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Shite house, shite car...


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Just round the corner from my old house in a road call Prince's Drive no less. It's in a place called Fernagh, just north of Belfast. Keep in mind this Google Street View was from 2015. The caravan is still there but with another three years' worth of grime:



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The cars chod for sure but if you think that's a manky house you should see some of the stuff round here, just looks as though the shrubbery could do with a trim to me.


Didn't quite come out in the pic; but single glazed windows with rotted-out wooden frames and mildewed perma-closed curtains, plus paint-peel barge boards falling away... certainly there's worse residences but as I said, give it all another ten years!

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This is a good thread, possibly due a resurrection? …

one not too far from me, the Land Rover has been there at least 20 years. I tried to buy it once but it’s worth a fortune apparently, the ‘Not for Sale’ sign has fallen off now, but I would imagine it’s now merged with the vegetation and is would be beyond rescue…


This is taken from street view, there’s normally an Astra there too…

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