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  1. Like for getting the parts ordered, not for the fail!
  2. I've sent him a telegram. It is the 1970s where he is, he should get it within a week or so
  3. @captain_70s found your next engine!
  4. Please say you fitted a seat cover before you drove it home 🤢
  5. That's all very well but it shows the seller is being economical with the truth. Be wary!
  6. I'm sure they'd let you look underneath it, just give them a second and let them fire up the forklift... I'd go along in person and crawl under one end and out the other and if it is good then I'd start talking price. It wouldn't be my £2.5k but each to their own
  7. Thank you for joining myself and some of the other Scotoshite contingent in trying to persuade @juular to go down the OM605 route. Tis truly the way forward. And sideways.
  8. Sounds an awful lot like when the Ford dealer snapped an injector clamp on our works Transit and the quote for repair increased from £500 to £6000 as it "needed a new engine". Needless to say they got told to FRO and got a specialist in to remove the injector after I kicked up a stink. Shame your dad has paid them but I'd get on to Volvo via twitter or their head office-they've ripped the hole right out of it.
  9. I'm pretty sure I cracked the ton in my folks 1.4 Citroen ZX (we had a big hill locally) but the other 2 boxes would've been ticked in the Cavs. The traffic cop who stopped me in the SRi wasn't in a good mood. He sat in it pumping the clutch pedal and told me my brakes were fucked. When I pointed out his error you'd think he would've thanked me for pointing out the error he'd made wouldn't you? He didn't
  10. I had a similar car history -a Henna red 1.6l as my first car which could keep up with friends XR2s in a straight line followed by an SRi130 which, frankly, I'm amazed an 18 year old me didn't die in😳
  11. You should try Cowdenbeath bangers. Once...
  12. You'd think that but after a few months you'll get used to it and want more. Or I did when I was younger. Saying that my Saab 9000 running 270 ish BHP was far more exciting than my 315bhp M5. Mainly because the Saab was putting it's power through the front wheels with a big wallop of boost whereas the M5 was so well put together that it could've easily taken more power.
  13. Quick Kangoo update: When I got it it had a frankly shonky Chinesium cone filter fitted. Good for BRAAAAPPP! but it was mounted too high up in the bay so would be sucking in warm air. Also under hard use(so I'm told) the cone filter would fall off which gave even more BRAAAAPPP but also more chance of the engine ingesting a sparrow or something. Not good. You can't rush these things so after 2 1/2 years I decided it was time to sort this. Handily a friend of mine breaks Clips for a living so I picked up a KTEC Racing induction kit from him. This seems to be a good one. Old filter off and I had to also remove the battery to cram this thing in. It's now fitted and should draw air from underneath-there's a big hole underneath where it's mounted which I forgot to take a photo of. Here it is fitted and making the engine bay look a bit more respectable. First impressions - it's quieter than what was on it! Haven't driven it far enough to see if it's altered the performance but I'm happy to get that shitty filter out of there. Also, the Porsche is still a dick. I chopped out the 2 wires which had melted on the headlight motor and when trial fitting it noticed the motor is earthing through the body of the car. This might explain why it worked when plugged in but blew a fuse when I mounted it and plugged it in. Nope, I have no idea. Nothing looks untoward on the motor but I'm guessing it shouldn't be grounding through the body when it has a separate ground wire on the plug?
  14. I was in Mallorca recently, hope you don't mind me clogging up your thread with some of my spots.
  15. My gears are fine but there's a short somewhere. I can have the motor working on the bench and the wiring on the car checks out fine but it blows a fuse as soon as I plug it in. At some point in the early days of the car a short circuit melted the switch which I've replaced, I think I need to chop out the connector at the motor and rewire it.
  16. Thanks for the prod @Dick Longbridge. Not a lot has happened if I'm honest, this car hasn't captured my mojo the way others have. It does tend to fight me all along the way which definitely doesn't help. @Supernaut was kind enough to collect a new sunroof mechanism for me whilst down south. I fitted this, it didn't work. It won't mesh with the motor. But I can now raise and lower the sunroof manually at least. Here it is with the other sports car in the fleet. And have a nice sunset spoiled by some old rammel. The steering wasn't feeling great so I removed the top mounts and cleaned and greased them. Handily you can do this without removing the struts, you don't even need spring compressors. Whilst at shitefest @captain_70s and @Supernaut managed to get there hands on an HBOL for me which is handy. And I also did some tidying removing the remains of the old alarm system. This was part of the quest to cure a battery drain. Most of this was due to a broken clock. A new battery to replace the old one seems to have helped too. The headlight motor is still knackered, I've not managed to get to the bottom of it. It's been driven a bit and drives well though, I'm just not feeling it just now. I'll probably either sell it or tuck it away for the winter.
  17. Just find a rusty LS400 and drop in the V8 and autobox.
  18. MST will sell you a new Mk2 shell or even build a full car, built in Wales. There was a lot of kerfuffle amongst the old Fowad community about the Chinese shells being furrin and shit quality, they seemed to choose to ignore that a 40 year old escort shell that wasn't straight when it left the factory and was now like a patchwork quilt after years of abuse/hitting things/being hammered back into shape was hardly going to be in its first flush of youth anyway.
  19. She was a keen follower of the LCBL thread. And here, in happier times, her and Phillip keep a keen eye out for the recovery truck.
  20. The fact it says Rolls Royce and not Bentley as a suspension package is interesting. Could the original owner have specced it with softer Rolls Royce suspension instead of the Bentley setup? I rememeber Xtriple saying there was an owners group/forum in Australia which was pretty good with these things-a bit more hand on and less polishing
  21. @sierraman talk to me about the 1.8 TDCI in the Mk2 Focus. Avoid? A cheap non runner has turned up near me but I don't know how much pain I can take on.
  22. £150 non rusty Ford Ka anyone? MOT history is good. Someone please buy it so I don't https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/ford-ka-hatchback-1999-manual-1299-cc-3-doors/1441168273
  23. You're right, they're selling for £75k😳 The chap I bought my ur quattro from picked me up from the train station in his, it was a fucking weapon on the roads around Loch Lomond.
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