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  1. Cheers - at some point in the near future the rusty spots and tidemarked sills will have an appointment with a wire brush, some vactan and a tin of white paint to tidy it up for the short term at least but it's solid and has been well looked after, came from a friend of a friend and should do the job perfectly. My first ever VW too, I'm not intending on joining the dubber scene though, functional and tidy is all I will ever ask of it.
  2. Thanks to @worldofceri for another efficient and professional delivery. Highly recommended - sorry for the lack of tea/coffee offers! Nice day for it mind. One slightly dog-eared T4 joins the fleet, 1.9TD with some minor rusty bits and a decent camper conversion already done.
  3. Cheers, that MGB one should be here soon so I'll be able to tell whether it's a better match.
  4. Yeah, I don't think I'll be a Youtube star any time soon...I assumed he's be chopping it about and would show a few seconds of it, not run the whole thing unedited! Still, it was a bit of fun, did highlight how hard it must be to do this stuff properly, that was one of about 6 attempts at it. Incidentally, this happened at the weekend. New flexible top hose, new stat housing, new studs. Refilled and back in operation. Sort of. The housing is meant for a Marina 1.3 apparently, so while it is the closest to the original I have found, the outlet pipe is too small
  5. I had the same thought after looking at that photo, I bought a stud extractor which had the old one out in seconds, so they may come out OK. They're smeared in copper grease so they look worse than they are but now I know the one I bought fits then yes, I will swap those too.
  6. One broken stud out, one new one installed. Small steps, it tipped it down about 5 seconds later. Only problem is my new stat housing outlet pipe is too small.
  7. Looking good, excellent work!
  8. Cheers, yes I saw those studs - I will measure mine before ordering but it seems likely those are right.
  9. Incidentally, this thing is so easy to work on, look how much space there is under the bonnet!
  10. Oh good shout, yes it may well be, I'll get the tape measure out when I'm next out with the car and see what size I need. Cheers!
  11. Thanks but those don't have the fill port on top, the one I've got does and it's the only way to fill up the system properly. Just need to get a slightly longer hose.
  12. Some progress has been made...this is the closest I could get, it's meant for a 1.3 Marina apparently. The observant amoung you will note that, owing to the outlet being at a slightly different angle, the top hose no longer reaches so I will have to hunt around for something as a suitable replacement. I bought a length of generic hose a while back and this is plenty long enough but just kinks in the middle instead of curving so still scratching my head on that. Still looking for a replacement stud, too. What did go better than expected was the speedo cable - the new Borg &am
  13. Well bought, I resisted these for years due to disliking the scene element but now they seem to be fading a little out of fashion against newer T5s etc I think a T4 will be my next project once I've shifted the Traaansit on. A friend of mine bought a T plate Caravelle a few months back, proper scruffy, over 200k miles but solid and with exceptional service history and one owner from new - like you said, it has a story to tell and can do everything they could ever want it to. A friend of mine has a 2002 T4 conversion with a chipped 2.5 slowly dissolving on his driveway since he replaced i
  14. Cheers, thanks for the detailed help, much appreciated! Guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend.
  15. Good shout, on that topic, anyone got recommendations for how to get the studs out? On the intact two I can try the two bolts again but there's no thread left on the snapped one - do I need to buy a tap set? I will presumably need to buy some threaded rod to replace them? Actually, thinking about it, I have a bolt extractor set so might be able to use that if I have one small enough... On the plus side, the new speedo cable has arrived and from first impressions it looks like it might even be the right one.
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