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  1. Umm, some pressed metal plates I had made up about 15 years ago off eBay - proper 2 piece affairs with a black back and sep metal reflective bit that the digits are punched out of. the front one is slightly damaged and most ANPR read it as V999, but I am loath to bin them off.
  2. Ooops. Still, its supposed to have a 4 year guarantee.
  3. So I believe. Quite happy for them to amass in Piccadilly gardens and chant and wave banners but why the hell did they have to troop down Deansgate at 2pm? Mind you - Deansgate is a bloody mare at the moment with "pop up cycle lanes" deliveroo riders who all seem to be on a Kamikaze mission and road works galore.
  4. Bugger me Mind you thats probably waaaaay optimistic and they will chip away at that I have no doubt Still want £1500 so thats quite promising - I just need to locate its replacement.
  5. Busy morning - took an old 2 seater leather settee to the tip in the C3, then treated it to a wash and hoover out. Considering asking £1500 for it. Probably better that than trying to PX and being offered a bag for it. Then after MUCH hunting for a 10mm socket (seriously, could I find one??? Could I buggery) I swapped the battery on the lads 108 which was sounding really sluggish last week after a couple of cold mornings. Popped in a slightly bigger battery from Yuasa website - delivered the next day. Out with the old.. In with the new. Mental day out yesterday, drove to Manc, ended up getting caught in some demonstration or other, then shat nav directed me down a section of Deansgate that had been closed off and made a no entry - nearly wiped out a deliveroo rider who decided to nip up the inside whilst I was turning left. Eventually got to Cosmo an hour late. Still managed to stuff myself silly though.
  6. What a load of fucking bollocks. Does anyone seriously believe their shit? My father kept his car garaged when not in use, unless it was piss wet through with the rain, then he knew better. So it stayed outside.
  7. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/offroud-suzuki-vitara-x-90/1973208964-216-22760 AWD LPG I fear I may have had too much beer this evening, but I love this
  8. Thanks - Id missed that he had bought one of these. @theshadow colour me interested when you come to sell
  9. The Rover Metro / Rover 100 they can all GET IN THE FUCKING SEA The original Mini-Metro and Mk 2 A series Metro's were of their time. You could forgive the tendency to rust, because all Austin Rover and pretty much all Fords and Vauxhalls of that time did too. The 4 speed A series lifted straight from the Mini was unrefined, but the Metro got the 1.3 donkey as standard which the Mini didnt get at the time for a bit of extra ooomph. Slightly warmed over MG Turbot versions would suit the boy racer and they felt very similar to the Mini in handling - very much like a go-kart. Saggy hydrolastic suspension if kept pumped up handled bumps well enough and didnt let the car lean too alarmingly in hard cornering. Interior trim was basic but well laid out. Though it was supposed to replace the Mini, it didnt but it was a nice small hatch for those who had no need of a bigger car, but wanted something a little more refined than the Mini. Vanden Plank versions came with leather and more toys than you could shake a stick at. It was however a car designed in the 70's using a lot of tech from the 50's It had its day. I had one and loved it. Greasing nipples, oiling the dash pot, painting tide marks. Ahh jumpers for goal posts. The R6 K series should have been light-years ahead. It wasnt. Penny pinching and cost cuts meant that the re-designed Metro ended up being a face-lift. Albeit with the (1970's designed) kettle series engines. Same build quality - same dire rusting issues that plagued the Mk1 and Mk2 were carried over into the R6 platform. They should have killed it. The Rover 200 should have been the Metro replacement. Instead my father bought two, which meant I ended up owning two. A 1991 H plate 1.1 which had the same brown interior and dash as my previous D plate Mk2 but with an engine that felt gutless compared with the 1.3 A series. Rusty arches and door bottoms. Then a few years later a P reg 1.4 16v more fun to drive but still with rust breaking out under the arches and the jacking points on the sills. The interior was just the same, albeit a different colour and with some faux wood to the D plate car from 1986. Coupled with a crash test rating of "YOU ARE GONNA DIE" when everything else was at a minimum "MAIM BUT WALK AGAIN" through to "NOT A SCRATCH" this was a car that was frankly left to limp on for far too long. It should have been taken outside and shot. In 1991 I know some people will look back on them with fondness because they had one in their youth. But these are people who have no other benchmark by which to measure the R6 with other cars of the time. They should ALL be crushed.
  10. Utter shite - why would you chance driving like that and getting a tug - small mercy its insured then.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324984190814?hash=item4baa91375e:g:7osAAOSwi9hh2htu
  12. Been reading this with interest as Im giving very careful consideration to chopping the C3 Picasso for one of these wee shopping carts.
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324972103983?hash=item4ba9d8c92f:g:wCEAAOSwwGxhv5xv
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144349911082?hash=item219becd82a:g:FXIAAOSwidFh1Y8y
  15. Making small Nrggg Nrggg noises and flapping my arms https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265458726251?hash=item3dce92b56b:g:KasAAOSwr85hvfPU
  16. Saindogs today Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  17. Is that a balding bloke with a pony tail? He needs sitting down and telling if it is.
  18. Tyrones bug Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  19. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1718036761728207/ Scrutiny of the photos makes me think that 30 seconds after getting this home its is going to break out in blebs of rust all over.
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