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  1. Way back in the 80s I was a development engineer at Lucas CAV who provided the fuel system for these things - if not them it would be Rotodiesel who were the French part of the company. I never worked on anything for indirect injected engines with their DPA / DPC pumps but I do remember that there was some feature that increased fuelling on cold starts. So there must be something that detects temperature and something that responds to it. I don’t recall what what either of those things would actually be. I remember some debate about how they actually helped start a cold engine. Opinions differed. Some thought it was “more fuel = more chance of something igniting” whilst others thought it was that the excess fuel ran down the cylinder walls and helped the cold rings seal and improve compression. Whatever the truth it did seem to be effective so I think it’s worth a look. Whilst I never worked on IDI systems I did own a CX2500D at the time which was a pig to start when the glow plug connections were loose or the plugs were dud. To the extent that the starter motor finally gave up and sprayed its solder all over the inside of its case. Everyone should experience bump starting a hydraulic Citroen at least once.
  2. I had a 1972 Reliant Scimitar with a 2.1 litre Diesel engine from a 405 pickup and a 4-speed gearbox. Car was very noisy.
  3. I went on Saturday. Spent a lot of time surrounded by Citroens and seem to have missed a few things when I went walk about. So thanks for sharing the pictures. I paid £2 for a really tasty sausage roll which made me very happy. Otherwise spent nothing. Nearly spent £13k on the Edsel though! An absolute bargain compared to £70k for an Escort which I’m sure was lovely but... well, it’s only ever going to be an Escort. I can never get past the Friskies without stopping. I got so absorbed this time people started asking me things as if I belonged there. No idea how much on of those would cost.
  4. A couple of beauties I saw today
  5. I’m going on Saturday. The NCP Airport Car Park 5 costs £9 of you use the promo code Classic19.
  6. Minor grin for me - took the Barcelona Banger Saab 900 in for an MOT which resulted in not a single advisory! No match for a whiz round Brands Hatch in a truck though.
  7. I imagine he stayed in the left lane at Hooley where the M23 and A23 split. The left lane becomes the M23 and there's no turning back. Then he would have had to negotiate the M25 junction. Very sad.
  8. My CX2500D featured a de-aerator in its cooling system. This was a plastic egg shaped thing with 3 water connections. It was designed to remove air from the water as it circulated around. I guess this was necessary because the water pump was very good as mixing air in with the water. Anyway, this thing exploded on the way out of a French village at 5pm on a Saturday evening in the summer of 1989. We had AA 5 star cover but that apparently did not then work weekends in France. So we stayed the night in the village and early Sunday morning I replumbed the cooling system. This entertained the villagers as they went to church. With the de-aerator and the heater no longer in the circuit, the pipe that took the air away was plugged with the short extension from the socket set. We then headed off to Andorra and Spain and back. The only consequences were: 1 -we found it was surprisingly cold in Andorra without a heater 2 - the radiator puked up a pint of water every time the engine was turned off 3 - I vowed never to use the AA 5 star service again. - I have since renaged on that and was very appreciative of the excellent service we got from them in Germany a few years ago when my Chrysler ran out of electricity. I think it was several weeks before I got the new part and fixed it properly.
  9. Good to see you today Richard. Sorry barrett - we may not have paying complete attention to the actual veteran cars. So we missed you. Will try harder next year, probably.
  10. See you at Staplefield but I'll have to pass on the walk.
  11. 1979 / 80 My dad had a Cortina 1973 2.0 XL in daytona yellow which I had a few drives in. Mainly I learnt in BSM's 1300 Dolomites. I understand they had a special version with a heavy flywheel as well as the dual controls. I remember making the tyres squeal as I turned right to get through before the lights turned red - my instructor said I was ready for my test but I think she was really ready to stop teaching me.
  12. I see more Citroen here than Mercedes. A huge amount of work must have gone into making this. Why?
  13. I bought a CX Familiale C-matic (YYU 114T) from a scrap yard to use as a parts car for my CX2500D (ERD309V). This was in about 1988. The Familiale had been scrapped because of a fairly heavy front left hand corner impact. And the steering box had also been removed. Otherwise the car was in good nick - metallic gold with a brown vinyl roof and brown interior (perfect for here). I pulled out the front using the 2500D and a tow rope as a puller (which amused the neighbours) and fitted a bonnet from a a scrap car (blue with orange interior which was one of the first batch of CXs in the UK) and another steering box from somewhere and got an MOT on it. I sprayed the bonnet brown to match the roof as I could not match the gold. That was the brownest car I have ever had. I ran that car for a few months, often commuting from Sittingbourne to Southend. Going round roundabouts at speed it used to lose drive - particularly the the M25 / A127 junction. This was because the clutch microswitch on the gearlever was tripping and disengaging the clutch (remember it was C-Matic). I assumed this was because it was misaligned after my amateur body straightening and just needed adjusting. Then the driveshaft tri-lobe came out and left the car without drive in exactly the wrong place when I had no time to fix it. The reason the tri-lobe came out was the engine was moving about (I forget exactly which part was loose) - that was why the clutch microswitch disengaged on roundabouts. So I took the doors and bonnet off and called the scrap yard and they took it away - I remember the steel cable they put over the top crunching the roof and tailgate, popping the back window. I do regret that - you don't often see a Mk1 CX Familiale C-Matic these days. The doors and bonnet replaced the rusty ones on the 2500D which was then treated to a couple of coats of white Japlac all over.
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