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  1. Cardiff City Council still has its Phantom V tucked away in the basement garage at County Hall, it's only been out for its MOT for the last few years, in recent times there have been calls to sell it, or at least put it on display. I think it still carries its KG1 numberplate.
  2. Most stuff is leased these days; however in a former life working for a local authority I was involved in demolition of surplus buildings so that the sites could be sold. One site was a former depot which I was checking out, mainly to get costs for testing and disposal of all the unmarked drums of oil/chemicals left behind. The site wasn't particularly secure (that was something else I was sorting). I was therefore surprised when I went in one of the garages to find a Mercedes stretch limousine covered in dust. I knew the car as it was the old mayoral car. My boss got it retrieved pretty sharpish. It had been advertised for sale by tender when it had been replaced by a new one, nobody had bid so it had been shoved in the garage and forgotten about. It did then get sold, no idea what they got for it and I didn't bid as I had nowhere to put it.
  3. The main reason they grounded Concorde was to stop Phil Collins travelling to perform at charity concerts. Concorde was the future, but apart from flagship status it's a bit pointless these days.
  4. If it needs digging over just get the neighbours to tell the police they saw you bury something there one night.
  5. Having been looking stuff up on streetview (for work) I ended up finding myself in 2015, I had a brake light out (well it was a Land Rover)
  6. Ooh a Barchetta, so they do cheap stuff occasionally, or is it a limited edition with a plutonium engine?
  7. Probably so that you can shout to cook, when you reach your driveway, telling her to put lunch on.
  8. Yes, the people at Porton Down, it will give a head start if we need to get back into germ warfare
  9. I'm in two minds (no change there) with the Rover, I could live with it, but the interior is just too minimalist, it needs the decaying wood and leather putting back. Not sure if it's new diesel status would prevent the Mot exempt claim.
  10. I was delighted that the Austintatious has a cd player fitted so that I can listen to ZZ Top
  11. I'm sure it does, has, or will, at some point
  12. This is why the garage will do it, these days I'm ham-fisted enough to bash a screwdriver through the tank. I worked on these when they were new, but that's over forty years ago now.
  13. The other day I noticed one of my VP's had gone missing from a hub cap on the Austintatious. I managed to find one on Ebay so decided to fix it today. Then I noticed another one hanging inside the hub cap on the other side of the car. It appears the little metal tabs that secure them have snapped off. I have therefore used gorilla glue and more gaffer tape to fix them. (About the limit of my skills these days). The good news is that when I took the other hubcap off, the VP centre cap was wedged inside, so I now have a spare. Full of pride from a job well* done, I used it to go shopping and managed to over fill it with petrol (the gauge is useless) spilling it onto my foot. I could look into why the gauge doesn't work, but will need to use some of the petrol up first if the tank sender has to come out. I shall probably get the garage to sort it, I don't fancy crawling underneath.
  14. I was impressed with the 30+ mpg on my Chrysler when I drove it home from Scotland. That was the last time I ever saw that figure, local trips saw it well under 20mpg, but it sounded wonderful
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