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  1. A mate of mine put the shop vac nozzle on his forehead as a joke a few years back. The bruise it made was incredible; really vivid in colour, perfectly circular, and the same diameter as the nozzle. It didn't go down for ages afterwards either, he looked like a right fucking idiot wandering round in public afterwards. Couldn't have gone any better 😅 I have no doubt it would remove your eye quite easily 😰
  2. Welcome along, that looks like a really tidy car. I've always quite liked the Japanese compact saloons, something a bit novel about them as hatches are so popular on our market. RE the MOT certificate having the incorrect mileage on it, I had this previously and I contacted the DVSA to get it corrected. If I remember correctly they mentioned that within a certain grace period (something like 30 days?! Someone will correct me if wrong...) the garage can amend the certificate too if they've made a mistake recording the mileage.
  3. I desperately want a Panda now 😅 well done mate, fantastic journey & thread!
  4. To be fair to her she may have had a point that 13 cars is possibly* more than we need 😅
  5. This is what's troubling me at the moment. I have this nagging thought that each time I see something old and cheap it will be the last chance I have to own one before prices get silly/they become even rarer. I find it best not to look anywhere that I might see adverts these days 😅
  6. So, I finally owned up to buying the 100 today (yes, it’s been sat on the drive for a few days now). As I wasn’t planning on bringing it home, I told my mrs ‘I have a car to move’ when I went to collect it. Then due to Murphy’s law I’ve ended up bringing it home and leaving it on the trailer (if it doesn’t touch the ground, I don’t have to own up to owning it, right?). Obviously, I have been doing everything asked of me by my partner whilst it is out there in order to keep things sweet and avoid questions until I can shift it 😅 Today I wanted to play cars, but she fancied a trip to the beach. No bother, whilst I don’t like the beach it’s only down the road, and I can take beers to pass the time. Keeping her happy is the name of the game until I think of a way to own up to my bad decisions. I’m an idiot and I often forget to use sun lotion. Last weekend I got burnt like a bastard on my shoulders and I’ve been uncomfortable all week. Before we left I asked if she had packed the sun lotion. ‘Yes, it’s in the bag’. We go to the beach. First call of action for me, sun lotion as I don’t want to get burnt again… yeah, the sun lotion isn’t in the bag. My dearly beloved forgot to pack it (‘yes, it’s in the bag!). I’m not happy but I don’t complain. A little while later, I’m asked out of the blue ‘when are you going to own up to owning that Audi?’ 😳 oh dear. I fessed up, told the story of the ancient advert etc., she wasn’t angry (we have enough cars that it’s obvious I had a problem already) but she did chirpily mention that we’d now be staying at the beach as long as she liked. Now, I’m definite that she didn’t deliberately leave the sun lotion at home, it was an honest mistake. However, karma is a bitch, because I’m burnt to fuck and she’s absolutely fine! here’s to another week of discomfort then…
  7. That kind of thing with some dog walkers does my nut. I was walking the dog round the park near my work the other day, keeping an eye on the dog whilst on the phone to my mrs and so not paying complete attention to my own footsteps when I trod in a massive pile of dog eggs. Someone had let their dog shit on the centre of the fucking path and then hadn't bothered to pick it up. I won't even believe that they were caught without a poo bag, as the park is lined with trees where this path is, and there's an abundance of sticks that could have been used to flick the logs into the undergrowth if you were caught out. I know it's not everyone, but it gives us all a bad reputation which is bollocks. Imo it's definitely inconsiderate to walk your dog over sports pitches. I think there's just a lot of people who do not think about how their actions impact others sadly, you see it in almost every aspect of life.
  8. 'That is a lower price than my car mr. customer, so why have you not gone to buy that one? That sounds like it would be more suitable if you're buying on price.' 'Oh, well it's not the colour/spec/mileage/age etc. I want' 'Ah, I see, so mr. customer what you're telling me is that my car is more desirable than the lower priced car?' 😅
  9. That's a bold claim 😅 I'll be doing my best with her though, she won't be getting pulled apart for spares. The galvanized body was a big selling point to me, as it really appears to have held up well.
