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  1. Petersfield to Newcastle in a just purchased (sight unseen) 306 GTi-6. With a non functioning radio due to lack of code. Went the long way around the M25 and took an accidental detour into Peterborough while going to a service station.
  2. I hope the twist is that you've bought the bus and you are the driver.
  3. The Audi somehow manages to be both boring and vulgar at the same time.
  4. Bonus points for being named after a producer of such fine convenience foods as the freeze-dried chow mein. (On which I was raised.)
  5. It's handsome, but I couldn't swallow that tax. If only it were a few years older!
  6. Mini Cooper S which has been fettled. So absolutely not.
  7. Chodspeed. Those are some seriously value plane tickets. Can be 60 quid to get to Dublin from Newcastle.
  8. Veeeeeeeeeeery swish. A thoroughly high-class motor.
  9. Just three for me:- Rover 75 Puma SportKa The Puma was my first car and it died on a roundabout, the 75 was my second car and the suspension collapsed while I was driving it, and the Ka was just a total rotbox which I got shot of after the radiator went because I was sick of fixing the bloody thing.
  10. Congrats! I'm sorry you had to miss the local car show, though.
  11. They always seemed like insanely good value when new, £6k for a car the size of a Focus. What mechanicals did they have? Or were they Kia's own?
  12. Mmmmmm, handsome. These are ageing really well.
  13. How come we never got the Lada Oka here? A little 650cc city car with boxy Cinquecento-esque looks which cost less than anything else on the road... surely there'd have been a market.
  14. We can have a race, if you like - I reckon I'll be free!
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