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  1. 2zz in action here. Great little engine. In case you're not sure which one it is, it's in the noisy little red car😁 VID_20201107_105000549.mp4
  2. You should put a warning up before showing us pics like that. I need to go and lie down in a darkened room now for a bit That looks fugging amazing!
  3. You can't see it in this shot but this 2008 Mazda 6 has a similar problem-the LHS rear lower arm has rotted through. As much as I like Japanese stuff they do know how to rust, especially in parts of the UK where salt is prevalent on the roads for 5 months of the year.
  4. Having owned one, no! The one I owned was very much end of life though and that end couldn't come soon enough as far as I was concerned. There was a great car in there somewhere, I think Audi gave up 3/4 of the way through designing it though and went to the pub. The Honda Jazz that replaced it was a better car in almost every way.
  6. According to this I'll need to swap them over. God knows what state they're in, the discs are beyond pumped. Will price up replacements
  7. Just checked, yes they do although they need the ABS rings swapping over. I'm sure that'll be fun. Also checked the pads in the car and they are are wrong so back to Euro for some correct* ones It's got a built in Tomtom but I can't get it to work, nor can I get the display to show anyhting other than the Tomtom insert card screen-I'll stick something in Ask a Shiter to see if I can get any wisdom imparted.
  8. Hangover purchase Megane update: It had a slow puncture on the front-when I went to inflate it I discovered I could pull the centre portion of the tire valve right out! I should've video'd that, it was quite impressive! I went to my local National Tires and they put a valve in it and didn't charge me, thanks to Dunfermline National Tires! There was nothing else do do but to test drive it-I took it to work yesterday-M90/M8 during rush hour for MAXIMUM DANGER. The clutch is fine, the rear brakes however are proper fucked. There's some random wind noise from the rear at motorway speeds and I suspect something needs replaced on the front left-I can here/feel a random clunk at low speeds. Other than that it's fine and showed an indicated 57 MPG on the commute. The built in Carminat satnav is humped-it stays on the insert card screen which would be fine but it means I can't access the radio display so I had to fumble my around to find something worth listening to. Which I failed at, more due to the shite FM stations around here. I picked up some new discs from Euro on my way home. There was a set of pads in the car, although I'm not convinced they are the right ones so I'll get some of them too to be on the safe side. I've roped in @Fraz to help me do discs and pads on the back tonight, he has a scanner that will let me retract the pistons on the electronic handbrake. Pretty sure he's only coming over because he wants to buy it...
  9. Further to the Megane Clutch situation , i found this in the car last night. Seems it had clutch trouble in 2018. I suspect whoever changed that may not have refitted the R clip properly which put up a valiant effort until recently when it fucked off to pastures new rendering the car fucked.
  10. This should probably be in the grin thread... I decided to have a look at the hungover purchase Megane tonight. As bought the clutch was on the floor. I decided to check the pipework to see if there was anything obvious. Battery off and, with a not insignificant amount of fucking about including removing the ECU and airbox, the battery tray was removed revealing the gearbox. This uses plastic pipework to the slave cylinder inside the box. There should be 3 R clips holding the little plastic bleed nipple holder thingy which is located at the gearbox end-1 on the gearbox end and 2 at the other end. The idea is you pull up the inner one of the 2 R clips and pull the pipe out. It gets stopped by the other R clip and opens up the bleed port. Except, I was missing the R clip from the gearbox end which had allowed all the fluid to piss out. I ended up using one of my 2 R clips on the gearbox end and the other initially on the outer slot so I could bleed it. This didn't take too long and bugger me if I didn't have a working clutch pedal now! I then pushed the pipe back in and moved the R clip to the inside slot, sealing off the bleed nipple. Here it is ready to go I reassembled the battery tray/ECU/airbox I'd removed and stuck the battery back on it. Here goes... VID_20211019_195953.mp4 Shite video buy yes, we have a working clutch now. A quick test drive ensued and all gears engaged fine👍 I think I'll put the lottery on this week...
  11. Boom. Mantas engine has arrived. Under the bonnet of this is a 2.5 Duratec which will mate up to the mx5 gearbox and other bits I've got Last big piece of the puzzle has arrived, I'm having a whisky to celebrate
  12. Evoque passed today, just leaves the MR2 and Rangey which still have slightly more than a month so I'll hold off and get them in where I can get the full 13 months/time to fix them. Oh, and the Megane i bought yesterday will need an MOT once I get the clutch fixed. And then there's Mazda 6 2.5 I've just bought as the Mantas engine donor. It just needs to make it to my mates unit where it'll be getting stripped. Collection should happen soon, did I mention the suspension is fucked?
  13. And, after chasing an engine donor for the Mazda for fucking ages, giving up and buying a broken Renault, one I'd previously looked at turned up on Gumtree, cheap, local and broken. Thank fuck for that! I drove over in the Kangoo at lunchtime in torrential rain, gave it a very quick check over(not mentioning I'd tried to buy it before), came to a price, paid for it and did the paperwork. I'll come back and collect it soon and nurse it to my mates unit where it'll meet its fate.
  14. For a man of your abilities that'd be easy. And you've got a decent garage to do it in. Get it done!
  15. No, it was all me! I'd messaged him yesterday and was supposed to go see it after 3 today. He messaged me about 2 saying he was home so I asked for his address as Lyndsey and I were on our way to Toolstation. It was approximately 45 seconds off our route and Lyndsey graciously* agreed to the detour. I went away and thought about it, then dropped him a message with an offer about half an our later which he agreed to with him delivering it to me. As he was leaving to deliver it another punter turned up who was supposed to have been there at 1pm. He then went into a strop when he was told it was sold and offered more money, which the seller declined. He then asked for petrol money for his wasted journey! Understandably (and thankfully, I think) the seller told him to bolt and suggested that if he'd arrived when he said he would then he wouldn't have missed out.
