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  1. Autoshite Restoration, Servicing and Engineering. Top work on the Granada!
  2. Looks like a top buy. Just needs some Kath Kidston bunting and cushions and you’ll be ready for the road
  3. Reckon the Bank of England vaults are full of gold, Mk2 Escorts and old Minis.
  4. Sorry to read about your knob problems, but glad your ringpiece is feeling better.
  5. Perfect for a low budget porno set in Longbridge, with many references to ‘double ending’ ‘head’ etc.
  6. Secma QPod? Me neither. Bonus: Y Tho face on it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Secma-qpod-/154273121510?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  7. I bought an E36 328i in a hurry, in the rain. Cheap, but not cheap enough. No service history, and in hindsight I think that was because it had had little or no attention for years. A top end rebuild that cost as much as the car again, a fuel pump, new brakes, battery...and that was just to get it reliable. I totally lost confidence in it and cut my losses. Someone probably got a bargain!
  8. timolloyd

    RR P38

    Worth talking to @Cooper1 on here.
  9. Surely those are the one to have, with small wheels? I don’t like them, but they saved Porsche and they’re not grim, in the way the OP meant
  10. timolloyd

    Austin Maxi

    Definitely a maxi dress
  11. If only they’d made the whole bus out of whatever that sticker is made of. Seems to have survived really well.
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