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  1. Yessiree that was me on our way back from the CCC rally. that’s almost poetry
  2. Yes - there were some newish DS cars and several examples of C6.
  3. It didn’t rain! And it was a pretty good turnout.
  4. In the slightly arcane world of Traction Avants which use 400mm tyres, there are some who advocate the use of 16inch tyres to minimise the cost. That causes some very emotional discussions that make the flare-ups on this forum look very tame indeed. Just thought I’d throw it in here and see what happens!
  5. This is what a 59 Impala looks like without any clothes. I suspect from the photo that the impact was higher than the frame. So the frame may not be badly damaged. (Disclaimer- I haven’t sen anything that you haven’t seen and have no idea really). The last year of separate body and frame for most of the Forward Look Chrysler / Mopar range was 1959. Imperials had their own version with additional cross members and isolation and support for a centre prop shaft bearing which the lesser versions (like mine) didn’t get. From 1960 everything else went monocoque but Imperial kept the separate frame until 1967.
  6. I plan to be there. Probably just the Sunday and in the Traction.
  7. Black please. Unless the silver is really shiny chrome-like which seems a bit unlikely.
  8. Some pictures from just before we got asked to leave the car park. Thanks @dozeydustmanfor arranging a great meet-up with fantastic weather. Great to put faces to names.
  9. Heroic effort - well done!
  10. Followed this Bongo Frendee on the way to work today. Apologies for the photo quality.
  11. This has been sitting there for several weeks. Maybe the Denver boot and collection of tickets mean the end is nigh.
  12. Chevy Greebrier cooling off in the bus stop.
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