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  1. Them vvt Corollas are a good steer. Our lass has a 04 plate t spirit. It's a nice engine and really comfy car. Even though its manual I think it's got a great pedal position and seating. She paid 250 for hers with 10 months ticket and all receipts and history from new. The owner had massively under priced it and I wasnt even going to haggle.
  2. I originally bought it for the proton. Decent bluetooth too
  3. The remote locking was odd. I think you have to press lock then unlock in succession to do locking and unlocking.
  4. I'd love to have that back but I'm in a worse state physically now sadly.
  5. Sorry yes you are right,the van was after those. Vectra was a slide off road and down,the baleno wouldn't have been as bad if it wasnt terminally rotten!
  6. That bang is awful isn't it? I remember the bang and the sudden jolt forward followed by sky and concrete as I went arse over end numerous times I didn't see him coming which in turn means it must be worse for you knowing it was coming and inevitable. I had a roll cab in the back and a few smaller boxes. Most of my tools were scattered round the yorkshire countryside and fuck only knows where the roll cab ended
  7. No charges on grounds of mental health. Apparently van needed to be ran off road. Strangely he did try and leg it though. License revoked on medical grounds
  8. My 1.6 8v picasso was meant to be interference but I chucked a cheap belt on first wishful thinking and it actually ran ok. Luck maybe? Might be worth a gamble if nothing else
  9. That was pretty much the start of my mishaps. All shite happened since then!
  10. First proper accident me and chompy snake were on the bypass near thirsk heading down to Derbyshire when a low flying bmw doing in excess of 140 hit me from behind. We made it on the news and tv. Also got bollocked for smoking near helicopter.
  11. I'm between derby and j28 of m1 5 mins off a38. Plenty of parking but no trailer.
  12. Shame as I wanted to make this but cant now. Was up for fun and frolics at cannock too
  13. The 156 of much speed that frequently beats the eta on sat nav to cannock?
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