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  1. Amazing progress and great to see this car finally getting the work it's needed for so long. Props for not giving up on it!
  2. National Windscreens in Barnstaple, might be a bit of a trek for you but maybe your local branch might be decent.
  3. Nope that's how it was before. I'm really impressed, they're a national chain franchise but they're known locally for being particularly helpful and good with old cars.
  4. That looks superb, nice job! That Nissan bumper is a strangely good fit but the proper one looks much better.
  5. Look who's managed to complete 3 trips now without exploding! I picked it up from the windscreen fitters today, they have done an amazing job, it fits perfectly and they even managed to find the correct totally not fake chrome insert - the old one was a brittle yellow thing with bits missing. I am very pleased and it only cost £60 which I think is a bargain, the other quote I got was twice that. I celebrated with a detour to a petrol station for £20 of BP Ultimate as the fuel gauge doesn't work so I have no idea a) how much is in the tank or b) how many mpgs she's currently doing - I suspect probably not many until the timing and carb are tweaked. On leaving the petrol station the fanbelt decided to go full screech on me again - it would only quieten down on a low idle but that meant dropping the choke off which made it stall on a busy roundabout. Ooops. Got it going again and screeched the 2 miles home. Parked it on the road, left it idling while I moved my Octavia off the driveway to park, backed it onto the driveway and only then realised it'd got a bit hot. Ooops. I usually watch the gauge like a hawk but took my eye off it for a few minutes too long. There was a gush of steam and lots of bubbling noises, I had visions of a blown off hose or something worse but it turned out to be just overflow out of the header tank. It doesn't look like my new fan kicked in and I also think it might be spinning the wrong way so will have to attend to that. I reckon it probably still had airlocks too, it's fine out on the open road but at low speeds or when stopped the temperature climbs until you turn the heating on. It's still on the old thermostat, I have a new one to go in but the stat housing is welded together so I haven't wanted to start bashing at it yet.
  6. I did PM you a while back but not sure if you saw it, there's an Alfa specialist around the corner from me who have had quite the collection of marvellous old tat in being worked on. I've seen a GTV and 75 in their workshop, might be worth an ask although it isn't exactly on your doorstep.
  7. I feel your pain, aside from the brakes my Granvia 4x4 has been through the same sort of problens. It landed me with a 4 figure bill for last year's MOT and that's with no welding required. Parts are a complete nightmare to obtain so the knackered steering rack was refurbished for £300 as they couldn't get a new one. It's still battered, rattly and drinks far too much diesel but it's a fun and useful vehicle, even if I have swapped the rear seats for a camper setup.
  8. Wow, some cars have moved around since my last visit, I would have loved to have got that Herald to turn over. Is the Alfa being woken up then?
  9. Just had a phone call, my expensive new seal which came from a batch the owner's club had made up has been fitted successfully. The windscreen didn't break and it went well. They found a couple of small rust holes in the drainage channel but nothing serious, they're filled up with sealant so shouldn't present an issue for now. I'm quite relieved! After fitting the new battery the drive across town in rush hour to their workshop turned out to be stress free, even when I got halfway and realised I hadn't actually put the seal in the car and had to go back home and get it. The driveway looks odd without the Princess parked on it, should be able to pick it up tomorrow afternoon and then it's in to my mechanic on Friday for suspension, tuning and welding.
  10. It may not even be that old but my guess is the faulty alternator might have killed it, when it's put on charge overnight it doesn't last very long for starting the car if it doesn't go first try. It has a date chart on the top but it's not been filled in so I don't know how old it is. It's undersized anyway and this car seems to need a strong battery, it fires much faster with a jump start. We'll see, I'm off to my local ECP shortly to pick up a bigger one with more electricities in it,
  11. Tonight's test drive report: FAIL. Flat battery - the teeny little Lion thing that the last owner put in it appears to have died, it did start for a few seconds but by times I'd mucked around with the choke and it'd stalled there wasn't enough left to fire up again. It's been fairly hopeless since day 1 and doesn't respond to charging very well, I think it's probably undersized as well. The car's off to the windscreen fitter first thing tomorrow morning so an early morning trip to ECP is on the cards for something with superior CCA and the ability to hold a charge for more than a day.
  12. I'm not quite sure how he managed to get such a low-res video from a modern iPhone but my friend recorded evidence of its first run up and down my road after the exhaust was fitted. This is the first time it has run without a blown exhaust and squealing alternator so it was a novelty to actually be able to hear the engine. I also treated it to a can of BP Ultimate as I gathered that some higher octane fuel might help it out if it's still tuned for 4 star. It definitely ran better. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z_NufSDgSEuzHLDfzgQcswWYMTtvBgvs/view?usp=sharing
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