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  1. Mally

    Vespa 50 Special

    In my Vespa days I seem to remember hitting neutral just before I stopped. I might have made it up though, was 50 years ago. I do know I had to bump start it because the kick start shaft can shear if you fall off!
  2. Splice it together. You owe me one.
  3. Mally

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Saw that yesterday, maybe when they took the photo. It lives round the corner from me.
  4. Yes that's what I thought. In reality it's best to say, "6 kids and pregnant wife on her way to hospital, parked on a dangerous bend"
  5. It can be a mistake to limp to a safe area. I've had that one. "Oh you are safe in a lay by sir" 3.5 hours in the middle of the night. Can't help with your gearbox, suspect a big bill, but hope not.
  6. I'd not be firing it up without exhaust, don't want flames near that blue paint.
  7. Looking good, but that's always the best bit,
  8. If they don't lie flat it shouldn't matter, but you could twist carefully with long nosed pliers. Edit, maybe not, if anything falls in there it's really bad!
  9. Like the man said yesterday. you said iyou were going to try it. Do it now! I want to hear it running. Clean the grit out after sanding, with a piece of cardboard or it still won't go.
  10. Rotor arm? are you on points/condenser? It will frighten you when it fires!
  11. My eldest son has bought a Scimitar, as mentioned in For sale/wanted. Here it is in a London garage where it rested for many years. Fortunately I'm not doing this one. Projected finish date end of year. I'll stick a few photos up now and then.
  12. Last update for a while this. Aerofoil brks on, all panels cut and roughly trimmed, can't get them perfect because need to fasten with cleco's and don't want to drill holes before powder coating. Exhaust on . Hopefully done all we need for now, apart from window mesh. Almost ready to strip it down for powder coating. Filled our time in very well, took 9 weeks, 280 man hours. Lots more work when it comes back from powder coating, but weeks, maybe months away that. Took 6 weeks from start to finish last time we made one, but probably over 10 years ago. Last one for me this. Couple of final photos for now.
  13. I'll give it a fortnight.
  14. I've check all the work, done, and out of that lot, mines had a thermostat. I'm not in the least jealous. Honest*
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