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  1. Well, that isn't a Mustang now is it..
  2. Whilst stuck at traffic lights yesterday, I had to watch a giffer driven 84 "A" Volvo 240 in maroon, reverse out of a parking space in the road to my right & vanish off out of sight. Its condition of it led me to believe it was garage kept (looked showroom fresh) & likely long term owned. By the time the lights changed, there was no point trying to give chase. Hope I see it again at some point.
  3. I put some H4 LED`s in my Uno`s about a year back, they`ve been fine, till recently, one of them just wont grip the "H4 ring" properly all of a sudden & keeps sliding out, which is irritating, & occasionally blinding to oncoming drivers, so needs sorting ASAP.
  4. Fuck, so you did go for it! Is it gonna turn into a flatbed shite hauler as I suggested? I think its ideal...
  5. I purchased an ex-builder Viva HC estate as an engine donor for the HB I was doing up (think it was KEA24K), it was 12 different shades of red with grey & white primer applied over various badly filled rusty bits. Sounds like the one you describe. Was £40 with tax & ticket from a bloke in Stamford Hill.. Pretty sure I`ve still got assorted bits of it buried in the garage.
  6. I went off on a Google images tangent after searching one of JeeExEll`s recent pics, eventually tripped over this one, seemingly featuring brand new BL stuff awaiting distribution, I then re-image searched this pic to see if there was a better resolution picture anywhere, for Google to then identify it as "1970s car scrap yard" 😐 Cynical Google, very cynical..
  7. I`m fairly certain* they were the full fat B22 bases, but as I say, I was smol at the time, so I may be mixing them up with other, similar bulbs. Both those types are ringing a bell, so maybe the odd one was replaced with the other over time as they blew, depending what was available, as you do. I do seem to remember at least some of them being externally painted though, & I think some were scratched, letting the natural light to pass the colour filtration, as you`d expect. I will have a look for them in the bulb draws next time I`m there.
  8. Thats actually just reminded me, my parents had Christmas lights like that, I think* they had a standard bayonet base (in brass), with thumb sized, externally painted bulbs that tapered upwards from the base, to a flat-ish top. I seem to remember the wire they went into was heavy gauge, but fairly flexible green coated wire. Thats what I remember anyway, it could be true, or I could have completely made it up, I`m not entirely sure, I was very smol when/if they were in use... There may be a chance they`re still in their loft somewhere, or a spare bulb in one of the many draws of bulbs they have, assuming they really did exist...
  9. I like the fact the sellers in Barnard Castle & is holding 2 fingers up in the first pic.. "How many fingers am I holding up Mr Cummings?" 😂
  10. That lived near me for years, its looking a fair bit worse..
  11. I`m glad you can make the reg out, the camera sharply panned just as it got to them, so thats as clear as it got. It must be a hospital close to New Cross somewhere. I did see a picture online with another Invacar in the background last week, & I saved it for you, but I`ll be buggered if I can find it now. I`m sure I`ll find it at some point.
  12. £395 Ford Cargo horsebox from the same bloke.. Phworr.. The amount of shite I could fit in there.. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2515536732039014/
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