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  1. Added for the background cars, taken probably 1988 or 89.
  2. My 928 had the Pasha interior, mine was browner than this one though
  3. When leather just isn't your thing how about zebra or ostrich
  4. In the best traditions of Cluedo, I suspect Colonel Mustard has acquired a unit to contain his lead piping.
  5. Allegedly estates were always a popular choice in West Wales for ram raiders, apparently they have a decent rear overhang for smashing through shop doors , while keeping the rear wheels out of most of the debris.
  6. I still remember one of our typists having problems with her golfball typewriter, after muttering at it for a while, she picked it up and dropped it on the floor, saying "Oh dear, I think it's broken"
  7. This totally confused me just now, not the gazebos, but the music which decided to override the music already playing, from my phone to the bluetooth speaker in the kitchen.
  8. And then got stopped by the police, he explained what he was doing, but the police didn't believe him until he opened the boot
  9. I doubt that he's too happy being the rear crumple zone either.
  10. I'm probably their target market, I like hideous looking cars and would buy that (but not at that price) and paint it black.
  11. My mother, who was quite short always preferred a top loader washing machine, as it was easy to chuck stuff in and fish out, rather than bend She never fell in the washing machine, unlike the time she fell in the chest freezer.
  12. I love the lightweight, I have had two, one was very tidy, the other looked like it had been dropped out of a plane.
  13. I think people have spotted it's a scam and are bidding it ( and the other items) up.
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