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  1. Just picked these up in Tesco. The Caddy is awesome!
  2. High mileage hero £995 https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202301193403662?advertising-location=at_cars&price-to=1500&postcode=PL12 4NS&page=1&radius=80&include-delivery-option=on&sort=relevance
  3. Yeah, the Volvo was pretty much a part of the furniture. It was starting to look decidedly ropey a few years back. A bit of money was spent on it tidying it up and as you say it disappeared and only seemed to reappear around Christmas. I love seeing stuff like this street parked! Looks like the current owner has owned it for 10 years.
  4. Extra! Extra! Read all about it! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/266080268024?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=6buqlFc8T-y&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=FZibxPfIQ0i&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
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