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  1. That's a really good find!! Mrs Concern still uses her Raleigh Record Sprint from around the same time most days.
  2. You should start a thread on non stock wheels as you're the master of this haha...
  3. Have you looked on C4owners.org and C4UK Bookface page? Someone may know the car.
  4. I didn't say that at all as I love them... Go back and read what I said... https://autoshite.com/topic/46621-early-citroen-c4s-would-you/?tab=comments#comment-2367261 That does look lovely although it needs a boot spoiler. Someone on the C4Owners.org forum thought they look like a whale without the spoiler and I kind of know what they mean... Here's the pez shot of my most recent VTS when I picked it up with with @Daviemck2006 Can you see the real me in the reflection? Anyway anyhow, I can't explain why I had enough of this and gave it to my daughter, who's going mobile with it as a substitute for her Clio. Do you think it's alright? If so let's see action and hope you don't get fooled again! Is it in my head or do those two petrol pictures look very similar? By the way who are you?
  5. I could live with the mirrors, the Mk1 grille with concealed door hinges however....
  6. I've been toying with buying another Mini and I had wondered if they may start to get cheaper, but the appeal seems to extend beyond anyone who could have any experience of owning one or even their parents owning one. I'm thinking they will always be expensive just because they are so cool/cute haha!
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284439431714?hash=item4239e94a22:g:o90AAOSwMM5hNJRM
  8. These used to be a thing... and I saw one in the window of a Fiesta in B&Q car park today
  9. One of these? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auburn_Speedster
  10. FakeConcern

    E10 Fuel

    Both our cars are fine with E10, Modus is 2004 and used regularly will be fine, C30 T5 is 20011, only used infrequently, but I always put super (usually Momentum99) so not a problem. Given that E10 apparently makes it difficult to start an engine when the fuel goes stale and this happens quickly, my biggest problem will be the mower. I'm not keen to put super in that, but may be the best option
  11. Not really AS style, but certainly the environment, have a look at this futuristic tidal turbine so much better than all the wind turbines set in a million tons of concrete in the sea near where I live. I know nothing really about it except if it looks wrong, it is wrong and building them in the sea with all the problems that entails and the same again for maintaining the things, never mind that the wind doesn’t always do what you want. Contrast them to the tidal turbine which (I assume) is stand alone (or float alone anyway) with a power source of two tides every day come what may, this has to be the way to go.
  12. Haha love the idea of the badge! I personally wouldn't bother with the de-seaming or strange rear lights and as for a Mk1 style grill...just no.
  13. Looking at Barry Cade's Tales of a Breakdown Driver thread and he pictured a Trans Am and noted it's one of his favourite all time cars. Well mine too, so a quick look on ebay and they're not even that dear... This one is £18k...
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