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  1. He's been taking the Communicating Effectively course, unfortunately it's run as a joint venture by hairnet and tooSavvy
  2. Are those garden hose spray things on the silver one?
  3. I always wonder about those signs on the road for deer crossing, they're always in silly places, surely they should find somewhere safer for the deer to cross.
  4. I was given my first washing machine by my aunt when I had my first house, it was already many years old and lasted me about ten years. (It lasted longer than the new replacement) It had only been replaced because my aunt was in hospital and my uncle tried to do the washing. He thought the machine was broken, so bought a replacement. There was nothing wrong with the old one, it was just that you had to pull the control dial to switch it on and he hadn't.
  5. Just buy the silver Mondeo and get it wrapped, or fit a beige vinyl roof.
  6. Hmm, low, but not quite base, spec eco box with sheepskin seat covers and private plate (yes I'm a twat)
  7. Seen today in Mustique, sorry I meant Maesteg
  8. I liked for the spots, not because some poor buggers have to live in vans.
  9. The creator of the Hensen was from Milford Haven and at one point you would see his Hensen parked outside the nightclub that he owned in town #living the dream.
  10. Ruining your chances on Tinder?
  11. Don't know that one, Billy Idol,on the other hand, did White Wedding
  12. Poor old Alf Roberts, I don't think the Architects ever got their fee either.
  13. anonymous user

    TV cars

    Yes, in her younger days. I always used to mix her up with Ben Fogle's mother (even though they look nothing like each other). Bonus points though if you can remember the TV series where Ben Fogle's mum drove a TR7
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