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  1. I hoped but I didn't dare to expect. Well bought!
  2. Chodspeed. I hope it's a big old Citroen.
  3. That is not a happy C6. Where someone's bodged that pipe previously, it cracked. The crack has completely split. And... you can see the result. It made it to Durham and back today with a *lot* of water being tipped into it, but the pipe finally gave up the ghost on the way back home. Straight into a garage next week to get it fixed properly, which someone didn't bother to do last time it went. Known failure point on these so a new one will at least mean peace of mind for me. For a while.
  4. My C6 was a Gumtree find, under £2k with stacks of history and a fresh ticket. It has a leaky thermostat housing at the moment but TADTS. So check that when looking at one. Check the heater blows the same temperature on both sides (which mine doesn't). Check the suspension goes up and down as it should, of course. A check engine light may or may not be something to worry about. Check the windows go up and down as they should when you open the doors. They're awesome, not as "proper" as an XM or CX but still a comfortable, rare, distinctive and quirky way to get around. Can't comment on any other engines but the 2.7HDi in mine is a really good fit for the car, surprisingly smooth and plenty powerful enough. I have a baby on the way and although I think we'll be fine with me having a C6 as my daily driver, I would swap for something more practical and cheaper to tax and run.
  5. If you showed me that and asked me to guess who made it, Lotus would be about twentieth on the list. So generic.
  6. I went round a corner in the C6 yesterday and the rear passenger side window went down. Like, all the way down. Immediately. I heard road noise and felt a draught, looked over my shoulder and was extremely confused. Pulled over, tried the window switch and it went straight back up. The most WTF thing it's done to me yet. In brighter news, I think I've worked out where the coolant is leaking from. Or at least, I've found one of the spots it's leaking from.
  7. Is that an outhouse on the back? Could make decent money bringing that to festivals and such and charging a couple quid a go (fiver for a poo).
  8. Won't be able to hear the rattle through the double glazing anyway tbf.
  9. Managed to drop the coolant expansion tank cap into the C6 engine bay earlier. Oops. And then in attempting to retrieve it it went further in and out of sight. Balls. New one ordered off Amazon, the old one will likely work its way down to sit on top of the undertray for later retrieval. Hopefully.
  10. These are on offer in my local corner shop at 75p at the moment!
  11. Cinquecento, Punto, Bravo/a, Marea, Coupé, Barchetta, Multipla. Beautiful. All of them pretty near the top of their respective classes, or at the top in the case of the Multipla.
  12. Similarly, I absolutely love the hybrid Panda I've got as a hire car at the moment. Basic and needs to be thrashed to go anywhere. Handles nicely and has loads of room in it for a car of that size.
  13. Chod speed. Hoping it's something wildly inappropriate, like a Crown Vic limo.
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