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  1. Thanks Phil, it's better than nothing - I can always find a seperate manual for the engine if I need one, bound to be plenty of those about if I need one. I had the same issue when I had the Rover 220SLi, Haynes only covered the 1.6 & 1.8 models but it was good enough for most things. I am purely guessing at this stage until I see it and drive it but I strongly suspect it is going to need some work on brakes, fuel system and carb - I will be able to put into practice all that I have learned* from watching Mustie1 videos on Youtube with a carb strip down, clean and rebuild. I'll speak to the seller in more detail and find out precisely what he's done to put it back on the road - I know from the ad it has new tyres, new front brake calipers and rear cylinders, new copper brake lines, a new electric fuel pump and a few others bits but likely needs a bit of general TLC everywhere and a bloody good service. The ignition system look a bit fossilised but I can't see a tremendous amount of evidence of oil leaks which is good - although once some miles go on it I expect that to no longer be the case. I also spot a possible scotch block on the fuel pump wiring, that will be going in the bin!
  2. Blimey Phil, there's a blast from the past, how are you? I didn't know you were back in the area, yes you'd be more than welcome to come and have a poke at it when it lands, I'm still in Barnstaple. Thanks for the offers of manuals etc guys - I'll see what I can get my hands on in the next few weeks but if I get stuck I'll let you know. I think the only way to settle this 1800 B vs 1700 O argument is on the drag strip.
  3. Thanks guys, glad to hear it's a good motor, not sure where I'd got the notion that the 1.8 B wasn't a very good engine - probably that fake news I've heard so much about. Nothing much will happen with this until the lockdown is relaxed and I can sort collection but I'll keep you posted once things start moving. Thanks for the advice and offers of help, I'm sure there will be plenty of questions. This is by far the oldest car I've ever purchased, in theory that should make things simpler in some ways though. I'm not sure my ODBC scan tool is compatible with these cars.
  4. These guys? https://hydragasandhydrolasticservice.com/ Looks like a good service, we'll see when it arrives what the ride quality is like.
  5. Cheers - realistically I will never actually change the engine, it was only ever a daft thought, I will settle for making sure the one it's got is in good health. No idea about the Excel but I suspect you're right and it's probably a bit festive inside.
  6. Cheers, yes it was at the top end of what I was prepared to pay but I am hoping that once I have had my fun with it and made a few improvements it would do OK on resale - especially with a better ad & pictures. I really liked the 2.0 O series I drove but haven't tried the 1.7. Hopefully the 1.8 is not a complete boat anchor - I would love the idea of an engine swap for something more exciting but I suspect that is well beyond my limited abilities. I did wonder if, given that it has O-series heritage, a 2.0 T-series turbo would fit but I suspect that would be a hideously complicated undertaking. Likewise a K-series. I stand corrected too, I think it's actually a HL, not a base model.
  7. Morning chaps, long time no see. I've not had much in the way of shite to share on this forum of late but I have now gone some way to redeeming myself with this glorious old heap, an eBay purchase which I won last night. Fortunately the seller seems decent and isn't in any rush for it to leave so there won't be much happening for a few weeks until collection can be arranged, leaves me plenty of time to clear the decks in preparation. The essential stats are that it's a 1977 Princess 1.8, I think it's a base model and a Series 1 given it's not got a 1.7/2.0 O-series engine which I would have preferred. Not sure how rubbish the B-Series is in this thing but I guess we'll see. It's got an MOT and has been woken from many years of slumber fairly recently, I think it was on eBay last year prior to the current owner obtaining it but I don't have any details. I think it's a base model and lacks power steering or indeed any equipment to speak of. It's apparently very solid and has been undersealed, there's some rot above the bootlid and in the doors and the bonnet looks awful but is mostly surface corrosion I think. It'll be getting a proper going over once I get my hands on it, a full service and brake refurb is likely the first port of call, plus finding someone local who can pump up the hydragas. My sole experience of these is driving Philibusmo's utterly ruined example (OKK if anyone remembers the ex-Vulgalour one) a few years back and I was so impressed at how well it drove considering the state it was in, I've wanted one for years so this is a slightly weird dream come true. Feel free to chip in with anecdotes, advice and mockery. More details will probably surface in a few weeks once it lands. It has MOT but it's on ancient tyres and has electrical issues (I know, who'd have thought?) meaning the lights and cooling fan don't work. Given that it's in Kent and I'm in Devon, I am probably going to take the easy way out and Shiply it home. Plenty of time yet to make some arrangements for that. Watch this space.
  8. Thanks Bangernomics! The tool is going to be handy, refitting the rebuilt alternator on my new Granvia in the dark a couple of weeks back resulted in a number of sockets, torches and screwdrivers disappearing into the depths of the engine bay for various lengths of time and one of these would have been most useful.
  9. Crusty Sills - sent/not received. Beko1987 Possibly received, not sent MorrisItalSLX - sent/not received Dippy sent not recieved Bub sent/not received Ruffgeezer sent Bangernomics sent The Moog Sent Mercrocker sent Fordperv sent and received Boggsy sent Drivewaymyway sent/not received Nibblet sent/not received Angrydicky sent/not received Phil_lihp sent/received
  10. phil_lihp


