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  1. I was just holding the fort, ready to shout "shop". for Billy. I'd like to ride the mouldy one after I'd scraped a bit of moss off.
  2. I've never been, but it's called field of dreams, free admission, Visa's greatfully accepted.
  3. Personally I don't get the group buy thing. I know there have been a few, and I'm happy to chuck a few quid here and there, at times. But I'm a bit of a Groucho Marx by nature.
  4. Don't worry about the bodywork until you have driven it for 3 months at least.
  5. Give him time to take his coat off!
  6. 'Handbuilt.' Photos of my son's rebuilt one should be available shortly. Condition will be similar, price will not. Taster.
  7. Yes but you are a proper garage. My mate would stick the £25 in his wallet and buy me a drink when the pubs open.
  8. Failed on my wife, but she quite enjoyed it and said it didn't hurt.
  9. Yes £75 without telling you is not on. I was thinking '£25 drive it away sir' is better than a fail and 'bring it back for welding next week'.
  10. Check the welded hole. If it's done and the price is reasonable, they have done it after the test and saved you hassle
  11. Thus re enforcing his belief. What you should do is fix it fast, take it straight back to him and say "no worries mate call it a favour". He will spend the rest of his life shooting down the people who told him you were a cnut.
  12. I use those heat patches that you stick on your clothing. Some £1 shops sell them. Wear one at night, sometimes better in the morning. Also Voltarol can work. I thought it was snake oil, but my wife used it. When she died I inherited several tubes. It can have miraculous effect on some strains.
  13. Should be able to drill that out and re tap it. Centre punch , smallish drill at low speed, keep the drill sharp, open up to tapping size and tap it out. I may* have once welded a nut onto a mini rear subframe though.
  14. Nothing to do with me and I can't help, But I suggest @Ghosty clears this at home before you start organising anything. I've seen his house and neighbours.
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