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  1. I wanna know more about the prime piece of chod behind it!
  2. The Bangle ones will be a grand before too long. And that's when I'll pounce.
  3. That is absolutely fucking hideous. When's the roffle?
  4. Getting a strong Punto MK1 vibe from the front of that Pondicherry.
  5. That must have been the last naturally aspirated diesel in its class.
  6. That one looks like some sort of Fiat...
  7. 306 GTi-6. I miss that car so much. Fast enough, practical enough and the best handling car I've ever driven.
  8. Would a 309 ride well enough to meet your needs...?
  9. You can't have it back, I'm enjoying it too much...! Aircon and an electric sunshine roof is the best summer combination of luxuries.
  10. Phwoooooar. These look so much more modern than the hatches and estates.
  11. "The future: More exciting models to come..." *Photo of an Astra estate* Phwooooooar, can't wait!
  12. I always thought they were a touch under-bumpered - another inch or so and it'd be perfect. The GTi is perfect, though.
  13. First, the pub. The next day, a MASSIVE drive through the Northumbrian countryside, stopping at a pub for a disgustingly large roast dinner and a pint.
  14. 100%, I only have the 850 T5 and it was MOT'd just before I got it. I've not had it long enough for things to really go wrong.
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