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  1. I have use sage for many years and I don’t find it a user friendly piece of software at all but chose it initially as it seemed almost an industry standard and accountants seemed to like it . Fast forward about 6 years , one wife and two book keepers later in back to doing it my self . Finally got the hang of it , books more up to date and less mistakes than ever before then the accountant drops the bombshell “ As of next year we won’t be supporting Sage customers “ Fuck fuck fuck Xero is what they recommend but I hate change for changes sake.
  2. Make sure the new ones are well lubed and that they get clicked into those guides on the axle correctly !
  3. Easy enough to bodge up with sealer and a short bristled brush from the outside!
  4. Spoken by a man that hasn’t got changed in a low roof van after a 3 hour bike enduro 😂 Cramp in 3,2,1
  5. My prized tool possession are a set of snap on 6 point combi spanners - only used when bolts threaten to round but lovely to have in the drawer
  6. It’s not a lack of skills usually . Simple business . Enough snaggy shit comes with normal jobs without taking it in on purpose. I could rebuild a Maserati engine no problem - would I take it on as a job? Would I fuck as like .
  7. Unfortunately margins are pretty tight in garages. People see the labour rate and assume we are minted. The overheads are pretty shocking . Obviously I like to turn jobs around quickly but also take on bigger more snaggy jobs too. But on the proviso the customer isn’t hassling me twice a day asking when it will be done and the price to the nearest penny before it’s even finished. But in reality it’s simple business - if you are booked ahead for weeks with easy profitable jobs why would you want to burden yourself with snaggy shit ?
  8. The fuel filter resting above the exhaust manifold is a nice touch
  9. Air over hydraulics are a recipe for biting the steering wheel / head butting the windscreen
  10. Isn’t the Japanese word for learn and copy one and the same ? Or so I was told anyway 😂
  11. Iffy quality joints and shafts . Dont usually let go but can’t imagine it doing the diff bearings / engine mounts a lot of good
  12. Can’t say my ducato has ever done lift off oversteer
  13. Did you check the friction plate slid on the splines ok before you bolted it up ?
  14. Friction plate in the right way round and lined up correctly ?
  15. “ Any part for any car “ they ain’t wrong !
  16. Circled the problem for you there! Really don’t know why people keep buying from them
  17. Surprised it wasn’t air cooled 😂
  18. Not ideal when a customer asks for a quote !
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