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  1. Can you take it straight through with you though or does it have to sit in customs until you’ve paid the customs fees? The Japanese stuff I used to bring in couldn’t leave the port until you had the NOVA. I’m hoping it’s different on the tunnel/ferries.
  2. That's mega! I've been after one of these for ages, the only way to get one at sensible money seems to be to buy one on the continent and drive it back. I'll be watching this with interest, as I'm keen to see what it's like getting an EU car imported into the UK now that we're not in the bloc... Either way, well done on purchasing such a fine motor!
  3. I've just read through the solid chunk of updates I've missed on this - absolutely fantastic work!! That's an incredible amount of progress in a short space of time. I can't wait to see this car completed, 240 saloons are mega cool.
  4. They sound like a good addition for the ‘I’ll get round to it at some point’ pile 😅 would you like to drop me a PM with your location and what you’d want for them? Cheers!
  5. Not sure what happened with my tank then - I actually took a photo at the time due to the eye watering price 😅 that levelling system sounds pretty cool, good to see that parts are still available. You’ve had me excitedly pulling my boot floor up this eve just in case, mine just has the standard shocks though 😅
  6. My 2.3 manual 740 wagon did about 450 something miles on a tank whilst holidaying recently - I know the web figures say it's a 60 litre tank, but on the last full tank I filled it up at a point before the light had come on, and managed to get 69 litres in before the pump clicked off for the first time. I did check for holes 😅 From memory, at the time I made it to be roughly 29mpg based on my back of a fag packet calculations. I'm not light footed though, so maybe the mid 30's are achievable. My motor is on 220k miles as well so possibly feeling a bit of wear and tear! The air assisted shock absorbers are interesting, are they a factory fit item or an aftermarket one? I don't think I have them on mine.
  7. I’ve only found one truly beneficial use of DAB radio: if your sales manager is daft enough to put his key into the key safe with the other stock and demos, you need to take his key and go to his car. Turn on the ignition, wait for the radio to kick in with Talk Sport. Go into the menu and find BBC Radio Asian Network. Save this to all 6 preset buttons on the radio. Turn the volume dial up to maximum. Turn the car off, and return the key to the key safe. If you’re a real bastard, then before turning the car off and returning the key you should also set his memory seat position so that it’s all the way at the front of the rails with the backrest pushed as far forwards as it goes, before returning it to a normal looking position. Await 4:55 with glee, pressing your face to the showroom glass waiting for the games to begin. In my own cars I use Spotify on my phone and a Bluetooth cassette in the original head unit. For me, modern head units look out of place in old cars. Plus there’s something nostalgic and warming about that cassette tape hiss 😅
  8. Good shout - I had a Mk2 Golf and a Mk2 Scirocco both like that... You'd go in for test with the car running beautifully*, it would fail on CO emissions... Adjust mixture using highly accurate* Gunson Colourtune, car now runs like shite, limp to MOT, pass emissions, wind mixture screw back out and find the correct* setting by ear in the car park before driving home with a ticket. Repeat next year.
  9. My Mum bought this recently to potentially replace the Ifor trailer depending on how she gets on with it. It was due its first use in anger at the weekend so here it is as I pulled it out of hibernation ready for a short warm up trip to find out how big the fuel tank is. It's done a couple of miles, but the old school diesel in it still runs beautifully. I would prefer it with a tilt and slide on the back though 😅
  10. That’s not a bad return on your money! Sadly, despite my time and money spent fixing it, it still needs some body work and I’m probably not the person to do it, so I’m not sure I’ll have similar levels of success 😅 I actually drove the Skoda today after not having run it for a bit due to playing with other stuff. It’s chalk and cheese compared to the Volvo, but not in a bad way. It feels much more direct! I’ve got a few trivial bits to sort on it over the next month or so, it has some quirks I’ve been tolerating but it probably deserves some attention again. Gave it a bloody good clean today at least, so that’s something!
