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  1. Just 2 mate,just 2. And they were both 2001 models 🤣
  2. The modern. Countryman Cooper 1.5 turbo
  3. 2003 ford focus in fetching ford green
  4. If we meet at a shitefest or something I'll throw you my keys. It handles pretty well for an estate. I think the 2.0 with auto box isn't much quicker than the 1.6 manual but has a fair bit more mid range grunt.
  5. My mk2 was a 2005 and I owned that back in 2017 so was 12 years old and had the rusty wings as did my friends 57 plater. I didn't find the mk2 as comfy but like I said before both my mk1 were ghia trims whereas my mk2 was a zetec so not like for like.
  6. Oh and found a 1.8 ghia with working armrest. Armrest liberated and now fitted to mine.
  7. Well this has just rolled over to 9000 miles so that's about 44 thousand from new and 9000 since since 2011. It seems to be getting better on fuel the more it's used,mpg Computer says 31.7 and manual calculations say nearly 32 which is better than the 28 I was getting when I bought it. Either way it's non too bad for a blacktop zetec auto in the Derbyshire hills. Fitted towbar too,only used once but its handy to have.
  8. I rather like the fusion too. Decent space for basically a lifted fiesta in the boot too. Have drove a 1.4 and the was quite peppy. A chap I worked with had his dad's 1.6 auto when he stopped driving and he did say for care work driving locally it was not great on fuel.
  9. Alot seems to be down to fluid or the clutch packs from what I've seen. Lifetime gearbox fluid has a lot to answer for! Unsure about engine capacity though,I do know apparently these 4f27e boxes are practically at the limit in this 2.0 focus but yet were used in the later 143 bhp focus and mondeo too which had more torque and power.
  10. As said before I really didn't rate my 2005 mk2. It was a zetec so maybe a bit better trim would help? Wouldn't mind trying mk2 2.0 auto in ghia spec again just to see what's what apples for apples comparison. My mk1 1.6 saloon was a ghia auto,this 2.0 is obviously auto too but my mk2 was a manual. Found pedals off,box wasn't the best either but again just my opinion. @Barry Cade is the hype about the powershift being a poor designed gearbox and prone to failure true? Asking as you have recovery experience so you might know more than others.
  11. Mpg on computer has settled around 29.4. That is less than the c4 but in practice it's better than the c4. So either the c4 picasso was over reading, the focus is under reading or a combination. Getting around 105 mile to 14.6 litres. Not bad to be fair for an auto 2.0 in a hilly area
  12. Van uses commercial rates I think. My last berlingo was the same as your corsa but if it was a multispace it would have been 155 If I remember right.
  13. Well thats interesting. I prefer monthly payments especially on a 340 a year tax. Even better if they had just left tax on car.
  14. No and for that snotty cow earlier saying that their system works fine and they wouldn't tell me to cancel at bank is a joke. I remember ringing up on more than 1 occasion as they had done that numerous times and was always told to cancel it. As for my wife well she never had anything bounce or cancelled it. They only get taken off when car is sold or scrapped.
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