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  1. Mazzini was an Italian revolution-ary. So maybe* there was some clever thinking put into this one.
  2. ‘Ovations’, so called because they’ll leave you standing by the side of the road wondering why your MGB is in a ditch.
  3. That’s everything that’s wrong about FB right there. Someone sees something they might like, immediately smashes out a few words assuming you’re there to help them and will be delighted with any vague response. My Dad would have told me tough luck, or similar.
  4. Fond memories of the A reg 505 my Dad had in the early 90s. They were pretty rare back then.
  5. Good luck. I’ll be following this with interest.
  6. Sorry to hear that, but glad you are relatively unscathed. You sound like a calmer person than I. If it were me, I’d be turning my life over to the pursuit of those twats.
  7. No thanks, but I’ll keep looking for a Uranus
  8. Listed in Torpoint, Devon. Seller fails to disclose this was found 10 miles off the coast 😂
  9. Hopefully Charles William Lewis will now show up offering ££££. This looks like a great project.
  10. FFS. Business is obviously good for them then. I wish I could sack off work responsibilities for such tenuous reasons.
  11. Interesting how the one thing the owner of the Cav and the second Escort would most need in France, is missing - a nearside door mirror. Thanks for sharing this though. This is definitely how I remember parents and grandparents treating holidays to France.
  12. Have you checked photo’s of other 2.6 SD1s to see if you are missing any heat shields in the engine bay?
  13. What’s the story with the screen? Looks a bit ominous 👀
  14. Alvis Stalwart with 3 locked up wheels
  15. I didn’t expect that! Maybe the old Espace is a lot smaller than I remember?
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