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  1. A pair of Aygos and their bungalow
  2. A Bristol taxi…and I assume this is a 20 tonner…apologies for the blurriness - it was early.
  3. This thing comes and goes from this local car park. Or at least it is not always in the same spot. Always has a valid car park ticket - MOT, not so much. Impressive list of 3 "do not drive" and 10 "repair immediately" defects - none for corrosion though. Good job as it is quite loaded.
  4. I was in Taiwan earlier this week. On my way to Taipei Songshan airport I was surprised to see the back end of a beige DS peeking out from under a ragged tarp. Looked like it had been there a while. I didn't bother to try to ask the taxi driver to turn back so I could get a photo.
  5. I humbly submit this Mondeo for your approval:
  6. Not only twins but sequential number plates too. Only one of these trucks was for me. But you know how it is - you wait all day for one and two come along at the same time.
  7. Living the dream in Ealing
  8. Bit of a cheat but these two beauties stood out at Brooklands today.
  9. The DS is finally back together and not leaking. When I tried to fit the new brake pads I found one of the pistons was stuck fast so needed a recon calliper which is now fitted. I started it up yesterday to check the clutch pushrod setting as I had to disconnect this to change the belts (RHD manual change cars have a complicated clutch arrangement where the cable pulls a bell crank which pushes a pushrod which pushes the clutch fork). I got distracted by a noise that wasn’t there before and couldn’t work out what it was. I hoped it wasn’t the pump or the alternator but it was coming from that general direction. Stopped the engine, restarted it a couple of times then - oops - the starter relay buzzed and smoke escaped from somewhere near the battery. Quickly switched off everything and hunted for 13mm spanner to disconnect. Turns out the noise was the wire from the starter relay to the motor solenoid rubbing on the alternator fan making a ringing sound as it stripped the insulation off. Quick fix with tape and a tie wrap and no harm done. Not even a blown fuse 🤨. Thanks to Darrin at Citroen Classics for advice of setting clutch. Much simpler than the words in the manual. Now the DS can back to doing its job of being a car and I can fettle the Traction.
  10. Some Citroen colour on an otherwise dull Drive It Day today.Colour coded brolly belongs to the green CX organised by Darrin in the Citroen Car Club.
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