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  1. The V5 for that mk1 Escort must be worth more than the house.
  2. Maybe the Italian guy is some sort of assassin like Day of the Jackal? He’s on the run and changing the colour of his car to put the rozzers off the scent.
  3. Found a couple of brochures in amongst my magazine collection. Would these be of any interest to anyone? 1985 Motor supplement all about MG, with lots of gratuitous adverts for MG Maestros, Montegos and the like. And a Vauxhall brochure, May 1986, covering the full UK range, plus filthy Belmont and Cav convertible glossy fold-outs! Phwoar! (And a price list insert too).
  4. Amazing save. These obscure Austins give me a ‘lob’ on. Look forward to reading more.
  5. Would anyone like this old Ford radio/cassette? Believed working. Think it will clean up OK.
  6. Can anyone help me identify these wheel trims?
  7. Similarly, ‘MASSIVE SPEC’ on what is just a fairly standard 7 series, S Class or Range Rover. If it has a gun rack, champagne cooler and individual rear seats, then maybe. But usually this term is applied to cars with electric windows all round and aircon (which just needs a regas m8).
  8. Owned in the same family from new = village bike
  9. Nice save! Looks like it has led quite a life, judging by the Omega (?) wheels and ‘Ring sticker.
  10. I had a fairly ratty series 3 Land Rover, on which I had worked through a long list of small fixes and improvements. Exhaust, battery, wipers, service and...tracking. I put it into service for a tip run. I drove through the town centre, up a very steep hill to the tip. Came back from the tip down a very steep hill into and through the town centre and back up another steep hill. 4 mile round trip, 20-40mph the whole way. I reversed into my lock up and as I straightened the wheels, the steering wheel came clean off the column...
  11. Never heard of these before. Got my name on it!
  12. My brother had a 30 just like that, but probably not quite as nice condition. I was always a bit against smart Minis with lots of trim, but I have to say I enjoyed borrowing his. Much more civilised than my old 850. Happy motoring!
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