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  1. @PhilA thanks - could well be a Speedwell item. As far as I know it has no markings and I don’t have any documentation for it. I’ll have a closer look when I retrieve it from my brother. Which I will do when I drive the thing to Devon. @barrett When will that be? First job: Saab alternator. Second job: Traction brake pipes. That could by 2 weeks - or 6 months. Then: Herald! Which will need my to remember where I got to with the clutch slave cylinder, and make sure the brakes work, change the oil, fit Avons, retrieve the hardtop fixing that fell down into the rear wing, then
  2. The plan was to use a few days over the break to change the brake pipes on the Traction and get the Herald running. So I did neither. The Saab's engine engine had been making noises for a while. It sounded like the water pump so, a few weeks ago, I changed it. That was an unpleasant experience as it's pretty well hidden - so different than doing the job on the Herald / Vitesse which can be done in a few minutes at the side of a road. The Saab engine is a derivative of a different Triumph engine but there's no resemblance. The water pump bearing was definitely rough. Anyway, after losing a
  3. My K reg Scimitar SE5 /5a was my worst. I wanted a car for lengthy commuting as we lived in Southend and I was hoping to find a job that would get us back to Surrey/ Sussex. I had sold my 2CV so a Scimitar fitted with a 2.1 litre diesel from a Peugeot 504 pickup seemed the obvious choice. Especially as it was some hideous magenta/purple colour with a tan vinyl interior (cracked of course) and a poorly repaired front corner. I may have a photo somewhere but you don’t want to see it. It was horrible. Just the thing to turn up for job interviews in. The first journey of any note was from Sou
  4. Nice car! I have fond memories of my mustard-yellow 3500S which I enjoyed for 6 months in 1984. I enjoyed the credit card bills for the petrol for the next 6 months. It was a replacement for my Spitfire - I wanted something a bit more robust around me. The idea was that I'd be able to afford to run it as I wouldn't drive it that much. But I just loved driving it so much I always took the long way round. So smooth and V8-burbly. I looked at several rust buckets before I found a solid one which had a solid shell. The wings had all been replaced - just 12 years old. The manual gearbox
  5. My brother’s P reg Chevette with hardboard door trims. That was about as grim as I care to imagine. I can’t think of anything worse.
  6. High would be the Great British Picnic in July which we went to in the Traction. The day before had been biblically wet but the picnic was sunny. Lows? The absence of anything else interesting. No trip to Jersey. No trip to Poland and no trip to the Lakes. All were places we were expecting the old Citroen to take us to. Now planned for 2021/2. We’ll see...
  7. Apologies for the blurriness of this photo of a nicely faded yellow E or F reg Maestro City van I followed yesterday.
  8. The enormous cock is a permanent resident on the roundabout. It has some symbolism to the good people of Dorking.
  9. It’s private plate on RAV4 day today. I’m not sure of the significance of the plate on this one in Dorking. And here’s another RAV4 with a fancy plate in Isleworth.
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