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    Retired in 2008, now 70 years old (2019). Interests? Well, anything that's interesting. Currently own a 1961 Reliant Regal MKVI Saloon (since 1992) Previously mentioned Stellar and Tipo are now with new owners but my son and I may buy the '94 Tipo 1.4ie back in the new year. The most exotic car I've owned was a Citroen CX GTi Turbo 2, the most unreliable was a Ginetta G26 and the most boring was an Escort MK2 Automatic. A new Mitsubishi Mirage Juro CVT has been acquired after the failure of my Peugeot 205's autobox in November 2017. 14/01/19 update: I bought the Tipo back from my son's friend a few days ago. It will need MOT rectification work (brakes, track rod ends, front spring and a CV boot clip, no bodywork) and should be road legal on 16th Jan 2019 (further update: Now in regular use).


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  1. Today, out of curiosity rather than any real urge for terror or adventure, I clambered in to my '61 Reliant Regal to see if it would start. It did, without difficulty. I had started it in September this year after charging the battery which had been untouched for months but noticed on that occasion that the battery went from fully discharged to fully charged in only 3 hours according to the charger indicator light. I suspect that the old and little used battery is on the way out. The last time I drove the car further than 5 metres was in January this year when the central heating engineers
  2. Mine had a grease nipple but they are often missing. Some after market nipples are too long and foul other components when steering - these are the ones which either break off or are removed when the owner feels the steering jamming. There's only one kingpin of course, and a bush or bearing mounted in the stub axle assembly above and below the leading arm. Depending on whether the leading arm and/or the kingpin has been changed in the past, it may be a plain bushed type or a needle roller type. A bushed kingpin will always have a small amount of play i.e. you may be able to detect it when
  3. Nice one! Reliants were never particularly cheap cars when new but to a large extent were selling to a captive market of ex motorcyclists or holders of a B1 licence (the regulations have since changed). Reliant owners are notorious for penny pinching, yet their cars (the three wheelers) are not the easiest to work on because engine access is poor. Fortunately, if maintained properly they'll perform well and be reliable. Coolant capacity is somewhat marginal. Many three wheelers will eject coolant from the rad overflow, leaving a natural* level barely covering the top of the rad fins. Assumin
  4. Yes, I believe so. June 2013. It was a long weekend, camping with my son. My daughter and husband were also there but travelled by their 1.4 Focus MK1 3 door - which had about 45K miles on it then. It now has 177K and isn't even going rusty though it does burn a bit of oil.
  5. I joined in October 2014 after a search engine threw up Autoshite when I was looking for spares for my '88 Hyundai Stellar (Photographed in Wales around that period). I was 'between cars' on the modern, daily driver side of my small fleet, so the Stellar had become my main car. I reluctantly gave up ownership of the Stellar in 2017. It is now owned by a fellow shiter. I also had (and still have) a 1961 Reliant Regal MKVI in Oct 2014. It is still roadworthy but gets little used these days. The photo shows my Regal at a Reliant gathering in Tamworth a few years back. As a back-up to the usual
  6. I was not sure about the registration and would have expected it to be the more usual 3 letters, 3 numbers format in 1935. However, 'XR' is a London reg and I had read somewhere that the letter/number format was reversed in some cases where demand outstripped the available sequences. Do you have futher information on such a policy? The websites I've found are very sketchy on some of the details on pre-war UK registrations. One of them suggests the number/letter UXR London registrations ran until 1957 but their listing is unclear (to me). It could equally mean 'starting' at 1957 and running un
  7. I do hope that it goes to an enthusiast. Unfortunately, I'm too old and knackered to take anything like that on. I'm not an Austin 7 expert by any means, but Dad had a 1933 A7 'box' saloon between 1954 and 1960 when I was 4-9 years old and I have owned a 1961 Reliant Regal MKVI since 1992 which has the A7 derived engine.
  8. It's interesting that the DVLA lists it as having an 885cc engine, yet 7s including the Ruby only stretched to 747cc. The Big 7 which came along in 1937 had a nominally 900cc engine but it also had a more conventional dynamo drive, not the right angled set-up of the earlier 7s. Perhaps the 885cc is a period modification if it is not an error. One or two 7s ended up with a Reliant side valve engine when owners got desperate for decent spares. Although the Reliant 747cc unit was derived from the late Ruby engine, it differs in many areas. Very few components are interchangeable, the head havin
  9. Agreed. It looks saveable and all there. I'm not sure what an Austin Ruby is worth these days - £8K in good order would not surprise me, so even in this state it could fetch around £2K. Unless the chassis has dissolved, I doubt that it will end up being scrapped or sold for parts.
  10. Has anyone mentioned the Indian automobile industry yet? Their Standard motor company assembled UK models but gradually incorporated locally sourced components, their production runs not necessarily coincident with the UK model runs. Hindustan perhaps more famously carried the 1950s Morris Cowley several decades further than the Uk albeit with variations under the still recognisable skin. Premier also dabbled with Fiat 124s. Indian examples of cars based on the Fiat 1100, Rover SD1, Vauxhall Victor FE and some Reliant offerings also lingered with varying success by Indian companies. Even no
  11. Not forgetting the fact that the basis of the Lada Riva was the Fiat 124 which was replaced in its home country by the Fiat 131 in 1974. A similar story evolved with the Fiat 125 being replaced by the Fiat 132 in 1972 while the 125 morphed elsewhere into the Polski Fiat 125, FSO 125 etc.
  12. Good call. It does look as though it could be a Moskvitch, though I'm surprised I did not instantly recognise it.
  13. In Stockport, postcard 2, what is the white estate car?
  14. Cars can be such ungrateful bar stewards. Any photos of your Tempra?
  15. I took the Tipo on a 70 miles jaunt today. It was a pleasure to have a decent and consistent clutch action with the new slave and master cylinders fitted yesterday. My trip included driving around RAF Halton married quarters where we lived in 1964-66 and again in 1972-75. It felt quite strange because the place had hardly changed, and I could vividly recall setting off to RAF Bruggen, Germany, in the back of Dad's Vauxhall Victor FB estate in July '66 for our next posting. I also drove past the church in the village of Halton where my Dad and Mum were interred in 1986 and 1992 respectively. Da
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