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  1. This sounds good. I’d like to come along if I may. The Traction Owners Club annual rally in the Lake District is the last weekend on June which would take precedence though.
  2. I have LED indicators on my Traction Avant (CItroen were ahead of the time...) - but only at the front. The rears are still regular filament bulbs. They still pull enough current for a normal flasher relay. When I fit LEDs at the back, which I have been threatening to do for a year, I expect the current to be too low to drive the relay. The fix is to use a solid state relay designed for LEDs or to wire another bulb ( or similar 7 ohm resistor) in parallel with one of the bulbs on each side. Changing the relay is easier.
  3. Very nice! I had a 3500S in the early 80s. Lovely car. Terrible notchy gear change. Luckily it would run all day in top gear. I bought it thinking I could handle the fuel cost by not driving it far. Turned out that I loved driving it I took the long way everywhere so that didn’t work. Took 6 months to pay off the fuel bill. Still regret selling it. Mine dripped oil from the rear main seal into the exhaust Y-piece. The inside of the car would fil with smoke at traffic lights. This was a common problem caused by the oil pressure relief valve sticking shut and blowing the seal. The h
  4. @Alan_Green very pleased it all worked out! Looks like a lot of fun. And I look forward to reading more over the Summer (good job it has a good heater). Pleasure to do business with you. Would sell again. Of course the Saab-sized space on the drive had started upsetting the Feng Shui round here but my son has worked out how to fix that. Expect news of incoming in a few days.
  5. Yes @Milk. I am pleased to say the new owner is one of us- and also a very nice man.
  6. Thank you @brownnova! And now - what's under the tonneau? Well first - here's the emergency release lever behind the rear seat back. You can see the bolts and wing nuts I've added to hold the tonneau down. Underneath the tonneau you can see the motor which drives the latches. It drives 2 rods sideways from the motor. These rods have hooks which connect with the brackets on the bottom of the 5th bow. That's what pulls the 5th bow down. They also have roll pins which rotate rods at right angles which run forwards and drive the flaps up and down and ope
  7. @brownnovaand any other interested parties - here's the troubleshooting guide for the roof and a few other helpful documents. Photos of what's under the tonneau to follow before the Saab passes to its new owner. 273560256_Saab900convertibletroubleshootingguide.pdf Saab 900 convertible notes and tips.pdf saab roof electrica diagram.pdf
  8. Round the back of Albany airport in NY Enterprise car rental have a place where they spray their cars in the open air. I imagine you find that at most airports in the US. The Peugeot White Peugeot story reminds me of a friend who many years ago decided to spray his Lancia Beta cabriolet white. He went to the shop and asked for white. The man said which white. My mate said white white. The whitest white you have. Apparently all whites are not quite white, they are white but a bit of this or that to take the edge off. Against the advise of the man in the brown coat my mate took white with
  9. Looks like a track day misadventure to me, followed by an unexpected Uber ride home.
  10. Possibly still for sale? How would this not have been snapped up : “Vendor Condition Ratings: Bodywork: 'Poor’ Engine: 'Poor' Electrical Equipment: ‘Average’ (digital dash was operating recently) Paintwork: ‘Poor' Gearbox: 'Good' Interior Trim: 'Very Good'”
  11. @brownnova the troubleshooting guide is about 60-70 loose leaf photocopied pages of Saab “ troubleshooting information and service information bulletins” that came with the car. I don’t know if they are available online anywhere. I’m thinking I should show the upper half of my face at work soon (first time since October). I can scan it there.
  12. @brownnova if the rear roof raises itself but the tonneau doesn’t it suggests the 5th bow latch motor and the 5th bow motors are all working. If the tonneau is not moving there are a few possibilities. One is that the motor is not getting power because a micro switch does not register the process has got far enough yet. Or it might be that the motor is U/S. Another possibility is that the mechanism under the tonneau that links the motor to the latches at the B-post are jammed. Do the flaps at the top of the B-post raise? I think they should before the tonneau can rise. The
  13. The Saab? Yes. No middle seat belt and it would be a tight squeeze for more than 2 adults.
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