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  1. My New Yorker in Brussels on the way back from the Power Big Meet in Vasteras in 2013 (with eldest son).More recently- this year in fact- my Traction at the aforementioned Midland Hotel, Morecambe
  2. @dozeydustmanarranged an AS away day there a few years ago. Very nice it was too.
  3. Quite true - the E in Epic is for electronic. Because until then all pumps were mechanically controlled. I was working in R+D at Lucas CAV / Diesel Fuel Injection as it was being developed. I didn't work on that project though. I was working on an equivalent project for trucks.
  4. Americans are a few posts back, so here's some Traction Avants and a six wheeled Frisky... plus an H van which happened to be on the Traction stand. You sir are a star! Thank you for all the pics. 6 wheels on a Frisky? So many questions!
  5. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I can’t make it there this year. I understand everything is shifted around a bit this year. If you happen to be around the Citroen stands a few (or a lot of) pictures of the Traction Avants would be appreciated. And anything American. And the Friskys. thanks.
  6. If you like the style of the RM but don’t fancy all the wood frame , fabric roof, consider a Citroen Light 15.or if you want a little more room a Big 15. Often upholstered in leather and with a nice wooden dashboard. The Traction Avant is the French version- usually left hand drive, cloth interior and no wood. Small version is the Legere, bigger one is the Normale (like mine). Front wheel drive, rack and pinion steering, hydraulic brakes. Recommended.
  7. Yes. A very wet Staplefield. You didn’t miss much. Not many spectators there. Just enough to fill the bus shelter. I put pictures of the few items of interest in the Lazy Spotters thread.
  8. A few from the Old Crocks run today. I had to head home at 10am and I will have missed any later arriving interesting spectators’ chariots. Very poor turnout, very wet.
  9. At the London - Brighton old crocks run today.
  10. Be careful what you wish for. My Scimitar had a diesel donk in it. Not nice. Wasn’t an XUD though.
  11. I believe think in has changed since those experimental cars. The thought then was to hit the pedestrian low and scoop them up onto the bonnet so that they don’t bounce off and you then run over them. That’s why there’s a bar around the front that is supposed flip up when you’ve hit your victim. Current thinking is quite different and vehicle fronts are supposed to be as flat and bluff as possible to spread the load and push the victim away. Maybe this assumes brakes are better and the car will have stopped before running over the body. I seem to remember a Marina-based SRV car with a similar front to the one shown.
  12. Kamikaze doors surely. Mitsubishi Minica is what it is.
  13. The driver was Dr William Sellers. The car is still around but I’m not sure who owns it now.
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