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  1. fucks sake, this bloody car is possessed ! hope you get it sorted, it will be worth it in the end
  2. quite a few of the hillclimb lads will be at Kames today and tomorrow for the east ayrshire car club sprint - could be worth a drive down if the weather is decent they also do non competitive trackdays
  3. elaine page out and about in her rangie ? quite what she would be doing in gateshead, i do not know
  4. take some easter eggs to roll down the hill ? (or is that a weird local thing down here in geordieland ?)
  5. hmm, not ideal. i renewed with the same provider as last year, i shall call them in the morning
  6. the cheap and crappy rear view mirror eventually broke - annoying as it wasn’t cheap to buy no matter, the sun is shining, let’s hit the road a quick stop for a hot dog something something self assembly then a hoon over the hills to corbridge and hexham and a stop off at beamish on the way home
  7. a surprise late christmas gift from mother gm how late ? very late, it would seem ! how very Autoshite
  8. new wheels for the exo the reason for choosing these is that they are one of the lightest wheels available for the mx5, something ridiculous like 11kg including the tyre - i’ll need to dig out the bathroom scales and check when i went to collect them, the sellers son was so pleased another mx5 had come to visit, he got his car out to take photos of the two of them together so how do they look on Exo ? the skinny 185 tyres look lost in the arches compared to the previous 195 tyres only 1cm difference but the more square edge definitely fills the arch better i wasn’t sure about black wheels but they look pretty good on the car only one thing left to do - time for a hoon ! maybe it was the cold weather, or maybe the cheap tyres, but some serious wheel spinning went on there’s a road from lanchester up the hill to burnhope which is more like a hillclimb course - i got a clear run at it today and had to fight to keep the back end in shape, tremendous fun !
  9. problem solved four matching kumho winters with 7mm tread on decent merc alloys for £100 jackpot ! they look pretty smart
  10. bloody trackday has been cancelled not that i had anything suitable to take anyway
  11. snow is coming down well here too - and guess which tit just sold his only car with winter tyres on ? i was highly impressed by them on the way home from work late last night, i took a detour round the un-gritted back roads and the little bini performed brilliantly - even braking hard wasn’t a problem, not a hint of locking up or the abs cutting in and it handled corners like the snow didn’t exist i’ll be seeking out a set for the slk if they all of a sudden haven’t shut up in price !
  12. not sure what is going on here is it a still from a film ?
  13. an odd piece of dirt graffiti on a neighbours car - has been there for at least a week makes a change from “clean me” and spunking cocks !
  14. doors that lock themselves again if you don’t start the engine straight away - arseholes, the lot of them ! this new slk i’ve bought seems particularly keen to lock me out, although as a serial honda owner, i’m fairly used to it
  15. “this service has been delayed by the train crew being delayed by disruption” thankyou for your helpful help i have two connections to make today, this one is already 20 mins late - i guess i’m buggered
  16. i went to pick up a set of alloys for the mx5, the sellers son was so happy another mx5 had come to visit, he insisted on getting his own car out so we could take photos of them both together
  17. i noticed this a while back but couldn’t recall which car it was on - turns out it’s an audi a6 allroad what is going on with that little bit of plastic wheel arch stuck to the rear door ?
  18. you been down the cluny for sunday afternoon beers ? nice
  19. i’ll give you a shout next time i have the Exo out
  20. last day of freedom before back to work tomorrow so i thought i’d take the mx5 out for a run up the hills some stunning roads which i had pretty much to myself stopped at the Bowes Museum for a quick pic what a magnificent building, i shall need to come back and visit properly sometime. got home at 7pm having set off at 2, cobwebs well and truly blown away
  21. I'm sure I've posted these before somewhere but I was out for a run this afternoon and stopped to take pics of this garages wall murals last time I was passing, the shutters were up and he had a old Mustang and a Citroen DS in that both looked like long term residents
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