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  1. Hedge find In***ar for…£3.5k! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/134264350173
  2. I think compressor is actually an affectionate name for his unconscious wife.
  3. I make a beeline for any ad that begins with ‘just testing the water’. That’s a sure sign the vehicle is a under valued and you can be assured of a quick and efficient sale. Even more so if the owner is a member of the relevant model-specific club.
  4. Not quite 24 hours but I took my 7 up the Shere Hill Climb this past weekend. It‘s a great event - worth the entrance fee if you are in the south east.
  5. Worth following Richard on his YouTube channel: Church House Classics.
  6. One for the giffer tat thread!
  7. Have you tried on the clothes yet? Could be a great calendar pic.
  8. I misread that as Clarkson and Hubnut. I can’t imagine what that would sound like 😂
  9. timolloyd


    That looks like an amazing buy. Disappointed you aren’t driving it home!
  10. I’m now on my second headlamp restoration kit, for clouded, sun-damaged lamps on an XC90. First kit was alien magic - little to no impact. Second kit today was the Sealey one everyone seems to recommend. After sanding the lamps look better. But when I wash the residue away they cloud over almost instantly. And after a couple of passes the whole unit looks much worse. Even after a couple of attempts polishing. Anyone know what’s going on here? Could it be the heat?
  11. Looking forward to a side-by-side comparison with @Jim BellSsangYong. Basically the same car, no? 😂
  12. Clear glass all round? Makes a huge difference to how classy these look.
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