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  1. Weeeeeeeellllll… I bled the injectors this morning. I found using a power probe easiest as this meant I could watch the injectors whilst cranking. I then put it back together, started it, and… It runs away as soon as you turn it on, sits at 3k rpms, chucks out smoke, bogs down and dies. Ive spent some time checking the adjustments on the pump, and I’ve come to the conclusion that something inside the ‘new’ pump is seized. I think the best way forwards now is to just crack on and rebuild the original pump then use that. A bit of a disappointing end to the time I’ve put into it so far, but you don’t win them all. On the plus side, I did some other stuff today. I swapped out the carb and some service bits on my mower, and that works beautifully now: Every time I mow the lawn, I think how lucky we are to have such a nice outdoor space. Even if the dogs and our son do litter it with their toys. I also finally fixed the three broken taps in the house: You know you’ve been lax with sorting things when it feels like a luxury to now be able to turn any tap in the house and have it both work and not leak. Then I went to the shops to grab some gin, and on the way back the dusk sky over the sea caught my eye so I stopped in the Pontiac to enjoy it for a bit. Things like this remind me why I love living in this part of the country. So all in all not a bad day, even if the XM work didn’t pan out as expected.
  2. I got the last of the shite hooked up to the pump this evening: I think the kick down cable is a bit slack so I may tweak that, but otherwise I’m 97% certain everything is as it should be. I was still a bit unsure about the pump shaft and sprocket so I marked it (badly). Time to throw all the other junk on: The good news is that when turning the engine over, the sprocket and shaft stay aligned. The bad news is I’m a twat and I forgot to bleed the fuel lines. The engine won’t run on air, sadly. I’ve also managed to get diesel in my mouth again and everything tastes sour. Inlet manifold back off then. Cracked the injectors open, cranked it, one line primed and then the battery went flat. Probably for the best as it was getting late. Battery on charge and we will resume play tomorrow! Unfortunately it won’t be until later in the day though as I need to swap the carb on my mower and then go replace some lights for my parents. Bums.
  3. I checked it ages ago and didn't recall anything dire, but just to refresh our memories: There's nothing there worrying me too much. I'll check the front discs again but I don't recall them being gopping when I had the wheels off before. I'm hoping that the hour or so drive to the test station should help free the car up and get it in the mood for a pass. Or cause it to explode, and not be eligible for recovery due to a lack of MOT.
  4. Failure is no problem at all, but it'd be nice to not have to wear the test fee if it fails catastrophically which is what is luring me to these folks. Is it the Ashford branch that you use? I think Brands Hatch is nearer me but they don't do timed bookings unlike their other centres.
  5. Before I finished off last night I spent a few minutes pumping furiously on the driveway. My thought process being that if I primed the fuel system before going to bed then when I woke up in the morning I would be able to check that everything was still hard. I gave it a few pumps and it still felt fairly rigid which is encouraging. Hopefully I’ll get this all wrapped up tonight and have her running. If I can get her starting reliably I will be well chuffed, as the laboured starting and not knowing if it would actually start was really spoiling what’s otherwise a pretty decent car (I hope). Provided she starts and runs ok then I’ll do the ABS sensor on the off side rear, give her a quick once over for any obvious faults, give her a wash and then get her in for a ticket. I’d quite like to try the nearby* ‘no pass no fee’ place, @grizz is this who you use? https://www.thetestcentre.co.uk
  6. I managed to make a bit more time for tinkering this eve. Not many photos I’m afraid as I just wanted to crack on. First up was that breather hose. The part listings online had the specs for it as an 18mm id. I did not bother removing one and measuring the hose tail. I lived to regret this. It turns out the ends of the hose are a larger ID than the main body of it, so the 19mm oil hose I ordered didn’t fit. I don’t want to wait for Autodoc to deliver a proper hose, and all the spares on eBay etc. are also located in Europe. I had a scout around the garage and I discovered that my manual shite water pump that I keep handy in case of small floods has the perfect sized oil rated hose attached to it. Bodge time: It’s better than it was at least. The original pipe had cracked around about 75% of its circumference, and fell off in my hand. I’ve just cut it back to make it fit into a sleeve I cut from my hand pump. Job jobbed. Then after some fucking around, swearing and pulled back muscles, I managed to get the spare pump in place. Im really bloody hoping that woodruff key is located properly. It’s all gone into place so I’m hoping that the key is still there and hasn’t been mangled. Once it’s all back together I’ll leave the timing cover off temporarily and bar it over first. Im hoping to finish up tomorrow, all being well.
  7. Unless the B stands for 'broken down' then I don't believe their claim of 'A to B Express Travel'.
  8. I've just binge read this thread - absolutely incredible work mate, it's not easy keeping momentum on these projects with work, shit weather and a young family but you're just smashing through everything that comes up. Keep up the good work!
  9. It's amazing how many things can break and yet they still just keep going undeterred. I'm just thinking, has the car had the LHM pump swapped out at some point? I think there were 2 different types of pumps depending if the car was a sinker or not, which could explain a redundant hard line near the LHM pump that goes off in the direction of the accumulator.
  10. It can't be anything too important as there's no fluid pissing out anywhere. I'll have a look on a parts diagram later just out of curiosity. On the subject of non-working parts, a browse of some Citroen forums has revealed that I don't need to worry about the waxstat thing. It's designed to reduce cold start emissions by advancing ignition timing, but is of no detriment to reliable operation when it fails and apparently TADTS.
  11. One less gear as well I think! I think the back end of the US spec ones looks better than the EU spec ones, and it doesn’t look bad in grey. I wonder if it’s ever been UK registered?
  12. Don’t feel bad, there’s loads of other stuff I’m being lazy about and completely avoiding 😅
  13. I think the battery has possibly been killed by a parasitic drain and the car being stood. If you did have a receipt handy and it doesn’t put you out then it might be worth a try on the warranty. Don’t worry, I was only towing the trailer on the farm tracks to move it. I’ve seen how that tow bar is mounted and I have zero faith in its ability to handle any amount of force on it. The neck of the ball hitch is bent as well, just for good measure 😂 Sometimes once the kids are in bed and it’s that hour or two before I go to sleep, I get really restless and wound up and have to go and tinker with something. 9 out of 10 times I break something and end up even more frustrated, but the mirror switch was one of those small wins on an evening that would otherwise have been wasted staring at the tv!
  14. It’s great how some of the smaller fixes really improve the ‘quality of life’ when it comes to using the car. Sorting the lights and mirrors out has made a huge difference to how pleasant the car is to use daily. I’m not sure how I feel about my XM at the moment. I think I’m a bit disappointed that I need to sell it once it’s MOT’d, I guess I thought I’d keep it longer and get to enjoy running it. I’ll daily it until it gets a new home at least. I would love to try a V6 XM at some point, I imagine it feels like a completely different car to my diesel one.
  15. I’ve not had a poke in this one, but in the spare one end of the material was dangling out so I pulled on it - it had the consistency of cured RTV. I’m thinking/hoping that if the waxstat isn’t working then it will just mean that my warm idle is too high.
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