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  1. A couple of other things I just thought of, I`d recommend spraying waxoyl or similar on the foam you put on the tank straps (on the tank side), again, to reduce the chance of rust in the future, & I don't know what your bodywork guys done about the inside of his repairs, but I`d also recommend injecting primer then paint into the sills/pillars/rear arches etc now the weldings been done, if it hasn't been done already, using a waxoyl type injection setup, ideally with POR15 coating if you can afford it, or normal etch primer followed by a thick coat of whatever single stage celly the local paint factors have mixed wrongly & is trying to get rid of.. (I use L.E. Went in Cricklewood for single stage paint, & they usually have quite a few tins of mis-mixes or uncollected orders going for cheap). Tape up the drain holes before doing this, to make sure the excess paint fills the lower seam, then remove the tape after half an hour to allow the excess paint to flow out & give a nice, smooth route out for water, Wipe off the excess paint round the drain holes after, then give the drain holes themselves a couple of coats of primer to reduce the risk of reaction with the outer coat when that goes on.. Proper rustproofing can them commence properly a week or 2 after its received its paint.
  2. I haven't touched a 70`s era Ford for years, but IIRC, the rubbing strips were largely double sided on around that time, with locating studs/nut on each end on the doors & quarters? They shouldn't be too much of an issue to re-fit after paint (assuming none of the studs ripped off during disassembly), although I`d use rubber washers on both sides of the studs to seal the holes & reduce the risk of rust in future.. I`d fully expect to drop at least 1 nut into the sill on reassembly, so have a magnet on a string ready...
  3. Bloody cheap that.. I`ve been thinking about getting one to replace my incredibly rusy, not-ULEZ compliant (& as of 2 weeks ago, vandalised) X308R, so I`ll be watching with interest..
  4. Cheers! I am gutted I didnt take more pics of my numerous motors back in the day, as I`m sure many are. None of my Senator A`s, half my Carltons, FE`s & Viva`s, & many others, but what can you do without a time machine..
  5. In fact, I`ve decided to put pictures up of my old big Vauxhalls, including my car forum namesakes, Senators. The quality in most cases is shite, with most being taken on a 110 Brownie camera, with later ones being taken with a Nokia 7650 & a 3230 .. I may as well have taken them with a potato, but hey, its all I had at the time. This is by no means all of them, I`ve had dozens of old skool RWD Vauxhalls between 1988 & 2008 or so (around 40 IIRC), but only bothered taking pictures of a handful.. I just thought some of you might like to see them..
  6. Not nice.. Did it come back on you somehow?
  7. 😂 Its not, its just the name I chose for car forums back in the early naughty's (as I had a load of Vauxhall Senators at the time), but I appreciate your contribution anyway, I mean, who doesnt love a Senator?
  8. These have been scrapped since I saw them, over the last 3 months.. The K10 cant have gone through ULEZ scrappage as it had been sat for years (scrappage probably was the final straw for the owner though), the rest were road legal & most are still technically MOT`d, so likely went through scrappage. Also, quite a few of them have been re-sold in the last 2 months since I spotted them, including, thankfully, the shonky Vauxhall racing pink Mk2 Astra estate, which would have probably struggled to get £2k on the open market. Also, the X-plate (X36GLF) Micra in the last batch, despite being Euro 2 & registered in 2000, IS somehow ULEZ compliant, which is a bit baffling, as everything registered pre March 2001 is automatically not compliant.... Maybe the owners got compliance paperwork directly from Nissan? If so, at what point were Micra`s (& others) compliant, & how easy is the process.. 🧐
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