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  1. Yes - assuming it’s got a floor that Light 15 does look to be a good buy for someone. The video shows it runs well enough. The seats looked like they could be repaired.
  2. It’s called Raggare and is practiced in Norway and Sweden. It’s a whole lifestyle with a car part to it. The cars are all really well done under the skin but look as terrible as possible.
  3. Ha ha. Not off the high pressure side? It most certainly is. It's the highest pressure pipe the car has - the one between the pump and the regulator. So it gets all the pulsations and apparently work hardens and then fractures. To even be able to see where the leak was I had to remove the radiator - which looks like this. Not a pretty sight - this is the front and most of the copper ribbon on the right hand side is falling off. The left side and the stuff behind is ok so it will do for now. The alternator and fan also had to come out so I had a chance to see where the leak was when I spun the engine over. I took this photo after I has removed the pipe. I've stuffed blue pair into the pump outlet on the left and the regulator inlet on the right. This is the offending pipe. And this is the leak - caused by the fan belt pulley rubbing on it. So - no sign of work hardening here. I need to make sure it's better positioned when I put the new on back. As well as a new pipe I've ordered new belts because they've all been doused in LHM and replacement will be so much easier without the fan and radiator in the way. Same for the inboard front brake pads. I have never tried to replace them before. They've still got some life left but, again, it looks so much easier without the radiator in the way. Hope to get it back together on Sunday.
  4. There's got to be a joke about a Wolseley 6/80 here.
  5. Thank you @inconsistant for setting this up. It was a very good choice of venue and great to meet people. Will come again. I completely forgot to take any photos.
  6. Not something you see often (the black one is mine so I see it quite frequently)
  7. This is at the end of the road - in more ways than one.
  8. Dodge Ram and Pontiac Transam and a blue car in West London
  9. It's been ages since I updated this. I've been using the DS quite a bit. It's been my daily driver through the winter. I was feeling quite proud of its failure to fail - until the end of November when the big red light of doom came on demanding I stop. I was driving back from a meeting in Bristol for a meeting in Sussex and had got as far as Gatwick - so nearly there. 10 miles to go, maybe I could make it? No - the steering went heavy. So I stopped before I lost brakes. It was my first experience of stopping on a smart motorway - luckily there was a yellow painted lay-by. Apparently you are supposed to use the phone in the lay-by to let the control people know what you are up to - but I didn't. I assumed I had an LHM leak. But no - I found one of the bolts fixing the hydraulic pump had come out so the drive belts were slack. It's funny - since this is an important pump, Citroen sensibly fitted 2 belts. But it only takes one bolt to come out for it not to work. Anyway, I had no tools and couldn't lever the bolt back in so I called the AA. The bolt was still having in there and luckily the nut had dropped into the sticky oily mess i like to keep on top of the gearbox so I was on my way a few minutes after the AA man arrived. Actually we had to wait while he called the smart motorway people to close the nearside lane for me - and the AA man - to pull out. So so all was well until today. On my way to work I decided to press the test button for the big red light of doom. I have no idea why I did this - bored I suppose. Or maybe I had subliminally noticed something amiss? The light was working fine which it demonstrated on its own a mile later. Steering immediately heavy again - so I immediately pulled into a cafe car park. A look under the bonnet showed the pump was still in place and being driven by the belt which was throwing leaking LHM all over the place. I had half a litre with me which I poured into the tank but the leak was going to need more than that. If I called the AA they wouldn't be able to fix this and I'd have to wait for a flatbed so I decided it would be quicker to walk the 4 miles home and come back with enough LHM to be able to drive it back. I came back and gave it another 2 litres which was enough to get it home. I now look forward to a weekend removing all sorts of things to be able to get close enough to find the leak. I don't think it is on the high pressure side as the leak was coming out as liquid rather than an atomised spray. Happy Days.
  10. I don't make much use of either the G-meter or the power meter on my wife's Golf 1.5 TSI estate. I think they would actually be quite distracting at any time they redisplaying interesting information. I only see them displaying zeros. Maybe more useful if they came up on a head-up display and the car had a 5-point harness and roll cage. But the dog in the boot might complain.
  11. In 2000 we moved to the states and needed 2 cars which turned out to be a Crown Vic and a Focus. The Focus was the first Focus “Wagon” in California - made an interesting comparison to the Focus estate I had been driving in the UK. The Crown Vic delivered 88k miles of easy trouble free motoring over the following 4 years. Fantastic car. Should have brought it back here.
  12. I know this car. It dates from 1937. If you want to see it in the metal, along with about 25 other Traction Avant / Light 15s etc, the Traction Owners Club will be at the Lyn Valley Classic in Lynmouth, Devon on June 11th https://www.lynvalleyclassic.co.uk . Here it is at last year's rally in the Lake District.
  13. In DorsetPolice spec - with a bell on the bumper.
  14. I had a 1/3rd share of a bright yellow FE for about 2 hours in around 1981 when the car would have been less than 10 years old. Nevertheless it was acquired for nothing and sold for a fiver which was then converted into 3 pints and 20 B+H. It was owned by a labourer at the place i worked. I'll call him Stuart. He need to get rid of the car - lost his licence or some story like that. Another colleague (let's call him Gary) needed a place to see his girlfriend about whom his wife was unaware. The plan was to relocate the FE from Stuart's place to somewhere near - but not too close to Gary's. Gary could not drive - and nor could Stuart. So another workmate - let's call him Phil was called on to drive this thing, and it fell to me to drive Gary and Phil there to pick up said FE. Stuart was unavailable. All started well, the car car was located and it started. Actually it was very smart but one wheel was a bit bent. The car needed to be driven down a hill through a housing estate and up the other side. Well it didn't get up the other side. The clutch was fubar. No matter how fast we went don onside of the hill, in whichever direction, we could not get the thing to get to the top of the other side. As it happened, at the bottom of the hill, watching us go past again and again, was someone proudly polishing his own FE. So we sold the car to him for a fiver and went to the pub in my Herald. That FE was a very nice car and the only one that has ever made me a profit.
  15. Reminds me of the Traffic School course I did in 2002 in the USofA. 15 of us criminals around table with the instructor. The criterion to get the certificate and hence avoid points was to attend 400 minute of instruction. This was in a conference room in the San Ramon Country Club which did not have a clock. The instructor had no watch and phones were not allowed. So the instructor had to borrow a watch off one of us criminals. We had 3 breaks during the day and the watch owner took his watch back for each one - and wound it on by about 20 minutes each time. Certificates were duly received and we all arrived home about 20 minutes before the class was due to end. Actually it was very interesting and I enjoyed the day. We all had to introduce ourselves, say where we were caught, doing what and in what. Most were speeding but some rolling stop violations. Only 2 of us admitted to our crime - me and a guy caught doing 90 in a Ryder truck. He got a round of applause for that - even from the instructor. Everyone else said they didn't do it, were fitted up or some other excuse. I was actually going faster then the cop wrote on my ticket - I was doing 95 on the freeway but he said I could do Traffic School if he wrote it up as 80 and then neither of us would have to go to court. Not sure how true any of that was but it seemed like a good deal to me.
  16. It's also Congestion Charge Zone exempt - as well as MoT and VED 0-rated. AFAIK sadly historic vehicles are not exempt from congestion charges. £130 fines are available. Definitely ULEZ exempt and Road tax free though.
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