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  1. me too. except i was working all weekend next time then
  2. just another supermarket car park spottage was still there when i came out 2500 is a straight six ?
  3. All on the form instructions… ah, i didn’t read them either ! payment paid
  4. “what name would you like on the envelope ?” is surely asking for trouble
  5. i regularly don’t know what day it is - put me down for one callander please
  6. gm

    Klek-Chunn ThReAd

    good choice, sir
  7. back in the bad winter of 2011, did Knockhill cancel the Stages Rallye ? did they bollocks ! looks like a lot of fun, the little 205 is going well
  8. my mx5 taken at Burnhope, County Durham whilst I was supposed to be Christmas shopping a few weeks ago
  9. some years back i was watching a guy working on a very nice jag while i was having tyres fitted. i presume the jag was needing a ball joint or track rod end as the guy had the oxy acetylene torch out and was belting seven bells out of something. then it went very quiet. then the shouting started. then the customer saw the massive gouge in his wing from a misjudged swing of the lump hammer. not sure how it ended as my tyres were done and i nicked off sharpish before things got too heated
  10. today i am day off so filled the tank on the mx5……….. ………and pissed it all away up in the hills excellent fun so glad i didn’t sorn it for the winter
  11. it was my nephews birthday last week - as the gift I had bought him was a bit sensible / boring (an a3 drawing board, squares, compasses, pencils etc) I thought he might appreciate a silly gift too ! 120 assorted googly eyes this turned out to be a hit and, one week later, we are still finding surprise eyes all over the house and my particular favourite (his mother hasn't found this one yet) apparently, googly eyes are the talk of the school too (the drawing board is still in its box)
  12. it’s a cool looking truck but sadly i don’t have a spare £10-15k down the back of the sofa
  13. spotted in the asda car park earlier this afternoon i had to look up the reg to see what it is
  14. I received a Christmas card from screw fix today with a £5 off £25 voucher inside - very nice but lets just check the expiry date on that : 19th dec 2021 todays date 17th dec 2021 ffs !
  15. not sure if it’s any help but mx5 mk1 1.6 and 1.8 have different thermostat housings - have you looked at both types ?
  16. I know, I'll take the day off and get the Christmas shopping done. might* have got a little distracted but look at that bloody sunset ! Never seen anything like it - amazing
  17. a geordie range rover spotted in durham
  18. I'm sure this belongs to one of our members - i think it is a lovely photo, a little surreal but normal at the same time - why wouldn't a dog fetch his Christmas tree on the roof of his suzuki ?
  19. a couple of telly progs starting in a few mins that might be worth a look ?
  20. gm

    eBay tat volume 3.

    but might it have the elusive exhaust bits the @Split_Pinhas been looking for ? just down (up) the road from him too (edit) probably not, too modern
  21. "same engine as mazda mx5" ? perhaps not
  22. i liked the tape collection in the mk1
  23. it’s been like that for four years, i’ve kind of got used to it
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