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  1. It still runs. Just doesnt like to hold oil. Or oil pressure. or coolant. Has good compression though.
  2. I once nearly bought one if these. It had 6 individual seats in it,leather seat outers and green and yellow check centres. It was some sort of special edition trim level with digital climate control,dark metallic green paint,alloys and a 1.9 dt engine. I didnt buy it because it smoked like an old foden and stink of dog.
  3. Wrap thin rope or something around the bars. Mine in the picasso drummed and hummed really loud but I found wrapping rope around them disturbs the turbulence and quietens them down.
  4. Everyone knows a dave. Luckily this o e us a top mechanic
  5. Had a knocking on the suspension the other day. I couldn't pinpoint it so its had new springs,droplinks,top mounts and wishbones. Also had a service. Service was well overdue,looked like previous owner had forgotten. This is why I service a car within first week or two of purchase. Pollen filter was crudded up,diesel filter was black and the air filter was bulging inwards on itself. Engine was definitely struggling to breathe.
  6. I cant imagine the oil cooler have a monumental difference on engine coolant temperature. The bumper style it has now should be fine,all mine have looked like that,bottom one does look modified. If it puts your kind at ease then make it larger and mesh it up.
  7. Theres a reason I always go back to french. Apart from being cheap and cheerful when buying older modern cars, the classic era don't seem to be as high purchase costs like the blue oval and similar. Theres not much that will replace the bx,you will miss the wafting ride. I echo sentiment above that an older diesel will fare short journeys a lot better than a petrol so maybe a petrol bx will be right. Me personally I prefer the xantia over the bx but that is personal choice.
  8. Most of mine is on my phone so I'm opposite to you. All my CDs are kinda knackered.
  9. They were proper pushing me that day Sam. I pulled in after passing the trucks and I was still sat at 80 and they pulled in front of me but then decided they couldn't maintain a certain speed. Blue rinse beryl was driving.
  10. I still cant get over that sprinter. We were doing 85,them supercars from the services went past us at a fair lick then the sprinter passed us and them like stood still. He was out of view in no time. That ford ranger and trailer it was on being towed by the sprinter must have weighed in excess of 3 ton
  11. I've just bought a bluetooth jobby off ebay. Has aux input too for 9.60 brand new. Chinese yes but does the job. The gear knob looks great too. Hazard tape sunstrip is a well done thing,I did same on a punto 5 years ago except I made a racing stripe up bonnet instead of down sides! How are the headlight grilles held on?
  12. That rover is right up my street. Love the style. I really like no fucks given motors. Ever find you are given plenty of space in car parks?!
  13. I remember taking you to fetch this. 2018 seems so far away. The trip was eventful. The Romanian plated sprinter with twin axle trailer and Ford ranger doing well in excess of 90mph on the motorway, me losing my windscreen due to captain Cockhead trying to overtake me and mr bollocks through the Chevrons and peppering my car with stones and debris from the siding. I wasnt impressed as I had 3 or so days before i was going to isle of wight and needed to get screen replaced. How he thought he could get past an Octavia and a horse box is beyond me. Looking a lot better for the work you have done.
  14. It must be common,3 out of 4 doors on mine crack and groan. Must try to rectify it as I've seen them rip right out the door. Do you happen to know what dimensions the speakers need to be to fit the doors? Thanks.
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