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  1. Beige.. Very beige.. https://www.copart.co.uk/lot/32822831/clean-title-1981-morr-ital-hl-bristol
  2. Most of my shite has a similar degree of structural rigidity.. Fairly sobering.. Still, I reckon I could tie it to a tree & yank most of that out. https://www.copart.co.uk/lot/32440001/1982-ford-fiesta-bristol
  3. I was hoping for a Yugo update too, did the wiring colours I sent you on YT not tally up Ian? It is irritating, in that I KNOW that its a viable prospect, & the issues will be minor & easily rectified, once identified.. I`ve never driven one, but I have owned & driven its Italian siblings & predecessors, so I fully expect it to put the same smile on your face as the Fiat 127 did, once sorted.
  4. I`ve always counted it as coast, far closer to water than any R14 ever wants to be, thats for sure 😂
  5. Pretty sure theres still a funeral directors there now! I`m assuming they got their Lada`s from BMG at Bruce Grove, I nearly got a new Riva SLX (with the performance package upgrade) there once, at 0%, with a £1500 minimum trade in.. I didn't in the end, I stuck with my assorted shite, & nothings changed! (they also sold Fiats at BMG, & they had an unregistered X1/9 Gran Finale in the showroom for several years after production ended, till they left circa 1992-ish).
  6. That R14 made it to 1999! NINETY NINE! 😳 Very few made it to 89, so I`m very impressed indeed, especially if it lived near the coast. Kudos to the owner..
  7. I see. So you remember Blatter Oakthorpe when it was Ford then, opposite the old nick.
  8. There you go, its roughly there, on the border with Tottenham, looking north.
  9. I did too, at Halfords when I was at school, then at Ripspeed (on the right in that pic) later on!
  10. uk_senator

    Morris 1300

    I`ve never fitted an aftermarket electronic ignition to any car, I stick to OE upgrades. Thinking about it, all the piggyback ones I inherited on bangers I got back in the day had all been disconnected before I got them (but left in situ). I took that as a sign to never trust the things...
  11. Some from my local London Facebook groups..
  12. uk_senator

    Morris 1300

    Yeah, you don't have the option of a later OE electric ignition upgrade on the Viva unfortunately, but the later 80`s A-Series Maestro`s Metro`s etc had breakerless?
  13. I`d say commercial operators preferred pressed plates as they were sturdier. When I was doing long distance lorry driving in the mid 90`s, our 83-88 Ford Cargos all had pressed plates, & all were very bent, especially the back ones but were still legible. I`d also guess that most of the car companies using silver on black plates in their brochures post 1970, like that Wolseleycrab, were aiming at an older generation of buyer, hinting at old school values so to speak. The Framptons raised plastic digit plates look wrong to me for some reason, cant quite put my finger on it.. Might be
  14. uk_senator

    Morris 1300

    A lovely little thing. I`ve never driven one, but always hankered after one, & a burnt orange 1300GT is on my extensive lottery win list. My Mum had one as her first car too, a bottle green Mk1 1964 one. Personally I always set up points with a dwell meter rather than a feeler gauge, as it makes up for any slop in the dizzy shaft & averages it out, although if your timing light isnt working off the battery, maybe you`ll have problems with a dwell meter as well... Someone said, some cars have resistance wiring to the coil, which caused me headaches on my first Viva HB, I cant
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