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  1. Is there any connection with the Humber cars and the fact that Hull is on the River Humber?
  2. one of my school mates wired up all the lamps on the front of his Lambretta and when switched on they reduced its forward momentum to a crawl.
  3. Why haven't we seen pictures of the Bugatti Royale?
  4. "Look afta yur car Mista?" code for give us half a crown and we won't scratch it
  5. Kent registered. That Goodyear on the right looks OK!
  6. Advice from a friend many years ago: "When you buy a new car get them to disconnect the bonnet release before delivery that way you won't be able to fuck anything up". My rookie mistake when I was about 18 years old and decided to change the oil in my Ford Corsair, I learned the hard way how to properly tighten an oil filter after I left a trail of oil on the A12. Fortunately engine wasn't damaged as I noticed the cloud of smoke in the rear view mirror and shut the engine off pronto. The nice RAC man showed me how to do the job properly when he brought more oil.
  7. Driving just using the handbrake and knocking car in and out of gear with no clutch does take a bit of practice.
  8. Oh what fun that would be, taking a GS into a Citroen Dealership for them to rectify a recall problem
  9. According to MOT checker she is still awaiting first MOT and has outstanding vehicle recalls.
  10. I'm not an expert on the young motorists but I would imagine these small engined cars are looked on quite favourably by insurance companies if you have limited driving experience. Which would put a premium on the cars.
  11. Classified as Motortraderspeak, or was when I used to drink with them.
  12. That upholstery is WINTASTIC
  13. I have no idea on the shipping costs but if you are buying a South African DS make sure it is one that has a higher value like a late model DS23IE Pallas or, if there are any left, a Slough car that will be worth £40k plus when restored.
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