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    Retired in 2008, now 72 years old (2021). Interests? Well, anything that's interesting. Currently own a 1961 Reliant Regal MKVI Saloon (since 1992) and a '94 Fiat Tipo 1.4ie which was my son's a few years back. I bought it back when the subsequent owner was going to scrap it because of MOT expense. Now enjoying it. It compensates for having to give up ownership of my Stellar when my health took a nasty turn in 2017. The most exotic car I've owned was a Citroen CX GTi Turbo 2, the most unreliable was a Ginetta G26 and the most boring was an Escort MK2 Automatic. A new Mitsubishi Mirage Juro CVT has been acquired after the failure of my Peugeot 205's autobox in November 2017.


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  1. Yesterday morning my modern Mitsubishi Mirage Juro was attacked by my son's Honda NC750X. The bike was blown away from its side stand and my car's bonnet and offside front wing cushioned its fall. The Honda only suffered a broken front brake lever but my car has a probably unrepairably dented bonnet and lesser dents on the wing. My son has taken my car into work today for advice and opinions from the bodyshop. Meanwhile, being a creature of habit, I did not let the missing Mitsubishi deter me from going to one of my lunchtime haunts to sit and have a packed lunch and read a few pages of Practical Classics mag while admiring the scenery. My Tipo was therefore called into service. Photos below.
  2. As mentioned above. The photos. First one is my son in 1980 aged about 2. The plastic double decker is on the floor of his prison cell play pen. Unfortunately, the orange and red taxi lying on its side did not make it to present times. The second group of photos show the bus today in its repaired form. The third group show the two Burago Citroens, one in its battered box, the other played with. The fourth group show the friction drive Mercedes clone, made in China, probably in the late 1980s or 90s. The fourth group show one I did not mention yesterday, a toy made in the USA which dates from 1997. It is not doing a Norev but the plastic is deteriorating. My daughter's Matchbox taxi will have to wait because it is in a different place.
  3. A variation on the theme... I kept my childhood toys away from my son and daughter but decided that compulsory free purchase was the morally correct thing to do when some of their toys (that I fancied) became disused. As a result, I've got a nice Matchbox Taxi which was my daughter's, and from my son an obscure friction drive plastic car which I thought was a Mercedes but apparently isn't (but it still has its box!) and a plastic double decker which required some repairs after he had driven* it for a few months when aged about 3. I have also 'claimed' a couple of Citroen Light 15s of his - they're Burago brand or similar. I'll find them tomorrow and provide photographs.
  4. @LightBulbFun The photo on RR seems to indicate that the unit is a twin - from the two injectors and two branch exhaust manifold. I've test driven an early Aixam with the Kubota twin not long after they came on the market. Many Reliant dealers took them on to try to boost sales. Although I liked the look of the little Aixam, its engine was the roughest, noisiest unit I've ever experienced. I can't imagine that it is anywhere near as refined as the Steyr-Puch petrol engine. I can only assume that the original engine was too far gone/too expensive to fix. A BMW or Citroen flat twin (petrol) engine would have been my choice if faced with that situation, but everyone to their own...
  5. @LightBulbFun Are you sure VAV1L is a three cylinder diesel? I can't find any listing for a triple Kubota diesel engine of that capacity (500cc). Assuming it is not one of the numerous single cylinders options, shouldn't it be a twin? The triple cylindered Kubota diesels range from 656cc to 1123cc. Microcar and Aixam diesels with a Kubota unit are twins of around 500cc and also have CVT. Does VAV1L use a re-purposed unit from one of these? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kubota_engines Correction: Microcar uses a Lombardini twin diesel.
  6. I can see 1x Renault, 3xVW (two of them being Beetles) and one Simca. What is your sixth? There's something which looks a bit Bond Equipe to me, but could be an Opel. My eyes hurt 😀.
  7. Looks like a Ford 103e Popular to me. 1957ish.
  8. Trying to think of an optimistic comment. How about ' With so much oil missing from the sump, it will act as a sound box.' I remember watching adverts for an oil additive in the USA in the 1990s, during which a car which had been running with the additive for a while (unspecified) had all of its sump oil drained and the sump plug left out. Said car was then driven at around 50mph between two major cities, a distance of several hundred miles. The engine was then stripped and no significant wear or other damage could be found. There was no mention of how rigorously this stunt was performed or witnessed, so some lingering doubts remained. I think your engine will be ok with new oil and a repaired sump (if the sump was dented, the crank may have been clouting it. That makes a din!)
  9. Yesterday I saw a Tesla S being towed on a breakdown truck's 4 wheeled wide track dolly. The dolly had gone a bit bandy legged carrying the front end of a 2000kg (nom.) car. No doubt a Mulsanne would also have the same effect but the Bentley is larger and it would not look quite as surprising.
  10. Not really. They carefully selected the capacity to exclude Reliants. Bond Bugs are welcomed despite having much in common with Reliants including the engine. Smarts are also mentioned as acceptable as are Raleigh Safety Sevens (742cc). These days, the old hostilities towards Reliant by the Bond fraternity are largely buried. However, this years national microcar rally event details made no mention of Reliant three wheelers but Fiat 500, NSU Prinz and other cars which maybe small but not micro by weight were named. The microcar national rally is usually an excellent event to attend. This year's was too far away to tempt me out of my armchair - which is becoming a regular excuse! Edit: The first ohv Regals were only 600cc (nom.) and there's a fair number which could make it to such a good gathering of three and four wheeled small, lightweight cars/vehicles.
  11. Turning up at a microcar rally in a Reliant three wheeler used to be a risky move. Something to do with Bond, history and blame. Invalid carriages were very rarely seen at microcar events in the 1980s-90s when I attended them. There was a perception that staring at anyone with a disability was to be discouraged, even if they were driving an interesting car. I think the only AC that I snapped during this period was a Petite.
  12. My 1994 Fiat Tipo passes about 50% of the time. The Reliant (Regal MK6, 1961) has always passed since 2005 when I finally got it roadworthy after 13 years of ownership and stalled refurbishment. It has only done about 4500 miles since 2005 and I no longer MOT it and only rarely take it out of our road. The '88 Stellar that I owned from 2010 until 2017 had a similar pass rate to the Tipo but occasionally passed when I was expecting a failure. I sometimes wonder whether the tester thinks 'if I fail this heap I'll have to fix the sodding thing' and lets it through with an advisory instead.
  13. Love the Austin Devon! Quite a lot of interesting stuff there, and not so many that seeing everything becomes a marathon.
  14. Interesting. As the styling gets more modern (= fussy), I lose interest. SUVs are not my 'thing' but I quite like the looks of the MK2 Pilot. Of the MK3s, the Acura MDX appeals to me more than the other MK3s as it has restrained elegance rather than the current fashion of pointy, jagged, scalloped aggressive nonsense. Other opinions are available.
  15. I'm reasonably sure that it is a 1951 Ford Custom Crestliner which have the shape, distinctive fluted tail lamps, semi-covered rear wheels and a V type emblem on the boot (trunk!). However, I can only find photos of 2 door versions. Edit: Ford Custom with 4 doors shares the same features. https://buy.motorious.com/articles/news/365361/1951-ford-deluxe-custom .....but those external boot hinges are now bothering me! Edit : The 1949 Ford Custom has the same features and the external boot hinges.
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