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  1. On one of my visits to Scotland I formed the opinion that Scotland was designed by God with the intention of making a killing in Kodak shares. As you can tell that was a while ago.
  2. Superb photoing skilz in this thread. We will be swapping the Saab floppytop over with the peugeot-of-last-resort at the end of the month. They get six months tax each a year and spend the rest of the time in the barn. I will take pictures if I remember.
  3. That's got my name on it... well my initials in truth. Please tell me it is a long way away from Kent and will cost many thousands because it looks very tasty.
  4. apparently the extensions also work on driving licenses. I have this on good authority from MrsDS who was worrying because they had not sent her a reminder.
  5. Interesting, I'm sure the one my sister owned and I used was a 3 wheel left hooker. I note that the one in the picture is a BMW but again can't remember what her's was.
  6. As far as I can recall they are all left hand drive, both three and four wheel variants. No doubt there are better educated people who will set me straight if I am wrong. The steering column on the Isetta is mounted on the opening door and moves forwards as the door opens to give you better access.
  7. I took my first driving test in an Isetta bubble car. It was a baking hot day in August and the examiner was a large man wearing a winter coat. I was doomed to fail. He found a road that was single track for me to do my three point turn in! So fail I did
  8. Why are you taking cars to the bridge and then buying steel to patch up other cars? Surely they will accept them at the bridge with a big square cut out of a panel? and bonus, they are already painted.
  9. some points for consistency?
  10. In my alcoholic stupor, fucked springs on a horsebox make me think it has been carrying too many fat bastard shire horses and not enough Shetland ponies.
  11. Our house is early 18th century so this sort of coach was probably the autoshite of the time Photo courtesy of Tring Museum because the Maidstone Carriage Museum website (about 8 miles from us) is strangely bereft of carriage pictures.
  12. Late 2011 my daily driver was the Volvo 940 estate in the background here with my DS Safari (now sold). Actually I think I joined the forum before this, did the dates get reset with a server change or something? We owned the two DSs the 23efi Pallas and the Safari and the "Peugeot of last resort" pictured here on the border between France and Spain. It was supposed to be a touring holiday in the blue DS but we only got a couple of miles down the road from home before I crashed it into the back of a Sprinter van queuing for the roundabout. Mrs Driver hitched a lift home to get anot
  13. Puts Class into Classic
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