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  1. My first car on the road was an aluminium bodied Reliant, on a bike licence. I also had a go on the road in a Vicars Morris minor, still with a bike licence, but he didn't care. Driving School car was HA Viva. I told you I was old! Only had 6 lessons, because having had a Reliant I could drive a Viva easy.
  2. My eldest was racing grass bikes at 10, and youngest racing Minis at 11. You are doing it wrong. Well one of us is.
  3. I'm in Blackpool. It's pissing down. No need to rub it in. Sorry wrong thread.
  4. Youngest son has Tranny van. Eldest has Cobra, with 327 Chevy, and some sort of electric ish Merc through work.
  5. Was a bit tongue in cheek. Mine was quite nice.
  6. Seen the light Eddy, pile of crap those CF's.
  7. My cat enjoyed that for some reason.
  8. Where did one begin the journey? Do not say 'train station'.
  9. Re the driving lessons. This may not be true, but was last time I looked into it. Do your own research, you are good at that! And make your own decisions. BSM use ADI, instructors (Approved Driving Instructor) green badge in screen, fully qualified. And PDI instructors( Potential Driving Instructor) pink badge in screen, not fully qualified. They may have explained this already but might have forgotten* The PDI has to tell you he is PDI, and charges 20% less than their normal fee. If a ADI turns up no problem. If hes PDI and you are prepared to have an unqualified Instructor teaching you, fair enough, they have to learn on someone. As I said check the above yourself, It's a while since I failed my instructor test!
  10. The posts lock in but lift out. You steal it!
  11. Right idea, but they don't understand metric much in America. I loved working on planes, because imperial innit. Well was when I was there.
  12. You could possibly machine a stepped stud. If a stud in one hole would work?
  13. My eldest son had similar, Stock car, but no matter. He found that for a couple of months afterwards, he was slow in certain situations. Normal life was fine, but in high power meetings he would still be thinking of a reply when three others had jumped in with an answer. Before he was always first. It came back, but he stopped racing as couldn't chance losing his job You don't always realise the after effects. Ask others how they see you.
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