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  1. If there is no point, I abandon them, and would fully back any decision you make. I don't see that turning it into a GTi or whatever, is a bad step. Many may disagree, but would they repair it?
  2. Mrs JJ needs this. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224629034509?hash=item344cef0e0d:g:crMAAOSwMNlhVU7~
  3. Small Yaris update. Much time has been spent, but little to show for it. Roll cage needs fully welding by person more competent than me, who will do a good job as his wife and daughter may propel it. Door bars and skins ready to fit. Loom has gone for modification. Seat belts should be here next week. By the time I return from my hols it may look like a car. Going to be painted all black it's said, wouldn't be my choice, but it will have coloured sticky bits on I suppose. Be ready before start of season in March, probably have built another by then as well.
  4. Not often I disagree with you But that's absolute rubbish. Your body is no shield to someone slightly to one side, or in a kiddies bedroom. You can tell people not to watch, and they still do. It's like 'wet paint, do not touch'.
  5. Arc eye can blind you for days, possibly a lot longer, and is very, very painful. People watching think "look at those pretty sparklers" Until the day after.
  6. Now I know you don't work for Halfords, but there were 12 people checking that when I looked.
  7. It's a difficult thing to explain, but I think what you are saying about the seat belt is what they actually do. We always had problems with belts on a rear facing seat in the van. Once we got it something like, we left it there. Forward facing seat is not as bad to set up. Have you got all the slots and clips in the right place?
  8. Been building them for years. Had problems with the early ones, but seems he's got them sorted now. Clever bloke Tim Dutton. Took the Ford motor company on about the the Sierra name, and didn't lose.
  9. It can't be that good, it rarely does 20 miles a week.
  10. Man logic would be to turn it over and sit down again.
  11. If you leave it there long enough it will be brown.
  12. Ask for a reduction because they have been using it as a shelf. It worth 4 figures in anyone's book. Not sure of the first number, but won't be hard to check.
  13. It's fine Eddy, we get it. If your sister has a book that your wife wants to read, you are perfectly entitled to collect it for her, and you wiil need a rest and refreshments at her end after your trip. It's all doable with thought and preparation.
  14. VED may come into it if they decided to prosecute, but the contract is between the disabled person and Motability. It's a while since I read a contract, but basically the vehicle is for the use of the disabled person, and can be driven by a person named on the Motability insurance, but only for a purpose which benefit's the disabled person. It could possibly be argued that going to work and taking grand kids benefits your SiL Bird watching I'm not so sure. https://www.motability.co.uk/about/how-the-scheme-works/how-your-vehicle-can-be-used/
  15. There have been problems in the past with people using them outside of the agreement rules. But as you say If Eddy was collecting a newspaper/knitting wool/ packet of crisps for his wife he is perfectly within the law.
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