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  1. A 160 mile round-trip to the Haynes Motor Museum breakfast meet this morning was completed with zero issues, it did fantastically well. It's perfectly happy cruising at 60mph although a 5th gear or overdrive wouldn't hurt it. Didn't get hot, no weird noises and no leaks so I'm calling that a qualified success. Almost done now, just the pre-MOT checks & hopefully full test on Wednesday and then it can go up for sale.
  2. Ten points to Mr Skizzer for "Princesla" which needs to be trademarked immediately.
  3. A decent little meet, not a huge attendance but that is probably intentional and it was a nice way to start things off. All very chilled, friendly and well organised. Quite a few really nice cars there, a strong Triumph and Jensen presence and some very old stuff I couldn't identify. The Cortina arrived relatively late, 6.0 Chevy engine and sounded very angry - quite a handful by the look of it, didn't seem to be easy to park slowly! The Princess did brilliantly, covering all manner of roads including a short stretch of motorway and covering about 160 miles with absolutely zero
  4. We discussed the merits of a drivetrain swap - an electric Tesla-powered Princess would be quite something, albeit it'd cost about £25k to achieve. The B-series powered Model S would perhaps have limited resale value.
  5. Well if you're ever down this direction you're welcome to try the Princess but probably a bit of a trip!
  6. I met up with a friend during my lunch break the other day, we've been wanting to get this photo for a while.
  7. It's not often car insurance can raise a smile but the Princess policy was due for renewal next week and my current insurer have been bombarding me with renewal reminders by post, email and text which annoyed me intensely, especially seeing as they put the price up by £30. I'd been recommended Hagerty by a couple of friends with old cars so I got a quote off their website, got an instant and fairly decent price, called them up and got straight through to a thoroughly pleasant chap - he asked the usual questions, managed to match the Lancaster price with extra bits like breakdown cover include
  8. Just subscribed, somehow missed it so far but just watched the Espace one, will catch up on the others now. I like your presentation style, it has a calm, early Top Gear/Chris Goffey kind of vibe to it. Nice to see a cameo from @RobT!
  9. Fixed! I checked the two relays under the scuttle, one was definitely the starter relay as I could feel it clicking. Both had crusty contacts which I cleaned up, but no improvement. I then realised I hadn't plugged the signal wire back in to the starter solenoid after my last tinkering session. Still nothing, but I realised it made no difference so had that wire broken? I followed it back and it led to this plug sat out on the inner wing. Bingo! It was full of green crusties ((c) South Main Auto) and after a bit of cleaning, I tried it again and the starter works perfectly.
  10. Turns out the relay is in the scuttle panel so I can have a look at whether that might be the problem. Probably easier to find a replacement for than the ignition switch.
  11. That P6 is stunning.
  12. So does the starter work? 20210503_113019.mp4 Yes it does, so well done to everyone who suggested testing it, I'd never tried that before. To make sure it had the best chance possible, I attacked it with a wire wheel on a drill and removed and cleaned up every connection. I then moved on to the engine bay and unbolted the earth cable, used the drill to wire brush every contact point until it shone, did the same with the power cable running to the starter, then bolted it all back together. Result? No change, still just a clunk. I then tried bridging the signal w
  13. Cheers, the connections were tight but somewhat corroded so definitely worth a go. I did try rocking it in gear which didn't help, it's meant to rain all day today but I'll give the bench test a go and if it seems to behave I'll clean everything up and stick it back in to see if that sorts it. Thanks for the advice!
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