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  1. There speaks an expert.
  2. But when your prep is not up to the standard required by the spray man, he will redo the prep and charge you or may even refuse to spray it. 3 grand I reckon. Patina they call it, leave it alone. From experience, if you have it done, you may crash, or someone will scratch it within 3 months.
  3. I know nothing about it, but my son has been headhunted a few times. As I understand it.... You can be headhunted by a company with an internal headhunter, which probably means you have got the job if you want it. Or headhunted by an external headhunting firm, who recommend you to a company possibly along with a few other people. The Company make the final decision. Once you are on a headhunters books they tend to offer you other jobs as years go by. Mainly because they get huge commission, and it's easy money for them if they know you already.
  4. I have a few advanced. They seem a bit chunkier, not quite as slim on the jaws. Are a bit cheaper at times, although there's that many offers you never know. No lifetime guarantee on Advanced afaik.
  5. I read that as I had a pee under the wheels.
  6. Mally

    75 or 406?

    So I've saved £300 towards my clutch already .
  7. Mally

    75 or 406?

    Don't know the ins and outs, must be different models? But mine is £195 for 12 months.
  8. Mally

    75 or 406?

    I've got a 75 diesel manual Tourer. Wanted an auto, but you can't have everything. It's been very good, coming up for third MOT now, we will see. If it needs more than £500 spending, it's scrap. I haven't told it yet! All I've spent is rear brake discs, front bottom arm and a couple of brake pipes. I avoided the petrol versions because, belts, cooling problems, fuel consumption. If I had unlimited funds I'd buy one. One with all the toys is nice, but more to go wrong. Most of them are rusty now, rear sills, rear suspension arms.... Very good ones are expensive, but probably worth it. You do get bargains at times on the Rover 75/ZT site. Edit, clutches are expensive, and cause many to be scrapped. Possibly worth buying one and fitting a clutch. Auto should* be cheaper in the long run.
  9. Is that because the MOT man works very slowly, or is he still working on the fail sheet?
  10. Mine probably did 25mpg. I never check it on any car.
  11. As far as I know the early Micra spline fits a Morris Minor rack, I may be proved wrong. How this relates to a Triumph rack I'm not sure though.. Will MOT be required? How old is the Triumph, and presumably you can prove it?
  12. Total guess Micra maybe? Its just that we use the micra steering UJs sometimes for racing. Fits a Minor rack iirc. I've never even been in a Micra.
  13. First thought was HOW MUCH! But seems it's a tenner.
  14. Northampton 1 June, as witnessed by the Bucketeer Delivery Service himself. Thanks Alex. Beautiful day, so they watered it, Clay and water do not suit us. Spun in pretty much every race, but came back well. You can tell he's at the back in the first photo. 5th in heat, 8th in final, 6th Grand National. Could have done better, could have been a lot worse. Now 10 th in the points list, highest ever been so somethings going right. Edit, 6th fastest on the day. Have been no better than 12th recently. New engine must be better. Mildenhall tomorrow 2 day meeting. Tend to have a good day and a bad day. Track may be bad at first with recent rain around, but you never know.
  15. Txt my builder friend mentioned in the grump yesterday. My roof leak is worse, are you coming? He turned up tonight, start date on my new roof is 1st July. He actually offered to come earlier, but can't have scaffolding on the drive when racing's on. May put the bill on the grump thread later.
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