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  1. Oh yeah, my first car (Mk1 Fiesta) was sold to somebody that used it to ramraid a post office. I was gutted.
  2. Any middle to senior management car graduates into to a drug dealer's car at a certain age. There's probably a passing moment in between when a family with zero financial sense buy a ten year old one with some astronomically poor finance deal to do school runs.
  3. I keep thinking I might get something old and British. MGB, Morris Minor. Easy to get the bits and easy to work on. Or maybe even a Beetle!
  4. My Vauxhall Agila, purchased new by me in 2005 for £3700 (there was a GM credit card that used to give you cashback towards a new car). 140,000 miles. No breakdowns, just servicing. Still being driven round by an old boy in Basingstoke. He goes to his allotment in it. I miss that car. So practical yet so good. There was also my Maestro which cost £125. It needed a new alternator (I ended up getting an old ACR from a scrappers for £5). It turned up just when I needed a car. Cars are really cheap.
  5. I don't think this will be a thing in the future. Cars have obsolescence built into them now. I don't see how the current generation of electric cars will ever be fixable. There is nothing much to fix on them. Here's an interesting question. Have we reached peak shite? I reckon we've passed it, actually.
  6. I have been thinking about this. Is "interesting" the same as "peak"? I defined peak car in 1996 because it was the first year I drove a car that didn't require any maintenance. The Corsa was boring, but so much more advanced than everything that came before it. There were much more interesting cars before, but part of what made them interesting made them not as good. I'd go with cars from the seventies for interesting.
  7. Ah, yes. "Infotainment". TBH I find a lot of the mobile technology (that's seemingly now unavoidable!) creepy. And I don't want to be "entertained" in my car. It's like everywhere you go, you have to have a little screen in front of you.
  8. In 1996, my dad bought a 1.2l Corsa. He used it for his business until it got scruffy, then bought another when it became my mum's. When she was dying of cancer, I sold my car (a slightly more modern Vauxhall) and used the money to fund her last Christmas. I kept that car until 2009, when it had done 140,000 miles. No breakdowns. I sold it on to someone else. It was the first car I drove where you didn't need to know any of the bits of folklore that used to be required to operate a car. It just worked. For me, it was the year cars went from being things to get enthusiastic about to merely being consumer products.
  9. chris667

    P-reg Ford Ka's

    I know nothing about modern cars. Is there anything like it anymore?
  10. chris667

    P-reg Ford Ka's

    I don't know. My dad went shopping for a newish car recently and the Up was one of the contenders. I didn't like it. Never driven an Aygo though.
  11. chris667

    P-reg Ford Ka's

    I never owned one, but they reminded me of my mk1 Fiesta. I miss fun, chuckable little cars. I have a modernish small car (2008 Corsa), it's as if it has a thyroid problem. Fat, wide, drives like a big car, boring. I'd have one if I could find one that wasn't completely rotten.
  12. My dad owned both of these when I was a kid. First, a Saab 99. Splendid car. I loved the little joysticks for controlling the wing mirrors (the first car I'd ever seen that had those). Second, a Volvo 145. Ours was exactly like this, but dirtier. I'd also like this mini, but with no special finishes and an "850 Automatic" badge. Alas, the prices of the Volvo and Saab have gone too far. Both rare collectibles now. Plus I'd never spend £108,000 on a car, even a special one.
  13. I was behind a #Vanlife van. It was covered in stickers for the driver's social media. It is not the first time I've seen a campervan conversion like this and it made me feel a bit sad. Can't you just enjoy something without having to broadcast it?
  14. To be fair, by the time it went, someone had had the engine.
  15. I work near Newbury. This was dumped on the road I used to walk my dog along until about six months ago. I think someone had been living in it at one point. Do you think it had an MOT?
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