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  1. I seem to remember the aircon on my first CX familiale, an Sreg in Brun Scarabee, reduced the top speed by 10mph and the fuel consumption to single figures. Time may have distorted the facts but it is how I remember it. It also was only really beneficial to the front seat passengers, whilst we were comfortable driving along the Moyen Corniche, those is the middle row of seats kept opening the windows which of course only let more warm air into the car.
  2. Afraid not, it was years ago and it would have been on VHS if that had been invented at the time. We weren't obsessed with filming every day of our lives then and it was just a bit of improvisation to get a dormant car out of a lock-up and onto a trailer.
  3. I have pumped up Citroen hydraulics using a belt from a washing machine and a random pulley wheel in an electric drill before
  4. What sort of mother would let her daughter be a passenger in that.... Oh, your great Aunt
  5. is that Adrian Edmundwotsit the comedian from the young ones? Or his dad
  6. Feel free not to give me number 2 if you would not be prepared to keep the car till I get back at the beginning of June and you would be offended by my taking off the bits that are better than mine and sending the rest over the bridge/donating it to my local Saab specialist (if they want it - they seem to have plenty already)
  7. Are they one of those companies where you pay up front for recovery and then claim back off them so that you are not waiting hours for the only AA/RAC* other services are available van within 50 miles to reach you as they send a local independent recovery crew? GEM do this for a reasonable price I believe although I haven't used them for a few years.
  8. At one of the first companies I worked for one of the reps would ask me to move his Fiat 1500 floppytop between meters in central London. It was a hot summer and the hood was mostly down, it often took quite a while to find another parking space. Then soon after I was married and had moved down to Tonbridge a friend asked if I would mind catching the train up to London and driving back to Tunbridge Wells as a favour to one of his customers. 22 year old me being trusted with a Mercedes SL90. Ace. Nobody seems to trust me nowadays
  9. Balloonists are lawbreakers, every time they take off they are proceeding with intent to commit trespass. How much are the next-door-sellers paying you not to have autoshite cars on the drive when viewings are in progress? Should be a nice little earner
  10. It could be all the biscuit crumbs and other crap under the click button. I am using a Toshiba laptop. I do seem to get problems with it going back two pages when I click the back arrow or it clicks through the drop down menus from the faves bar to whats on the page I am already looking at and I get a page from an advertiser. I'll have the lid off and see.
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