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  1. My 90s Volvo has remained untouched, mercifully. I even put a nice big dent in the front wing just to make sure it really looks like crap. My missus' Jazz was involuntarily de-catted, though. There's been a spate of cat thefts across the Tyneside area of late, a pair of scummers in a can driving around. Someone saw one of them carrying one through a back lane in broad daylight the other day - so brazen.
  2. Always liked the Fiat Ecobasic 2000. The Panda is ace, but I'd rather drive this.
  3. I wonder when this last moved. I checked the history and it's apparently never had an MOT! The guy at the garage next door said he'd been there six years and the car had been sat there the entire time. But "it's just a posh Peugeot", says him. As though that's a bad thing!
  4. The Fabia was always my favourite one. Don't get many supermini based saloons for sale over here at all.
  5. Did you post the Panda -based van/MPV as well...?
  6. Seat Panda-based Emelba Elba. The one and only five door version of the Seat Panda that was ever produced.
  7. Parked across the road when I got back from the pub. Doesn't get much lazier.
  8. That's very impressive. My T5 managed to get me to Coventry and back the other day with fuel to spare, which I was happy with... Range of about 450 miles.
  9. I would if there was a suitable replacement on here that I could immediately stick the money into, but nothing is taking my fancy.
  10. How much are tickets going to be for the Bentley when the time comes...?
  11. In this climate it would probably bridge for what he's paid for it.
  12. How can you see those two and not also mention the 309? ... Is the 309 a GTi?
  13. Automatic Proton of some kind.
  14. Spotted on Facebook marketplace for a frankly bargainous £1500.
  15. Yeeeeeessssssss! A damn fine vehicle.
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