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  1. Update! E30 MOT success! Galaxy MPG update too!
  2. Howdy, this Sunday sees @320touring, @Split_Pin and myself heading to a local car meet. I am taking the E30, so thought I would give it a wash, weather for Friday night looked reasonable, and today's forecast was rain, so I decided to do it last night... Naturally, it rained... Anyway, she scrubs up no bad. Next up was trying to identify the clunk on the front right hand side of the Galaxy... @320touring had speculated that it was a top mount.... Could he be right?? Another thing to do 😂
  3. I am not* touching myself inappropriately....
  4. A most pleasant day out!! It certainly gave us all a wee lift............. (sorry, not sorry)
  5. He only, bloody well has........ Or has he.. 🤔
  6. Slightly better mpg on this tank in the Galaxy.
  7. Holy moly @GingerNuttzthat's looking great!
  8. I wouldn't know anything about GLF...... 😇 Why thank you, I am used to the finer* things in life.... 😂
  9. Absolutely man! Need to gie it a wee hoover out, but she was grand.
  10. Helped @320touringout at the weekend with some manual labour and a run to the local recycling centre!
  11. EXCELLENT FLEET MOVEMENTS 14/10 @davehedgehog31
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