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  1. New bearings ordered.... That's gonna be a lot of fun... πŸ˜‚
  2. Absolutely had a much fun time, so much so, I didn't take any pics, also managed to avoid getting horrifically sunburned! Cheers @loserone and @Jim Bell for arranging. Good to see multiple folks known and unknown! Also, thanks to @davehedgehog31for the taxi. Jp
  3. Think the wheel bearing has a little bit of play in it.... VID-20210723-WA0027.mp4 Great*
  4. Also think I have a sticky caliper or a dodgy bearing at the back driver side wheel πŸ‘πŸ‘€
  5. Nae bother dude, good work on the Audi. The big jack is pure handy!!
  6. Nae bother dude, it's looking sparkly! 😊 Was good to work on something other than the ungrateful bastard of a Merc, πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  7. Thanks dude, yeah, I believe they are still free, found a couple of places on line, might try the dealer to see what prices they come back with...
  8. Did some more investigation tonight, couldn't get it to replicate the leak/fault, however, I do have my suspension suspicions!! (car was on ramps so suspension was loaded) Up in the air, like she just don't care. Might be a leak here None here, but Ho Lee Fark, its a bit crusty. This came off the bottom of the accumulator on the passenger side. I reckon here is the most likely place for the leak, seems to be seeping out. Oh good... Best get the parts catalogue fired up. Just as well it's pay day tomorrow. (technically today)
  9. Cheers dude, aye it seems pretty rudimentary, I did the main front to back lines on it for the MOT. I think it's now just finding the weak spots on ths system now. I'll try and get a good look at it at the weekend and see what I can see. Also found a vid on the accumulator replacing, looks fairly straightforward and aligns with what wrote above. It's pushing its luck!! 😊
  10. I can hear you Carlos Fandango! Cheers, aye, I believe it's licenced from Citroën, @320touring should be able to verify, as we have had fun with the GSA in that regard. Aye, they are pretty comfy when they work. Just need to get it fixed at some point. The saloon sounds sensible due to lack of SLS 😊
  11. Did some more work on the Merc this weekend. Finished off the driver side rear arch and did the passenger side rear arch too! Driver side done, just needs blending and lacquer. Passenger side rear arch wasn't too bad. Again, not too bad, certainly looking a lot better than previous! Of course, you wouldn't expect anything unfortunate to happen now, would you..? Due to this being an ungrateful, cow bag bastard it's gone and sprung a leak from the suspension pipes! Great*! #stancelyfm9 It looks like the pipe that runs from the accumulator out to the rear shock. So, further investigation is required! Cunt! Anyway, from about 20 yards, if you squint, it almost looks presentable....
  12. Have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed with the lack of peril in getting this up and running again!
  13. Some more progress on the merc this week, a quick* filler job turned out to not be possible.... Hopefully the pics will cover it off. Many thanks for the assistance to @320touring who kept an eye on me whilst I did a great job of making a mess of welding πŸ˜‚ Also a special thanks to S_PEWGS.. ( @Split_PinEmergency Welding Gas Services) who kindly got us out of a tight spot! Again, it's not factory fresh, but it at least has metal in it, another wee skim of filler and sanding should see it ready for paint. The other rear arch looks fine from straight on, however is a little bit bubbly on the lower lip, so that's next!
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