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  1. Mally

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Get it bought, it's only next door!
  2. I used to have a little side number where I ran almost every workmates car to my mates garage for MOT, 5 mins from work in my dinner hour. They paid me full price, I paid trade. If the fail slip was long, I often bought them, but knew what I was letting myself in for. I once took a Lada in that was 2 halves welded together. They couldn't believe anyone would go to the trouble. What I do now with little or no MOT, is offer to pay for an MOT. If they refuse I walk. If they accept I use the results of the MOT accordingly.
  3. 2 months MOT. I'd be putting it through another before I paid.
  4. I was 6 before I ever went in a car, even then it wasn't ours. My dad had a Combination until he passed his car test age 54. couldn't kick the bike up any more due to byssinosos. Quite likely that's what I went home in, BSA, Norton, Panther, Triumph. Who knows, I can remember all those.
  5. Mally

    MOT Exempt

  6. Mally

    MOT Exempt

    Historic vehicle, shaker plates. Does not compute.
  7. I doubt Bradley Walsh writes his own scripts. Unlike you.
  8. Yes you cant make the existing plate into a personal one. But you should be able to put your personal plate on.
  9. Wot he said. Someone in the past has removed your cars original plate. Thus the plate now on it is non transferable. I think.
  10. Cheers Tim, it's a bit too far though, Stoke istadium is closed as well so I'll pass. I have an empty flo gas, 19kg. but my local place only has 13kg and won't swop. I'm looking out for a calor, 13 or 19, but don't really need one now Summer* is almost here.
  11. I reckon Philip Bond had an Ace up his sleeve.
  12. Won a propane bottle 99p, 1/4 full, 3 mile from my house. Seller messaged me collect this morning. 30 mins later got a text, sorry my brother chucked it in the skip, it's gone!
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