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  1. First job on the Zastava was to clean the mould and spiders out so that I could work in there without constantly being worried about getting touched by a spider or mould. Carpets weren't too bad (in relative terms, not accounting for style or good taste), if you ignore the mouse skeleton RIP mouse. The car will be much cleaner now you're gone. A shampoo of the fabrics on the seats and carpets should bring it all up nicely, however it was cold damp weather at the time of the first clean so it wasn't practical to bust out the Bissell back
  2. Yeah, you've got to love working on things like inner sills or arches whilst lying on your back under the car... No room for a mask so you end up stunt welding with your eyes shut, a process guaranteed to produce a beautiful weld 😅 It's also inevitable that some molten metal will drop down your sleeve and bore a hole in your arm at some point when you're working with your arms up in the air. I've been admiring your commitment to repairing the rot on this Rav4, because a) I think they're brilliant trucks which are getting rarer so it's good to see one being saved and b) I've got a Subaru L
  3. We should probably talk about the Zastava now. I've been putting it off, as I have a folder of photos for each project and I already have about 550 photos and videos of the 311... I'm really not enjoying sifting back through them and figuring out what the hell I was doing at the time I took each picture. There's probably going to be quite a few individual posts before I'm up to date on this car, hopefully some people manage to make it all the way through my ramblings and see the progress that has been made 😅 So loop back to January, and I was concerned that some of the money I put aside f
  4. Whilst looking through my photos to write up the progress on the head gasket, I realised I forgot a small episode in the recent history of the Favorit... I was on a short run seeing how the lowered suspension impacted the ride, and the car cut out on me. I could get it to start again, but if I pressed the throttle then the rev counter would drop to zero, and shortly after the engine would struggle and cut out. After a bit of a chat with a mate who had experienced and resolved similar issues on his Favorit, we decided that the crank sensor was probably suspect. Lo and beho
  5. This a million times, bar the German part 😅 I've had a few old Audis, VW's, BMW's, and Mercs, and they were all cars that whilst well ahead of their Jap contemporaries in refinement and finish (late 90's early 00' cars that I had mainly), they were definitely much more frustrating to live with in terms of reliability compared to the Hondas, Toyotas, Subarus etc. that I've run. Always found that things like Honda's are a piece of piss to work on as well compared to the Euro stuff. The cheapest motoring I ever had was a 2.0 Avensis SE. I bought it for £200, did something like 12-15k miles i
  6. Replacement of the lines was definitely on the cards - I have a nice flare tool that is capable of making the flares that the Citroen hydropneumatic system requires, I just need to invest in more dies. I think I priced it up at about £60 to get the full set, which isn't outrageous really when you look at what some places charge for replacement lines. As it happens the last job I did on the 311 was actually replacing every single brake line on the car... It all started with a perished rubber hose at the back with a very rusted union, and from there each subsequent line was so knackered that I h
  7. So the last instalment on the BX to pretty much bring us up to date bar anything I've forgotten is the bit of poking around looking for rust I've done, followed by the bit of mopping I did on the paint (I'm no expert, and the paint is really shit anyway, so please don't expect miracles or correct techniques) in anticipation of moving the car to the front section of my driveway where the neighbours can see it. So, rust it is then; I should think there's a very good chance I will be removing the rear beam and doing a fair amount of work at the back here. The above pic is the cha
  8. Ah ok, no distance at all then really. Funnily enough I used to have a barn out at Rose Hill back when my collecting was really out of hand!
  9. Thanks guys 🙂 Things will be a little slower once I'm up to date and you get to see how much time I spend procrastinating rather than working 😅 I love it, but it has a lot of holes in it, so it will definitely test my welding ability lol. I was really hoping to replace the tail lights with smoked ones, but I can't see that you can get them for an estate sadly! It's going to be tango lights forever it would seem. I'm over in Seaford, but East Sussex isn't the biggest place so I'm sure I'm not that far out from you if you're on the Eastern end. If you do have a sort out I'd b
  10. Right, subsequent work on the BX that has been done to avoid the more horrible jobs... Bonnet liner clips flipped round to hold the parts of the liner that aren't ripped, and liner replaced The chap who gave the car to me also left me a set of alloys in the boot, so of course the first thing I did was try to fit tyres on them to see what they looked like. They came off the steelies fine... No photos of me fighting the alloys with my manual changer, but after much cursing and breaking things I realised they were metric and I didn't stand a hope on hell of stretc
  11. Well, I looked at the amount of photos I've got detailing the progress of the Zastava, and I have realised that I need to break it down into a multi-post affair to bring it up to date without everyone losing the will to live. So without further adieu, let's talk about my BX instead as it involves much less writing 😅 Back at the tail end of 2020 (my camera roll suggests October) a friend of mine who had a BX learned of a BX estate going for free. Knowing that I am a car hoarder, plus a lover of angles and long roofs, he put me in touch with the chap who was getting rid of it. The stor
  12. Glad to see your move went well mate, hope you're settling in ok. When I picked up the parcel shelf from you for my BX I was quite enamored with the 405, so I'm glad that's now out of purchasing distance 😅 If it's just patches on the outer sills you need to do on the BX I'd say try and get it done in the summer whilst it's warm and dry(ish), I did 3 days lying on a cold driveway last November welding up my Favorit and I can't say it did any favours for my motivation towards doing any further work at the time 😆
  13. Thanks mate! Yeah, the rear hatch was a pretty good idea on Zastava's part when you look at what was on the market when they first brought out the 101. I just think they're quite pretty cars, due to the FIAT roots they've got that nice 60/s70's Italian car vibe to them. I've really been enjoying working on it, and I can't wait to be able to use it. I only commute 3 miles, so it'll probably do a stint as my daily provided I get it finished whilst the weather is still warm!
  14. Go on then, just a sneak peak... I'll try to get a writeup on her soon This was when I picked her up, barn fresh! 😀
  15. So to start with the car I'm currently doing the most on, I should probably give you all an intro to my Skoda Favorit. I picked it up fairly locally from a driveway trader, I ended up negotiating a straight swap for a Honda CRX Del Sol which I had somewhat fallen out of love with as the paint was so rough and I didn't want to spend any more money on the car. The Favorit was a shed inside, but the paint was better, it had plenty of MOT and enough space for me, my partner, our labrador and all the tools and car parts I can never be arsed to take out the boot and put in the garage neatly. I dropp
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