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  1. @Cavcraftif you need any bits back off that c70 motor let me know and I could post them back to you .
  2. Hey ! My goona 3 was from brum and the seller and car are fine 😂
  3. Bulbs first , then double check the bulb connections . Then I’d be looking at the relay .
  4. Fan bloody tastic . You are truly unstoppable at finding these gems
  5. Got that house on the market yet ?
  6. There is a chap I know with a landy with every extra tacked on to it . Compete with HUE plate . He posts pics on fb of it flexed up on various tiny obstacles. So I go out and duplicate them in my Fiat Seicento . Well I did til I sold it .
  7. Is that part of the Monks Trod ? I promise my enduro bike will get over it quicker than a landy without tracks tho 😂
  8. Oh and I’ve owned Various land rovers and done a bit of off roading .
  9. Having spent years riding enduro bikes and doing loads of green laning I think I would find Armchair Laning terminally boring. I get the appeal of seeing wild areas etc but the bomb hole on the Strata Florida is a good example - landies seem to spend hours on this one feature that bikes just Bwarrrp through in about 5 secs . I was laning up in wales last weekend tho and did admit to looking at them slightly jealously with their heaters 😂
  10. 100% correct . Piece of cake on a 1.4 TU motor one but a twat of a job on a TD .
  11. Sad really . All pretty good reliable decent cars for there time . Big Car on YT has done an interesting video on the life of the fiesta and towards the end shows the sales figures falling away quite dramatically. Ford are there to make money so they have to do what they have to do to keep the lights on I guess .
  12. Unfortunately it’s the old 6v c90 motor so none of the hundreds of cheap pit bike ones will fit the head . Cmsnl said they had one but didn’t . They are showing ones for a year older in stock and I can’t see them being much different. Will email them morro .
  13. Other half’s CT90 is all Uk registered now . Swift DVLA service for once . Just struggling to get an inlet fannymould for reasonable money
  14. Obviously 6 bikes wasn’t enough 😂
  15. Built in life span ! 100k - time to pcp a new one sir .
  16. “ routine maintenance “ as German car fans call it . 😂
  17. Sky plus and iPhone 14’s ( in rose gold,natch) aren’t cheap you know @beko1987
  18. Insert sexist comment here Women? 🤣
  19. Have you tried a hat ? 😂
  20. Dozy twat in the DB995 in that video aint gonna tip that one over is he ? 😂
  21. Some of the cauli rigs can clock up silly hours over the winter season . But almost at idle for most of the day - just the road work at the beginning and end that will be flat out .
  22. Interesting . Something I learnt as an ag engineer was that older tractors used to only clock an hour for every hour the engine was at rated ( pto ) speed . So one used as a yard tractor might take a whole day so clock an hour on the meter. Whereas modern digital ones clock up hours from just being running and in come cases just ignition on .
  23. I’m sure there is somewhere . Also - who changes one damper ?
  24. A decent independent would have greased the bolts on the previous service so the undertray came off easily . Just sayin
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