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  1. Mandolin - noun: instrument for ensuring that your sliced vegetable material contains human skin and blood (unsuitable for vegetarians/vegans)
  2. Not sure if this counts, I added a compartment to the cubby box to contain the brandy decanter and glasses
  3. What about asking for a fiend?
  4. Surely they know the correct way to paint the rust is by throwing tennis balls dipped in paint at it
  5. Something, something, blah, blah and now I'm an ex-tractor fan.
  6. I'm ashamed to admit that I quite like it, it's a good start, better wings, different wheels would make a difference. I would love an Austin 7 special, but I'm a bit too porky and tall for most of them.
  7. And were disappointed when he replied "Sibelious"
  8. I think they changed the recipe slightly to create the cheese slices used in all the best* burger vans
  9. It's a bit like the old game show "Let's see what you could've won"
  10. Lovely car. I have memories of a neighbour owning one in the 1960s which was replaced by a Hereford and later by an A105. Does the Hampshire use the same doors as the Devon?
  11. They look very similar to the Ford Trim Ring/Embellisher that I've had in the past on Mk1 Fiesta (12" rim) and Mk4 Cortina (13" rim)
  12. Must be scaffolding season, mine went up yesterday on the front, so that the barge boards, guttering and leaky downpipe can be changed. (Waited nearly a year for this). I was hoping to sneak up onto it at the weekend to repaint the render above the windows. Just checked the weather, rain forecast for Sat and Sun. Hopefully the wall behind the leaking downpipe won't take too long to dry out so I can get on with redoing the hacked off plaster on the inside, then redecorate.
  13. For that I'd expect them to stand next to it spraying Chanel No5 in the air when you start it up.
  14. And "fully loaded" on a base model but fitted with a Halfords stereo and shiny floormats
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