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  1. That 635 above is an absolute beaut. A proper lottery win purchase for me.
  2. What a beauty. Dealer sticker as well.
  3. It wasn't always grey plastic though, I've seen CJ models where the bumper is all body colour...
  4. Question for Peugeot lickers. How come the 309s all had poverty spec grey bumpers, including the GTi, whereas a good number of the 205s came with painted ones...?
  5. Good job there isn't a fuel crisis going on...
  6. She told you not to buy any more but she never said anything about winning them, I think you're in the clear there.
  7. £300 for a spider-ridden Puma 1.7 off a farmer (it was his daughter's and she moved away). Full ticket, one owner. Such a great little car.
  8. £2000 for a seven year old Twingo GT. Which was a really nice, fun little car... Until I wrote it off. Got more back off insurance than I paid. Most of which I sank into an absolutely shite Bini Cooper R50.
  9. It could set itself on fire like the last one of these on here... Hope it doesn't though, because these RULE.
  10. The same year as we hit peak everything else. 1995.
  11. Did they move production to Brazil at some point during the run or have I got that ass backwards..?
  12. The SportKa I had for an all too brief period was absolutely shot but even then it was an utter hoot to drive. Sublime gearchange and comedy acceleration (with a hilariously aggressive clutch bite). Would like a go in a Billy basic 1.3 Endura to see how they compare. Did the bASe ones come sans power steering as well?
  13. I used to rip off the Triumph Acclaim as my elderly neighbours had one (gold on a Y plate). I was destined for this place from a young age...
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