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  1. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DkZJhF-eT0MI&ved=2ahUKEwirxsyR5ajuAhXrZxUIHdGODREQ28sGMAB6BAgBEAo&usg=AOvVaw0egoB3SJB97nk1inaXc4fW Part of my favourite slapstick car chase
  2. POO plates are still available from DVLA, a local drainage company has quite a few on their fleet
  3. Pre teen it was on a grey Fergie tractor which got clutch control and reversing with a trailer in hand. Progressed onto an Austin Somerset which we had been given to drive around the garden and fields. When my brother passed his test he used to let me have a go on farm lanes and an old airfield in the Mk1 Cortina and Mini Traveller. When I was finally 17 it was mainly in the Mini usually accompanied by my dad (at night as it was the only time he had free) as my brother used to shout at me a bit too much. Proper lessons were in a Mk1 and then Mk2 Escort which I took my test in.
  4. The 2.3GL I had is still one of my favourite cars, it was in the family from new and passed back and forth between me and my brother a few times over twelve years or so until it was eventually sold. It really needed a fifth gear on the motorway.
  5. Sorry about that but the gin isn't lasting long these days.
  6. Well I chose a Peugeot 205 1.4 CJ, Not one of my better decisions, but at least it was an open top. 1994 saw it replaced by a Fiesta 1.8 diesel. These were leased by my employer, you could choose whatever you wanted, but if you went above your allowance you had to pay the extra. I was too mean to pay more.
  7. I have owned some absolute shit over the years, but was happy to put up with a lot because either it was cheap transport, or it had at least one redeeming feature that endeared it to me. Therefore the worst was one that I didn't actually own, it was a lease car provided by my employer. I admit I chose it, based on my experience with an older high mileage example bought off a friend for a couple of hundred pounds. That one was a 1986 VW Polo, with 176k miles on it it ran beautifully, wasn't rusty, never let me down and, apart from awful brakes, I liked it. So in 1996 I had a new, base
  8. Lots, but some of it modern/boring. 1 cyl Messershmitt 2 cyl 2cv, Trabant (and my current Panda) 3 cyl Wartburg (and a Suzuki Alto) 4 cyl Triumph 1300 (Fwd inline) Corsair 2000e (V4 Rwd) Lancia Gamma (Fwd flat 4) Beetle (Rwd flat 4) Morgans (Rwd inline 4) Mini (Fwd transverse 4) Loads of other 4 cyl. 5 cyl Volvo 6 cyl Cortina (Rwd V6) Bond Equipe (Rwd inline) Lagonda M45 (rwd inline) Bentley MkVi (Rwd inline) Alfa 164 (Fwd V6) Jeep (4x4 inline) 7 - no 8cyl Porsche 928 (Rwd V8) Chrysler 300c (Rwd V8) Rolls Royce Phantom V (Rwd V8) Range Rover (4x4 V8)
  9. Might be a bit difficult to control if the tyres are worn out
  10. As someone who works in flood risk management you may be interested to know that the responsibility for maintaining watercourses rests with the riparian owner. This would only be the council where they own the land through which the watercourses runs. If you own land on one side you are responsible for it up to the middle. Maintenance should only be done outside such periods where it will not affect fish spawning/bird nesting/etc. (No it doesn't leave much time) Any drainage system will have a maximum capacity, once that is exceeded you will get flooding.
  11. More to the point, how do you solve a problem like Maria?
  12. I have to say it still looks like a pickup truck from the outside, so that's a win.
  13. Today I saw a James Bond wannabe, OHMSSS (really OHM55S) on a modern Aston Martin, I would have called the colour a sludgy, brownish, gold, but DVLA says it's green (and SORN) He must have been on an urgent secret mission to Tesco and Q branch forgot to tax it.
  14. Local news? There is no local news around here, unless you're wanting to hear such things as "Dog gets head stuck in cat flap", "Mrs Jones still has her leg, she's been under the Doctor for weeks now", "Marcelle ripped her new jacket on the railings, again" I'm sure when the world ends it will be weeks before we know about it where I live.
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