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  1. Look on autotrader at a dealer the same car would be £3000 or more all day long - so forgive me for being firm on the price and not instantly taking £300 less than my requested price Charlie.
  2. I bought a NFA picture by Ganksy. In fairness it was very cheap. Its also on my works desktop so I need to move it before it gets wiped or the desktop gets changed to something less steam powered.
  3. One for the home made pick up thread https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/717683259501101/?ref=facebook_story_share
  4. Original back box are in demand for these as NLA and after market centre exit ones are shite. Some Sport models also came with wheel arch extenders which command much coin second hand (hundreds) as they are unobtanium. EDIT just looked at the Copart pictures - and it has neither Also: 🤣 Presumably only after much work, paintwork, and a new MOT.
  5. How the Trabant was made....
  6. Piaggio Ape tripod
  7. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/5167873466614849/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace_top_picks&referral_story_type=top_picks
  8. Yes, it even has (tiny) indicator lamps tor signalling.
  9. And tonight it did its longest trip since 1965. 30 miles. Anything above 30mph and it wants to overheat. Otherwise its all nailed together and working. March 2014 till July 2022 but its back in action
  10. I'd often* wondered about why the speedo on the Honda Sky went to 60 when the bike only did 30. However a comparison with the foreign market variants leads to some explanation. Where 60KMH is 37mph.
  11. Looks like an E (will say on the logbook MSX-d/e/f) you can tell with the colour coded indicator /headlamp bits (probably a technical term). Serious grin factor, loads of styling & tuning bits available, you can if you are a glutton for tinkering add the kick start from the Innova engine. But yes, tea leafs seem to love them as there is zero anti-theft as standard. Oh, and plastics are not expensive if you want to refresh it / change its colour.
  12. There was, probably about half a dozen RS Focuses (Foci?) and other things I feel are not really part of a classics show, including a 71 Plate Bini Cabrio that had been mildly tarted up. One "owner" of a pimped RS said "dont you want a photo of this?" as I was photographing a capri next to it - I felt like that Nazi sympathiser priest from Father Ted when I said "No, that sort of thing wouldnt interest me at all".
  13. And finally I was a bit naughty and exhibited the 107
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