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  1. Who`d have thought this topic would have been quite as brilliant as its turned out to be! Only thing is, I cant seem to see any pics on the website, I click on them but there's no pic, just coloured boxes with the description on (using W10 on Google Chrome), anyone else having this issue?
  2. No, the Bravo`s made by Fiat, this is an Alfa.. [sorry, I had to ?]
  3. 1.4 TS lump in a retro Alfa = cheap tax = Double win! Nice find! (scurries off to Irish car sales sites ?) The 145 & 146`s have the same floorpan, so the fronts should fit (possibly the rear, I can't remember). Also same floorpan as the Tipo/Tempra/155/Brava/Bravo/Barchetta/Coupe, so in theory any of the front seats from those should fit too* *possibly.. Check!
  4. All I can tell you at this stage is that its been sitting in a garage since 2007 & was allegedly fine when he put it there. I think its an ELX.
  5. Love the way Italian is now featuring in your wanted lists more often, the bug has been caught! ? I`ve potentially been offered an early (P) Marea estate, unfortunately for you, its of the 5 cylinder 2.0 petroleum distillate variety (& unfortunately for me, doesnt meet upcoming ULEZ emissions requirements).
  6. No need to get offended Podsta, I meant it in an affectionate way... Its an 80`s Renault, its "shite" as are all mainstream 80`s cars, going by the Autoshite definition..
  7. He just got out of the Previa on ITV news, looked like he was in London.. I wonder what his stance on the ULEZ is.. Although the charge can probably be put on their expenses, knowing that lot..
  8. I knew it was something French, small & "shite" !
  9. I`m fairy sure I`ve seen a white Renault 5 Mk2 on his drive, behind him, in recent (within 2 years) news interviews too.
  10. There's also these (house also around £1.5 mill). The neighbours, all with immaculately manicured gardens, must love him!
  11. There's plenty of shite outside million pound houses down here, obviously, but this one sprung to mind.. A £1000 Rover, wearing a £10k plate, outside a £1.5 mill house.
  12. Well, despite being half Italian, I didn't know any of that, as I`ve never asked.. Sod that for a game of soldiers. One of my friends has moved from America to Italy recently, & now wants to buy a car there, she asked me if I knew anything about it, as she`d heard there was agro involved & was considering buying a stream of cars from neighbouring countries, leaving them on foreign plates, then getting another if/when she's told she cant use them any more.. I'm now seeing why that could be a good option..
  13. The rear wiper does need doing, its one of the best features evah! The clutch sounds like it wasnt centred properly when it was last changed to me, it'd be worth checking, unfortunately the box has to come out to do it.. The header tank could mean it's gone for a period with no antifreeze, or, could be that someone's put some kind of sealer in to `fix` a leaking rad, (or HGF.. unlikely) IIRC, the steering adjust n them is just a long bolt with a nylock nut on the end rather than a collet system, so just needs nipping up. Defo worth wire brushing the previous repairs to check "qua
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