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    Retired in 2008, now 71 years old (2021). Interests? Well, anything that's interesting. Currently own a 1961 Reliant Regal MKVI Saloon (since 1992) and a '94 Fiat Tipo 1.4ie which was my son's a few years back. I bought it back when the subsequent owner was going to scrap it because of MOT expense. Now enjoying it. It compensates for having to give up ownership of my Stellar when my health took a nasty turn in 2017. The most exotic car I've owned was a Citroen CX GTi Turbo 2, the most unreliable was a Ginetta G26 and the most boring was an Escort MK2 Automatic. A new Mitsubishi Mirage Juro CVT has been acquired after the failure of my Peugeot 205's autobox in November 2017.


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  1. For the last year, going to the Mac App store and clicking updates has resulted in 'No updates available.' I recall that prior to this there was another push by Mac to get me to change to Opera (I think). I looked at what Opera offered over and above Safari and it was mainly features for smart phone users, Facebook and social media compatibility. I do not own or use a smart phone or social media and therefore declined their overtures.
  2. Thanks. I had trouble with Chrome when it first came out and have not been keen to change since. I may give it another try if it can function without cloud based memory/software. I have a deep mistrust of cloud - because I'm old 😀.
  3. I thought it might be, first time round, so cleared caches and history and used a new password selected by the Mac, then pressed the 'remember' option. Next time I tried to log in it did exactly the same again i.e. same Oops message and would not accept the new password which is entered automatically ('cos remembered). I'm using a Macbook Pro running OS X El Capitan and Safari (details below). My usual log in method is to use the remembered name and password but I've had to use my email address and the forgotten password route via email since this problem has occurred, despite the password not being forgotten. Other sites using log-in and password settings remembered by the computer are still working fine.
  4. ... and the same again this morning 😒.
  5. I thought I'd overcome the problem I had this morning (Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again) i.e. my name and/or password which have been fine for several years suddenly stopped working. This morning, I went through the forgotten password sequence, received an email, followed the instructions and got back in. Just now, I signed out then wondered whether it had been permanently fixed - but no. Same Oops message and had to reset my password again to get in despite the new one of this morning being rated as strong and 'remembered.' Any suggestions, or will this be the new routine?
  6. Oh! I've managed to get back in again. Had to reset password because the one used pre-update did not work any more. Now to investigate these rocket things and the subtle differences in colours.
  7. I've just got around to watching the Victor video. Most enjoyable and nicely done. Dad liked his Vauxhalls, particularly his FB estate, but after selling it in Germany (forces posting) and being spoilt by the charms of a '66 Taunus 17m estate with its V4 engine, column change and 6volt electrics, traded the quickly corroding Ford in 1970, soon after returning to the UK. He replaced it with an FE Victor saloon (pictured on his drive with my battered Regal and my brother's Jawa 350). He did not warm to the FE and briefly flirted with a Viva HC estate before becoming a Citroen GSA man until his passing in 1986. Dad's FE had a black interior, giving it a totally different and somewhat claustrophobic atmosphere compared with your light and airy example.
  8. I have a weakness for beige interiors. Fortunately I can resist the Pony X2 and the Stellar because I hated the Pony courtesy car back in 1986 when I bought my first Stellar, and I don't like red cars. Close call though 😃.
  9. Your ducting modification should work just fine and will look neat. The spilllover will keep engine bay temperature down, often an advantage with carb aspirated engines now having to cope with modern fuels and thus more susceptable to vaporisation in the supply lines, although this can be overcome with an electric pump pushing the fuel to the engine from somewhere cooler, rather than an engine mounted pump sucking and exacerbating the problem. I should really have read and remembered what your fuel supply set-up is - my comments could be irrelevant! With regard to the 'conical' original layout of ducting, perhaps the purpose was to create a two dimensional venturi to increase the air velocity though the radiator resulting from the reducing pressure as the venturi narrows. You are steadily improving the car with your methodical approach. Keep it drivable for the summer in case lockdown No.3 becomes necessary. Nice work, as always.
  10. Looks like a Gordon to me. https://www.shutterstock.com/editorial/image-editorial/the-gordon-englands-lowest-priced-three-wheeler-car-the-gordon-every-enthusiast-of-british-motor-cycles-must-surely-be-familiar-with-the-magnificent-shaft-driven-sunbeam-machines-often-described-as-the-rolls-royce-of-the-motor-cycle-world-how-2169047a Edit: I've just seen Plasticvandan's earlier reply saying the same.
  11. I should have made an effort to check the Reliant. It's months since I last started it and that was only to move it out of the garage to do some sweeping and spider removal - from the garage, not the car. I'm therefore not confident enough to drive it anywhere, though it will sit and idle happily for 30 minutes or so. Unfortunately it is not 'Idle It Day,' so I'll be doing a personal, non-meeting-up drive in the far less interesting but reliable Tipo.
  12. I had a 2 litre '96 QX, still with the incredibly refined V6, but lacking the performance of it's larger engined brother. I can't remember ever being uncomfortable in it although I would rate the suspension as poor on country roads - a bit before its time because nearly all cars are now designed for smooth surfaces, whereas suspension should endeavour to make all surfaces feel smooth - like my CX GTi Turbo 2. Renault 20s are in the same wafty comfortable class as the 607 but equally scarce.
  13. I enjoyed that. It gave a feel for what the car is like to drive and had a few pertinent facts thrown in. I also liked the external drive by and in motion camera work. The only Lotus I've been in (haven't ever driven one) was an Excel. Although in good general condition, it felt a bit kit car-ish, an impression made stronger by the poor interior trim design and the fact that surface coverings were peeling off. It's performance nevertheless suited its sporty heritage.
  14. Could the extra condenser on the coil be a capacitor for radio interference suppression - not so much for nearby home radios but for the optional car radio? I can remember when fitting a radio to cars of the 1960s/70s that the instructions called for capacitors to be hung on all sorts of electrical components e.g. dynamo, wiper motor and heater blower. There was further advice suggesting that metal hub caps should be properly earthed to the wheels and bodywork static should be discharged to the road surface via a hanging earth strap. I did most of these things on my first car, a '67 Reliant 3-25 and later on a Triumph Herald and then a Viva HC but could only hear interference free reception when parked with the engine off. My current '61 Reliant Regal MK6 does not have a radio but apparently blots out next door's TV on its rare outings (Reliant, not the TV). I love the homely interior of your new acquisition, and of Vulg's Lanchester. Watching the progress on both threads with much interest and enjoyment.
  15. I've delegated lawn mowing to my son. Meanwhile taking care to stay local, and avoiding any areas that tend to attract crowds during good weather, I drove my distinctly grubby Tipo to a nearby lane and stopped for a walk, also taking a few shaky photos (attached) to remind me what 'outside the house' looks like. I'm disappointed that the cosmetic repair to the Tipo's offside rear door that I did about 15 months ago has laughed at my thorough wire brushing, rust converting, zinc priming and superbly matched top coat. It's now bubbling and will have to be done again. For the moment (i.e. anything up to a year) it has got a bit of Bilt Hamber Dynax daubed over it to slow it down.
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