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  1. AHH ok fair enough. Well Mr welder knows he's got a few folk willing to help at least. I'm in Derbyshire/notts borders.
  2. Mally what location are you? I mentioned about a chain starting for a bit of a relay service. I was under the impression you where in the dales.
  3. It's gonna be a no go this time sadly. No dog sitter,risk of weather turning to shite on trike and we only have one car now due to ioniq shitting it's gearbox for the second time
  4. He doesn't like other dogs in case any more turn up.
  5. Maybe next time. I can't get a dog sitter sadly 🙄
  6. Is my trike welcome? I'm seriously considering coming up in the morning for a couple hours. I've got my lad too. I seem to keep missing these!
  7. Mmmm. Well anything is a possibility. If ultrawomble collects it then the chain can be started obviously if ultrawomble is ok with that.
  8. Highly recommended mode of transportation is french. The of estate is french and I'm biased!
  9. I've a trailer and don't mind doing the run but I am in Derbyshire
  10. Oddly this is stupidly cheap for me to insure 🤔. Insurance works in strange ways!
  11. I live just outside alfreton. Glossop tends to take me around 50 mins to an hour to get there clayts. Folk do turn up from 7 onwards.
  12. I really should try littleborough. Sadly my odd eating habits put paid to food there from looking at the menu online.
  13. Well I have a vw carb and a ford carb in my box of reliant Spares along with manifolds that definitely aren't reliant Previous owner had a beetle engines trike so when he gave me the spares I think everything got slung in the box.
  14. We have established a Hyundai ioniq makes a good recovery vehicle for bailing out r8s with a shot coil at silly o clock in the evening. I said it was the coil on the phone but you didn't believe me! Reliant Rialto coil works fine to get you home. The hhr is bloody tidy. Glad to hear the multi tool made good a decent amount of pitting in the dizzy. The rotor arm also looked a lot better after I fettled it but as we know they will benefit from replacement. Really comfy though and drives really nice.
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