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  1. It seems to be a regular Facebook thing. I have been sticking a lot of stuff on marketplace in the last few weeks. I have had that message so many times on the most random items. I know it's a scam, but would love to have seen the FedEx courier try to go off with a baby grand piano under his arm
  2. I like that, shame no photo of it with the top up, so assume it looks awful. I wonder how much strengthening has gone in
  3. Hare transplant Went down to the storage to check on the Alvis. It was last out in February but started up fine. It came to me without a mascot, but with a bolt through the rad cap where it had previously been. I had fitted a temporary one (a Spaniel) but found this one on Ebay. I did get an original Alvis one, which was a bit too nice to use. this one is very similar, but probably not quite correct.
  4. When you say big logs, is the pup's poo getting that large?
  5. I'm just amazed that they can be so specific that it happened on that paving slab
  6. Getting some holy water to treat the holey bodywork.
  7. Does she require reinflating very often?
  8. I don't remember Prince Charles in Carry on Cabbie
  9. I bought a car off him years ago and thought he was OK. Yes he's a dealer in it to make money, but did answer my questions honestly.
  10. Apart from the inboard rear discs, doesn't the brake servo like to consume the fluid?
  11. They also are doing one with a wipe clean interior, the Dogger
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