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  1. That didn't last long. Our plucky hero has now been deposited at his new car. All loaded up and ready to roll. And on his merry way. This may on the surface appear to be a like for like replacement but trust me this one is many differents, in hilarious, pant soiling, grin inducing ways.
  2. Ace to see you back Benno. You and @CYANIDE STEVE must comprise at least 50% of the FSO pervs in the UK. Bung one of the mods a message if you want to try firing back up your old account/login. Even @chaseracer might be able to help with that, he's got a modern new fangled technological electrical car now and everything.
  3. https://m.facebook.com/groups/384290475097160?view=permalink&id=1092115890981278&anchor_composer=false Any good @Ben_O ?
  4. Thanks but there are plenty of tools and whatnot. Unfortunately none of them were in the same place as me.
  5. Whilst you were la-di-da-ing it up with your classic car crew, I was in the FoD doing some proper mechanicing. The hesitations under throttle on your new field bike have been getting more frequent and pronounced so I had a furtle about underneath and discovered some pretty dodgy wiring. In the absence of a soldering iron, solder, anywhere to plug one in, and pretty much anything else useful I stripped back the wire ends with nail clippers, attached/connected them more securely, and then applied a big dollop of black tape. I then fired it up and gave it a whole tin of beans across the paddock to see if it was cured. The grin on my face and the stain on the seat showed that I had indeed done a fix. It properly shifts now.
  6. Hi mate, I’m the lucky shiter who won the galaxy riffle last night, would you be interested in transporting it to Liverpool for me ?

    cheers Keith. 

  7. Doesn't look promising. It doesn't look like it was presented for MOT before or since it ran out either.
  8. I've been wondering for a while what has happened to this. I did some forum searching and after BtB it went to Pillock and then May 2015 it moved on to @forddeliveryboy. The last mention of it I can find is from Feb 2016 when FDB stated that it was stored in his garage for winter. I'm not sure why he didn't just move it on again as per the original remit rather than putting it away. Does anyone know if this has moved on since, and if so where has it visited and who has it now? Tiff donated this car to be moved between shiters frequently therefore raising more money for Help For Heroes. I hope this has been happening and we just haven't heard about it.
  9. I'd like to pop up to this. 28th July and onwards would be best/easiest for me so I have voted thusly.
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