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  1. There's a complete C15 in Loom's of Derby if any one wants parts. It appears to be a refrigerated van. I didn't pay much attention though.
  2. Sorry to hear about your redundancy. It happened to me earlier in the year. I was able to find another job in the same field, but as you say at a lot less money. I hope every thing goes well for you. with your skills, I would think you would be able to set up your own business restoring car.
  3. I came through Glasgow on the A82, I missed the Erskine Bridge turning, in the BX with a caravan. Didn’t see anything of interest until Outside Edinburgh, when two Cavaliers were spotted on the A720. Wasn’t too far from Annisland.
  4. Chevronics do an aluminium replacement. I have a spare somewhere in the garage, if you can wait until I get back from holiday at the end of the month.
  5. The flap should be connected to the middle dial on the heater controls. It opens proportional to the fan..
  6. Not that I’m an expert, but mine had a dribble of air coming out of it when I first brought it, even with the fan on full speed. I found that the cable that opens the flap in the air box had not been connected to the fan switch, so it was not opening as the fan speed increased. It now has a really good flow of air now. You’ve probably checked this any way.
  7. Just returned from the 2cv, 24hr race. Three classes compete Minis, Euro 2cv, and Dyane Hybrids, and 2cv. There’s also some classic Citroen porn, and a weird Wagon R 5EC7DE60-5665-42F8-956D-1A363D489B32.MOV
  8. Buying a new middle exhaust. Then finding out you are possibly being made redundant, due to management fuck ups.
  9. First time I’ve been under the car since it came back from Robs. It is all rather clean. Trying to locate a cracking sound and a rattle. The rattle appears to be the centre box of the exhaust collapsing. The cracking sound I cannot replicate, it seems to come from the suspension when it raises and lowers. It might be from the swing arm bearing, but I’m open to any suggestions. Getting it prepared for a trip to Scotland at the end month.
  10. Shit about the vandalism to the mirror. Hope the brake job works out.
  11. Too stop buying shite, you need to send me 50% of your wages each month.
  12. You expect to be around for the bicentennial? Andy Cartwright from 2cvgb.
  13. I’m weird! But I thought the bitter didn’t taste to bad. A bit like a Scottish beer, with a sweet finish, which is how I like my beer. I also drink a lot of porter, mild and stout, as I don’t this modern beer with 78 varieties of hop. I told you I’m weird. I drink from a tankard, so cannot see if the beer is cloudy. The porter was minging, who thought to put cinnamon in beer needs shooting. I didn’t try the American Pale Ale, as it looked like a sample. I do know some of the bottled beer was vegan and is naturally cloudy as it doesn’t use fish finning to clear it. This has proved to be controversial as some of the less gifted landlords around our way are serving beer that is cloudy and trying to pass it off as vegan. This doesn’t work if the brewer is a mate. If the beer was vegan, maybe a note saying it is naturally cloudy would have helped. Mrs Meter Rat said the wine was shit, and was served a glass of red wine instead of rose. They also served me a pint of porter on the Saturday afternoon, instead of the bitter I asked for, when I complained they said they didn’t have any bitter. Why didn’t they just say. They expected me to pay for it, and couldn’t unstandardised why I walked off. I was was unhappy with the bar, and the way the beer was served. Also the general attitude of the staff was shit. They should have had 12-14 barrels racked off and ready to go. There should have been some pins of Cider and some decent wine. The brewers should have used the event to showcase their products , but they didn’t seam to care. I don’t really think really understood this type of event, or know what they were doing.
  14. The beer had potential to be very good. The bitter was, in my opinion was rather nice, if a bit cloudy. They seemed clueless how to rack it off prior to the event , hence why it was cloudy, or hadn’t left it to settle properly. It should’ve been set up on Tuesday. And there should have been more of it. The brewery staff did complain on Saturday that they had brought in extra beer, but no one was drinking it so it would go to waste. Apparently they were told that three barrels would be enough for the weekend?
  15. Yay, fame at last. The worlds most invisible grey BX meteor has finally been paped. Ok, it’s hiding behind a red, rather more tidy BX, but to me it’s almost fame. Good to meet Mr and Mrs Brownnova.
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