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  1. Or hammer frozen sausages into his front lawn...
  2. I iz confused wtf duz thiz meen? BTW sorry to see how this all turned out as it looked a nice motor...and you seem like a nice bloke...
  3. Totally! I don't know about anyone else, but I find it hard to keep up with stuff on this thread, it moves so fast. I am always up for anything that is beach or holiday related so mainly caravans or beach buggys also cars with a boat on the roof, surf boards on the roof or just a boat with trailer, see Mrs Concern's Summer House... https://autoshite.com/topic/20735-doesnt-fit-anywhere-else-shite-thread/page/4/
  4. In Tesco trying to decide which wishdosher tablets to get, I usually look at the label that tells you how much per tablet, however... Packet 1 is £8.16 perkg... Packet 2 is 22.8p per tablet... and packet 3 is £1.03 per 100g... You couldn't make it up... Maybe this should have gone in the funny thread...
  5. Tell them you identify as a woman...
  6. The timer just went to let us know the dinner was ready. Unfortunately Mrs Concern hadn't turned the oven on! I usually do the cooking...
  7. Not the same BMW model, but gives some idea on the longevity of various makes of tyre...
  8. Stupid, but strangely compelling...
  9. The only time I thought about knocking about a car was after I parked my C4 next to another C4 for a laugh and to put some photos on the C4 forum... Mine is the Citroen... This was in May 2018 and I knew it had been sitting on the road for a while about 5 minutes walk from my house... After posting the pics on the Citroen C4 Forum, someone pointed out that it hadn't been MOTed or taxed since 2015... As you can see it has been allowed to get mould & crap all over it.. I don't really understand why it was on the road as all the houses are detached with a drive way... Anyway after seeing the comments about no tax or MOT I went back about a week later thinking I might try knocking, but it had gone! So I just checked and it was MOTed again in Sept 2018!
  10. Flexus the rear wheel drive V8 Focus conversion is still going, give him some support as he's really making an effort!
  11. A 1250cc Mini? Never heard of it!
  12. Maybe it's different for girls* a friend of mine worked from home a lot in her last job and it was a pain in then arse if I popped in to see her as she was busy all the time and would only stop for a few minutes at lunch time. *I'm The Man
  13. I agree that people should be encouraged to work at home (I never could do this since was a teacher) but it seems that most firms are against it as there is the idea that workers will be doing less work and generally skiving, In my experience most people have more integrity and work harder to get everything done so they can get back to what they want to do and anyway, the boss will know if skiving has taken place or not from work done or not! Working from home would have other benefits apart from environmental such as less time wasted commuting and much less emphasis on having to live in large towns & cities which in turn might do something for the stupid house price difference between London and rest of UK.
  14. Well despite what it says in the link above, I still think it's worth doing what we can and even though I'm sure there is something in it for them, I see that Shell oil will "offset" your carbon emissions if you belong to their card scheme. Obviously they are one of the big companies that could actually do something about the situation so maybe if enough customers show an interest, they will. Unfortunately Shell stations are not on my usual routes so BP gets used more by me and maybe making a huge detour in a T5 Volvo to help the environment is a bit counter productive! https://www.shell.co.uk/business-customers/shell-fuel-card/fuelcardco2.html
  15. Are you Beatles or Stones, Blur or Oasis, Mini or Mustang... I wanted the Mini to win...
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