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  1. Thanks for the offers of shitelying me back southwards but it's easy enough just to squeeze myself into a sticky seat aboard the brandy bus or whatever. I can walk it if need be, I've nowt better to do for the next month or two.
  2. Yeah, I can run it up the road no worries. Now if Stanky could do the decent thing and buy a car in Scotland, that would save on BFH.
  3. That has sparked much jealousy. This was the ceiling of my home yesterday morning.
  4. I really liked that 850. I bought it in July-ish for about £700 with the intention of tinting the windows and using it as a (much needed) mobile home. Of course a few weeks later I agreed to swap it for an equally practical MX5 with Snagglepuss. It then did a tour of Scotland on the way up to Accrington, in utter comfort. Here's a few pics from my time with it (August). As Snagglepuss says, the alloys (knackered) are no longer with it but I reckon it looks grand on the steelies and winter tyres he put on it.
  5. I presume you mean the 205? It was a grand little companion for me. Never let me down, that I can remember. Nothing broke on it either, but then I think pretty much everything was already broken long before I borrowed it. Poor little unloved thing. I really liked it. Well, I really liked the cherry bomb exhaust anyway.
  6. That's a belting offer Huw, thanks. I'm completely fed up with it tonight so I'm just going to get it pushed somewhere marginally less dangerous when my friend gets here, then get a lift to the warmth of my AX where I can try and forget about it all until tomorrow. However, if by any small chance you had some free time tomorrow that you wanted to waste having a look at a broken green van and helping shift it half a mile up the road to a garage or whatever, that would be awesome.
  7. Yeah FWD. The gearlever feels normal in operation but no matter what gear you select there is no gear engaged, just the scrapy noise when you lift the clutch.
  8. I'm just outside Storrington. In the South. I've had a good look round, and nothing obvious is jumping out at me, and it hasn't miraculously fixed itself when I've restarted it.. I have a friend about an hour and a half away who has kindly volunteered to come and get me. Hopefully I can use her car to push my van out of the way of the drive at least.
  9. Just an hour or so ago I managed to get my Mercedes Vito out of some particularly angry mud and was happily driving to the petrol station when I lost all drive, just getting muted whirry grindy noises instead. I'm stuck at the side of a busy road now, blocking someone's drive, unable to move. I checked my RAC stuff online and they hadn't taken money out of my account for the last few months, so my coverage with them has expired. Is there anything obvious I can do or look for? With the engine off there's an audible rattle/clank when I throw the lever up to 1st/3rd/5th. Could the previous trekking through mud have knocked something off/loose? In any gear there is no drive just the muted grindy whirring and a bit of a resonance through the body. Any ideas welcome.
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