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  1. It's a Land Rover, nobody expects the paint to match, including the factory. I found the cat flap tailgate was always easier than a door for grabbing the dogs before they escaped. Although most of mine have been canvas topped, my one Springer used to poke her head out at the back as we went along.
  2. I much prefer the demotivational posters. A colleague had one above his desk "We're not happy until you're not happy"
  3. Presumably he was hallucinating about Wacky Races and Penelope Pitstop
  4. I wonder if someone has ever said that to her "Security, it's another one" as her close protection officer drags person away.
  5. I like it, looks like it's sprung, perhaps it's a pedestrian trap
  6. These are photos (not mine) from when it didn't sell at auction last year. it's been raining since it was delivered so no incentive to take it out yet. It will be going into undercover storage.
  7. A tiny update. The Mx5 finally sold and I did not intend to replace it. I spent a few days with my sister who is disabled and we were chatting about if you want to do it do it while you can (she was competing in a para class with her horse) I have always fancied a Morris Minor Traveller so had a look around to see what was available. I ended up buying this. i It was dropped off today, it is far too nice for me, I will probably ruin it. I can't bear the thought of leaving it out over the winter so have booked storage for it at a place in Cardiff. Had a play with it this afternoon and got some of the non working electrics working (dirty fuses). So it's not quite a Minor Traveller but I'm happy.
  8. This is why I would never recommend accepting a friend request from Jessica Fletcher, they were dropping like flies everywhere she went
  9. I would say the throttle stuck open.
  10. Poor little car, hopefully all the shit on it is easily removed
  11. I would imagine Midsomer Murders is quite popular, what with it usually being middle class people being bumped off, several at a time
  12. I really love them, I have sometimes seen one down in West Wales, In a weird metallic welly green, driven properly. Always made my day.
  13. Welcome to my world, I try to remember things by writing them down, but then lose the bit of paper. Occasionally I find bits of paper with things written on, but the few random words, or phone number with no name make no sense to me.
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