  16. Had a lot to drink last night. No, more than that. Was definitely under the influence this afternoon, that's the only explanation I can think of for buying this. 1.5 DCI Renault Megane Sports Tourer MOT up in a few minutes Clutch on the floor. I'm aff the booze.
  17. Well, in a spectacular* twist of fate I have 4 of the fleet due an MOT in the next month or so. Stay tuned for thrills and excitement as I try and get these heaps through an MOT. Who needs Bake Off? First contender- MR2 Not due for a few weeks yet but the handbrake was pish, despite getting new cables last year for its MOT. I removed the rear calipers to wind the pistons back so I could reset the handbrake mechanism. Sounds easy, right? No pics but it basically has one normal slider pin and one cast into the carrier. So you undo the one slider and try and rotate the caliper up but it doesn't go far enough due to the handbrake cable limiting how far it'll rotate. This means even changing pads is a fucking ballache. Eventually I got the piston wound back, reassembled and with a sequence involving a brake pedal dance and a 10mm spanner all performed whilst facing south and sacrificing a virgin(not an easy task to undertake in Fife) I now have something resembling a handbrake. Oh and I changed a sidelight bulb too. Go me MOT Status-READY* Due Mid November. XJ6 This has sat for a while not being used and the MOT expired last week. All seems well with it (famous last words) so I treated it to a handbrake adjustment-this was an advisory last year. That, amazingly, went well so buoyed by this I decided to have another crack at greasing the UJs on the rear driveshaft. I had tried before but hadn't been able to get any grease in. This time I removed the nipples to clean them out, reattached and the grease flowed in happily, squeezing the old grease out of the seals. A quick test drive and all else seems well. I remembered how bloody lovely it is to drive though. We'll not talk about the exhaust condition though... MOT Status-Booked in for Friday Evoque MODRIN ALERT Feel free to skip this one, yes its a modern and yes it's a hateful thing but my better half loves it and Land Rover dealers are hilariously bad. Also, the repair you're about to see is definitely shite worthy. I'd changed the pads and discs last year but not replaced the wear sensor. This had a tiny split in it so I zip tied it out of the way instead of refitting it. Fast forward to the last month or so and the pad warning light had been coming on intermittently. I checked Euro Car Parts who list two wear sensors, the one I thought needed wasn't in stock at my local one. Time for a proper* fix. Wheel off and the wear sensor wire disappears in behind the arch liner. Note the excellent condition of the 5 year old "Range Rover" Sensor off I chopped the wires, bared the two sensor wires and twisted them together. Because I'm a professional I then heat shrunk the end of it and plugged it back in, hiding it up behind the arch liner. Result-warning off POS.mp4 MOT Status-Booked in next week Range Rover-the real one This is due at the end of November so i thought I'd better start now. Known issue-handbrake non existent on the drivers side due to the backing plate being fucked. Solution is a new backing plate but like BMWs of this era its a big job to change properly requiring the hub to be removed. Never fail, I had a plan Take one shiny new backing plate Cut 2 small bits of steel and arrange like so Drill holes in the steel and the backing plate Carefully and accurately mark a line down the centre of said plate Chop the fucker in half and behold! This should work, hopefully.... I've not swapped it over yet but I have new handbrake hardware to fit at the same time so will hopefully be able to tick that off the list soon. I also had an issue with it needing 30s or so to warm in the mornings up before it would be drivable. I suspected a vacuum leak or a dirty throttle body so gave it a clean. It wasn't too bad and it seemed to behave better on the next few startups. Annoyingly it's doing the same again now so I'll need to dig further. On the subject of the handbrake, when changing the rear discs and pads the retaining spring for the passenger side handbrake shoe was missing. I replaced this with one from the drivers side and though no more of it. Fast forward a month or so and I noticed a light rattle at low speeds. Expecting the worst i started poking around and guess what I found? Yep, the spring and retaining pin must've dislodged themselves and made their way down to rattle around between the disc and the backing plate. Succesfullly removed i can resume wafting in silence. MOT Status-Due End November-PRAY FOR ME
  18. I've got an M12 impact gun and ratchet and they're great. I've used this inflator and it's only the cost that puts me off-it's a great little bit of kit.
  19. Is that not a light up key, hence the button? Looks like a lamp lens pointing at the blade
  20. Looks ace! I so hope this is on the road and ready for a cruise when Cop24 is on in Glasgow😎
  21. Yeah I don't know about depreciating but I don't think XJ40s have started to rise in value much. Might as well hold on to mine for a bit yet!
  22. There's an element of tarring with the same brush here, as I alluded to in my earlier post about Rangeys and badly set up single point systems. I've had several LPG cars and they've all been maintained well with properly installed modern multipoint injection systems and they've all ran very well with no noticeable performance loss. As Matt says, why not have half price fuel when the only inconvenience is planning fuel stops and having to find somewhere to put the fecking spare wheel because the wheel well is full of LPG tank🙈
  23. Not much has been happening of late as mojo has been low and the fleet has mostly been behaving itself. Today, A Good Thing happened. The Manta 400 kit arrived😁 The guys who made it are rallying in Arbroath this weekend so offered to drop it off. A small gift was supplied by me to say thanks. Scottishy goodness As delivered Trial fit Laid out. Hopefully it won't get this close to a tree when it's fitted to the car
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