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  1. Kangoo would've been a contender for slowest of the day!
  2. MR2 was exactly a second quicker than the van. I can't complain too much about getting beaten by it, I did build the fucking thing!
  3. Ach, you should've messaged one of us, we'd have subbed you in!
  4. I was waving to you from the Kangoo in the queue!
  5. Wooft, you managed to catch 2 of them. Good effort!
  6. Good work, that looks ace!
  7. Check your alternator is charging and the battery is healthy, my Clio 182 did all sorts of crazy shit like that when the alternator started to fail
  8. I'll do it if I buy something broken to fix and sell but not generally for the "keepers" on the fleet. I should do as much for making a service history record for the time I've had something as I usually forget to list some crucial piece of work I've done when I come to sell it๐Ÿ™„
  9. If sir would care to step this way ๐Ÿ˜‰ https://autoshite.com/topic/49245-domes-resurrected-1991-jaguar-xj6-for-sale-81k-miles-mot-october
  10. I've been picking away at the Porsche. The list was quite daunting as as well as it not running initially nothing electrical worked. First up, my new injectors arrived. Old ones here And new ones Fitted and it fired up ok but was still running pretty crap. Time to check for vacuum leaks. Aye, that'll be a vacuum leak. It had some duct tape expertly* applied so I guessed all was not well. New boot ordered up. Wiper motor next, this was dead. This car is surprisingly easy to work on. 4 bolts and the motor was off. I discovered it was only 4 bolts after taking a lot more off first but hey... Stripped down an I freed the motor off, it now works but I couldn't get it far enough apart to lube the bearing at the gearbox end so it doesn't sound pretty. I may need to revisit it. Lights next. Cleaning earths had got some life out of these but the fluid levels seemed a bit high. VID_20220430_130259.mp4 Yep, not ideal. A spare good headlamp came with it so I'll fit that. I also cleaned the earths behind the bumper. Someone had put filler over one, I suspect when the front end got painted badly. However, they still didn't work and whilst faffing about with my wipers smoke started to appear under the dash-the headlight switch had melted. Baws. I then pulled the motor for the headlights which pleasingly turned out to be the same as the wiper one so a strip and clean was easy. I also pulled the switch out which was now fucked-ill need to be careful putting this all back together when a new switch arrives to try and work out where the problem is. Finally, front brake rebuild. A repair kit and new pistons had been ordered from Big Redd and I fitted this today. Yep, that's not pretty. Better. Done. Finally today I sprayed a load of gt85 down the handbrake cable and I have what appears to be a working handbrake. I'll have a proper look at the rear brakes at some point and the fluid will need a full flush-i pulled the reservoir off and it's soaking in brake cleaner. Some more done, plenty more to do!
  11. Got the Jag out of hibernation today. Stuck a battery on it, checked the fluids and started it for the first time in 6 months. VID_20220501_102404.mp4 Nae bother๐Ÿ™‚ I gave it a wash and then took it a drive and it's running very well(he says hesitantly as we're not home yet.) Sadly for me it's time for someone else to enjoy this fine beast, look out for a for sale ad soon.
  12. You absolute winner. As I said in @Out Runs thread for his, I looked long and hard for one of these based on his experiences but when I couldn't find one I had to settle for an inferior Range Rover
  13. Welcome to the world of small, temperamental, fast, grin inducing Renault vans hatchbacks!
  14. I was thinking more of a day on the uplift trails, that looks far too much like hard work...
  15. No, the MAMILS wobble around on the roads. There'll be no (visible) lycra on the MTB trails. Fair play on the clavicles though, I'd not be riding there without my body armour! Anyways, sorry to derail the chat.
  16. There's an XJ6 here needing polished up ready for sale if you fancy teaching me how to do it. I'm terrible at cleaning cars๐Ÿ‘€
  17. Fuck, that looks like a lovely place to stay. Not far from some cracking mountain biking too. Any mountain bikers fancy tying it in with a trip to Antur Stiniog or Coed y Brenin?
  18. I love a pre broken car, saves the trouble of breaking it! Give us a clue?
  19. Looks like last nights shenanigans has blown some crap out of it after all these years! No signs of oil at least so that's something...
  20. I'm not sure what the actual problem was, I'm guessing a few different things adding up but the cold start injector was the final piece in the puzzle. I've been through the rest of the fuel system but not found a smoking gun. I found these on eBay, the part number cross references to what I need. Fitted but never ran apparently and half the price of new ones. I think while I wait for them to arrive I'll have a look at other stuff-wipers, sunroof and pop up headlights still don't work. And finally, because you don't really need them, brakes...
  21. Back to the Porsche. I felt like I hadn't achieved much beyond cleaning various parts of the injection system but failed to get it to start. Tonight I pulled the injectors out and made my own Lone Wolf 1000. Not quite up to Vice Grip Garage standards but plugging this in where the fuel pump relay goes meant I could power the fuel pump directly. I wondered if there wasn't enough pressure in the fuel system so wanted to control the pump manually to get as much pressure in the system as I could, also it would let me test the injectors. First up I stuck another gallon of fuel in it. Next up, pull the injectors, power the pump and see what happens when I raise the metering flap. VID_20220419_190212.mp4 Not the best pattern but all 4 are firing, that's got to be a good thing. I then spent ages trying to get it to start but to no avail. I'll not bore you with the videos. I got distracted when I found a new ignition module in the bag of bits that came with the car. I fitted that but no difference so swapped back to the original one. I had reasonable confidence in the ignition side of things as it would cough with gt85 down the inlet. I then pulled the newly cleaned cold start valve off to check it. Despite it clicking with 12v applied it wouldn't spray fuel. It was only as I was about to pack up for the night that I found, in the random bag of bits that came with the car, another cold start valve. Would it be dead like the ignition module in the same bag appeared to be? I connected it up in place of the original and powered it up. Not only did it click but it sprayed fuel! It can't be that easy, can it? VID_20220419_191201.mp4 What the what? Let's try that again. We're back on the fuel pump relay here in place of the Lone Wolf 1000 VID_20220419_202909.mp4 Well bugger me! It's got a misfire which seems to ease with a few revs and it's not overly happy about idling yet but I'm bloody happy with that. Oil pressure looks good and it's charging which is all a bonus. Still a long way to go but time for a glass of wine to celebrate ๐Ÿ™‚
  22. I've had a 944 S2 and 2 early square dash 944s and loved them all, although the later S2 was a much different car to the early ones. I've long had a hankering for the origin of the species and here I am. With a broken one. Cheers for the offer. We tried a 36mm 12 point socket but it was too big and a 32mm too small-I've got a set on the way that'll hopefully do the job-34, 35 and 36.
  23. Thanks for the offer-I believe it's a 36mm but a friend is stopping by later on with his one and a big assed impact gun to hopefully persuade it to come off...
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