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  1. Took it out a wee blast to see @320touring. It's fun, and only slightly* nippier than the polo....
  2. Alas, it is indeed the same car, tank eventually got replaced when I got home safely* 😊
  3. Cheers dude, it's definitely a 10 yarder though!
  4. Howdy! A long time member and recent contributor on the former @320touring W124 thread. (also his brother). I have decided to start my own wee thread to enlighten you with the joys of my automobiles. Currently I am in possession of: E30 316i '316328' E30 325i Touring '335' shared with @320touring Polo diesel (veg) formerly @davehedgehog31 W124 300d (also veg). Today was a good day in reference to the 316328. After over a year off the road due to me being a twat and blowing a spark plug out of the head, this went in for it's MOT. P
  5. A wee bit more done on this today, @320touringhad made the suggestion that, as I had another new ball joint, I should change them over... The ministry only failed the driver side. Today was the passenger side. Again, with the ball joint splitting, and multiple faffs! All in all, it's done, I didn't take any pics, however @320touringdid. We were also ably assisted by Father Touring and @dome Anyone for some genuine Mercedes rust? Deconstructed ball joint? Or a happy* chappy? Just needs a wash, then it should be reet for an MOT. Cheers. Jp
  6. Here's a bonus* video for you. 2 observations: I sound 'very Scottish' as does Father Touring Lying on your front, under a car, makes you sound like a heavy breathing s*x pest. VID_20200926_142537.mp4
  7. Howdy, apologies for the delay in getting back to this! Didn't get a chance to get to it last weekend. The new press had arrived, and I purchased new nuts and bolts, this is gonna be a skoosh. 😎. *voiceover* Dearest readers, this was not a skoosh, Jp was deluded* *end of voiceover* Headed through to the unit today and met Father Touring. He was laden with coffee and some nourishing snacks for lunch #legend. I started to think about how it was best to approach this wonderful task. Got the large jack and raised the car up a bit more to furnish us with space.
  8. Excellent work! Glad the bastard started and is running!
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