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  1. Sorry this is a bike which came up on my ebay as "you may be interested in this", why would I be interested in buying a bike from Australia? Anyway the description says “Good condition for age, a few scuffs, had a hairline crack in the frame a couple of years ago. i fixed with expoxy resin and carbon fibre , looks a little shabby but had no issues since, no flex in frame. see photo” So a carbon fibre frame you've "fixed" with some Araldite is "good condition" https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/303773079105?hash=item46ba495641:g:0xEAAOSwx~dfUHPT
  2. Spotted this SVX in the DLWP car park the other day... Can't remember when I saw one last Looked super clean
  3. Morrisey bought it in an Elvis memorabilia sale and even gave it a name check in one of the Smiths songs... "a stalwart lover for sure These are the riches of the poor "
  4. Nice! So does this have the EW10J4S engine? I love the super revvy character of them and they sound great as they bounce off the limiter at 7500 rpm...
  5. I really enjoyed the day despite the 550 mile round trip to do it and as has been said the very unlikely chance that the record is in the bag. I was at the Bruntingthorpe event as well and I really thought lessons would have been learned, but never mind eh? I was in my C30 T5 as I was last time... Last time I tried to get a pic of every C30 and all the interesting Volvos, this time I just took 3 or 4 pics of my car and that was it so I could actually enjoy looking at everything, much better!
  6. Not so long ago I toyed with replacing my C30 T5 with a new Focus ST, would have to be either orange or black, have a pan roof and Performance Pack. These could be the last of the line of fast petrol Fords so not likely to lose money over time. Although I really like the look of these and think one would make a great purchase, I decided against it for a few reasons... I’m not convinced that the current car tech, touch screen etc is at the most developed state and may seem very dated very soon. Even though I like the look of it, it is nowhere near as distinctive or unusual as my current C30. As far as performance goes, the C30 is already borderline as much power as you will ever need and easily will attain similar power and torque as the St with a re=map and a few simple mods which would be much cheaper than changing cars . True the St has all sorts of modes such as Launch Control, but would I ever use that? Doubt it. Anyway that all got me thinking what else would I like? Mk2 Focus RS, basically the same Volvo 5 pot as in my C30, but at a higher level of tune. Ford Scene tax of course, but not stupidly as yet. It would have to be in the bright green colour and fairly standard which could be more of a problem... Or what about the Mk3 Focus RS? Last of the line maybe? Four wheel drive with drift mode (YO!) FTW... Would have to be blue
  7. I have used both Michelin PS3 (on Citroen C4 VTS) and PS4 on the Ovlov C30 and the PS4 is so much better at everything, but especially gripping in the wet. Not that I thought the PS3 was a bad tyre at the time or I wouldn't have had the PS4 if you see what I mean...
  8. I believe the D3 when mapped by Volvo is D4 spec as software is the only difference. I Love the little blue Polestar badges, but it's not good value for my T5 compared to independant rolling road map which I'm thinking of doing... I live near the sea so sea gulls aiming for my clean black car is a day to day hazard for me haha!
  9. I remember these in Woolworth when they came out. I bought a Mk3 "Grahame Hill" Cortina instead, but kind of wish I had the Marina now... Great colour too... I went to my first boot fair for over a year today, but didn't see anything I fancied.
  10. This was popped through the letterbox today (not really it was so well boxed I had to open the door, but you get the idea!) In very good condition all round... Thank you so much Tim @155V6 I love it and it has found a place in the cabinet asking Smoll Eddy's mate Phillip for a fill up... I'm still interested in more model C30s by the way...
  11. If no one else has already asked, could I have the Ice Cream Commer for Mrs Concern please?
  12. I shall get Mrs Concern on to it ASAP
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