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  1. You, as me, seem to be over engineering things. Your bed is magic! This will never fall apart in a million years, which is good. You are dragging the weight around forever though. Not in any way a criticism, I'm exactly the same, but beware fuel consumption may suffer.
  2. Sounds good to me. Will likely sound good when you start it up.
  3. Looking at it, I feel the baffle may be too restrictive. It's only a gut feeling, I used to jam old tin cans in mine, which usually blew out again. You will soon tell with loss of performance and/or overheating. May well be fine. Your engineering expertise easily surpasses mine.
  4. Ceed SW are good, had one of those on Motability a while back.
  5. !0 years NCB they gave me, and use of the car from 8 Dec to 4th Jan because Xmas/N Year. I think normally you get to keep it for a fortnight. There may be some good condition cash to come back if the cars good, £300 iirc. I'd paid £600 for a factory fitted towbar. Because I'd only used it 2 years they gave me £200 on that as well.
  6. If your MIL was a named driver on the Motability car, the insurers will, if asked, give her proof of NCB as a named driver providing no accidents of course. This is acceptable by many insurers when she insures in her own right. I found Motability very good to deal with at such a time.
  7. I think I'd have machined a phosphor bronze bush for the crank, rather than stripped the box down, I don't do gearboxes if I can help it.
  8. https://www.maxpeedingrods.co.uk/product/Remote-Brake-Servo-LE72696-TT3949Z-Brake-Booster-19-for-Austin-A30-A35-A40.html?tracking=adstrong_uk&code=GBP&origin=CjwKCAiA2O39BRBjEiwApB2Iknd9QNxE6uiUREr3h9Pu9Xk4tPzox7P6M2zJV9BoGx4XS1wFfPefZRoCDGMQAvD_BwE&gclid=CjwKCAiA2O39BRBjEiwApB2Iknd9QNxE6uiUREr3h9Pu9Xk4tPzox7P6M2zJV9BoGx4XS1wFfPefZRoCDGMQAvD_BwE I'd ring someone like this and ask the size
  9. I've fitted one to an MGB. There is a dedicated kit available though, and they are quite large. People said the MG didn't need it , but I found a vast improvement. Sorry can't help with small.
  10. I think the back mudguards are fine. The front's were good enough for my Dutton and Robin Hood, which says very little, but we even had a Dax Rush with those on.
  11. It's Scotland, might rain. Get a sports car with a good heater and massive boot. Or hire an expensive campervan with all mod cons.
  12. Just cut short a Spanish holiday, returned 2 weeks early. Left my December return fight running in case of mishap. Ryanair have moved the December fight, which I no longer need, and offered a refund!
  13. I did ours with similar carpet. stuck the carpet direct to the bubble wrap. I laid the carpet on a privet hedge to spray the glue, Looked like an Xmas tree when I'd finished spraying. Trimmed the hedge later.......glue all gone.
  14. Shortened version. What to do with it? Check water first thing. Then get it running. Check for spark, if no spark clean points. Check for fuel, brrrrm. If no brrrm , bit of easy start down carb. If it has brakes, short test drive, If no brakes, best to fix brakes first.
  15. I wouldn't over think it, try to help but don't push her. She.s not going to change her ways much now. She will just start seeing you as a pain, rather than as she sees you now, a help.
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