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  1. I think it looks great, and even looking at Gumtree ads the money isn’t terrible. It is only an asking price after all! can a deal be done, perhaps £5k is more realistic given it needs some tlc? Have you seen it in the flesh?
  2. I remember the 800 being a huge car in its day! looking at it next to that monstrosity Tesla it’s positively compact 😂
  3. I was just about to post that I could have waved, well I could if I went upstairs! (Halesowen, ish)
  4. ‘tis ar! We’m bay as bad as them!
  5. There’s no getting away from us is there! 🤣
  6. Yes I did, still do occasionally but the forum is pretty much dead these days. It’s a great technical resource still though. What was your user name on there?
  7. A bit of welding has happened … not the best picture, apologies. unfortunately I only have one picture of the repair… and it’s not finished, and it’s the other side 🤣 The repair is much tidier now it’s done and when I next get to make progress play with the car, I’ll take some more of the repair being finished off and painted. its MOT style repair rather than resto, but again it saves the car and gives it a chance to fight another day. We couldn’t find any other rot under this, which was surprising, so now it basically needs any loose under seal stripping off and sorting out and a general refresh underneath. the MOT is expired now and I have too much on to get into finishing the repairs and taking it for an MOT, but hopefully I’ll get it done in June. oh yeah, and she’s started running lumpy and rich when on choke, which is disappointing! Seems ok when warm, but I always panic about HGF on these 😂
  8. Mine had to have similar amounts done in the same places, that looked really solid from outside too. it looks like your guy does a better job than my guy though, that’s really neat looking work. Despite looking very good, you can see that mine has been worked on.
  9. Some that I haven’t seen mentioned here … Rover Met-Rot (Metro) Renault clitoris (Clio) Ford Escrot (Escort) Toyota Anus (Auris) Tin-Snail (Citroën 2cv)
  10. Contribution made, PayPal F&F
  11. Unfortunately I won’t get to use it much over the coming few days as I’ve got to finish relaying the driveway before anymore car activity can take place. MOT on the Metro is due in a couple of weeks, first one in my care. So I’m utterly shitting it and desperately trying to work in some time to get the car prepared trying to fit in a relaxing afternoon of MOT prep and definitely not finding more issues that need to be sorted out. luckily the little bit of welding that she needs can be done by a mate at work next week. Welding isn’t something that I’ve learned to do, I imagine it’s way beyond my skills and patience! I’ll be sure to get some photos of the work taking place and share the fail sheet new MOT certificate with you at my earliest opportunity!
  12. Well not a lot has been happening the last few weeks, other than work. I’ve just not had time to progress my projects mess about with the cars unfortunately… but today has been very exciting indeed, the Metro has been treated to some much needed love. H&H have been around and replaced the hydragas system and it’s made a huge difference to the car, far beyond my expectations. this was midway through the work. when they arrived they checked suspensions travel and ride height. The only suspension travel we had up front was the flex in the tyres. The ride height was way down on where it should have been. all four units have been replaced and the system pumped up to the correct ride height. Quick test drive, check the ride height and pump up to correct height again and the little beast is entirely transformed. a recent before… And now, look at that gap between the front wheel and arch 😮 can’t recommend these guys enough, great service and they really know there stuff! These little cars have a surprisingly good ride when the suspension is working properly doing anything at all!
  13. With used prices as they are, I’d think a grand should be doable, so advertising at £1250 would be a good starting point.
  14. Xj40 is doing is doing 19mpg (mostly town driving short trips when used ) metro about 35mpg (occasional commuting in place of the T5) t25 about 25mpg (on holiday in it last week) t5 2.5 is about 30mpg (wife commutes across town in this and does the school run) my daily diesel Jag is about 50mpg (town driving 9 mile commute). This is the only one with a trip computer and seems pretty accurate.
  15. I use brickwerks too, also use campervanculture.com they do loads of OE quality westfalia parts, but specialise in syncros and off grid camping stuff, really good service too.
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