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  1. Out of all the above images this is the most surprising to me as I thought the GT86 was pretty small and the Mr2 (this gen anyway) pretty big!
  2. That article in the OP is interesting, I didn't know (or had forgotten) that TVR used Ford engines. Also various Volvos have a Ford engine I know the C30 2.0 petrol did and of course various Fords used the Volvo T5 engine (as fitted in my C30) such as the Focus Mk2 ST & RS and I'm pretty sure the Mondeo coud be had with it as well
  3. Yes my first car was a Mini 1000 and I could get the speedo right into the fuel guage which is at the bottom centre of the dial. I have a (blurred) photo somewhere!
  4. Out of the blue I got followed on Instagram by this Russian He posts all sorts of interesting stuff much of which I've never seen before. Here is a selection, but have a look at the link for more information about each car... Lada Datsun Gaz Toyota Nissan UAZ Apparently in russian "Bukhanka" means loaf of bread Instagram https://www.instagram.com/papparules/
  5. I liked this one, Little Common Bexhill...
  6. In April 2015 I used a Citroen C4 VTS 180 to commute 70 mile round trip and had Citroen XM V6 as a spare car. Mrs Concern had Mk1 Clio. On 1st March I went to Lewes just down the road from home in the XM and when I returned to it, there was a 2CV Dolly parked next to it. Later I saw a post on some forum I frequented (FCF?) with a photo of my XM and the 2CV which told me it had been put on Facebook by Dollywobbler of AS. Naturally I joined that evening! The C4 VTS was written off later, repaired badly and eventually scrapped. I swapped the XM for a Renaul
  7. Obviously all these are from a while ago as I've not been out.. This was a while ago in Folkstone, but I've since seen it in Hastings as well and it sounded great as it went past I see this Astra van when out on my bike near Magham Down, nice patina And this, I can't quite make out what this is in the field behind This tidy T2/T35? is pretty near as well and over the road is this LT, in fact having seen the one on ebay tat I thought of it In Hastings I spotted this Mundano, these are a really lovely shape, but I prefer the earli
  8. I have just finished reading a book (well three in one re issue) by AN Wilson, called The Lampitt Papers and one of the characters drives a Trojan, it is refered to as "that contraption". It's very interesting to see pictures of a real one!
  9. Make a thread in the "Modern" section, I'd certainly like to see pictures of your GT86. I thought seriously about one (or a Scooby BRZ) until I found they didn't have a hatch and my bike wouldn't fit in the boot. I got a Volvo C30 T5 instead https://autoshite.com/topic/33874-my-t5-not-scene/ Meanwhile as as I can't find any more old family pics at the moment, have one more of a 1275gt posing with Mrs Concern on holiday at a German Camp site around 1983... Note the clip on yellow headlamp converters originally bought for a Mini 1000... Edit, just noticed the blue and white
  10. Great colour too (see if I can have a go as well please?)
  11. Not ebay and not tat, but.... https://ellanicars.co.uk/vehicles/fiat-coupe-20v-turbo/
  12. Daughter No.2 was looking at some of Mrs Concern's old Mad Magazines, here's one from April 1981...
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