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    Retired in 2008, now 70 years old (2019). Interests? Well, anything that's interesting. Currently own a 1961 Reliant Regal MKVI Saloon (since 1992) Previously mentioned Stellar and Tipo are now with new owners but my son and I may buy the '94 Tipo 1.4ie back in the new year. The most exotic car I've owned was a Citroen CX GTi Turbo 2, the most unreliable was a Ginetta G26 and the most boring was an Escort MK2 Automatic. A new Mitsubishi Mirage Juro CVT has been acquired after the failure of my Peugeot 205's autobox in November 2017. 14/01/19 update: I bought the Tipo back from my son's friend a few days ago. It will need MOT rectification work (brakes, track rod ends, front spring and a CV boot clip, no bodywork) and should be road legal on 16th Jan 2019 (further update: Now in regular use).


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  1. @Richard_FM Dad managed to see through our Astral 12ft caravan quite adequately using the standard rear view mirror on his 1967 Taunus estate. I also managed perfectly well to see through my ancient Robin 14ft caravan when towing with my BMW 520 (E28), Hyundai Stellar or Sonata. A later Adria caravan had higher window lips and I could only see through it when an angry HGV driver scowled from inches behind. For that 'van, I used the extended door mirrors. The periscope things were very popular in the 1960s but then many caravans started to get higher set windows, making even periscope vision fairly useless.
  2. It's a rear view periscope to look through the caravan's front and rear windows to see the queue behind. Caravans used to be designed to have 'through visibility.'
  3. Thanks. It's an indication of how much time I've got on my hands 😃.
  4. It looks to me to be at Port William/Trebarwith beach, looking out towards Gull Rock.
  5. An enjoyable read but still not sure about the car. Those diesels were less refined than the units used on farms and building sites.
  6. French Dinky 25M (Studebaker) has a very similar tipper body and French? Dinky 35A (Citroen U23) has a very similar cab. I'm no expert though.
  7. Good question. My memories of Princes Risborough are mainly from 1962/63 when dad was based at RAF Naphill just down the road so to speak, then again in 1964-66 when we were at RAF Halton and yet again at Halton from 1972-75. I recall the garage selling Wartburgs being on the main road within the town, probably when I was at John Colet School in Wendover (64-66). Driving through the place now (or indeed on Google Maps) it looks quite different, making it difficult to visualise where the garage might have been. Dad could not be persuaded to buy a Wartburg - he traded in his '58 Riley 1.5 for a nearly new Victor FB estate instead. I also tried to get him interested in a brand new Moskvitch at a dealer somewhere near Wendover (not Risborough). He had a look at them and was put off by the front brake flexibles rubbing on the front tyres at full lock. In the period 1970-2005 approx., I attended several microcar rallies in whatever car I had at the time - i.e. as a visitor, not an exhibitor. I have looked through my photos and can't see or recall any Invacars being present, only an AC Petite, my only sighting of such a beast. Invacars and other invalid carriages were much more common on the roads back then of course, but their owners may have had difficulty getting around at the ad-hoc sites/fields used for microcar rallies and probably stayed away. In my early years I can remember the hand propelled (levers or cranks) invalid carriages which were used mainly on pavements, a market now completely dominated by electric mobility scooters.
  8. I thought that would be the case 😀. I was actually looking for photos of the Wartburg dealers in Princes Risborough but was unsuccessful.
  9. LBF: Is this one already in your comprehensive archive? It looks like QPD706L or CPD706L. Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/14246296034/in/[email protected]/
  10. RayMK

    Shit Ideas

    Cars which have too many functions on a smear screen, requiring eyes off the road whilst dancing through menus that a few easily found buttons/switches used to manage without difficulty or distraction. The answer? Rationalise the smear screen functions? No, too easy. What's needed is auto lane keeping and self driving gizmos. Still manage to crash? Blame the gizmos for not protecting you whilst distracted. Incompetent driving? Nah! Feeling secure in a modern SUV or saloon/hatch with millions of airbags and thick pillars? Pity about the motorcyclists and cyclists who get wiped out by the resulting poor visibility, particularly at junctions. No worries, a dash cam which obscures the visibility even further will *prove that the incompetence was accidental. Me a cynical old luddite? 😀
  11. RayMK

    Memory dealer?

    I lived in RAF Halton in 1964 and in Aylesbury 1971-74 but have no recollection of Cogger & Hawkins. Aylesbury had changed so much between 1966 and 1971 (we were in Germany for three years in the gap) that it seemed like a completely different town when we returned. The changes possibly improved traffic flow but the character of the place was very different - generally worse. I bought a Viva HC from Shaw & Kilburn, Aylesbury in 1978 approx. , trading in my 2CV6 which I had bought brand new from Camden Motors, Leighton Buzzard in August 1975.
  12. I found the letter. It says that LCM66 was bought at Argyle Motors, Birkenhead in March 1961. Further digging on the net suggests that this was also a motorcycle dealership and was situated at 12-14 Conway Street, Birkenhead. I have not found any further leads on the web yet except for an entry in the Cheshire Echo of 1967 - an advert for Argyle Motors. I did not sign up for the website but may do so that I can view the relevant page of the newspaper. Argyle Motors also had a registered office (or another outlet) in Liverpool, Vernon Street/Dale Street.
  13. Thanks. Interesting. I'll find the original owner's son's letter in which he describes the purchase of LCM66 to see if there are any other clues. I think the letter mentions that it was a Reliant dealer. If it was an official Reliant dealer, it would have been listed in one of the handbooks I've got. I'll check them as well. I have owned the car since 1992. Some of the details are becoming a bit sketchy 😀. There is an Argyle Street in Liverpool as well.
  14. Birkenhead, I think, bought in 1961 by the original owner. Original reg was LCM66 which, last time I looked was on an IVECO something or other.
  15. It's a Reliant Regal MK6 same as mine. Not on the DVLA enquiries website. Mine came from that area as well but I can't find a photo or even a mention of the dealer, Argyle Street Motors if I recall correctly.
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