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  1. The ungrateful mx5 today wouldnt start, so I filed it in the ignore pile. I have dropped an email to the ECU manufacturer and hoping they can tell from the logs what the issue is. My motorhome has slightly dodgy brakes, they mostly disappeared on the way to beautiful days festival last August. Since then they have mostly been fine, but with Bearded Theory coming up at the end of May it was time to do something about it. I can't resist a tool, so purchased myself these bad boys They are brake nipple spanners and come with a one way valve for bleeding YOu can see here that there is space above the flats to lift the arm up and then move it round. Means that undoing the nuts should be easier. Inside is a rubber gromit that seals against the nipple helping to give a good bleed. Fingers crossed I got underneath to this beauty Squirt of liquid hope and on with the spanner. A little wiggle back and forth and a tap with the hammer and voila! Well worth doing Rain stopped play on the fronts for now, but just putting through 500ml of fresh fluid in the back brakes has definitely improved the feel. On a sample size of one, I highly recommend these brake spanners.
  2. Today was brief but mostly sweaty with some joy. The CAS sits at end of the camshaft which can be a bit of a bugger to access First thing I find out is that the bolt that holds it secure was less than finger tight. Which means timing could wander around a bit. Hard to see here but the. Am has two different notches in it. So the CAS can only go in one way. Which is great because you can't put the timing 180 degrees out, and also great if you want to spend lots of time trying to a) line up the shaft b) only to find it is the wrong way c) learn new swearwords. Many attempts later, everything bolted back. And this happened It runs really rough, but the plugs are fouled. Software now sees crank signal and it will start and idle. Timing light ordered for tomorrow to set that as next step. After that it is to looks a bit more at mapping, going to lean it all out so I can get it to idle easily.
  3. Fast forward to this week and I got it plugged in to the tuning software. Currently there is totally no start and looking at the logging there is no crank signal at all when turning it over. These don't have crank angle sensors instead they have a CAS. In the passenger footwear I found another CAS. These are cam angle sensor that work on the Inlet cams to give the sign. OEM CAS is many hundreds of pounds, aftermarket is few hundred quid or you can buy a J925 sensor and swap it over for £50. As I am not 100% sure that it is the issue I went for cheapest option. I couldn't find a how to do thought I would document the swap here, in case it helps someone out. This is a MK1 mx5 NA 1.6 CAS. Take the cover off It works by an optical sensor using the slots. Undo the screws at the side holding in the connector. Take off the metal plate and then the rubber gasket. Next the centre screw. This is flipping right. I had no vice so improvised Screw out there is a washer, then an indexed washer and finally the thin metal piece. Check the sensors Both look the same. Note I broke bits off the old one trying to work out how to remove it. The stamped number goes up when it goes back together. I didn't spot that the first time, the slots vary slightly. New one in Started to reassemble Spot the mistake. The securing screws have to go in before the centre one. So swapped it back out. Then follow the Haynes rules and you now have a replaced sensor for your CAS. Next time I reckon it will take about 20mins to do. Tomorrow morning I will fit it and fingers crossed it roars into life!
  4. As may have been seen elsewhere @NorthernMonkey and @MrsNorthernMonkey kindly dropped off my ex @Fat_Pirate mx5 turbo It's been a bit of a long saga - all ran pretty well, till it started cutting out under boost. Got to the stage where it was undriveable. Trying to find a garage to work on it or a tuner to have a look was a real challenge compounded by COVID etc. It sat for a few months before finally bit the bullet and got it shipped to Mtech. They took off all the old bits and did a full turbo conversion from scratch including rolling road. Even that was fun and games and @NorthernMonkey kindly offered to help @worldofceriload the car to take it from Accrington to a Wiltshire only for the key to snap in the lock. The joy continued as the conversion took over a year, as they didn't seem to want to rush. Plus had to replace door locks etc. Car mapped with a low map of 184bhp and high map of 243bhp I got very excited. Ceri booked for drop it back, I had visions of hood down joining. Day of collection and get urgent message whilst I was in class, the car wouldn't start. Choice was continue shipping it back or cancel Ceri and they would fix it. I had come too far so allowed it to be shipped back with the intent of sorting it. Except of course in the meantime I had moved to Scotland, meaning that I got the car dropped back at Monkeys garage. Neil had a look but the car was a bugger to start and then pretty much was dripping fuel out the exhaust. Swapped in new plugs and tried things like Coil packs, HT leads etc. no joy. It is now running an ME221 ECU so needed to read that, to see what is going on. So Neil dropped off a very faded and non working mx5 turbo.
  5. Not bad company to be in then ! One of the chaps I was chatting to after the event was saying he was on a run of weekends doing the rallies, his C2 was fully setup for targa.
  6. Results are in ... Not troubling the podium any time soon We missed a few boards which let us down. Will know better for next time!
  7. I would probably be up for that - I think my club did a nav training last year and nothing is scheduled for this year.
