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  1. Can now confirm that if a sledgehammer will not remove an old brake disc from a Transit rear hub. Just cut the disc in half with an angle grinder from each side as far as possible and tap the disc with a hammer. New discs fall on.
  2. Not this time, I think it's stick on graphics but nothing is planned yet. Not my department. I'm more into fitting leaf springs and rear discs on Tranny vans in the rain lately.
  3. I bent it and tacked it in. My son welded it complete. When you scrutineer they ask who fitted the cage. There are well known, recognised builders. We are known in Stock Car circles, Someday we may make the Autograss list. Autograss rules changes are a bugbear every year. Understandable in a way, as they apply from 1st Jan next year. But you start building too soon in their eyes. There are also different interpretations, takes us a while to understand what the written words mean to a Scrutineer. First car we built failed on tube thickness. Rule says 2.5mm with a tolerance of 0.2mm. Our tube was rejected at 2.35mm. "But it's over minimum" Tolerance only applies on bends, rest of structure must be 2.5 min. We cut it all out and did it all again in 2.7. In Brisca most work to minimum dimensions. ....Add lightness.
  4. Raced Bradford very few crowd as expected. There was a very low mist, you could see just over half way down the straight at times. Ste had a decent day, second in the final and no damage. Also took the blue car to Wetherby for Scrutineering ready for next season. They are being very strict. We almost fell foul of a rule that has not been released to the drivers yet, but managed to get approval from the man that matters after a few phone calls and photos. There is a gold tag on there, if I'd taken the photo it would be in view. Need to bolt the seat in, weld door panels on, bit of wiring, window mesh, paint the bits of floor we left whilst climbing in and out. Then hopefully get another Scrutineering tag (red). This one confirms the driver fits the car, and at Amelia's age can start, stop, and drive round a few cones. Then sign writing, which we didn't have done on the black car. Due to lack of time and cba. In other news the Tranny failed the MOT on rear discs, which is a pain of a job, but we knew it was coming, and a fractured rear spring, which we can't see anything wrong with, but he obviously has better eyes than us. So when the parts turn up we will have a go at fixing that.
  5. I'll buy from anywhere. You can't class one person by a whole City. Teacher at my granddaughters school took the whole classes library books off them because one pupil damaged their book. I'd sack that teacher.
  6. I had a Scenic on Motability, it was very good until the auto box failed. Mind you I was towing a large trailer much of the time and Motability sorted it. I was also overweight, because the salesman/brochure/Renault, told lies. Tow weight 1300kg , ........(subject to driver only and no luggage whatsoever). I had an electric wheelchair, ramps, tools, sledge hammer....... in the back. Wife wasn't too nimble either.
  7. We are now well on with Amelias new Yaris racing car for next season. I'll take a photo next week when I've tidied up. They keep changing the rules as we go, which may trip us up down the line, but not so much as the guy who paid £1,700 for a seat, which is now deemed illegal. Had problems with no start. - No spark, and too much petrol. Then we found the spark. Unfortunately the spark found the too much petrol and panic ensued. Always have a CO2 extinguisher handy folks, I've ordered 2 more. Normal service is thankfully resumed. Changed the ECU and key/key reader, it behaves now. Someone (not me ) had dropped a bar on the old ECU previously. Racing at Bradford tomorrow Sun 13 Nov in the black car. Anything could happen, but we have another 2 road cars standing by.
  8. Also worth checking his other items. I'd say the Corgi is cheap at the moment.
  9. Sierra based? There were very many Cortinas.
  10. Ah Sierra, I hadn't noticed. Afaik they only made a couple. It does say 5 stud so P100 I presume. Think the first, maybe only? one was driven by a disabled guy who used to push a shopping trolley round the shows collecting aluminium drink cans for scrap.
  11. I thought all those had 6 wheels? Used to bolt 2 extra indespension units at the back. I quite fancied one back in the day.
  12. Is the pedal heavy to press? If so all is probably well with the thrust bearing. As said plate has grown into pressure plate and flywheel. I've started them up in second gear, with clutch pedal down before today, and shot off down the road. Keep your foot on the clutch and bang the brake pedal hard a few times. Beware Nuns and Kittens, and put it in neutral as a last resort. I never ever said or did this of course.
  13. Don't know where to put this, so here goes. Tonight I'm approaching traffic lights, 2 lanes I'm in the outside, as turning right. Lights change amber/ Red. I stop, first in line. Blues and twos behind me. Look in my nearside mirror, lane is empty and it's coming through. Lights go green. I sit there. Ambulance goes up my inside, and turns right, across my bows. Which is fine, that's why I'm sat there with my foot on the brake. Light is still green, I follow the Ambulance. BUT. As soon as I'm over the line, light goes Red. I carry on, too far into the junction to stay there. I didn't realise at the time, but there was no amber in both cases. It went Red-Green-Red Can an Ambulance change the lights? @Spuriousmay know.
  14. It is straight, just the exhaust fell in pieces. Be aware that cats on these can bring a substantial amount. We haven't made money, but hopefully we should get a decent return. That's why people want them for x2 Twixs. If your cat is behind the rad, it's pretty safe. If its on the front to rear bit they are often stolen. Frightens you when you fire it up. We should be autocross racing in November. They asked for interest and got over 80 replies. When they mentioned £80 entry fee, most withdrew interest, so it's off.
  15. Slight amendment to this. Amelia, age almost 10, is by agreement, having her own racing car next year. If you shout the capital words, you will have an idea of how it came across. I am NOT! racing with NUMBER 2 on MY car. I AM 188, and THAT is the number I AM having on MY CAR! Fair do's then.
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