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  1. Someone embarrassed of where they take their mots? You should be
  2. @fatharris- don’t make me share your karaoke videos !!!
  3. I think the last of any particular model is always a safer bet than the first year or so of a new model . Some of the glitches have been ironed out and the garage know their way around them and the short cuts that can be made to make jobs quicker etc
  4. Just the one shock obviously 😂
  5. How long have they offered the no pass no fee tho ?
  6. Followed a lovely RHD VAUXHALL Astra today on Romanian plates. Nothing dodgy there ! No Siree
  7. You can’t park that there mate etc
  8. The Laguna 3 I got from @Pat Earrings . Tried to replace it with a newer and better Astra estate but just prefer driving the Renault 😂
  9. Dad did attend a SF in wales in the BX . That car has one breakdown per shitefest it seems 😂
  10. I’m hoping to get this up and running and shaken out all the storage niggles in time for shitefest next year . Plans are for me to take the LNA and my brother to take the Mk1 BX . Sourced an exhaust for it now but typically work has got busy / snaggy again so it stuck on the back ramp .
  11. I ran a 1978 TS150 for a year or two . Much better handling bike than the jap stuff.
  12. Some arty pics from @fatharris a few years ago . Bonus BX Mk1 glimpse too
  13. Trying to work out when he bought it . Last v5 change was 05 but I was sure I was driving about before then . Found this in the window It’s like a time capsule 😂
  14. This is my dads Lna that he’s owned for at least 20 years . It spent very little time on the road in those years but I can remember myself using it as a daily for a few months but it’s mainly been kept in dry storage while dad tinkers with it with varying degrees of success . Fast forward until a month or two ago when it was dragged out of storage and transported to my brothers field . Who then lost the keys . After removing the steering lock ( carefully as I’m not exactly tripping over new ones for lnas 😂) I then found the service book with the bloody key numbers on . A local locksmith cut me a new ign and boot key for £15 . Legend ! A quick look over on the ramp reveals it’s still bloody solid and I don’t think it’s had or going to need any welding . The paint is well worn and it has surface rust on it but an ideal candidate for an oily rag resto I reckon . Well blow me down - a quick suck through of fuel from the tank , hook up a fresh battery and she fires straight up . I do remember dad fitting and NOS carb to it a few years back . The original idea was my wife was going ti use this as her daily when the lease E Up goes back but I can’t see her liking the experience after a modern electric car but time will tell . Why a sad tale ? About 7 years ago dad was diagnosed with dementia and is going downhill quite rapidly now . But he still asks about the LNA ( and the Mk1 BX ) So I’m looking forward to taking him out , maybe to a few car shows , in it when it’s on the road . Must stop looking at the subframe design and thinking it would make a bloody good trials car tho 😂 I’ll get some more pics today !
  15. Thundercats are a much overlooked bargain
  16. No way id swap a cbr for a zzr . As mentioned before , they just dont age well.
  17. That's also what they say ( mainly to appease land owners I think) but I'm not convinced as you just spin more. Was the first time i've wanted a bit more power than the ol 250x . Just on the muddy uphill fields when are just pinned wide open with your ass on the rear light ! I was struggling to keep it lit up in 3rd . But 99% of the time its a perfect motor for local tight tracks and doesn't beat you up after a couple of hours like 300 smokers or 450's do.
  18. The Colwith Chase . Technically a Time and observation trial but I think that is just so they can run it on a Trials licence . Also hence the trials tyre . Im a fan of the X11 trials tyre but on sunday the amount of mud made them a pain in the ass. 20 of the 60 riders failed to finish so I was quite happy to go the 2.5 hrs for a finish.
  19. Did my first enduro race since before lockdown on Sunday . Talk about a baptism of fire . It pissed down the night before and all morning up to and inc the race . But I survived and kept doing for the 2.5 hrs . Poor bike 😂 Just getting the van out of the field was a mission . But I enjoyed feeling the paddock buzz and banter again . Oh and my legs are in tatters
  20. Extreme enduro bike and tourer all in one 😂
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