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  1. Meanwhile in West Ealing today - this Merc’s rear tracking needs attention.
  2. Aha. We changed the dog walking routine as he had an operation in his foot about a month ago. We’ve been driving him to the park to keep him on the grass. Will probably carry on until they start charging for parking again. Here’s a photo of him for nodding at purposes. Maybe this should go in the dog thread.
  3. To my shame, I have not but I live in hope!
  4. I offer you a Mitsubishi Legnum which I saw today (and yesterday) near Worthing. I could have put this in the “Cars I never knew existed” thread.
  5. Henri Chapron’s take on a 6 cylinder Citroen traction avant.
  6. My offside rear indicator is not working and is no longer responding to a thump. If you’ve ever wondered what is inside the “iconic” trumpets that house the indicator the answer is, as you can see, not much. I haven’t opened the bulb holder up but I believe there is no spring other than the rubber itself. How very french. So as the rubber is split it springeth not. £13 each for new ones.
  7. Filled up the DS today for 99.9p per litre 😊and drove it to that London to have a picnic lunch with my son 😊. Mrs Three Speed had to stay home ☹️ because that’s the rules.
  8. My preferences, based on anticipated grin factor ( I do enjoy poking around under the bonnet / tightening things up as well as driving them) Vitesse Sebring MX5 Merc Pug BMW Having both a Herald convertible and a GM Saab 900 convertible I can confirm they both have significant flexibility mainly limited by the door catches on the B post. Best not to watch how the gap changes there.
  9. Small update. I did the other rear corner of the brakes yesterday. Quite tough getting the drum off as one of the cylinder pistons had stuck. Both linings were still glued in place. I chiselled them off and riveted the new ones on. Easier than last week - quite possibly because I used rivets that I’d had for ages rather than the new ones that came with the linings. Either that or I have become more skilled during the week. I freed off the piston and it didn’t immediately leak - but I expect that will change so I’ve ordered a new one. The outer bearing didn’t look too great so I’ve ordered a pair of those too. The outer race looked a bit rough and I suspect poor lubrication. The grease had separated into oil and solid - unlike the other side which was still proper grease. I put it all back together for the time being. The brakes work fine now including the handbrake which is nice. I’ll replace the bearings and the wheel cylinder when they arrive along with the brake pipes. Really not looking forward to that.
  10. That’s better! Thank you!
  11. Thanks @Vantman. I do have these manuals but appreciate the offer. I even have the aluminium foils that were used to print them. If you are looking to move it on I can offer it in the TOC. However these manuals do come up fairly often and don’t get a lot of interest. When I got my Traction in the last century a colleague also had one. Manuals then seemed quite rare and I spent a happy afternoon photocopying his manual. Probably on the same copier he had used to make it. Now they’re all downloadable. Thanks
  12. Had a crack at the traction’s brakes today. I started at the back because the handbrake has been underperforming. Jacking up the rear near side and turning the hub revealed it would spin forwards fine but was not willing to go backwards. So I was not that surprised when I took the drum off and the one of the linings dropped out. I was definitely surprised when the other one followed it. Both linings had come unbonded for some reason. I had one come unstuck once before but that, I thought, was due to a leaking cylinder. No leaks here though. Happily the drum was undamaged. I had bought new linings so I riveted them on. More reliable than bonding I think. Riveting is not easy though and takes a few practice goes. The linings are more fragile than you might think. Ask me how I know. Luckily I had some spares - although I can’t remember why. Got there in the end. There’s a special tool for centralising the brakes before you can refit the drum because the pivot point doesn’t float on the backplate . You can get a conversion to a floating setup but I don’t see the need as you only have to set them once. This was also an opportunity to freshen up the grease in the wheel bearings. I got one corner done today. I’ll have a go at the rest next weekend. apologies for jaunty photo angles.
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