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  1. I don't want to jinx it, but the main thing I've enjoyed with mine is that it's been stupidly cheap to run and maintain whilst being an interesting enough daily that I haven't wanted to get rid of it out of boredom. The money I've saved through running it can then be directly funnelled into poor decisions on other vehicles. It's a beautiful system! Am I right in thinking that the big box thing you have there is a mains charger for the hybrid battery pack? That's the only issue I've had with mine bar wear and tear drop links etc., the pack threw a wobbly after being sat for a few years. Charging it and discharging it a few times over has resulted in it settling down and providing reliable service.
  2. I understand that owning a mk1 Insight is indeed an indicator of superior motoring decision making and I am in no way biased at all... Looks like a good purchase you've made there!
  3. I think the terminals are different on the mk1 stalks from memory. The fastest the intermittent can run is equivalent to the first continuous speed, so if it’s your high speed that’s not working then my method probably isn’t helpful. But for reference, click the stalk down once to start the sweep, and before it finishes click the stalk down a second time and leave it there and it’ll run at the first speed continuously.
  4. I don't know if it helps, but I had an issue on my Favorit where the washer pump was permanently on when you clicked the stalk up to the first speed. Intermittent was fine, and full speed was fine, so I put up with it for a year or so and just used the timer function if I wanted the first constant speed. I finally pulled my finger out earlier this year and ordered a new stalk, and that's completely cured the problem. Wish I'd spent the £20 odd ages ago now!
  5. I mentioned to my partner recently that I fancy a disposable winter car, in diesel estate guise, as it's getting a bit miserable outside for projects currently and the Shogun Sport kindly shat itself at the weekend. 2 large dogs and a baby will be a nuisance in a Clio and the Insight is no good for any family duties being a 2 seater. Unbelievably, she said she thinks it's a good idea as long as I look to dispose of something else. I've agreed a deal on something today that I had my eye on, so I should have some collection action to share in the next few days. I reckon it's just the right balance of sensible and stupid. I've also got a viewing on a Trabant Kombi at the weekend, which is absolutely not what I need but it's not that far away and it's stupidly cheap. To keep to my end of the bargain, I'm going to have to push on with replacing the rear beam on the ZX so that I can put it in for MOT, and I anticipate that I will roffle that on here at a later date as I'd rather drive it into the sea than deal with the general public on a low value car.
  6. Slovak spots then. First trip out was to a spa town that mother-in-law wanted to show us: Lovely stuff. Barge shite: Back to Bratislava: Quality welding, invisible repair to the boot: Tram shite: Mirror spot Daewoo: Back to Svaty Jur, and here we see 2 villagers out for a drive on their *checks notes* lawn tractor: 'Fuck you lookin at M9?' Something something now we are out of the EU we are free to have green identifiers on our EV number plates something something: Mother-in-law asked me to start up her spare car and check it over. Start by trying to get in the wrong side: Check for TK and EK, presumably ANPR is not a thing here: Full service mystery: The fluids are where they should be, and it started first time. Whilst sitting on the porch one morning I spotted what I have dubbed the 'DPD Beluga' The scrap man drove by in his yellow Sprinter as well with a recording that sounds like the call to prayer: Crap photo of Pezinok fire station, photographed for the architecture thread but I feel it's too shit for there so it can live here. Bonus Skoda content: With Europe completed, we load up all the beer that will fit in the Insight: And say goodbye to Bratislava: Time for a 2 day drive home with a puppy. Amazingly, the car remained a vomit/urine/faeces free zone. Puppy learnt quickly how to ask for a rest stop which was a result. Random stop somewhere in Germany or Austria, I forget which: Not much spotting done on the way home, as my now fiancé was completely sick of chod spotting on my behalf. Obligatory grainy pic from the chunnel that I normally send to my Mum so that she stops asking if we've died in a fiery explosion yet: Obligatory 'it got us home' pic: And the final score: Life is never going to be quite the same again. But we're both happy, and the holiday was absolutely fantastic. I really hope that once we settle in to life with our baby we are still able to have adventures like this. We may need a bigger car though...
  7. Time to leave the mountains then, and we follow an old Merc through the hairpins. A quick stop in Monaco as we leave the Riviera. My take away from Monaco is it's busy, crowded and expensive. It wasn't for me. Obligatory photos: And obligatory photo of the Insight as we get on to Italian soil. From here we drive diagonally across North Italy on our way to Venice. By this point my partner was sick of me asking her to photograph every shit car we see, so I just about managed a Panda and a 500 that was opposite the apartment we rented for a night. A little bit of Venice: From Venice we head to Croatia, and I'm fairly sure this spot was in an Italian McDonald's carpark. You can get bacon and cheese on your fries in Italian McDonalds, and beach towels for some reason. Croatia was a bit nice: It was a nice quiet spot so I proposed to my partner here, happily enough she said yes: Croatian Skoda: Possibly the smartest thing I've seen in my life - the supermarket we went to in Croatia has a walk in fridge where the beer and soft drinks are kept (unkown tourists included for scale): From here there wasn't too much excitement, mainly motorways through Croatia and Hungary as we travel towards Slovakia: Hungarian McDonald's stop: Hungarian McDonald's spot: Hello Slovakia, I see you are looking after your border with Hungary: Safely at mother-in-law's house in Svaty Jur: And the main mission objective now in sight - collect puppy!! I think my Slovak spots will have to be in part 3!
