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  1. Took this big lump up to the unit today, after doing the old tax switcheroo yesterday. The polo was parked up. We started cleaning the front seats, especially the driver seat, as it had been mawkit after the lay up and the work. I didn't get any pics, as I am a professional. We then discussed what was next... It was decided that we would have a go at one of the front wings, the passenger side one was the better* one, some bridging filler should tidy it up, I thought, so off with the gaffa tape..... Arseseseseses. So a quick change of tack was required (pun i
  2. Did a little cleaning on the polo interior. A couple of pictures below! A little better than previous 😊
  3. Probably should have remembered the dead blow hammer was in the boot of the polo...... 🤔🙄
  4. All I can say is... Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!
  5. Just the wan basin, I'll have you know!!
  6. Saturday also saw me complete the service on the Polo, by fitting the undertray.. To be honest, it is a bit worse for wear, however, I thought it might aid the fuel economy whilst doing the commute to ferry the merc to Mot, also, it got it out of the way in the garage. Only a couple of pics, one of the tray, and one of some expert level cable tie application. You can see in the first shot faither touring, who guided me on my first successful jaunt up a set of floor ramps. 😂 *edit, shot, not shit*
  7. So, today (Wed) I had a day off and the possibility of having a long lie, that was soon shattered when I realised the Merc MOT was booked in for 10:30. Not too early I hear you cry, indeed, however, the car was a 45 miles away, so, that meant earlyish rising, well, before I would normally get up for work. First port of call was to collect @320touring at c. 08:30, I arrived at the pick up point, and was delighted to see him, and 2 cups of coffee, in cups that were coiffeable whilst driving. We made pretty good time, (the benefits of size 12s and 10* stone of weight...) and arrived at the unit a
  8. A quick update on the Merc from Saturday, A bit more fettling, to make this look like the cherished* vehicle that it is.... First off, a seamless, factory fresh repair on the wings.... You'll also see the hub caps are on, as previously stated! A pesky, non functioning driver side repeater was troubleshot... (is that the correct past participle of troubleshoot.. 🧐🙄🤔?) no light, new bulb, no light, no power in the connector, however, power at the back of the connector..... Cleaned up contacts, still no joy, turns out the little festoon bulb had a split conductor. #f
  9. Cheers dude, aye, a bit tight, but definitely workable, once you have a vague idea of what you are doing.... Maybe I will have that one day 😂
  10. Next up was a couple of rotations of the engine to make sure it was all aligned OK. Timing locks were removed and the 22mm spanner was put on the crankshaft bolt. 3.2.1... No movement..... 3.2.1.... No movement.... OK @320touring, step aside, let the real muscles in to turn this over..... I step up.. 3.2.1.......No movement..... ARSES! The fear set in, I mean, we checked it all, it was timed up as it should be, see, the cams are at TDC. Awwwwwwww..... Wait.... I think it might turn over of we take it out of gear.... 🤣😂🧐. Thankfully, once in neutral, it rolled over absolutely b
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