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  1. Nothing happening in our Stock Car world for a good while. First meeting this year for us is Mildenhall 22nd May. Meanwhile have a throwback item. Scimitar, dragged out of a London garage after a long rest. Transported by my long time friend Dave Speed to his workshop to be refurbished for my eldest son. Finished item collected today after much work and a few* complications, and driven Rochdale to Chester without mishap. Few photos below. Apologies for f/b I don't like it myself, but it's all the photos I have at present. If anyone has the technology to ma
  2. The T bolt will be strong enough just welded together. If not sure , weld a practise one and hit it with a hammer in a vice, to see if it bends or breaks, End of the strap the same, just form a loop and weld it on. Filter on the outside of the tank will be fine, but check it often, in case some of the treatment/rust comes loose in the tank.
  3. Ok then, Back wheels off the ground equals jackknife at the first bend.
  4. I'm not having a 30 ft Caravan. The front wheels would be off the ground.
  5. I towed a 6 x 4 x 2 camping trailer full to the brim . Using an 850 Mini, with home made tow bar. From Rochdale to Great Yarmouth, and back.
  6. Pity about the non collection, but now she knows how to do it she can try again. With regard to the non starting starter on Audrey, you probably need a solenoid kit. 2 Big copper washers, quite cheap. Easy to fit once you get the starter off. Never* fail again when it's done.
  7. Don't worry about the chipped drum, everyone does it. Just file the edges so it doesn't rip your fingers.
  8. Don't worry about the cash, yours to spend how you like on what you like. Do what feels right next. People might say I've wasted money. But at the time it wasn't a waste, it was what I wanted to spend it on.
  9. I've always been like that, but I thought it died out 40 years ago.
  10. Possibly Mrs Slowcombe.
  11. I'll park the Minor in front of my house on the main road so everyone passing can admire* the scabby paintwork on the boot lid. Maybe I'll go and buy filler!
  12. You need to get a spare key made at once, before you lose it.
  13. It's likely been flooding before because shit in jet, and someone bent the arms down to shut the fuel off, but overdid it. There's a measurement somewhere in the deep past. If it leaks again try tapping the bowl lightly with a spanner.
  14. Had a spare key made for the 9-3, I'm paranoid about losing/breaking it. Local motor factor can do them but wanted £180, So I went to Leeds £90. Locksmiths van, took him 10 minutes, worked perfectly. Day later left old key at home and went shopping. Got back in car, lock won't turn, Spare key is at home, 10 miles away. I'll ring D in L get her to bring my spare key. Oh! I've just changed my front door and she hasn't got a key for my house now. After 20 minutes with much jiggling and reverse gear waggling it works. Drive straight home. Get old key, old key
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