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  1. Dieselly facelift 19ness. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/765100437663542
  2. Hah, I was looking at that LDV as I'm in the market for something that size, I don't think I have ever seen woodchip wallpaper inside a camper before. I cannot work out for the life of me what's going on with the side door either, the original sliding door is still partially there and someone's stuffed a caravan door over the top...LDVs seem to suffer from more eccentric conversion antics than any other van type.
  3. A friend pointed me in the direction of someone local selling a stack of old car manuals - he thought the one on the top of the pile might be of interest. He was right, it's like brand new and from a brief flip through it seems to be a little better than the Haynes in terms of diagrams etc. We'll see. I have the rest of the books for sale over on the For Sale section here. Next weekend, the bonnet is coming off and being taken to be sandblasted and painted. They're going to try a bit of it for blasting to see if it does any harm - if it does, it'll have to involve a more man
  4. These popped up on the Princess owners Facebook group - hopefully the owners of the images don't mind me sharing them on here. Doesn't look like either of them are on the list yet. AVE 718V TKW 612T
  5. Magnificently beige and a little bit rare. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/377203716623054
  6. Well I guess that could have been worse. Have you fixed it yet? Hurry up.
  7. This is just brilliant. Keep the updates coming please!
  8. For a short time in the early 2000s, due to an inspired partnership between the two companies, you could walk into a Sainsburys in some parts of the UK and buy an MG Rover car off the shelf with your groceries. Although initially popular, the scheme was ended after a few months due to an administrative error which meant that for a short period in February 2002 every pack of Ferrero Rocher came with a free MG ZR, a mistake which cost MG Rover millions and eventually led to bankruptcy. Due to the short-lived promotion, cars sold under the Sainsburys brand were never a common sight. To this da
  9. Great work, lovely to see this gradually coming back to life.
  10. Incidentally, yesterday the Princess got to visit my office car park as I picked it up from the tyre place round the corner at lunch time. It got quite a lot of attention - it doesn't blend in very well. I moved it from this space shortly afterwards, the car park's on a slope and there are 3 rows of spaces in front of the car. We've had two minor incidents involving staff car handbrake failure in the past, one of which happened only a couple of weeks ago, and I realised that the two spaces directly in front of the Princess were empty, meaning if something happened it had a good lo
  11. Thanks for the numberplate suggestion, I'm in two minds at the moment as a new one would look better but will look odd on the car given its current shabbiness!
  12. I'd concur that the tank needs cleaning out,.. Once the fuel in the pot had evaporated, hard to believe this all came out of one filter and the car was actually running very well, clean fuel was coming out of the output too so these filters have done a good job. New fuel filter fitted and it's running nicely again but the filter immediately got dirt in it so unless I want to change the filter every 2 weeks the tank will need sorting very soon. I've got other jobs to sort at home before I can put any time to major car jobs again but will make it the next priority. I
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