  8. Last night was the navigation rally. What can I say but what a hoot. For anyone who hasn't tried it, I highly recommend it. The premise is simple - get from point A to point B within the speed limit. The hurdles are that you get penalised for being too early, penalised for being late and penalised for approaching the checkpoint from the wrong direction. Along the way there are signs with numbers or codes on them. Miss these and guess what - you are penalised. It's mostly B roads, in the dark and being Scotland it is flooded/rutted throughout. The other cars were pretty much rally prepped with massive front lights We took part in beginners category that got us a marked map If you go for Novice (next level up) these are the type of instructions you get These have to be deciphered and plotted on the move. Some of the rules It's incredibly difficult to convey the fun that is had. The first half took about 2 hours, in which time it is unrelenting. Navigator has by far the hardest job, being chucked about, trying to read a map, keep eyes open for signs and then watching the clock. We finished back at HQ around midnight to a feast of rolls and cakes. Managed to finish without breaking the Merc and still speaking! My major issue this morning is that I fancy doing more in future but don't think the turbo Mx5 will cut it. Might need to upgrade to more of a rally car.
  9. Existing in the land where sausage is square, hangover cures are bright orange and it mostly rains, exciting times come in many forms. I have signed up to my first navigation rally. What is that I hear you ask ... Well it is literally a rally (so driving cars, no placards here) where the focus is on the navigation (reading a map, like a paper TomTom.... You know like Waze.... No you can't ask siri) Open to all.
  10. Should we hold out hopes for a Pleasurewagon Charity HQ to be funded, before turning into a luxury spa/Wills WVO emporium?
  11. I am in Glasgow today but can come and help after work. Might have a car you can borrow if needed - will just have to stick you on insurance. Also heading back down to Accrington on Sat - so could give you a lift if none of that works
  12. Winner overall was the guy in a G reg Astra. As normal I didn't trouble the leaderboard in anyway! I am thinking about having a go at the 3 sisters Autotest in December if anyone fancies that.
  13. Over the weekend I did another job on the van before festival season. One of the most annoying things on the MH was the fact that with swivel seats and leisure battery under drivers position, your eye line is right at the top of the windscreen. With a long drive this becomes really flipping annoying. Luckily you can buy reduce height seat bases so this was the plan. You can see the difference between the two bases. Remove the battery and the handbrake mechanism. Before bolting the new one in Next job was to relocate the battery. There is space in the compartment next to the water boiler which never gets used. Plus it means the cabling can easily be rerouted A distribution box was added with fuses for the battery charger and also the diesel heater controls. Then seat installed with a little faffing Followed by tidying up cables Makes such difference to the height as you can see here Quite pleased with the job. Will improve driving immensely. Still left to do is a few jobs on bathroom to finish it, build a dog barrier for between the front seats and remove the old sideways seat belts. Oh and fit air bags at the back
  14. Holy Autotest Ressurection .. Moving north of the border, I have had to join the local club - Saltaire Rally Club. I have entered the next Autotest on 13th August in Errol. It is on an airfield so should be a hoot! If any one fancies coming to have a go it is £35 for a full day days fun! https://www.saltirerallyclub.co.uk/events The next one after this is 11th October
  15. Holy thread resurrection Now I am up in bonnie scotland, I have been looking for some autotesting. I am planning to enter the Autotest in Errol, probably in an i3. My nephews are up so they will coming with me. https://www.saltirerallyclub.co.uk/events Anyone else fancy it?
  16. Having mostly modernz means that fettling is kept to minimum - which is quite good. One of the spring projects has been focusing on the motorhome. Last August the damp smell got too much in the bathroom so this happened As per normal the bathroom had leaked rotting the wood. The quote to fix was £6k so instead I ripped it out and then spent the winter ignoring it. Dehumidifier kicked into action and dried out the wood. It was then treated to Ronseal wood hardner to seal it. Based on some YouTube videos, the current approach seems to be fitting pvc panels at 5mm. We went for sparkly white to make the room feel bigger. The panels really aren't too bad to fit, although when the back wall curves in odd ways it can be a challenge. There might be one corner that has a lot of sealant in it. One upgrade was removing the mahoosive bathroom door that weighed 8 kg and opened into the living space Instead a tambour door was fitted - miles better It is mostly finished. I need to work out how to trim round the window, decided whether to fit a sink again and put in some storage for bits. I learnt a lot and quite a few things I would do differently next time. Once the hot and cold water has been tested then I will box in the shower and then seal the back of the toilet. Overall cost with all bits is about £900 with the door being £150 of that.
  17. Great idea. Also avoids the 101 PayPal payments stating Lube Special Delivery Donated to pay for the air in the tyres
  18. I want to know what the free lunch looks like ... I ha e visions of slightly curly sandwiches, slightly out of date crisps and a bottle of panda pop.
  19. Those front seats are the best advert for being in a Throuple ever.
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