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  1. I no longer do much work on cars. My daily is always garage serviced and under warranty. My plan to have something simple, that I would maintain myself, was thwarted by a Land Rover, as many of the jobs turned into big heavy ones. I did my share years ago, mainly due to buying shit cars and poverty. I don't have the tools or inclination any more.
  2. Didn't realise that Apple made small vans
  3. Right, you distract them and I'll go and piss on the wheels
  4. Yes, he galloped off for about 20 miles then just dropped to the floor. He wasn't dead, he'd run out of petrol
  5. I raise you a Lotus 7 on that. Although when it was my only car I managed, but passenger definitely not allowed.
  6. Not strayed very far as it's Pembrokeshire registered and is still down there. I'm trying to remember who the Citroen dealer was then I think it was Nicholas's, or Phillips in Haverfordwest.
  7. You are a very brave man, I had a 413 and changed it for the more refined S1 Land Rover.
  8. I hope the Wellers are going on, at least on the back, oh and longer spring shackles for lethal handling.
  9. With front wheel drive to keep up with traffic?
  10. I sometimes wonder what happened to my 2200TC. (SDW11N). I was the second owner, it was in really nice condition but I stupidly traded it in for a Porsche 928. I did see it for sale a few years later with a dealer in the Midlands and contemplated buying it back. It doesn't appear to have been on the road since 2006.
  11. Really slow cooked casserole.
  12. As long as it doesn't mean "Your car has been killed, so we drew a white line around it"
  13. That looks far worse than the one we had in our garden that I used to grow tomatoes in, although that was over 40 years ago. Even then though the cat could get into through the holes in the floor.
  14. That is a twin of the one I had, unfortunately at that age they were converted to right hand drive over here and the driving position was awful, if you have legs. The pedals were high and nowhere to put your left foot off the clutch. A pretty car, but be prepared to suffer for style.
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