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  1. Bloody hell, you really don't want to do that assignment do you.
  2. Blimey, you've had a productive day. Since I left this morning you've gravelled the drive and fixed half a dozen things on the Peugeot. Bravo.
  3. A typical Autoshite day out. I have now left this collection to join another potential collection. Safe journeys home Lord and Lady Monkey and HMC senior and juniors.
  4. Have they started pulling the wipers off and defecating on the roof yet?
  5. It's reminiscent of driving my AX in the back of here.
  6. ^^^^ Front fog lamps! Mega posh. I hope she drives it with her pinky raised.
  7. This page of the News24 thread is already making me very happy. There are loads of old Vauxhalls, HMC is back in a happy(er) place, Cavcraft's 2nd/3rd/4th career is taking off, loserone has a new toy (can't quite tell if he's happy or dismayed in that photo), and the arbiter of good taste in most motoring things RobT is perving over the same nondescript Astravan as me.
  8. I have now also discovered that the fuel guage is ever so slightly optimistic.
  9. Due to the special and unique nature of Britain's motorways, I can now confirm that this thing is perfectly happy sitting in standstill/crawling traffic for four hours. Apart from some minor French electrical eccentricities, I can't see anything short of a nuclear zombie apocalypse stopping it running until all the world's diesel supplies run out. Even then it'll plod on drinking veg oil. Hell, it feels like it would probably run fine on Vimto.
  10. I was doing some archeological adventuring through the many layers and decades worth of grime on the dashboard. It's looking better now but I reckon it needs a vat of Jif and a belt sander to get it properly clean.
  11. 1. Brownnova 2. clayts450 3. davidfowler2000 4. skattrd 5. chaseracer 6. catsinthewelder (probably) 7. strange angel 8. Ghosty 9. Beko1987 (probably) 10. Sporty-shite (with junior_sporty) 11. Dollywobbler 12. Snagglepuss 13. Fumbler ((With Brother_Fumbler) Probably) 14. cms206 15. eifion 16. Squire Dawson 17 Floatylight & Floatylight Jnr in his 2003 C3. 18 BL Bloke 19 Bucketeer
  12. I can take it from the FoD to Joe's house. It's a bit boring, direct, and short-winded I know.
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