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  1. Saab has been running nicely - with new turbo and exhaust etc. So of course driving down to see my mum in London town was a step too far. After my swim at bedfont lakes, the car started making funny noises... Followed by smoke. Quick check discovered the front drivers side suspension had collapsed. Autoaid summoned and wasn't long before being loaded up. Trusted shifters were consulted along with car adverts. I was desperate to get a new car but missus Moog was less keen pointing out we are currently buying a house so need to be sensible. Plan F was called for. Parts for Saab suspension kit was.overnighted to my mum's house. My uncle provided a bucket of tools (literally, most were imperial) and some spring compressors. I splashed out on an impact wrench from Amazon to be delivered next day and rummage through my mum's shed uncovered odds and sods. Everything was delivered this morning. Including a slightly disappointing impact wrench It is more of an impact driver with 1/2 inch anvil. It is pretty good at doing stuff up but can't shift mega tough bolts. looks like original suspension. Will swap the others over when I get back home. Booked a couple of tyres to be fitted on Friday morning as the drivers one is toast. Total cost is £500 including tyres and.tracking
  2. Thanks for offer but managed to get them dropped down already
  3. Glad you have got some options As you say relying on niche cars as dailies is always going to be a struggle. which is why we all need N+1 cars. Sometimes it isn't getting bits, it is the getting bits right now rather than waiting a week for it to be delivered then finding out it is slightly wrong.
  4. I waggled my staff college pass and said I helped out with the motor course.
  5. Cheap Turbots havent done me any good - unless you like taking things off and back on again!
  6. Is it worth asking JR if they can make you some? It can't be too hard for them as driveshafts are hardly bespoke. Sounds good for the caliper rebuilds. When I changed the SMART brakes I used it as a reason to change the fluid and let it drop into a bucket. Then just presure bleed once it is done.
  7. Anyone journeying south from Manchester way in next few weeks? Got a couple of Tool chests and shelving to go to Faberge Greggs in that there london
  8. You can block them from contacting you. But they can see you stuff.
  9. No - i asked to return it and they agreed but it has taken too long. Instead will be added to the scrap pile. It was leaking between the two housings
  10. Finally got time and space to crack on with last few jobs on Saab. It currently sounds like a tractor and also the turbo is leaking. Dont buy one from max speeding rods kids... JimH kindly made up some bushes for drilling out studs. Quick trip to tool station sourced some cobalt drill bits. Let's get going Exhaust paste was used to silence it for a little while. Now it is just a white mess. Stripped it off to get at the manifold One of the studs has sheared but has got a bit sticking out Stud extractor applied Our it popped. The bottom right stud had previously sheared which was the start of the drama Can you spot the blow? The bushings slot into the manifold and allow a 3mm then 5mm drill bit to be centred on the stud First had to get the PAS pump off and the engine mount. If you haven't got an electric ratchet... Get one .. it will change your life. Manifold back on and bolted down. Then out comes right angled drill and slowly drill out the stud From 3mm to 5mm - probably took 30 mins. Then the use of a good set of extractors got it out Northern Monkey has never beamed so much as when it came out The bushings were brilliant. It pretty much hollowed out the stud The holes were re tapped to ensure they were clean for next time. An impatient Mr Monkey got quickly fed up of this so fashioned a tool out of electric ratchet and stud extractor to speed up the process. No photos as we don't want to give anyone ideas! Pas and engine mount back on, manifold mounting surfaces cleaned up And left it there. Tomorrow is swapping over the turbo for a secondhand Saab one, then button it all back up. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk
  11. I watch motortrend through Amazon - still on there. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk
  12. You know the old saying that don't work with animals or children - I guess the same sort of saying is don't do your own exhaust or tinting. Admittedly your exhaust is unlikely to disgrace Valerie singleton by doing a massive dump, but.perhaps I should have heeded. Aero estate suffers a bit of being hot in the back when carting dogs around. So of course it needs tinting like a bad boy. I ordered pre cut tint from eBay - that should* make things easier Friday dawned... And of course it was pissing down. Northern Monkey kindly offered me a small corned of his garage to get it done I rock up, drink coffee, then get film out Hold on - NM wants to show off, he loves wielding his massive Lance which apparently leaves a white sheen no matter where pointed.... I acquiesce Hosed off Tint was a bit fiddly. You put the back screen one on the outside then gently using het gun you warm it to match the curve of window. I am far too impatient - apply fluid , apply heat. Backing paper off then slap it on. It mostly went ok - definitely a 20footer The rear corners are utter fuckers It will do. Definitely makes car cooler for dogs. Next up - change turbo, then sort exhaust leak.
  13. Thoroughly enjoyed the Victor vid, really high quality review.
  14. Today's fiddling mainly consisted of fitting some electrical stuff to camper One of the slightly annoying things is that if you leave the van hooked up at home it charges the leisure battery, but not the main van battery. I did buy a solar panel but it is only for topping it up rather than charging. Seeing as on site I will be on 220v and at home can plug in to the mains easily - I needed to rectify it. Browsing the internet I found a box of tricks that remedies the situation. It takes a positive from leisure battery and once that is fully charged it then charges van battery. The unit itself is small and requires + to leisure battery, + to van battery and ground. After some flipflopping, I decided to mount the box in the van engine bay near the battery, only requiring a long + to leisure battery. First up was finding a way through the bulkhead - there was a small rubber grommet that I could poke a hole in. Take under dash apart To get through the grommet I used a metal BBQ skewer with cable attached Jobs a goodun Run the lead under the trim carefully The leisure battery is under the drivers seat. It got a 7a inline fuse fitted then onto the second terminals of the leisure battery. Up front I ran the van connection through a 7a fuse to the van battery, and into the multi connection point Ground was run to the negative of battery. The install is a little untidy at moment - I will tidy it all up once I have proved it works. Currently the van is on charge and nothing has caught fire... So fingers crossed it has worked.
