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  1. Great purchase sir. Are these the ones with high/low box?
  2. The juddering you refer to seems a common issue. My pug 406 90 did it. I disabled egr,new mounts,fuel filter and service but still did it. 4th around 35 ish and 5th around 45 to 50. Seems common
  3. Thanks sam,I'm happy with that then. Looks like the cambelt change was the right course of action one tensioner also had a rather noisy bearing and was feeling very notchy,water pump had a slight weep too
  4. As soon as I seen it I said the van ain't going anywhere. Not even started up since.
  5. Mine since coolant flush sits at 80 constantly. the dw8 tends to run around 80 from what I've read online and was unsure if it coincided with the hdi too.
  6. Oh and last week due to a faulty sensor for temp gauge I went whole nine yards and full coolant flush,stat and sender. Old coolant looked grimey. Good news is the sender works and coolant looks clean. @chaseracer can you please tell me where does your hdi sit on temp gauge please?
  7. It certainly drank when foot went down!
  8. Anyway on to citroen berlingo news. The last mot shown advisories for front brake discs and pads so I called my friendly mobile mechanic. He popped over to check things all over and to see what was starting to knock on the front end. The front discs and pads are pretty recent so have probably been done on the back of the advisories at last ticket. The rear brakes weren't as good though. Quite shiny and not the best,also the drivers rear cylinder was leaking. A new set of rear shoes,cleaning up and fitting a cylinder rectified that issue. The knocking was traced to a droplink with play in
  9. It wasnt bad when released in 1986 but a lot more advances were made through the 90s for diesel refinement. As I've said before though ford were never going to put the tddi in the escort as by the early 2000s the escort car had run its course and the van was replaced by the transit connect. Even then though the tddi was pretty much a rehashed endura. Still used the 75bhp tddi up till 2010 I think as well. Ford certainly got their use from it!
  10. In all honesty I did like the escort. The engine is a boat anchor though. Being rear ended twice in two different escort vans does have lasting effects! The dw8 isnt a bad engine in all honesty. More of an xud than a hdi due to no common rail injection etc but that's down to being pretty much a tarted up xud anyway. It's better on fuel than the escort and pulls rather well. It's not far off the performance of the 2.0 hdi90 406 I had but the 406 was a heavy car and with only 90 bhp to shove it around it certainly showed. I'm led to believe the 110 was a better suit for a diesel 406.
  11. I have no idea. But I do know a bmw bonnet ram will nearly impale your head if it is doing 147 mph when it rear ends a ford escort.
  12. I think this one just nudged 80 once and that was about it. The last one I had managed 95 on a stretch of private road after being out with friends and getting a phone call from a lady for an offer I couldnt refuse. I couldnt tell from her whether I was doing anything right during the interlude as my fucking ears were ringing for days after that.
  13. Best fucking place to send them. Wont touch another now. Two rear enders are enough and theres alot better Vans out there. See berlingo for a start.
  14. I was having feck all to do with the loading. I had seen the slippery ramps.
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