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  1. The worst part is I have a slide hammer, I just don’t have an adapter to take it to M8 thread.
  2. I'll get it posted up on the forum once it's had a clean and is ready to go, as I'd rather deal with the good folks here than the ferals on Marketplace and Scumtree. My best mate has a barn conversion holiday let thing at his cottage so if you did want to pay a visit to sunny Sussex on a long distance collection then I'm sure I could twist his arm into providing some accommodation for a night, and chauffeur services can be provided from local stations or Gatwick airport.
  3. Yes, my partner's 2007 Clio 1.2 that's been in my family from roughly 3 years old needs to go as she has outgrown it - I'm as far South as you can get without getting your feet wet though so might be a bit out of your way for collection 😅
  4. Sometime back I mentioned a cheap Rover 400, which sadly I missed out on and so could not get my shonky car purchasing fix as planned. Yesterday I came across a Mercedes W(S if you're being pedantic)210 320CDi estate for scrap money. 'Just needs a radiator M9'. Luckily I have a pile of Mercedes W210 radiators in the garage (don't ask, I don't know how it's happened either...). It's also definitely not* got collapsed spring perches. My partner has been asking after a replacement for the Clio, and the brief I've been given is as follows: Must have a big boot, able to consume a pram and two large dogs Must be fast. My partner defines fast as 'Like the Subaru', which is 0-60 in a blistering 9 seconds if some random specs website is to be believed. Must be fuel efficient. The Clio sets the bar at 40mpg mixed use currently. Must look good. Entirely subjective, but my E430 wagon has received 'good looking' approval from my partner. I reckon that's basically approval to buy this car. She has already approved the looks of the E430, so the E320CDi is logically the perfect vehicle as it will absolutely* do 40mpg on a very long run and should move itself along faster than the Subaru. The fact that it needs work is a minor technicality. I really, really, need to stop procrastinating and punt some shit as we are completely overrun with motors currently.
  5. Hopefully it's one of these instead:
  6. These Japanese vans are awesome. I really regret selling my V6 Granvia, would love a diesel Elgrand or Granvia again. If she drives nicely then you should be on to a winner once she's cleaned up!
  7. I don't want to jinx it but they're alright on my patch normally, but we use them (unavoidably) for some bits at work and they've been consistently awful in the places we regularly have shipments going to.
  8. Not a proper grump, more my lack of any patience whatsoever. I've ordered a throttle body for the Audi 100 after I spectacularly destroyed the original. The replacement is coming from Spain and whilst it has been shipped according to eBay, there is no tracking for the service and there is a huge spread on the estimated delivery dates given. It's somewhat frustrating not being able to see where it is or have an idea of exactly when I will receive it as now all I want to do is fit the throttle body and see if it solves the idle problem and gets the car running.
  9. Is there an idle switch on the throttle body? I was eyeballing the ICV on my Audi 100 when the revs were running away (it looks and operates in a similar way to yours from memory) but the best result I had (it has other problems that prevent it idling) was when I removed the plug to the micro switches on the throttle body and shorted the pins for the idle switch which then gave me the fast idle speed I was expecting. I couldn’t see in situ but the the arm on the end of the throttle spindle wasn’t compressing the microswitch when the throttle was closed.
  10. But they live on forever in our hearts 😅
  11. I think we had this topic already, and I'm fairly sure that we came to the conclusion that we are all going to die/it will be absolutely fine/it will destroy the economy/it will improve the economy. I think the cost saving line from the government is bullshit, if you have a three year old car then you probably have the means to afford £55 once a year. Even if you're a peasant like me then what difference is a £55 saving once every two years going to make. Probably the most notable issue in my opinion is the loss of revenue to MOT stations, the figures given in the paper aren't insignificant and it's not like it's already a brilliant landscape for SME's these days. Selfishly I wouldn't mind it going to 4 years for the first test with 2 year intervals, but realistically it's probably best left alone.
  12. Probably skint and trying to use a credit card or something
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