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  1. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/15055278.traffic-disruption-in-glasgow-as-car-faces-wrong-way-on-m8-charing-cross-off-slip/ Can't see it that clearly but this was my write off of a Twingo. Shame, I liked that car.
  2. Has anyone been to this museum? Anyone planning to go and pay homage to the Corsa? Shame it's a fancy GLS and not a Merit in poverty white but you can't have everything...
  3. I like that guy. Subscribed! He would fit in perfectly around here...
  4. Nineties stuff is still cheap for the most part apart from the halo models, where values are in some cases climbing (e.g. Pug 306 GTi-6 and Rallye). My 850 T5 can't be worth more than a grand.
  5. I like the combination of fancy folding roof and poverty spec unpainted bumpers.
  6. That looks like a slightly less shit version of the Bentley 4x4 from the 1990s.
  7. See, the nice thing about a Metrocab is the huge glass area. Compare that with your modern minicab which will be a Merc or Audi with windows the size of postage stamps and a cramped back seat because of all the plastic padding around it.
  8. Love a Cee'd. A mate has had one of these for ages and it's been absolutely no bother. A comfy, hassle free An Car.
  9. Stick it on a classic policy, problem solved. My 850 T5 was giving me absolutely horrendous quotes at renewal time a few days back so I tried Footman James - £200 off the next best quote, with no impending rise for moving from a nice postcode into the car crime capital of the North East.
  10. Are these as shite as I always assumed? They made them for aaaaaages.
  11. I remember a group test in Auto Express back in the day of 'real-life concepts' - this, the Renault Spider and, erm, a couple of others I've forgotten.
  12. In my experience going 150 miles to view a car always ends in driving a car you've just bought 150 miles back home. But then that is also true if the car is five miles away, so...
  13. Yep, now the neighbours will neither think you're a povvo nor a showy bastard. Well bought that man!
  14. Looks nice in that colour! Spec?
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