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  1. I paid £60 for a silver 4 door manual, 1.3, in 2001. 3 weeks MOT and would have gone through another with a bit of TLC but we wanted it for a kit car project.
  2. Definitely one for the absurd tyre name thread. Why name your product after the things that are most likely to wreck it? I might see if they’ll sell me a pair of GlassFlint 3000s.
  3. Load it up with a photocopier parts and marketing material, aim for the M25 and you’ll be flashing people out the way in no time. Brilliant work, well done.
  4. Looks lovely! Was it £250? What happened to the Mini?
  5. Also worth visiting the Yew in Tandridge churchyard, which is the same age and just a few miles away.
  6. Going full little n large 90s Rover line up!
  7. So this is what Rimmer Bros looks like behind the scenes.
  8. Old Sierras being masked up with copies of The Sunday Times rather than the Mirror demonstrate just how far these cars have risen.
  9. This applies to many cars with Sport in their name.
  10. Is this *that* Cortina estate? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/145597800112
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