have that from new. Vaseline softens up proper rubber, you can tell because the cloth you rub it in with turns black. Doesn't happen with some synthetics. If the tailgate doesn't close it may be because there is too much friction in the new rubber, try a bit of water on it to make it slippery.
  12. I can't believe that someone has gone to all that trouble and then 'spoiled the ship for a ha'penth of tar'.
  13. That may have done their reputation a world of pain. I hope you gave them hell in feedback. What did you put?
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