  15. It has its split the ring wide (oooerrr)
  16. I have got chassis paint if you want it. Tbf with your car I wouldn't bother if selling..
  17. A delivery from Northern Monkey and Amazon meant that brakes could be added back to the Smart First up I swapped over the small driveshaft whilst waiting Got the big boy out It was mainly due to having no brakes to lock up the wheel. I think the problem with abs has been found All back together and new brake line run Then bled the brakes twice to get a decent pedal feel. Nice thing with the smart is when it comes to putting the front back on Drives ok aside from a bit it rear brake judder - I hope they will bed in. It has got new rear cylinders, shoes and drums so shouldn't have to fiddle with them again.
  18. Back at the smart today. First up was new driveshafts - well old ones with new abs rings. Seemed an easier fix than taking off old ones and replacing the abs rings. As they come Some chassis paint applied Next up was the rear leaking wheel cylinders With the Smart it is easier to whip the front off to get at master cylinder. First side wasn't too hard - all bolts came apart easily and had the new cylinder fitted pretty swiftly. Forgot to do photos except at end Passenger side was a different kettle of fish. I was hoping to get away with just a bleed on it but on closer inspection found the cylinder leaking as well The hard line going into the old cylinder started to round. Plan B was to take the whole line off from the flexi Still no cigar so applied heat Still nothing. Quicker and easier to make a new brake line and fit it. Will then rebleed the system - hopefully the front nipples won't be a pain MrMonkey is dropping over his flaring tool tomorrow so I can get the lines run. Tempted to replace the one on the other side as well whilst I am there.
  19. With the Saab needing some fiddling due to leaky turbo (don't buy a maxspeedingrods turbo!) And blowing exhaust manifold, the only sensible thing is to find out why the smart was grating under braking. Pass side was grimy New bits fitted and some swearing Drivers side might be the cause of the noise New bits put back on, but then I noticed the wheel cylinder is leaking. So got some on order.
  20. Really sorry to hear that, we had an ace time when he came to autotest the golf. As mentioned he was truly supportive and interested in everything on here, I enjoyed all his stories. Will be sadly missed.
  21. That's a good job ... Remember you can always see your mistakes. Top bending on that metal
  22. Rattle from the back will just be something loose - turn up the stereo
  23. Went away at the weekend in the van - getting there was fine until just as we pulled into the campsite. So in front of everyone we proceeded to breakdown.... What a way to start the weekend. Luckily missus Moog is a hardened shite wife, so got out and pretended not to be with me. Limped it to the pitch and ignored it. A weekend of running through the bluebells and long walks soon ended. Come home time, some percussive approach was applied and the van started running. If it was kept at high revs, without idling then it seemed ok. Nursed the van home only for it to cut out pulling into drive. Still at least home. Plan was to take van back to dealer at weekend. Last night browsing the internet (not that part you mucky pup) - I found this post on a rover 75 forum which describes my symptoms exactly. I have got the Bosch CP1 pump, which runs on after the key is turned off. This this causes limp home mode and at idle cuts out (all written out for future internet travellers searching for it) Like an excited kid waiting for Christmas, once the sun scraped across the horizon I was out like a shot. Tools assembled I stripped the regulator and gave it a good seeing too, filling all its cavities with my stream of powerful liquid. All holes explored, with it dripping wet from both sides, it was pushed back in. (Told you were a mucky pup) And...... It worked. Van starts and stops on the key - symptoms gone. Joy.
  24. That's a good tip. I will probably end up going for some nice uprated ones when o get a chance. Today's object of affection was Wobbygong the motorhome. It has been a right pain in the bum, with idling then cutting out. Throwing error codes and putting itself into limp home mode. Turning off the van meant it ran on, then stalled. I had fitted the diesel heater with a feed from the top of the fuel pump, so that was first port of call. A replacement fuel pump didn't sort it, so tested it by running new fuel lines - still no cigar. Northern monkey dropped by on Monday with his magic box of code reading tricks. Codes were pressure regulator and third piston error. It looked like the van wasn't self stopping, but when turning off the key was cutting the power to the low pressure pump. This in turn was triggering an error code as it ran out of fuel pressure. Some fiddling and tapping the fuel pump with hammer got it back up and running. All fab until today when it started again. I had ordered a pressure regulator so decided to swap them out. If you haven't got an cordless wrench I can't recommend them highly enough. Get bolts out with limited room is where it excels Regulator out and first issue is that they are different electrical connectors Looking at the old one it is missing an O ring and the green o ring looks worn Swapped them over from the new one, gave it a clean up and reinstalled it. Gave the connectors a good dousing in contact cleaner. Starts and turns off fine. Fingers crossed that has sorted it short term. Another life changing thing learnt today (from YouTube of course) - got dirty/greasy/dieselly hands - pour cooking oil on them, then run them on a towel. Gets them so clean it is insane - plus doesn't dry out your skin! Tomorrow jobs is to build a bed base and give the van a trundle out to check it all works.
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