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  1. I am lapping these up, lovely work. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it too. The beer count is strong.
  2. I hope that’s your toe under the duvet....
  3. Wasn’t there a Marina in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Therefore this must be the same car and worth $$$$ Snap it up!
  4. What about the Giffertron - the Austin 1100 with ever conceivable accessory?
  5. Woah! Top marks for Italian concept car knowledge
  6. The rear view looks like it has a deck similar to a Lotus Europa. The front view is very Excel-like. Is it possible that the BL connection is a red herring and this is from another manufacturer/studio? Worth asking on aronline perhaps.
  7. The way his luck going, this may not be far from the truth!
  8. Been dreaming/wishing about putting in a respectable offer on this when complete! Looks amazing and I think many prospective owners would love to have the video archive of the rebuild
  9. Love these little cars. They’re still in that perfect shonky/loved-but-not-expensive/classic space.
  10. Yes, I’m keeping an eye on Honda CRZs. They seem to be a forgotten gem.
  11. Knowing your way around cars is a blessing when it’s saving other people’s money, until they want to do other things, and then it’s just a stupid expensive hobby. I know where you’re coming from.
  12. Nice buyage! These, e30 3 series and Triumph Heralds are about the only cars that manage a clean deck when the roof is folded.
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