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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202726318433
  2. The Mini is very interesting, when I first looked at it, I thought you'd re shelled it into a Mk1/2 then I saw the inside shots showing the Mk3 doors with external hinges so what's going on with that? Glad you make the look work though as you see so many Mk3s with Mk 1 grills & rear lights, but concealed hinges and it looks so wrong to me. Also that engine??? In fact make a project thread for this car!
  3. Some nice spots there! Don't bother with an XM, they are pretty boring really (IMO).
  4. I hope it's not me touching that raw nerve! I have no opinion at all of HJ's jounalistic ability, but always find the column amusing in one way or another and enjoy discussing the questions (some of them are so stupid) and the answers which are also often pretty stupid. Some more will be coming shortly. BTW Mr Barefoot, did you see the bit about the question on buying a Pug 406, a 75 or a C5? Made me think of you! Very strange, I've just gone back to page one and found comments & likes I hadn't seen, I don't know how that happened anyway I have now!
  5. Yes, I have experienced "brake assist" on the C4 VTS (a car heading towards me on my side of road when doing the NSL*) I nearly went through the fucking winscreen despite my seatbelt, but no crash took place (phew!) also the hazard lights switched themselves on. I can believe if this was triggered in some way it would have the effect described. As for thr Focus, I'm convinced the new petrol particulate filter will have similar problems to the DPF as the car compananies are obliged to let customers do the development work for them due to tight schedules set by the legislation.
  6. I've never had Cross Climates, but had Michelin PS3s on the C4 VTS and they were really good until a little over half worn when they would understeer like a train in the wet.
  7. A what car should I get clipping next... The question as to whether a Pug 406, Citroen C5 or Rover 75 is kind of achademic if you're criteria is that £500 is the top price (IMO) surely go for the best example that can be found at that price. Interesting that Barefoot is currently thinking of buying either a 406 or a 75!
  8. Anything ending "You cunts" is worth a like...
  9. That sounds like a plausable explanation; Giffer hits brake by accident, piston sticks & slowly retracts over next 30 mins.
  10. Sorry I didn't mean to suggest you thought it was. If you are cynical then I am too and I totally agree hence why I chose this story in the first place Haha
  11. Still doesn't explain stuck on for 30 minutes unless the old codger was sitting with his foot pressed on the middle pedal all the time! Not really on topic, but this is why I advised my mum not to get an auto when she wanted one about 20 years ago, she's now 92 and still driving. Me & my sister go out with her to check she's ok and still better tha 90% of drivers (IMO)
  12. I get that for old people driving their first auto and demographic thing, but this sounds like someone who had a car for a while and also, brakes locked on for 30 minutes?
  13. For years and years my mother has saved me the motoring section from her Saturday Daily Torygraph as I always used to discuss and laugh about the Honest John Q&A with my dad when he was alive. I still read this, but no longer have anyone to talk about the comments to. Mrs Concern will sometimes feign interest, but other than that... Here we go, starting with a proper AS topic and I did wonder if someone on here posed the question So a 1994 Mondeo applies its own brakes hard for 30 minutes and then no trace of a fault can be found. HJ's answer that a compensator valve that should have been part of a recall is likely to blame. Is he right? What does AS think? Next a question for the modern section, but still... So here we have a modern Audi with an auto box (DSG so auto controlled manual I think) and the advice is to not sit with the car in drive while the engine is running or it will wear it out in double quick time. Isn't that the whole point of having an auto, so you can just forget the stick and use the brake to creap along in traffic? If you can't do this what is the point of it? Next another modern one I'd like answered.. So to me it looks like the new petrol cars are now like diesels in that they now have a particulate filter that cloggs up if the car is used for short journeys. All I can say is WTF? I'll stick to my 2011 car and a pushbike thanks haha!
  14. Ooh I hope that is just the belt & pump, lovely car and looking spot on after the valet!
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