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  1. On one,under one and been stuck in a pocket too
  2. Hope all had fun I will make next year. I think I missed last year also. Will have to bring the trike. Issue there is sleeping arrangements. Maybe a small caravan or trailer tent!
  3. It's on. Well I hope so as im 55 mile from home in a car park in Glossop
  4. My friend who's in his early 60s now is one of the few with bike license only and always had reliant a and occasionally microcars. He hates microcars though and refuses to have another. His current motor is a 82 Y plate Rialto base trim with vinyl seats,no bumper overiders and around 40k on the clock.
  5. Mine was a decent steer but as I said on my post on this thread it's hard to miss it's van roots unlike mpvs. Mine rattled and droned at certain speeds
  6. Speaking from experience of vehicles I've owned and also being disabled,(left side hemi paresis and a mini stroke in 2017) I've found mpvs to be best bet but vans with steps in the doors like tranny's etc are a no no. Citroen picasso and Renault scenic (early ones,I won't entertain the MK2 from 2004 onwards) are fantastic cars. Scenic is easier to get in and out of than picasso and boot is slightly bigger. Citroen Berlingo multispace is very good also bit is very noticeable that it's a car derived van so bouncy ride, rattling trim and a bit boomy at certain speeds. Plenty of space in the boot though and sliding rear doors make for good entry and exit. Hope this helps.
  7. Burnside,I've dropped you a message mate. Hopefully can buy this in next day or two.
  8. May I please take number 32 and 3 randoms. Thanks. If it hasn't sold by the time my money is freed up in a week ISH I'll buy it outright.
  9. Don't worry mate. It's fine to be fair
  10. To be fair it's the wire strippers I've missed the most! You can keep the head unit!
  11. I couldn't do the weekend though. No issues with mileage but I'd only be showing my face for a couple of hours or so!
  12. 450 mile round trip. Is that a bit of a stretch to come down for a few hours? Got a feeling I may be over stretching it slightly!
  13. I'm in Newquay as we speak. Handy to know the local yards just in case.
  14. I don't possess a tin hat nor am i bitter (slightly twisted but aren't we all) so jog on. Cheers me duck.
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