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  1. Too many mods to list, particularly in the interior...
  2. It's a long time ago I did it so can't remember what it was like before I mucked it about, not even what colour! What were the wheels like before I Revolution ised them? It does have opening boot, bonnet and doors.
  3. Cycling on one of my favourite small country lanes today I noticed rubble sacks dumped at the side every few yards for about a mile. Most seem to be full of broken up corrugated asbestos roof sheets...
  4. I'm always amazed at how quickly this thread moves on and how interesting it is. I could spend all my free time just reading it let alone if I wanted to post something! So back to the Corgi Minis... I had a look in the loft and remembered that several boxes I had of old toys had been tipped into one large box by someone who wanted the smaller ones, hmm. So here is a selection of bits of old Corgi Minis I could easily find with a few other makes just because... I'll just point out a few things... The green Manifique looks a bit sad and I haven't found all of it,
  5. I had those too except not the blue manifique. The several Monte Carlo Minis I had got rallied to death in the garden! I can see me rummaging in the loft tomorrow!
  6. I had all of those Corgi Minis from new, I probably have them, but all have been modified (ie ruined) by me in some way! The van has lost the back doors, but I still have the dog! The green Magnifique I cut out the glass from the sunroof so it opens properly (!) and I think I took it apart for some reason and is in bits now. Anyway that's a nice collection right there... Edit; Love the film Malcolm and the Antipodean conection makes me think of one of my fave films Goodbye Pork pie...
  7. I didn't buy a Mini magazine, but dug these out of the bookshelf and flicked wistfully through them...
  8. Do you still get those strips hanging from under the car intended to earth the chassis? If so why?
  9. An Activa! Wow I'd like one of those. I take it that's Dante red, does it have much lacquer peel? I think the interior first would also be my choice looking at that haha. When I had an XM and asked in my local Citroen dealer for some LHM (I was in there for a part for the C4 VTS ) they couldn't help me and advised ebay!
  10. Shit drivers should think twice before buying SUVs say RAC Shit drivers and people who have no idea what they are doing behind the wheel of a car should think twice before buying big SUV vehicles, says the head of the RAC. https://newsthump.com/2021/04/07/shit-drivers-should-think-twice-before-buying-suvs-say-rac/
  11. I have to say I have mixed feelings about the death of Mondeo and as I have never owned one and would have never bought one new I suppose I should have nothing to say about it. The only Fords I've ever owned were both XR3is but I feel an affinity for them since I passed my test in my Dad's Cortina. I suppose Ford are right to kill it as so few were being sold, but I wonder how they lost it with this one. They always had aspirational models such as Lotus, 1600E, 2000E, Ghia, Cosworth etc for Cortina and Sierra but don't really remember anything like it for Mondeo. Obviously the rise o
  12. I always use an ad blocker and I've noticed that they get around it by actually reading out the advert themselves, Vtuned does this and looks suitably embarrassed as he does it. TR Hamza made me laugh when he read out an advert for Harry's razors while sporting a full beard (he could hardly keep a straight face).
  13. Re; V50 My C30 handbook states that H7 is the foglight bulb so I ordered some LED versions from Halfords, but when I took them out, it has H8! It also has the same cream and Off Black seats as yours and although they weren't too bad, the light part was difficult to get cleaned up with usual interior and leather cleaners. I found someone on YT who used Pink Stuff and thought it was effective, I haven't tried myself, but have ordered some... I did sucessfully touch up some tiny patches which looked bleached out with this... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/COLOURLOCK
  14. After the Mk3 XR3i I had an MG Metro (can't find a pic) then another XR3i, the only car I've owned that has been named and actually called Erol by everyone... Here's my eldest daughter washing it with a bit of help from me and some interesting cars in the background... The Triumph 2000 (or 2.5?) belonged to my neighbour Jamie who called it his "Roller" as t was so plush. He also wouldn't drive at over 40mph in case the cam belt should break! The Princess belonged to a genuine Native American Indian Chief (he organised and opened the totum pole in the grounds of Horniman Ga
  15. I think this could be the ideal vehicle for you...
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