  8. First stop on our way down was Champagnole. No chod spotted from the hotel window, just the trusty Insight resting in the shade: An evening wander reveals the first spot, at the end of the high street: Champagnole was an overnight stop only, the next leg was a run to Nice with a lunchtime stop in Geneva. Whilst descending the mountains towards lake Geneva, my brake fluid (that I should have swapped out) was obviously struggling as whilst trying to keep up with the locals on the twisties I started to experience some brake fade that made me nearly shit my pants. Mountain respite for the Insight: There was an amazing view here, and a handy bench to sit on whilst your brakes cooled down: Brakes rested, I gingerly drove down to the lake and on to Geneva. From here we head South... and arrive at the hut we were renting in the mountains near Contes. I found a channel that was showing near constant re-runs of a show about car restorations, so that was me sorted for downtime: Our first day out was a trip to Villefranche-sur-Mer as my partner reckoned the beach there would be calmer than the main strip at Nice. She was right: No real chod spots, but I did enjoy seeing the busses that had been chosen for the hairpin streets of the town: The next day we went for a mooch around Cannes. There was more chod here: What happens if you combine car design, drugs, and wicker I hear you ask: Nice next then, time to leave the Insight in a safe corner and spot some more chod, starting with the space in front of us: I was excited about the 323 coupe, and as it pulled forward I was treated to the additional excitement of a Laguna: My Shogun Sport's French cousin: Not too shabby this Nice place: And with that, it was time to pack up and head off on the next leg of the journey: The Insight is great on fuel, but it can feel a bit* cramped with all your holiday shit in tow. Due to the number of photos, I think this is going to be a 2 part special. Stay tuned!
  9. Right, I think we need some updates. First off, let's go back to July. Our last adventure prior to the baby arriving was planned, so servicing the Insight was order of the day. From memory, this was the day before we left - nothing like leaving things to the last minute! Cleanliness is next to godliness: Oh well. Take your top off. Air filter first: Aux belt: The tensioner on this was a ball ache to access from above, but we got there slowly. Dress up plastic back on: Best go underneath now for the oil and filer. 0W20 for this motor apparently! Be sure to write the date and mileage upside down in a place that you'll never see it again. The air con would be taking a pounding over the next couple of weeks, so I thought I'd do the cabin filter too. Incredibly, someone has been in here before and bothered to do it at some point prior. This left me with aircon that was a bit colder and smelling a lot better. Last up was to finally take off the winter tyres and put the summer tyres on for maximum em pee gees. Conti Eco something or others: And with that, we were ready to load up and depart: Continental chod spotting to follow...
  10. Bollocks!!! That's 2 years it's passed with a rear fog lamp that doesn't work 😅 Now how am I going to justify more purchases?!
  11. The Insight has been dropped at the MOT station. Results should be in around lunchtime. When collecting the Clio yesterday I discovered that the workshop manager worked at the same garage as me and left just before I joined, but as a result we have some mates in common - small world. If the Insight fails on anything finicky then I will hit the nuclear purchase button on something as we will be at non-functional car numbers that have not been seen since the last time the fleet got up to about 18 cars of varying treachery.
  12. ‘Can I cum and look at the car’ I’d prefer if you just looked at it mate 😅
  13. My fiancé’s Clio was due an MOT so I took it in today. Boo! Yay! Surprised about the tyre as they looked alright when they went back on this Summer. It will be going onto winters soon so not really an issue, plus I’ve got 4 spare Summer tyres for it in the garage as I’m a hoarder well prepared. Either way, she’s happy to get another year’s motoring for £35. My Insight goes in for a ticket tomorrow (what fucking idiot managed to time it that both daily drivers have their MOT at the same time?! Oh…) and if it fails then I’m definitely justified in buying another BX that actually works plus a Trabant that doesn’t because reasons.
  14. There used to be a 206 convertible local to me with the number plate 'LI54 ANL' which I read as either 'Lisa anal' or 'Lis 4 anal'. I hadn't seen it in years, and then yesterday I saw the plate again but on a C3 Picasso, but I was driving so couldn't take a pic. I'm making the assumption that it belongs to a Lisa with a more innocent mind than mine. I've always wanted to ask if they'd made the connection about the last part of the plate but I don't think there's any way of doing it without coming across as a sex offender.
  15. Things that are making me grin today: Mileage expense claims for driving up North and back when you drive a mk1 Honda Insight, and being reminded that you get an enhanced overtime rate for travelling outside of office hours. To the eBay thread!
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