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  1. ‘Shuttle’ being the operative word there, given the moon mileage.
  2. Bloody hell. 380 miles a day, for a year? Must have been a pool taxi of some sort. The engine was never cold!
  3. Perfect for halloween! Pretend you’re a hotel caretaker who’s gone mental.
  4. Unfortunately it has eyelashes. So, scrap it.
  5. I would definitely be interested in reading more. Thanks for sharing.
  6. The OLLI brigade must be shitting themselves too.
  7. Thanks for sharing this. The 1980 Spitfire brochure must be one of the very last.
  8. That handbrake is symbolic of my feelings for this beast.
  9. Maybe they filled it with chicken wire and wob? 😂
  10. For lots of small businesses approaching their year-end, it’s helpful to have invoices raised, even when they have no intention of demanding payment. It helps to show what amounts will be due at a later date.
  11. As someone said above, sounds like you have a good combo: good mechanicals with ‘patina’
  12. Doesn’t someone else on here have one of these? Following with interest!
  13. Down Among the Big Boys is on YouTube, here: Loads of mid-90s chod around Glasgow. The main villain (Billy Connelly) seems to be chauffeured around in a base-ish Carlton!
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