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  1. smoll world - i was there about an hour ago (ran from whitley bay along the beach)
  2. look out for a steam train coming the other direction! https://www.railadvent.co.uk/2022/06/royal-scot-steam-locomotive-set-to-visit-edinburgh-newcastle-and-york-this-sunday.html
  3. i bet it rains on the day it is finally road legal - and i’ll still be taking it out anyway
  4. a day off work and the sun is out - i’m so glad i didn’t sell the mx5 last year
  5. knot wheels are indeed utter bastards - i had eye protection and ear defenders on but forgot me spud guard
  6. now remember, kids, always wear the PPE running shorts are not PPE ! fuck - that was close !
  7. just a quickie a new list has been drawn up, first job is have a look at fitting the aero screens (deliberately left until after the test as you get all sorts of tricky questions about safety glass, washers, wipers, demisters etc) they sort of go on like this but when i try to open the bonnet that will be a no then ok, something easier - how about a phone holder ? step 1 - remove the bonnet ! the reason being that this is going here so a hole needs drilled through the wiring tray and we are secure test fit with an old phone so i can take a pic with this one excellent - i’ll buy a set of bluetooths and the jobs a good ‘un next - toolbox it is probably wise to have at least a basic toolkit on board but where to keep it ? an ebay ammo box should do the trick securely fitted in place two more ticks on the list
  8. there’s still a couple of wee jobs i can crack on with to keep me out of trouble - and i’ve still got the mx5 for a hoon when the mood requires
  9. the gonzo headlights have been removed, ready for a fellow exo builder to fit for his iva next month - i wonder if the tester will recognise them ? you can see how the beam is much better than the original set gonzo : (oddly showing upside down for some reason) original : at least they are pointing in roughly the right direction the needlessly complicated paperwork got filled in and posted and i bought a new steering wheel for the mx5 to replace the one stolen by the exo now all i can do is sit and wait for my number plate to be allocated - it’s going to be a long few weeks
  10. bloody hell, that’s not still up at Andy’s ?
  11. i have owned 8 x mx5s and only 5 x civics so i reckon “less civics” is correct
  12. i’ve got a couple of crank locking tools in the garage, pm me your address and i’ll bung one in the post if you like
  13. anyone fancy a go at driving a bus ? https://www.facebook.com/215880875709/posts/10166508344810710 actually, i quite fancy having a go myself - will need to check if i’m off work
  14. I'll give them a buzz tomorrow and see what they can do. the Exo is insured by Footman James so I'll try them too. The Civic is due it's renewal too and the Exo needs taxed, it's going to be an expensive month
  15. I'm with them too, 5k miles and 9 years ncb apparently. I do have 3 naughty boy points though
  16. assuming we have the same insurer, how the hell has yours gone down by the same amount mine has gone up ? they’ll be getting a phone call tomorrow (i am also old)
  17. how many times have I told you not to play with your food ?
  18. it certainly goes well, i’ll rig up a proper microphone for the next outing. meanwhile, i’m doing battle with the paperwork to get the damn thing registered which seems needlessly complicated, will hopefully be officially on the road in a couple of weeks
  19. VIDO, as promised. please excuse the crummy sound and even crummier editing
  20. they are rare and do sell quickly and for a good few bob when they do come up. when i found mine, the guy was inundated with messages but i was lucky enough to have got there first. it did look like it had spent some time at the bottom of the north sea bit a bit of elbow grease had it good as new
  21. the donor car had power steering but i de-powered the rack or the exo. then a proper manual rack appeared on fb marketplace which i snapped up and fitted instead. the de-powered rack seems to be the more popular choice amongst exo builders, fewer turns lock to lock but i’ll stick with the manual for now until i get some miles done and choose a preference
  22. for your slow windows, i’d suggest whipping the runners right out and giving them a good clean with petrol to shift the hardened old grease then lube them up with plenty of fresh stuff. you can do it in situ but it’s bloody awkward
  23. that pool ball looks great and reminds me that i bought a yellow one for the exocet ages ago, all i need to do is find it
  24. now the test is over, i can finally get rid of this ugly sod ! this momo looks much better but the little one off the mx5 is better still although now (perhaps ironically) i can’t see the speedo properly i found the disc of fibreglass left over from when i cut the new fuel filler hole so stuck it onto a piece of vinyl to hide my botch up ill fix it from behind next time the tank cover is off but it’ll do for now i took it for a quick drive up and down the street, the new steering wheel is much better but it desperately needs a proper alignment doing
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