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  1. It's because the stereo isn't working yet, once that's done, the rest will be reet 😂
  2. It's a new motor compared to what drove in 😂😎. Awesome work.
  3. The Merc should be able to do about >70% veg... @320touringshould be able to advise...
  4. Excellent work dude, I think I would have spat the dummy with the Acclaim, good progress made though
  5. Indeed, Great wee cars 😎
  6. Took it out a wee blast to see @320touring. It's fun, and only slightly* nippier than the polo....
  7. Alas, it is indeed the same car, tank eventually got replaced when I got home safely* 😊
  8. Cheers dude, it's definitely a 10 yarder though!
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