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  1. Is the windscreen all there? It may just be a trick of the light or maybe someone has wiped the dust off part of it
  2. I was going to get the angle grinder out because I thought you were doing a Carlton decapotable
  3. Sounds like we have a matched pair, is your's also a four door 1.4? Does it also sometimes go into limp-home-mode on cold days so that you have to do a restart? They replaced our bottle cap just in case but we think the problem was just the air lurking in the system.
  4. The back box of the exhaust parted company with rest of the system on Wednesday. It was already booked in at ATS because it was blowing. They had the parts ready to go on but of course they didn't fit, reckoned that replacing the cat would solve the problem. I pointed out that that would just move the non-fitting problem further along the pipe at more expense and that a sleeve was all that was needed because the spigot on the new pipe was the same diameter as the pipe out of the cat. And that is what happened with an extra discount.
  5. I bought a load of those in LED flavour to replace the filament ones on my boat cabin lights. Fitted them all and only half of them worked thus proving that a fifty percent chance of fitting them the right way around was statistically correct.
  6. How do I search my content? I tried the idea on page 1 but what you suggest is not there. I also tried the "highlighting the section you want to quote" and that didn't work either. Its not going well!
  7. I recon that having a bit of dust and dirt in the rubbing compound just adds a little to its abrasive qualities
  8. Use a figure of eight motion when polishing with a rotary polisher. Go easy on the sharp edges of the coachwork or you will burn through the paint. Farecla Profile UV wax or some newfangled ceramic snake oil to keep it reddish.
  9. Coco the Clown? (saves having to go up backwards in his clown shoes)
  10. There would be more of a market if they didn't charge such silly prices. I refuse to pay for a set of Michelins for the DS when they are only going to time expire long before nearing wear replacement. If there was just a marginal difference in price (like 10%) that would be acceptable but they just take the piss. They are about 4 times the price of what I paid for admittedly not quite as grippy tyres. The spare under the bonnet is a never been used Michelin from when God was a little boy - I trust it to get me home if I do have a blowout.
  11. Handy tip: Use your DS suspension to break a tyre away from the rim
  12. Ooh I've not seen a green one before
  13. My amateur opinion : that spring mount looks as though it would benefit from some drain holes to let out the water collecting around the base of the spring.
  14. Is that the bus garage on Bromley Common? (Near where I went to school).
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