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  1. Obviously all these are from a while ago as I've not been out.. This was a while ago in Folkstone, but I've since seen it in Hastings as well and it sounded great as it went past I see this Astra van when out on my bike near Magham Down, nice patina And this, I can't quite make out what this is in the field behind This tidy T2/T35? is pretty near as well and over the road is this LT, in fact having seen the one on ebay tat I thought of it In Hastings I spotted this Mundano, these are a really lovely shape, but I prefer the earlier front end nd Bucking the trend by having black tape on rear bumper... Also this Astra still in use and looking very original and along the front was this Hymer camper, is it Fiat based? In Lewes a nice mini and dented R5 Plus a Focus ST170, I reckon these will be collectable soonish Nice Mk2 Golf in Worthing And this interesting front garden Can't remember where I saw this nice Pug 406 Merc in Kemp Town Tiger 500 for sale in Rye Nice Mini in Ebo looking very original apart from nasty trimz Vitara in Ninfield A couple I often pass on my bike Rover 2000 and Sherpa with window left open Cooden , Bedford truck (ex GPO maybe?) rather nice old caravan Festering Festa 5 door 900, not keen on this, would like a turbo 3 door Auto Punto, how many of those left do you think? Fantastic aftermarket lights in grill I thought I saw another in Brighton, but it's the same one! Back in Bexhill a faded red Starlett in daily use MGF obviously out of use now Yummy Renna R26 What is this, looks familiar can't think what it is, Nissan 300SX maybe? Lastly, not shite at all, but I've never seen one before and in just the colours of a Mini 1275GT I had Soz for the mega post, just wanted to get rid of all those pics off my phone!
  2. I have just finished reading a book (well three in one re issue) by AN Wilson, called The Lampitt Papers and one of the characters drives a Trojan, it is refered to as "that contraption". It's very interesting to see pictures of a real one!
  3. Make a thread in the "Modern" section, I'd certainly like to see pictures of your GT86. I thought seriously about one (or a Scooby BRZ) until I found they didn't have a hatch and my bike wouldn't fit in the boot. I got a Volvo C30 T5 instead https://autoshite.com/topic/33874-my-t5-not-scene/ Meanwhile as as I can't find any more old family pics at the moment, have one more of a 1275gt posing with Mrs Concern on holiday at a German Camp site around 1983... Note the clip on yellow headlamp converters originally bought for a Mini 1000... Edit, just noticed the blue and white duffle bag, we still have it haha
  4. Great colour too (see if I can have a go as well please?)
  5. Not ebay and not tat, but.... https://ellanicars.co.uk/vehicles/fiat-coupe-20v-turbo/
  6. Daughter No.2 was looking at some of Mrs Concern's old Mad Magazines, here's one from April 1981...
  7. That is a given, when one of my 1275GTs was about 3 years old, I had new A panels and sills fitted. The guy who did it told me they had bare metal inside! However I've heard that Fiats never rust!
  8. I just watched the video and enjoyed it very much. During the late 70s and early 80s I was very much a Mini fan (Mini 1000, 1275GT x2 & Clubman estate) so I always reckoned Fiat 500s & 126s were pretty shit compared to a Mini. Now I know I was right haha!
  9. 1417277-7dcf8da97e088d82f42bd718a5c18e7c.mp4
  10. No but he turned it into a photo opportunity. Perhaps I should make it clear that I was not grumpy about people showing their appreciation by clapping, quite the opposite, just his cynical and hypocritical use of it
  11. I was pretty grumpy about Bozo clapping having seen him cheering and clapping when they stopped nurses getting a pay rise not so long ago
  12. Have another one (my second car) I couldn't find a pic of this with any family member in it. Interesting that various car groups I belong to now are busy de wipering their cars (kill all wipers) and years ago I was busy fitting them haha Sorry off topic!
  13. I've just found a few more on my laptop... Here we have Mrs Concern with my first car in Paris in 1980 (maybe), I have a pic somewhere looking down from the Eiffel Tower at the Mini... And me in same place a couple of years later with my third car...
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