  11. You should see how some of the new stuff with electronic parking brakes behave if you leave them stood for a bit. At the last dealership I worked at, all our used cars were lined up on a long concrete bay outside the front of the showroom (the building was originally a petrol station when built). The HRV's were particularly stubborn if left, and on a wet day you could drive them up and down the concrete area trying to release the handbrake and it would just drag its rear wheels along like a dog scooting on the rug. When the handbrake finally released, it sounded like a shotgun had just been fired 😅 You should see the face of a customer as they watch a salesman fighting a 3 year old car up and down the forecourt prior to their test drive...
  12. I was doing about 2-3k miles a month in a T reg Avensis back in 2016/2017. I bought it specifically so that I didn't have to do the miles in my V6 Granvia at the time, as that thing was thirsty and I didn't want to knacker the value of it by chucking a load of miles on it. I paid £250 for the Avensis, and bar a stuck thermostat which I replaced early on, it was no trouble. If I found myself doing that sort of mileage again, you'd find my buying a £500 Honda Accord / Toyota Avensis or similar. I don't think I could bring myself to spend the money on a 3 year old car to then put that sort of mileage on it, you'd surely get a couple of Honda Accords out of your first year's depreciation at least.
  13. It's really proving to be quite a practical daily driver, and I think most of the people I know are probably now fed up with me raving about it 😅 I can see this being a car that we keep for a long time, as I'm not sure there's anything else I can get for the money that does everything as well as this. It's due for MOT late November, so it'll be interesting to see what she needs - I've noticed a couple of spots that I may weld prior to the test, but she's had a fairly clean history and the service file is impressive so I've got my fingers crossed that I don't have to do too much work in the cold for a ticket! I was a bit blown away when I first read through all that, as the motors I usually buy tend to come with full service mystery!! Someone obviously loved her up until 2015.
  14. The Volvo has continued to Volvo, and we did 400 miles over the bank holiday on a trip to the Isle of Wight without any incident. Other than the intensely loud noise the windscreen trim occasionally makes at random. I was horrified when I filled it up prior to the trip mind but it is getting close to the advertised range of 470 something miles per tank which is good. It came in handy today at work, we had a job that ran over and we had 34 cartons to ship to a local client today. We thought we were going to have to take mine and another manager’s estate car when we saw the size of the pallet of goods. We were wrong. At the distribution depot it drew a crowd as we unloaded it and built up a decent sized pallet. Despite having seen it before I loaded it in, I was still impressed once the pallet was built back up again. You honestly wouldn’t have thought it would’ve gone in. Light duties for the drive home... 6 foot lighting unit for the garage reclaimed from another unit, no trouble at all for the Volvo. Ive not got much done on anything else recently, but next week I should be working on my brother’s Celica so I may have an update on that as a small interlude from my own shite.
  15. In a previous life I was a car salesman at a main dealer, so for a fair amount of time I have had a new car as a daily and it's fine when someone else is paying for it and maintaining it. Although CMBS is total shit if you have a habit of playing 'thread the needle' on roundabouts. Adaptive cruise control in a CVT Civic with LKAS is pretty nice for driving home with a hangover. Modern diesels are great for road trips, the Civic estates were hitting 70mpg reliably and they are huge and also pleasant to drive. If you know naff all about cars and just want to go from A-B then your best hope of having something that doesn't explode on you regularly and get you rinsed at garages is probably having something fairly new. Now that I'm in a job without a company car and I'm responsible for paying for my daily and maintaining it I prefer something that is paid outright in one go and is mechanically simple enough that I can maintain it myself. As a rough rule of thumb I don't like going newer than 2000-2005ish from the point of view that computers are the devil, and that £500-1000 will get you something from the 90's that is reliable, comfortable, user serviceable and cheap to maintain. The downside is of course that people probably think I'm a peasant when I rock up in a beaten up old Volvo, but this is offset by the fact that I'm not really that bothered about what randomers think when they catch a glimpse of me. Horses for courses then... Does that answer your question?! 😅
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