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  1. From investigations afterwards the bmw was apparently doing 147 when airbags deployed. No further action taken on him due to mental incapacity.
  2. Got non of them and to be honest that was just cosmetics.
  3. To be fair I need it gone. I've no space and I'm moving hopefully. PM me an offer and we will talk.
  4. If any wants it speak up. Just lowered price to 450 online but that's really negotiable for anyone here because I'd rather it go to someone who will use it rather than flip it and really dont want to scrap it. Also dont want to deal with facebook anymore
  5. Me and @chompy_snake were on way back from thornaby. Was on bypass near thirsk when was hit from behind. We both walked away. Coming up to 5 years now and I've just bought another.
  6. Tell that to the facebook massive offering me 200 quid cos it's an old car innit
  7. Advertised at 495. Owes me 900. It's a 2.0 hdi 90 Glx. Mot till end of feb. In my ownership I have done the cambelt,tensioner and water pump, auxiliary belt, rear brake discs and pads, rear caliper and fresh brake fluid. rear wheel bearing and new avon rear tyres. New clutch with passenger side driveshaft and crank seal. Also had both top engine mounts. Being a GLX it's got auto lights,wipers and working ac and climate control. Has leccy seats too but the passenger side backrest doesnt move,the motor works though. I've also retrofitted cruise control. Towbar with twin electrics. Remo
  8. My history of depression,no change.
  9. I'm sorry,the shoestring snapped
  10. How would that have gone when I had my bmw though?
  11. Well I've looked through bits of paperwork and its bt fleet till 2003. First service says 2 months old and 10600 miles! At 11 months old had a service at 24k and 22 months old had 44k on it. To say it's done 117k now it's not done too many miles over its next 17 years.
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