  10. I'd love to get everything lined up in the field for a photo, but the problem with putting everything in one place is that then everyone can see how much crap you've actually got 😅
  11. Right then. First a brief recap of where all my time has been lost to; my Dad's Mercedes W211. I've now replaced all 4 brake lines on it, and I just have the welding left to do. I have managed to dump it back up at the farm, and I've also tucked the Subaru up in the corner, meaning that I've managed to do the old switcheroo and leave an additional car up there unnoticed*. I of course have not got around to taking the valve cover off of the Zastava. I did go over to the Surrey Hills last night to collect this vehicle of outstanding natural beauty. The chap's house was in the middle of the woods, he was a nice bloke and he said he'd owned several of these. As I mentioned previously, he explained that it had been advertised for so long as he didn't want it going for scrap, and he hadn't had any buyers for it as a project. That should probably tell me something 😅 Loading was fun. It wouldn't fire up, and I didn't want to take up too much of his time so I just moved it on the starter. With a seized rear wheel. Progress was slow and lurchy. Add in the rad fan that runs constantly when the battery is connected and it turned into a fun game of 'will we get loaded up or will the wiring catch fire'. A mix of winch action and starter motor abuse got her in place, and predictably just as I got towards the front of the trailer she fired up and tried to lurch off, luckily I was half expecting such luck so I was already hovering on the clutch and brake. Unloading was even more fun. To avoid owning up to my excellent purchase, I was taking the car to the tool shed I share with a mate. Whilst trying to unload, the starter bogged down and I couldn't get her to shift. Bad memories of the grounded out blue BX of recent trailer misery started to resurface. Looking underneath I could see that the mid section of the exhaust had dropped down and was trying to wrap around the trailer chassis. No photo I'm afraid as it was dark and I was shouting swear words at everything. Obviously this was when my partner called to ask why I wasn't home yet, which raised my spirits greatly 😅 Second best course of action then - park everything close to home, go to bed, deal with it in the morning. Sounds good to me! Got out of bed early this morning, called work to tell them I'm WFH as my partner had her 20 week scan today and I wasn't going to the office for an hour just for the sake of it. Best put everything on the driveway then. You can't see so well in the picture but the opening is about a foot wider than the trailer, the driveway is an incline and the road outside is a curve. From memory I've only chucked the trailer in here by hand whilst it was empty before, but despite a little apprehension (the fence belongs to my neighbour and I feel it would be bad for relationships if I smash a trailer load of chod through it) I reversed it in happily enough. Not got loads of pics yet as I'm in the office now, but here she is in all her trailer stranded glory I love the rear roof line on these, they look ridiculously proportioned just like all good* estates should. At some point I'm going to chuck a couple of ratchet straps under her to get the exhaust pulled up enough to remove her from the trailer. I'll probably pull the BX out the courtyard and then use the length of driveway available to get the Audi off the trailer and behind closed doors. Not sure if I'll get anything done this eve though, as a) I need to spend time with my partner to make good my most recent misdeed and b) I need to have a few beers in the garden to de-stress from last night. And I want to put it on public record that this is absolutely, definitely, possibly the last motor I buy without getting clear of something else!!
  12. Despite my unloading attempt being an absolute failure last night (exhaust dropped off in transit and I didn't spot it until it snagged halfway off the deck!!) she's here safe: The intention last night was to unload it down at the tool shed I share with a mate to avoid bringing it home needlessly. Still, that should give the neighbours something to talk about for a bit. Once she's off the trailer I'll do a proper write up in my thread to include last night's escapades and some decent photos of the car as she currently stands.
  13. Just sorted out the insurance for the Audi. Rather than add it straight on to our multicar policy I've swapped the Volvo off, seeing as I'm unlikely to use that in the near future with the chassis needing a bit of, err, 'fettling'. Fully expected the usual spanking, but it actually worked out cheaper with the change - a year's cover was about £185 on the Audi compared to about £210 on the Volvo. No meaningful difference after the £9 admin charge but still felt good compared to my expectations!
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