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  1. Not yet. I’d do it myself except I’m not here.
  2. BBC's Crimewatch are going to put out an appeal.
  3. Great pictures - thanks! The unknown car on page 4 is a 1920 Ruston & Hornsby and the 1951 Light 15 on page 1 is actually 1953. Both cars are still around. I wonder how many of the "new" cars in the backgrounds are still with us.
  4. Apparently the thieves tried to steal the neighbour's Land Rover first and failed. So they took the Traction instead. The owner "obtained CCTV footage of the robbery that involved four people with a white Iveco Daily recovery truck and a Ford Fiesta Zetec Turbo" according to the Hackney Gazette.
  5. Good point. The TOC has about 500 or so UK based members. A lot keep themselves to themselves but some are very active on rallies and social things. There are probably a similar amount outside the TOC. Some owners don't do their own maintenance and use specialists - like Darrin at Citroen Classics who made the original post and see no need to join a club. So not that close knit. So I know about 100 Traction owners but I don't know either the owner of the stolen car or the seller of the rust bucket. But I'll contact him through ebay and let him know about this - however if a '46 car was being passed off as a '53 car it might be noticed as the big boot come in in '52. But who trusts a V5 from the 50's anyway?
  6. Garycox - another thought. You don't mention cleaning out the float chamber. In the 80s my commute used to be M25- M26-M20 which I used to do in a 6 year old (and therefore cheap) Citroen GS 1220. There was a period of 2 or 3 weeks when it would - every single morning - come to a spluttering halt half way along the M26. I assumed it was duff / damp ignition, since the dizzy is very low down and the roads was winter. I replaced all the electrical bits and went through a whole can of WD40 without success. It turned out to be the fuel filter disintegrating and bits of it (the clean side) getting into the float chamber. After 20 miles of 80/90 mph M25/M26 (this was possible in the 80s) enough particles of filter would have been dragged into the exit port to block it. After a couple of minutes with the engine off or even just idling they would float to the top again and of we could go. It never did this on the way home - I can only assume because the traffic was only doing 60/70 and so the fuel flow was not quite enough to drag the particles down. Once I threw the filter away and clean out the float chamber it never happened again. I'm sure some of my fellow commuters though I had been sitting on the hard should for 3 weeks.
  7. I'd also suspect the coil. I imagine it may have a ballast resistor as I think Triumph were in the habit of fitting such things in the 70s. You could try shorting it out for a while and see if the problem goes away.
  8. I know it's nearly a week ago now, but we took the long way home so here are a few more pictures... There weren't many RWD cars there, in fact I only remember this B2 and the yellow one in the cathedral. here's someone you might recognise .. I was amazed how smoothly this convoy got organized I wonder if anyone else has displayed cars in Coventry Cathedral. The DS with the trailer is for sale... mmm shame about the rain, Tim had to put the roof on his chalkboard 2CV this was in the hotel car park I enjoyed driving the Traction through the chicanes, although I would have packed the wine bottles a bit better if I had known we were going to do that. The clinking was quite loud even though we were trying nowhere near as hard as DW . Never tried the beer tent - we gave up on it on Saturday and then got to know a couple of local pubs. All in all a good weekend - would go again.
  9. We’ll be there Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. Not sure whether to take the Traction or the DS. Mrs Speed says we should take the more reliable one. So probably the Traction then. Better give it a wash. The TOC will be offering refreshments of some sort to members, prospective members or anyone making a really convincing job of pretending to be one at 4pm on Saturday in the marquee. Assuming I get my act together and get some refreshments.
  10. A while ago my 6 volt Traction wouldn’t start but I needed to move it. My driveway slopes down towards the garages. It was parked in front of one garage and I needed to put in the one next to it. I decided to tow it up and down the drive and shuffle it across. No one else was home so I had to point the Traction wheels where I wanted it to go and then hop in the tow car – and repeat. It turned out the Traction’s rear offside brake had also stuck but the drive surface was loose enough and the wheel skidded over the gravel. I got a couple of shuffles into this and the tow rope gave up – and hence the point of this rambling tale. The action of towing backwards and forwards and maybe the shock of the rope breaking freed off the brake and the car happily rolled down the hill into the door frame – as I watched from my Alfa’s driving seat. This was just a small part of what was a really crap day that Frank Spencer would be proud of. The Traction got some filler, a new bumper and 12 volts. But it did free the brake. I don’t think this helps you one iota. Sorry.
  11. I can admit to owning a Scimitar SE5 which was blessed with a Peugeot 2.1 litre diesel lump. Didn’t end well.
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