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  1. Be careful with the wheel nuts. Only 3/8" studs and easy to snap. Torque wrench is best, but I forget the figure,
  2. Rear brake adjusters. Paint the head with tippex. Easier to spot through the hole. Also can mark the backplate with tippex in line with the screw, so you know where to look. If you didn't pull the half shaft out, don't! There's a paper gasket that can break. I'd leave the brake cylinders if the foot brake and hand brake work OK. Cylinders are cheap, but crap. Mine had seized on the handbrake bit. Hand brake was always just about adequate at best on all mine.
  3. Final F2 reports. Odsal Bradford, 17th July. If you only ever go to watch Stock cars once in your lifetime, make sure it's at this place. Everything about it is mega. Heat 1, good race, fast track, finished 5th, so qualified for final. Spun early on in final, someones front bumper hooked in our back bumper, drags you round, nothing you can do. Once at the back of 30 odd cars it's hard. Went very well but not in first 10. Didn't do last race because Euros next week. Northampton European Championship 24/25 July. The forecast for thunder/lightening/heavy rain, suited us, but it never happened. Dry both days. Sat. Can't remember why, but didn't qualify in heat so went in Consolation. Slowed for a yellow flag, and was put hard into a parked car by Courtney Finniken, who owed us one, and didn't see the yellow flags. Ste took his place back in front of her for the restart and as he passed her, wagged his finger. This was misconstrued by some of the Finniken camp as a different type of hand gesture, which resulted in lively conversations in the pits after the race. All friends* now though. She really is very good. Back to the race. There's another yellow with 4 laps to go. We are in 6th place on the line up, Courtney right behind, Ste's mate Richard behind her. First 6 qualify. Ste has no intention of entering the final, save car for Sun Euro, so pulls off into the centre . Said after, I know it looks like I'm feared of Courtney, but I thought it might give Richard a chance to qualify. Sunday, first race European Champion ship. Piles of cars in the fence at both ends on the first lap. Red flags. We hit the fence side on hard but still going. Then pull off, bonnet of, 3 mins to fix cars before restart. We fail to restart. Turns out the plug came out of the ECU slightly and it was only running on 2 and 4. ECU is wrapped up in foam inside a waterproof box. Has a clip to hold it together, but now has 2 cable ties as well, you live and learn. Car and many spares have gone, garage is empty, bank is full(er). Need to make space for a Yaris, The sides of the garage have grown inwards. Doesn't matter with an open wheeled car, but need room to spray a Yaris now. Smoll car is big. Anyone want a very old, very heavy , possibly very cheap lathe? I may have to rejoin ebay selling. Reports from now will likely be in regard to Class one Autograss. But an Autograss special has been mentioned for the possible future. Van needs more beds too. Kids are growing. I slept across the front seats, which were surprisingly comfortable. Hes on holiday now. I'm in the garage sorting diffs and things. It's amazing what you can get for bits of old Fords.
  4. Hermes lady just knocked. Is this what you've been waiting for? Parcel 3"x 2" x 1/2", Just found it wedged in a gap in the back of the van at home. Made a special journey to bring it because I knew you were waiting. I said she was good 11/10 for effort. It's the packers fault for putting a switch in a small plastic bag.
  5. Hermes! Never had a problem before, nice lady, always hides my stuff if I'm not in. Tracking, deliver Wed. No! Saw her Thurs, anything for me? 22 no not today, Should have come yesterday, oh really sorry about that, OK not your fault love. Tracking, your item will be delivered Fri between 10 and 12. No! 1-45, we tried to deliver but no one in. we will try again. I was in from 10 till 2 waiting for you. It's small enough to fit my letterbox. It's that small you've bleedin lost it. I had to go to Halfords and buy a cheap plastic one.
  6. @warren t claim Maybe worth passing that on if you would please.
  7. Flywheel can be loose, but it's unusual.
  8. Try winding the engine over on the starting handle. You may have to take the plugs out. If it's free all the way round fire it up. I've never seen a con rod through a Minor block before now! Edit. You may be best taking the rocker cover off first and make sure all the valves close.
  9. Starter clonking could be bolts loose, or bendix sticking.
  10. I may inavertently be partly responsible for some of this. The spanner I promised to look for is as yet still missing. However, this has reminded me, and since your a/c belt is still not working I will redouble my efforts and attempt to help you achieve success sometime in the future. Mine never had working air con either. A floppy top is my prefered solution.
  11. Iirc the bolts through the master cyl foul the torsion bar when trying to remove them, mine did on a few anyway. You need to either remove the torsion bar at the front, (involves splitting the front bottom arms), bend it down a lot with a massive crowbar (not recommended), or cut the bolt heads off, which I think is what I did, and pull them out the other way. But I had many bolts at the time. Refit the bolts the other way round on assembly, then it's easy next time. May have to trim the bolt ends or fit a washer to the head, so the end of bolt doesn't foul the torsion bar. Edit, I may have fitted a thin nut, it's 50 years ago.
  12. Did they ping you through the app or email you? I'm no expert, but they tell me ping is optional, email is law. Obviously mine is email. https://inews.co.uk/inews-lifestyle/travel/british-holidaymakers-lose-thousands-pinged-nhs-covid-app-legal-loophole-1108721
  13. Anyway Mrs Sparts has proper bumpers and is single circuit. Its not a massive job providing you have all the parts and a brake pipe tool. They gave me a pipe 3ft too long. Universal I suppose.
  14. As standard its on the master cylinder. Aftermarket same as 6 cyl Made me feel much better. It's not a massive improvement, but gives confidence. £130 at B hive but nil stock. ebay around £100, but you may have to sort a few bits and pieces. Adaptor/ brake pipes.
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