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  1. OK putting this in your box now... Good apart from Dinky Mini haha
  2. I love the Renault as well and the BMC truck is one I used to see all the time as a kid, I found those windows in the front panel fascinating! Just noticed the Astra, that’s really nice!
  3. No Brighton Marina boot fair for us today as pissing it down, Polegate Toy Fair instead! Mrs Concern spent a small fortune on scenery making stuff so obviously I had free rein... The first stall had a nice Dinky Crapi, well fairly good paint and missing a door trim, tyres and seat backs plus bent axles but still £2 sounded good to me, also got the Westminster for £5 which was much less than I've ever seen them before An A105 was the first car I went over 100mph in, my dad driving on the Thanet Way I had thought I might swap the parts on my childhood Crapi into the body of this one As you can see the young me cut a sunroof into mine, however I think I'll get the parts for the new one from Steve Flowers and have two, they are so nice! Next I bought a pretty fucked up Corgi Whizzwheels Lazy Bones Stingray for parts £1. Next up I got four various priced Corgis which were priced at £20, but knocked him down to £15 which was ok I've fancied a Simca for a while, I have four blue Mini Minors already, but you can't have too many, not sure why I got the Corgi TR3, I already have a nice TR2 from childhood. The Bond Aston is for parts as when restoring Mrs Concerns childhood one, the seat spring pinged away never to be seen again! The Simca is a lovely shape, shame it's that chrome finish, I don't understand why Corgi did quite a few of these unrealistic cars when they could have done this finish on the Lotus XI and looked good Never mind I like the Simca anyway Spotted this broken Carrimore Transporter trailer and got it for 50p It is pretty fucked It does have tyres though and the hitch mechanism and he threw in the Matchbox Super Kings trailer for nothing, result! Any good @eddyramrod Having looked all around I went back to look again and on the stall where I bought the Crapi and Westy I bought this Austin Somerset, I don't usually get toys even older than I am, but this was only £2 and I did see loads of them around when I was a kid. This is the first toy one I've seen though. The seller had noticed I had a look at the Dinky Bentley S2 and gave it to me for free with the Austin! Last as I had money still burning a hole in my pocket and after all those pretty good buys I blew My credibility completely by paying £15 for a toy I never liked much anyway. Knocked him down from £20, but still much too dear so not sure why I did it haha! Always thought Corgi Minis look much better I also bought a load of tyres I need for some ongoing projects and that's it. Worked out at about £3.40 a vehicle so not too extravagant I suppose.
  4. This thread really is making me feel like I'm about 13 again! The sort of conversations I had with my mates then Where did you get that? Oh yeh I've been there... I need some wheels Oh yeh Eddy has some... Can you pick up a (whateva model) when your go there again No problem I see Dan's been painting up that Cortina looks good Yeh I want one now... I love seeing all the projects and thanks @Split_Pin showing the FIAT progress. When I was that age it was mostly plastic kits, 1/32 Airfix cars and 1/72 planes plus some 1/48 planes, can't recal the make. Several of my mates would come around to my house and we'd make our kits together. My dad had got me a nice desk with an Anglepoise lamp, my mum would bring us tea and biscuits, we had it all laid on with liquid cement and Humbrol, rat tail files, emery boards, no expense spared haha! Now I have been sitting in the same sort of setting with Mrs Concern, but while I'm working on the toy cars, she's doing a snow scene diorama and a Judy Garland trolly song model! This is our workshop My longest ongoing project the childhood Elan which had the body broken completely at the front wheelarches is finally done For some reason the young me had fitted wire wheels on the front and the original cast wheels on the back so I put wires on the back too. The original roof had the screen and some of the rear pillars missing so I modified it into a hood A bit clumsy but will do for now...
  5. Thanks! I have been in there and Mrs Concern has bought a few bits, I did see a Dinky Jensen FF that I didn't buy, but wished I had! Nice to see more tat is appearing in there all the time
  6. @RoadworkUK would you mind telling me where in Brighton you bought the SD1? I'm interested in case it's somewhere I don't know about!
  7. I just picked up this pile of crap for £7 in a junk shop (I did try turning the pic around, but it stays sideways on here!) The aeroplane trailer (there was another one, I thought I'd try turning into a car trailer Possibly fix up the Dino I want just the wheels from yellow Lambo I think I have a cab for a Corgi Major trailer and not sure why I picked up half of a Scammell cab! The conveyor was just interesting I hoped Corgi Ferrari and Lotus F1 would fit in the Matchbox car transporter, they don't It is very nice though. Let me know if you want any of the above before I start doing anything to them
  8. What's the random Slade pic about?
  9. I had this one from new and kind of toyed with the idea of putting yellow wheels back on it, so I may do a swap first if that's ok. Pretty sure they screw together It's also missing the steering wheel, front bumper/spot lights and some engine parts and has broken rear screen. I think I have your address don't I?
  10. Thanks. I'll put it in your box
  11. On Friday we went to a Market where Mrs Concern bought these for £8, a Matchbox tram and an Altaya La Route Bleue Renault 4CV, it does have the plastic top, but it need a bit of a polish. I'm not keen on models made of older cars (why I don't have any Vanguards), but the camping diorama is great for the summer house! Today we went to a toy fair and Mrs Concern got the Corgi boat and trailer with the Dinky sign she liked for £4 and the trams I don't know what she paid. Her siter was there and they spent most of the time chatting so that's all she bought. She's going to make a Judy Garland Trolly song diorama with the trams. My first buy was two Corgi animal cages with all parts present except a couple of tyres and a cracked roof window, plus a Big Bedford Cab all for £8. I know you don't need to know the prices, but when I read about other peoples buys I like to know so I'll tell you! Next I found an almost mint Dinky Lotus Europa, had £20 sticker, seller wanted £10, paid £9, very happy with that Opening bits Paid too much £5 for this Dinky Mustang re paint with the wrong (Corgi?) wheels, I'll probably paint it myself, but looks tidy enough for now Corgi Whizzwheels Marcos in blue, I have a yellow one and a cream one already and got pipped to Tat Friday one the other week so got this for £4 (wanted £6). It looks better than in the pic. Norez Jet Car GS for £2, never seen one before and it's very nice All four doors and bonnet open! It is missing a rear light, but still... The seller with the Europa also had a load of scrap bags for £1 each, white plastic bags made it hard to see what was in them, but I picked this I could see a Charger that I hoped was Matchbox King Size and it was, but no wheels, but that's ok as I want to change them anyway! One other lucky dip £1 bag had this pile of junk Obviously I was after this Dinky wedge If anyone wants any of the other tat from the bags let me know otherwise there's plenty of useful bits and pieces for my projects... Lastly on the way out picked up a King Size Javelin, Corgi Buggy and another Big Bedford with better paint, but missing the hitch for £6 the three
  12. Mrs Concern with my 1st car It was hers at the time this was taken
  13. @DatsuncogI did send a garbled message on the Emergency channel, sorry it was quite abrupt, I started off with a more polite version, but it vanished on my phone! If you see these again and can get them for £10-£12 (I know you love to haggle!) then Mrs Concern would be interested thanks for posting the picture anyway. I'm Not so keen on the Porsche as the Mustang anyway and not either at the revised price anyway!
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