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  1. Not sure if these are still made or not... @High Jetterwill know!
  2. I made a cassette of this to play in my XM...
  3. Very nice! The XM I owned had a "CXM" registration as well... You need your head XMined...
  4. Just watched the youtube video and very much enjoyed it, thanks...
  5. I know it's just an add on, but I'd love one of these...
  6. What on earth happened to that? I had to check out what it was to see it's a Pug 108...
  7. 13 amp fuse only £65... https://www.russandrews.com/ultrafuse-13a-single/
  8. Funny, I didn't know this thread existed and started a very similar one last year... https://autoshite.com/topic/45380-i-really-could-get-one-of-thosebut-i-know-i-never-will/ I keep adding to it from time to time, but haven't bought any of them yet...
  9. While out riding my bike I often pass a house where I've seen various Volvos including an XC60, S60, several V70s and the one I really like the look of, a Rebel Blue V60 Polestar, not a dealer option tune up, but the real deal Straight six twin turbo, four wheel drive limited edition... Like this Anyway I was riding past it the other day and saw someone standing next to it having a smoke, so I stopped for a chat. The owner was a nice bloke who works for a Volvo dealer and a Volvo nut, his daily is the XC6 (D5). So now I really really want one, not Rebel Blue even though I think it looks great, but black for more stealth and I found one for sale... This is the early one with a 3.0ltr 6 cyliner, the later ones have a 2.0ltr 4 cylinder, still lovely, but I want one of these... I'd love it, I could afford it and have room, but I just don't need a large estate car however desirable so into this thread it goes.
  10. I like the shape of these, I'll keep my eyes open for you driving it around... (why is red so susceptible to lacquer peel?)
  11. A mate of mine (we both had Citroen C4 VTSs) has had one since late in 2020 and looks really lovely. He has however spent a fortune on it, admittedly not all of it essential, but still. This is his Instawank if you want a look at his journey into 159 land... #antalfa_159 https://www.instagram.com/antalfa_159/
  12. This is an interesting one... While riding my bike this morning a driving school car drove along next to me before suddenly diving far too close and passing between me and a traffic island. I was a bit miffed at this when the new Highway Code is so fresh in everyone's mind, so later I found the driving school and messaged them in a way I hoped would not seem too smug or confrontational... I got a reply fairly quickly... I do get it, but also feel that the instructor is in charge of the car and should have used the dual controls to slow the car when it became apparent what the student was doing. I had to laugh at the instructor getting a bit arsey as well...
  13. I thought this was interesting and also fits with my experience while cycling that the modded car with low suspension and loud exhaust almost always gives me plenty of room (the mapped in bangs still make me jump though!). https://jeepanelsplus.com/2022/02/14/are-petrol-heads-safer-drivers-around-cyclists-their-safety-is-more-important-than-your-punctuality-jeremy-vines-message-to-drivers-drones-the-future-of-cycling-on-tv-new-stuff-from-pe/
  14. I don't remember seeing this thread before, I like C2s! These days if you can replace the headlamp bulbs at all without dismantling most of the car it's a win... I sometimes think I pay for the fact that the lamps can be removed from my Volvo super easily by having Mrs Concern's Renault Moodus to work on as well!
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