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  1. If I remember correctly it had a compartment under the rear seat for his shotguns
  2. That was the one where de Gaulle had a special button in the back in case it started raining. If it did he would push the button and the rain would stop.
  3. A fairly regular resident on the ebay tat thread.
  4. And you can guarantee that someone will buy one of those houses off plan not realising the ditch is there and complain about it, wanting it filled in. "When it rains the noise of the water is keeping my children awake"
  5. You can make a temporary one with an empty bean tin and a hub puller
  6. But have you put a whisk in this one? Oh and how high is the door?
  7. Where's your sense of adventure (Croydon, sorry Chiswick) Surely you mean do the absolute minimum to get it running, driving, stopping and not falling apart and then make full use of the tax, mot and ulez exemptions to have it as your town car.
  8. Is that the chap who threw his Ferraris in a pond and pretended they'd been stolen?
  9. I think a similar thing has been done a few years ago with a Plymouth Prowler, only this time it has been walled up above ground.
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