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  1. Like vectra c’s - they came out of the factory with the MILf light on didn’t they ?
  2. M9 helicoil kit is about a tenner for those that have the gentle caress of a rapist on the tools .
  3. Of course being flat out at work , over run with motor bikes at home and work and being a 17st fatty meant I had to buy a grom with a broken engine
  4. That’s a good innings for a 2.2 transit motor in them 😂
  5. You know on some fords the wiring loom isn’t completely taped up ? Just like a loose spiral of tape round it ? This isn’t to save tape - a wire can carry slightly less current per strand if it’s tightly loomed so they are left looser to allow them to save money on copper . Was told this at the ford college years ago and seeing the grey under bonnet primer on fords of that era instead of paint I’m inclined to believe it .
  6. IIRC ( was years ago) that there was one specific for fuel quality not just IGN ADV. Think I used to put a litre or two of thinners to a tank.
  7. If the Saab has been noob tuned then you can access live data on the SID and one line of it is the fuel quality reading based on max spark advance allowed by the knock sensing built into the DICk . The numbers shot up on mine when running optimax and thinners 😂
  8. So close to the truth it’s scary
  9. They look like a solution to a problem that didn’t exist to me
  10. Got the vegan bit in the first paragraph ! Nice nice 😂
  11. Nearly as complicated as BMC / Rover / Leyland etc 😂
  12. Flora road trial today 😛
  13. From the Classic trackdays fb page .
  14. Great day at the classic track day at Castle Combe yesterday . Took the cat and the new toy but stuck with the 660 for the day . That is a great handling bike and I was grinning from ear to ear . Throttle cable must be strong tho cos that fucker was pulled tight about 90% of the lap . Onky about 40hp on a good day but was still holding its own . I took the Thundercat just in case the 660 played up but it was my mates tzr that needed a fettle so he used the cat for one session . Came back grinning from ear to ear and well used knee sliders the bastard . I’m too stiff and short in the leg for such activities . Some stunning old bikes in the paddock too and generally a more friendly vibe than a normal track day . Roll on Donington in June I say !
  15. Come on @yes oui si @Sheefag We can arrange the bridal suite or a boxing ring for you two . You choose
  16. I’ll most likely be in the Ducato and tag alongs tenting
  17. Thought it was Doesn’t Select Gears
  18. Fri and sat for me . Will prob have two tagging along with me .
  19. Just clogging that dpf and egr up nicely 😂
  20. That’s what I was about to say
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