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  1. I was waiting for someone to notice! (or at least comment if they did) Thanks and we were very lucky to park in almost the same spot both times, I don't think you can even drive along there now
  2. My girlfriend (now Mrs Concern) with my Mini 1000... Me with my 2nd 1275gt a couple of years later... Both at Crystal Pallace tower...
  3. V70 parked in front of an Airstream... Also in front of the new Dungeness lighthouse...
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/155238797538?hash=item2424f410e2:g:gMYAAOSwxA5jZV69&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoHSmuWiCSsYyEZsjj9%2FXhKIiGquyIrTEEUgJPU7KKv0pV%2FmPtMPaOgYN99AV6K2xbHLcT099aPEB%2BVJpJB8KTBjq47TuYP1viVk01I9pIGWrzFONfblQHektqgHyUVrUkKB%2B2jpcl6tt2U%2B5QigxBn5mHDpcloPYoeG0%2BLrycrHxcB6wVjuL3GvN66m858w6ZTUaxtUt%2FUAHSbY9btk2T5c%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR77q-5aUYQ Doesn't say so, but this must be the THP version (think Bini, Pug etc) rather than the EW10J4S ones I and @Daviemck2006 had. Both very few and far between now, How many left reckons 91(petrol engine) on the road and 69 SORN (I still have the one @Daviemck2006owned on SORN)
  5. I'd go along with this ^ Also a lot of truth in the adage "better the devil you know..."
  6. Have we had this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255833142836?hash=item3b90d7f634:g:9wYAAOSwt0xjHkyL&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoPl1UiwzXcU%2FXxHVrgQLVeKiVvWJL3POxhu5nQY2bbPwAKfvgQR%2FYvHAp5H%2F3n5ggCm%2F5%2B9nNHFgwAE2iVHTCLsojuuAb4wvm8STrNb73QWBB4zCXFftXyvuJWaFnHUiTgjAby9OaZRb6iqN4CamT8fGFhkIv8ITuWRN%2FpWGrBoGN6tJtBPNiWFvPBcL7XBiqLAtulutUQ098UBBNUgES1I%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR7TZ6fqQYQ
  7. Very nice! I can't remember the last time I saw a van, but saw this at the last boot fair this year...
  8. Looks lovely, unusual in red too. I had a 2002 V70 T5 (no LPG) and loved it.
  9. How did you know this? Wow, interesting information! Mrs Concern and I were very impressed. Mrs Concern thinks it was in the house when we moved here in 2001, the lady we bought the house from had lived here for about 40 years. Looking at the bulb with a torch, we are pretty sure the two digit number is 21. Can't see any markings for the voltage so we won't try it out! If you'd like it I can post it if it's likely to survive or you can wait until we visit our friends in East London (usually has a party we go to for Christmas/New Year) and I'll deliver it, either way PM me if you want it. Apropos of nothing in particular I think I saw you post a picture taken near to Morpeth School where I was a teacher for over 20 years so assume you live fairly near to that!
  10. Not related to cars, Inva, Micro or otherwise, but @LightBulbFun, you may know what this is. Strange filament Says something on the glass, Made in England dates it... I can't remember how we came to have it or why it didn't go in the bin, but anyway... What is it?
  11. That looks so good and I’ve never seen one in that colour either in person or on the internet, do you still have it? Thanks for posting and do you mind if I share the pic on a Bianchi Bookface page?
  12. I could easily buy all of the Mini Club re releases, but I don't know what I'd do with them really. I did buy the Monte Carlo one anyway! (again site won't let me put a picture on!)
  13. OK maybe me thinking it looked wrong when I'm wrong really! Sorry if it seemed I was looking to buy one, I was actually looking at sticker kits for Dinky Prisoner Mini Mokes and ebay suggested this to me (?) As I said earlier I already have my (fucked up) childhood original and this one I bought for Mrs Concern a couple of years ago for about £15 including repro surf dude and one board (it came with one anyway) Looks to me as good or better than that one but hey... I'm having the same problem uploading pics as alluded to previously, so see if this link works... @Noel TidybeardThanks for the link, but as above
  14. Bit of a strange one here and if there was a Miniature ebay bargains thread, maybe should go there. What do people think of this on ebay? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/134293904788 It has 6 days to go and already on £42! Now I know these go for strong money and glad I got one for Mrs Concern's summer house some years back (my original childhood one is broken and painted red!), but this looks to me like a bodged up worn out one not... To me it looks like it's been repainted for a start (imperfections, fluff stuck to it etc), then looks like new roof rack while the bumpers are pretty worn and chipped. Lastly look at the headlights! Overall it just looks wrong, or is it just me?
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