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  1. Have you got friends around? Shouldn't the keys be in a bowl on the table?
  2. I'd have one, just not at that price.
  3. 90000608187744/ That is my old car. Although the gold lower half has been done since I sold it, originally it was Roman Bronze all over. I did see it up for sale little while ago looking a bit down at heel with a non matching driver's door, the wrong front seats and wheels and it's lost the Phillips turn turnlock stereo. I think I sold it around 2009, it has more than quintupled in price since. As seen on my drive when I had it
  4. I hope the mx5 is not going to be one of those cars. I had not driven it for a fortnight and it only just started, I defrosted it and let it warm up while I defrosted the Kia and got it out of the way. I went up to collect my prescription meds in the Mx5 and it fired up straight away after. Unfortunately on my way to get some petrol, so I could give it a good run out, I made the mistake of putting the driver's window down, it has suffered the usual Mx5 window mechanism cable failure and wouldn't go back up. I have come home. I had bought another set of window switches (the passenger one is dodgy). I had the faint hope that it was the driver's switch as well, it wasn't. To compound my annoyance the new* switch is for the later Mx5 and has a shorter lead as it's in a different place on the console (even though it was shown as a Mk1 switch) so while it works it's no good to me. The car is now back behind the gates in disgrace with the door panel off, centre console off and a window that I can't get all the way up (without chopping the chewed up cables off the mechanism) I have temporarily filled* the gap and will beef this up with gaffer tape (only I can't find it so will have to go back out to buy some). And I've just remembered that I've left my prescription in the glove box.
  5. Just to nip back to pall bearing, I have done this quite a few times for family. My brother, two cousins and myself have been drafted in a we are all around the same height and reasonably hefty. The only time of slight concern was the last one, we are all a bit older now. I was opposite my one cousin who decided to go too quick while lowering the coffin into the grave. I had to go slower to keep it level to match my brother and other cousin. My cousin then ran out of webbing on his side, fortunately not letting go and with me then matching the others the coffin did reach the bottom safely. I will say that had we dropped it my late aunt would have seen the funny side.
  6. Giffer alert. Lidl had those lovely sheepskin seat covers in again today. £15 each.
  7. Just fed up with life, as soon as I make an offer on a house, someone immediately offers more, they can have it then. I'm not desperate to move, just fancy downsizing so that I'm forced to get rid of some of my crap.
  8. I'm not sure, I don't think I have the only one today, mine waited until I parked the car so it could dump hailstones on me as I walked to the house tonight
  9. I'm not jealous, well maybe envious, I'm still saving my Volvo 240 estate dog guard in case I can ever afford another 240 estate to go with it.
  10. Anywhere that I happen to be, so it can vary, just look for my big black cloud that follows me everywhere.
  11. I like the Yaris Verso and fully intend to get one next time I retire, but it will have to be in piss green.
  12. Well if they let you drive the Mayoral Limousine I'm not surprised
  13. Glad Phoebe was recovered with no trauma, it's hell when they wander off. Mine are pretty good, but my old Bob the dog could disappear for hours if he had the chance, usually after a bitch on heat, or after rats.
  14. Yes, did you see the sign on the way in "Prestatyn, at least it's not Rhyl"
  15. I liked the plastic Clubman right up to the point where the advert says it isn't £100, why not put the real price at least then I'd know if it is in dreamland, or should I just offer £50 2night
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