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  1. Little known is that he was colourblind. Also the raspberry beret was actually orange and the purple rain was grey
  2. I'm sure Mr Sheene had slot mags on at least one of his Shadows
  3. "You told me to pack everything, you didn't say not to pack the keys for the plane"
  4. Well done for being braver than me. I briefly considered one several years ago, but came to my senses and bought a Range Rover 4.2 LSE instead. ( which was its own disaster, but that's another story)
  5. Given the size of the trailer I'm dure you will be collecting a couple of others as well
  6. I was wondering if someone could just buy it and have a go (get someone else to tow it across a field to get it airborne), or is that not allowed these days?
  7. I know, I rushed out earlier and thank goodness there were still some left in the shops, so I bought four.
  8. I would have said that had Barrett's name written on it, but it looks like someone pressed too hard on the back wing with the pen
  9. You can keep the terrifyingly complex coupe but I do like the estate.
  10. I saw one of those in real life, the hood was down and it was fitted with some aftermarket seats, it looked like the driver was sat on the lavatory.
  11. Unfortunately no pics to hand. First would be the 1982 Cortina 2.3GL. Family owned from new, but it changed hands back and forth between my brother and myself. He had it three times I had it twice. Volvo Amazon estate, I sold it to a friend on the provision that I had first chance if he sold it. I did buy it back after it had been off the road for a while, I got it back on the road, but unfortunately it got written off when it was parked. Austin A35, sold, bought back, sold again, bought back again and sold again. (Funnily enough it was up for sale again a few weeks ago, but I was in the process of moving house and not up for buying it again) Moto Guzzi bike, I sold it to a mate, bought it back, then he had it back then I had it back before I sold it on. Austin A40 Devon, I sold it to my mate, bought it back he bought it back and it is now with another mate, but has been off the road for a few years now.
  12. Unfortunately a lot of old people get like that
  13. You don't need to explain, I have had several over the years, plus a couple of Amazons and a 164. My father was a Volvo man which introduced me to them, I've never had the front-wheel drive ones, although my brother has had several.
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