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Navigation Rallies - shite cars going the speed limit!

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All the cars I used for this in Cyprus, and therefore all my autotest experience, featured stir-it-yourself gears with the concomitant excess of pedals.  I would have no idea how well an automatic would do under such conditions, but to be fair I wouldn't expect it to take too much beating.  Having said that, several of the cars I was competing against were auto: XJ6, Silver Shadow, Stag, etc...  I have no qualms about using a big vehicle, I've been round in a mk1 Granada and a double-cab pickup, but the X1/9 was significantly better at the job.  In fact I'd suggest it as an ideal contender.  I've seen a Fiat 500 (proper air-cooled one) go round too and that was surprisingly suitable.

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Cheers chaps, sounds ideal for starlet.

18th & 19th feb. Its held at junction 4 M 65 if anyone else fancies it.


I am going to to on 18th which is the trial day before the event on 19th


£5 membership and £30 entry fee. Anyone over 14 can take part. You can even hire a car there for the day.

I might toddle along with the lad on the 18th for a looksie and a maddy D's.

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This is one I did at Kaimes, Ayrshire a couple of years back. Apparently, I'm a bit too enthusiastic :




This is my mate Paul driving, he beat me by several seconds :




but I reckon I still had the most fun :)

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I enquired about this with the Southsea Motor Club as they have them on fairly regularly, I wanted to keep up with marshalling but not have to travel miles to a venue - also keen to have a stab at it. I put it off when the Nissan started to eat its gearbox but reckon the Yaris would probably do alright in the sub 1400cc class.


As others have said, entry for the SSMC events is about £10 plus £25 subs for the year, could be a worthwhile day out for the Solent Shiters? The two I looked at were at South Downs College and East Hampshire Council Offices car parks, looks like their website hasn't yet been updated for AutoSolo tests for 2017 but will keep my eyes peeled.


Or we could have an apocalyptically shit Autoshite AutoSolo (ASAS, natch) somewhere, perhaps an event for Shitefest '17? Start borrowing cones from the local roadworks now...

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I've done this twice: once in a borrowed Caterham 7 at a corporate jolly at Brands Hatch. Obviously I thought I was Billy Big Bollocks and just ended up sliding all over the show, almost killing a load of office workers on their Christmas Party.

Second time I was in my Grandmother's base Nova, had more fun tbh, and came 2nd or 3rd overall.

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I haven't done these for years, used to have a go when I was in my 20s (using an MG Midget, then Lotus 7, then various Morgans) I wasn't that good but it was great fun. One of the most memorable was when I was someone's reverse gear, they were competing in a Morgan three wheeler, it had two forward gears and no reverse, so to go backwards I had to jump out and push.

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I received an email inviting members to an autotest over in Johnstone, Glasgow on sat 4th march run by the Scottish Sporting Car Club




It's quite likely that I won't be able to attend as I've already promised my mam that I'd go visit that weekend but the lads are a friendly bunch and are always looking for new members to join them - if anyone fancies it, I can forward the info.


The autotest I did last year with them was down in Ayr at the former Nobel explosives works (sounds exotic, is really just some industrial wasteland) and was a great day out. Everyone was very friendly, they took the time to explain the format and rules then walked us round the course then provided bacon rolls for lunch. I can't remember exactly how much it costs but I'm sure it was silly cheap, something like thirty quid including membership of the club.



Me driving too enthusiastically again




Paul beating me again (the fucker)


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