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  1. proof, if ever it was needed, that we’re all on the same (obscure) wavelength - i thought exactly the same thing and checked sadly, it wasn’t still, well done to the kids that made them
  2. i went for a walk while my tyres were being fitted yesterday, happened across this happy family of snowmen
  3. gm


    that SLK puts on a good performance, surprised the lada struggled - were they not built for this sort of weather ?
  4. mine too, I loved that little car I didn't know about the restrictor, although looking at the bodykit mine had fitted, I'd guess a previous owner would have removed it already
  5. err, that was taken by my passenger, yes, definitely my passenger you’re quite correct, that isn’t a motorway, it’s a section of dual carriageway when i was nearly home but shows the same conditions that the motorway was in : bloody slippy ! i got the winter tyres fitted today and it’s so much better, ready to take on the winter now
  6. an interesting drive home tonight on an ungritted motorway made all the more interesting by my being tailgated at 40mpm by a fucking snowplough ! seriously, he was about a car length off my bumper - absolute arsehole ! glad i bought those winter tyres the other day, shame they’re still sitting in the garage and i’m driving on death rings. i did have a little bit of handbrake fun on an empty roundabout when i was nearly home
  7. nah, i’ll keep it for now, thanks. heater worked a treat on the way into town, nice and toasty new thermostat and housing should arrive tomorrow and i’ll get it fixed properly. i’ve just picked up a set of winter tyres too so i’m all set for the bad weather
  8. what a perfect time for the binis thermostat to pack up - can’t get any heat in the car at all we’ll just have to go old school until the parts arrive
  9. premium rate for this little hottie !
  10. the Scottish Spirting Car Club invited their members to design a new layout for an autotest - with predictable results
  11. time for a quick tinker under the bonnet - new plugs and an air filter both very overdue i fitted a replacement power steering pump and jacked up the front end to turn lock to lock to bleed new fluid bit something wasn’t quite as it should be - a sort of sloshing noise was coming from the rack i pulled back the steering gaiter and got soaked in oily coffee that’ll be where the steering fluid has all been hiding - add a replacement rack to the shopping list. at least i hadn’t just dumped a brand new bottle of fluid into it. not ideal, but it was great being able to crack on with the spannering in a warm dry garage.
  12. first job on green was to swap the manky dashboard binnacle (seems to have been painted and gone sticky in the sun) for one i picked up at the scrappies last week time to sort out the doorcards - there really is too much beige, i used the top sections and handles to tone it down a bit much better
  13. with the end of the month approaching and a rare dry day, i moved the Exo to the garage at my mams house to hibernate for the winter she insisted on coming along for the drive and the green machine took up residence in my own garage takes up a lot more space than the exo
  14. been to the local breakers and picked up some parts to tone down that tan interior plan is to use the top section of the door cards and the handles - should look much smarter
  15. seriously ? i trust you told them where to stick it
  16. it’s included in the lease - would be interesting to find out what they would charge an owner for the same
  17. @Mi30n was telling me his audi e-tron was in for a service today, i idly wondered what exactly would be getting done ? no oil or filter to change, no air filter, no plugs, no fuel filter, coolant ? probably not, what exactly would he be getting for the omg£££ audi would be charging? turns out they change the pollen filter and brake fluid ! that’s it ! still, at least they washed it for him
  18. the exhaust on shitey was a bit noisey so i rolled it up on ramps and investigated hmm, not the best but what’s that hanging from the rafters ? close enough (there’s a rumour that manual and auto exhausts are different, i guess that’s bollocks then) this car is so clean underneath sounds great - not look at me mental like mighty but has a nice tone and rasp, just as you would expect i chopped the centre section and tail pipe off for future use and had a look at just how shagged the back box is what a mess - i’ll drop that at the tip tomorrow a quick drive up and down the street and it’s going well - the autobox changes smoothly and the little green car picks up well.
  19. heading down to the nec with @DVee8 and the lads, just been overtaken by this masterpiece ringpiece
  20. the pop up headlights sometimes didn’t pop up i traced the fault to a duff switch (this lifts the lights for cleaning / bulb changing) and fitted a spare the top of the dash has been painted and was looking shabby so i rubbed it down and gave it a quick coat of satin black. the oddly coloured crash pad that doesn’t match the rest of the interior was annoying me so i swapped it for a black one i had in the loft looks much smarter now
  21. while the tools were out, i ditched the ugly aftermarket fog light looks much neater the wiring was rerouted to the offside reverse light just needs a red bulb like mighty has
  22. a bit of fettling with shitey the boot carpet was soaked and obviously has been for some time the (broken) electric aerial was leaking above the battery i swapped it for a spare manual aerial and sealed it with a blob of silicon i’ll clean this up and get a coat of paint on it - thankfully the metal is solid there were some gritty rubber mats in the footwells which hid a soaking wet carpet - i binned them and removed the seats for a good hoovering with the roof down all day, they soon dried up, i stuck some cheap dehumidifiers in to finish the job
  23. remind me which one was this ? i’m sort of thinking about having another crv - good cars these
  24. it’s the best part of christmas - count me in !
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