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  1. Same situation I was in about 18 months ago - I decided to get my full test done having ridden 125s on a CBT on and off over the years. I learned on the riding school's set of very tired and battered late 90s Yamaha Diversions which, to my untrained eye, seem to be very simple bikes and were easy to ride, which I guess was the point. I now have this, a BMW F650CS "Scarver" which I picked up for £1000 in 2019 and I like it - it's a bit unrefined and it's not quick, but it's been easy to live with, easy to ride for a noob and required no repairs other than routine servicing, tyres and a clutch lever.
  2. That would never have occurred to me, never heard of that being a thing - the garage who were investigating it were planning to move on to fuel system tests if I'd wanted to continue so I can be fairly confident there would have been some serious chargeable hours of diagnosis before/if they got to that. The throttle body hadn't changed, though - it wasn't removed or fiddled with that I can think of. Anyway, good that you found the problem, hopefully it'll live on for a while yet - despite its miles, before this occurred, it was a really nice car to drive.
  3. Nice one, well done! I swapped all the coil packs over for the old ones and it made no difference but then again if the throttle body was faulty as well, guess it wouldn't have helped much. Good work, it evidently went to the right person.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324807755275 May or may not be too far gone, but it's certainly a rare thing. Only other one I've ever known to exist is @Mr_Bo11ox's.
  5. I don't think I've ever even heard of a Chrysler Horizon before, I thought they came in after the changeover and were only badged as Talbots. That must be super rare.
  6. I am no mechanic but I would start with the basics on this one. What you saw above sounds right - if you turn the engine, whether by starter motor or by hand, if the ignition is on and the ignition system is functional, you'll get a spark. If the coil is getting hot it might be worn out. Do you get a spark when turning it over with the starter? It sounds like you have a bad/loose/missing connection somewhere or a corroded cable somewhere on the ground circuit if a ground wire is getting hot as there is high resistance, might also explain the battery issue. If it were mine, I would fix that before proceeding - perhaps this issue is preventing the ignition system from working when the starter is in use.
  7. I do like a Mk3, that's not early though, they started on an F! They went on to P, oddly overlapping for a while with the Mk4.
  8. The cheapest roadworthy one was the ex-Cavcraft Rover 420 I bought off dieselnutjob on here for £50 with a cooling issue. Picked it up, fitted a replacement coolant cap, drove it 200 miles home with no issue and ran it for a couple of months before it blew its head gasket - between that and the numerous other issues it had, it wasn't worth fixing, shame as it was actually a nice car. Sold it locally for £100. Unroadworthy would be the free Rover 45 1.4 I got off an ex-workmate, sat outside the garage that had fitted a brand new head gasket 2 years back before finding it also had a "tapping" noise from the engine. We jump started it, spent a considerable time getting it to stay running whilst enjoying the dreadful knocking noise coming from the rocker cover and got it to a nearby garage where it was declared north worth bothering with. Stripped for parts and squashed, it remains the only car I've ever scrapped. I also technically paid £10 for a Vauxhall Victor I "won" on eBay - it had been sat for 30+ years in the garden of an abandoned local house that was being cleared and was so rotten there was literally nothing left worth saving. I had a good laugh over the state of it with the seller, gave him his tenner for the 3 saveable hubcaps and the grill and gave him the name of the local scrap dealer to come and scrape up the remains.
  9. Superb stuff, those coloured three spokes are the only wheel for a Classic.
  10. Love it, that's the right colour too. I've ridden in one a few times and theres not much else quite like it, top work.
  11. My old Jag XJ40 had an unworn but very aged pair of Heroes on the back when I got it. They were at least exciting, letting go at 20mph on a damp roundabout. They got binned rather quickly.
  12. Due to a cockup with deliveries at my local fitters, my new-to-me mk1 Honda CR-V had to have whatever they could lay their hands on in the right size. That means it's now wearing a set of Blacklions...new one on me and they were super cheap, I was a bit put out at first but actually apart from being a bit noisy, they're actually pretty good, plenty of grip at least and they seem to get OK reviews online. We'll see how they manage longer term, I guess. It's not like I'll be taking it to track days, after all. They were fitted to replace a cracked and perished set of mismatched budgets, including a Windforce which had split open inside the tread to the point it was leaking air, despite having a 2019 date code - so they're definitely an improvement. I had 3 new ones and kept the single nearly brand new one - so I also have an Austone, which even the tyre fitter had never heard of.
  13. We may have a winner! That does look similar. Well done! It's been an education - apologies for thread de-rail.
  14. Having Googled that, there is more than a passing resemblance. Could be, although did they import those to the UK back then?
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