    To be honest, those photos are crap but they're as good as I could get, I've not been shown where the rest of the MOT-failure rot is so just trying to show the state of it in general. It does look pretty good in the main but apparently it is not. Also, rotating photos are mildly annoying but at least it doesn't matter too much.
  11. phil_lihp


    Just to clarify, yes, the car is in Barnstaple. I had an opportunity to see it in daylight today so grabbed some photos to try and highlight the grotty bits. Driver's sill/floor: Rear, underneath Front wing (no longer attached at the front) Hard to get good photos without it being up on a ramp but hopefully that gives some idea. Underseal is hiding a lot of problems, so I have been told. It's by no means completely knackered but the driver's side sill and floor are pretty bad. Drop me a message if you're interested, I would like to see it go to a good home but one way or another it must go very soon.
  12. phil_lihp


    Thanks, I do seem to have a habit of doing this, I had assumed the brakes would be a simple job at home and then a dab of weld for the MOT but the brake fittings were fighting my limited tools, skills and patience and frankly as always I just do not have the time to work on it, even without the discovery that the underside is mostly cornflakes and fresh air. With the van issues on top and other non-car things needing my attention, this was falling further and further down the priority list. It is a real shame, it's a cute little car with bags of character and I hope it lives again but if not, it may at least help keep some other Marbellas or Pandas on the road.
  13. phil_lihp


    The Apology Sorry chaps, particularly to Stanky and Slartibartfast who put so much effort into the collection of the little Spanish donkey. I know some of you will be disappointed but it will not be getting repaired and is now off the road. I have spoken to my mechanic today and we've established beyond any doubt that it is beyond economical repair. He stopped counting when he hit £600 in labour estimate alone. Unfortunately, the thick coating of underseal is hiding a lot of rot. Previous MOTs have probably been somewhat generous but additionally without poking it it was hard to tell which bits were soft. He has given it a good prodding and the driver's sill and floor as well as various bits around the suspension mounts are very crispy, plus he reckons it will get "at least 20% worse" once he starts digging under the underseal. It therefore needs a new home, either to be repaired by someone who can do their own welding or as a good source of spare parts. The Sales Pitch It is now for sale, £150 takes it as-is, the engine is superb and the tyres are excellent, the interior is very tidy in the main and most of the bodywork is pretty good on it, plus it has that awesome bull-bar. Unfortunately, the brakes are useless, one front brake is binding and the rears are soaked in fluid. It comes with new front flexis, rear shoes and cylinders. All four original hupcaps are supplied and are in the boot. The tyres have loads of tread on them, including the spare. The engine leaks oil from the rocker gasket but starts and runs very well and it drove very nicely from Hampshire to North Devon. It does drive but is not roadworthy, the MOT is out and the front brakes bind so will need to be trailered away. I will not break it, it must go very soon as I have enough space issues here now with the Hiace awaiting a sale and its replacement being picked up on Friday. I will be putting it back on eBay shortly but would like to see if anyone on here would like to take it on.
  14. phil_lihp


    Don't get me wrong, it's 26 years old and they weren't known for being robust to start with so I'm not really surprised - only that there's a few more rotten bits underneath than I knew about. I did strongly suspect previous tests were a tad generous, there's a flipping great hole in the floor which was merely an advisory for years! I have a friend who can do welding for mates' rates so I think it might be going to see him for those bits. Brakes and fuse are simple enough to sort. I guess my exhaust bodging didn't work but again, it can be welded. Could be a lot worse!
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