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  1. Dubble dub in the A306 Apologies for shite photo quality
  2. I had a different set of wheels spread out on the drive today - a set of Magnums that came off the “big brown monster” - see the for sale section. Had a bit of a shuffle round today so the Chrysler went round the block a few times. Some of the neighbours were amused. Next time you should say hello!
  3. Thank you @MJK 24 ! It took a while. I wanted to leave the original machining marks and also the kerb rash my uncle had achieved (patina) so I just removed all the lacquer and grot with a glass brush. Then primed, painted and lacquered them with the appropriate stuff.
  4. Finally cleaned up and painted my Herald’s Avon Safety wheels. Got them fitted with a set of Avon tyres too. I even found all the wheel nuts! Next job - put them on the car.
  5. Now Tesco (what else?) The building is called Issigonis House, situated on the corner of Cowley Road. A memorial of what was once the main agent for Morris.
  6. More likely 2 door. I did hear of a Mk3 being made with 3 doors by mistake. Apparently it was less hassle to finish it than extract it out of the production line when they realised the left side didn’t match the right side. So I was told by someone who knew someone who was there. Must be true then.
  7. I’ve fitted those to the back end of my Chrysler because the leaf springs are very saggy. Very good.
  8. Our estate was shoddily built in 1965/6. Before the Herald 13/60 and before the DS got its new nose. So those two don’t fit the bill. There wouldn’t have been any old Traction Avants or yank tanks making the place look untidy. I imagine this place was awash with Rover and Triumph 2000s, Singer Gazelles and Morris 1100s, and a few Jags. The avant garde would have had a Fiat 124 or a Mini as a second car. Rover 2000TC for me - but we’d probably have had an Austin 12 or a prewar Delahaye dripping oil until we were told that it didn’t comply with some covenant.
  9. I have 5. My wife has 1. My son wants to get one- so one of mine will have to go to make room. 7 is too many for us.
  10. When I was a student in 1980 when insurance was less prohibitive, I got a quote for an old (1965 ish) FX4. I can’t remember how much it was but it was a bloody big number. Several times the asking price of the cab. Why so much, I asked. Because of the number of seats. I did not get an FX4.
  11. All true except the cart springs. Live axle but coils and discs all round.
  12. I’d like to mention the last version Ford Crown Victoria which was produced (with a styling change) from 1979 to 2012. 4.6 litre V8, separate chassis - old school. Ran out of road when the updates to keep the design legal were no longer viable. We had a 2000 model from 2000 to 2004. Wish I still had it. Bulletproof.
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