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  1. Just for clarification, you do realise I'm 74 and my youngest son does the driving these days. I was 67 last time I raced. All I do now is fix it. You may have dodged a bullet. At the moment he can't walk. We suspect Gout due to alcohol and weight, (even he does) but Hospital says no swelling so maybe just tissue injury. Hopefully right in 4 days, but who knows. Deane can do what he likes in our book. He made Northampton shale, so X2 Euro Champ us. Never have happened on tar. Thanks for wanting to come, Next one there for us should be 24 October.
  2. I like it. I also like the Lawn mower racing that I stumbled on.
  3. Me too when I got a Moggy for £950.
  4. Track is at Brafield, NN7 2BA. Sat 26 th September 5pm. Unfortunately due to Covid it's pre booked tickets only, and crowd is kept separate from the drivers. In normal times you just roll up and roam anywhere. Basically a field in the middle of nowhere, was great in the sun shine, but can be very wet and cold at times. Viewing is good though. Anyone on f/b, which I'm not a great fan of, but it's useful at times. You can join ' #lovef2s'. They often feature videos of the races, sometimes live with commentary when permitted.
  5. You fit right in! Get willswitch's bought. You'll not lose money on it.
  6. The gear change is a challenge at first. I do think are a little sedate for SiC though. Long hair or a beard often helps for some strange reason.
  7. First meeting Kings Lynn, quite a large crowd considering Covid reduction. First heat, many collisions, car over our bonnet which made a mess of steel work but fortunately missed the bonnet completely. In 3rd place but a lap behind. Yellow flag, race stopped for an incident. They have a new rule, that on a yellow, any car in first 6 places that is a lap behind goes round to the back. We don't agree with this, its designed to protect lower grade drivers, but in many cases helps the higher grades. Anyway, at the back now 18th on the restart. Finished 10th so qualified.
  8. I never* used that sort of thing as a pro forma invoice in an accident claim, when someone ran into the back of my caravan.
  9. There's one on here for £reasonable. Eventually.
  10. Got car back from painting 4-30 pm Thursday, worked on it till 9pm, changed diff and put new wheels on, odds and sods. I started at 9am making spare bits, so a 12 hour day. I usually only do 3 or 4 now. As reported on grumpy thread, went home turned on the hot water tap and left it running for 10 hours! This morning, (friday) started 7-30 am. One of the new tyres was flat, put another tube in. Fit dash and gauges, wire it all up, fit engine stop cable and mirror. Exhaust pipe and silencer, a few body panels, Afternoon run it outside, tyre pressures, set up chassis height
  11. Went in bathroom 7 am. Hot tap on basin going full belt. Taps red hot, basins hot ,waste pipes hot. Luckily plug not in. I reckon it's been running 9 hours at least! I'm deaf, can't hear it running.
  12. All being well we are racing this weekend, Sat Kings Lynn, Sun Northampton. Cars just back from paint and sign writing, another fantastic job by Dom Davis. There's bits everwhere at the moment, many jobs not finished, then heeds setting up and weighing Anything can and possibly will happen. Here's a photo I did take, grand kids, inside the car to keep it cleaner, more to come when it's complete.
  13. They do sell such a thing on ebay. It's not recommended though, and the reviews said they were crap.
  14. The Boots stuff has Hydrogen Peroxide at 5%. Probably so you buy twice as much I'm going to try it, I need something that works fast because deaf as a post sometimes.
  15. Both, but not at the same time.
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