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  1. Perfect stealth camper conversion
  2. Feel your pain. Generally I think those places are too aggressive for anything but the most sturdy of new-ish cars and paint.
  3. I’d pour as much of the win as needed into tracking down a surviving Lonsdale - or parts - and restore/build a replica. And open a museum dedicated to base models of popular cars.
  4. And with an Invacar carcass as a canoe
  5. I can think of a couple of accessories we had, which you shouldn’t try to add. Among them: a Klunk Klik safety sticker and a gollywog air freshener 😕
  6. Strong evidence of giffer ownership there. £250 is a bargain!
  7. LightBulbFun is actually a civil servant based in Swansea, I reckon.
  8. timolloyd


    All of these have the makings of epic collection threads.
  9. Much respect. An Interceptor is in my top 10 cars to own. Is 'yours' still on the road?
  10. timolloyd

    Sprinter camper

    Totally fine to move them. I am militant about sitting in the seat I have been reserved. It isn’t a free-for-all, that’s why there are reservations. Good luck with the return journey!
  11. There’s no option for number of driven wheels? For maximum shite points the diff must be removed.
  12. Likewise this is the flagship car/project of Autoshite, for me. I also get that it’s you having to shoulder all the bills and bad bits. But seemingly it brings a lot of pleasure to lots of people - consider it a public service maybe?
  13. Its space bar is broken. Is it theshadow?
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