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  1. That is outstanding, you've done it again. Fancy a week's swap with a slightly dog-eared Puma?
  2. Nice to see one still about - ironically, the layers of terrible paint have probably saved it from rotting away.
  3. What a superb find, that must be a super late one too.
  4. Also a candidate for the cars you've never heard of thread, a Toyota Veranti. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/419959186952582
  5. Great to see the Carlton now running - was it just that leaky pipe that needed sorting in the end? I reckon it would have gone last time but I stopped when I could smell stale petrol! Hopefully the smoke will clear once it's been run for a bit, unless it has other issues. It's a smart old thing, dents aside, and deserves to go again.
  6. Impressively clean Felicia that's turned up near me. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/365631179055202/ Bonus possible Ital in the background.
  7. Excellent news on the Rover, well done! Thanks again to @Six-cylinder for hosting an excellent weekend, great to catch up with old and new faces. Can't say for sure if it was better than before, but it was fairly honking inside. Slightly better after being aired out for an hour or so.
  8. @andyberg spotted another one, a fancy 2200, off the road for 22 years. WHT 860T.
  9. Good spot, I'm sad enough I Googled the Princess reg to see if it'd come up in Vulgalour's wedgister, which it doesn't appear to have. Did find this though...https://www.flickr.com/photos/67147237@N03/38765784481/ Land Rover's plate has lost one of its digits.
  10. I'd tentatively suggest that the car looks better in L trim without the vinyl and brightwork cluttering it up.
  11. Good to see it out and about, I see it acquired an MOT in November last year so it's obviously being well cared for. I believe it lives in Kent now, the guy I sold it to drove it home from Devon and as far as I know it got there OK, he was very excited about it.
  12. Back in about 2005, a local used car dealer, now long gone, who'd taken my Fiesta back in for repair loaned me the only thing they had spare, a very shabby Peugeot 309 GTi which I guess had been taken as a trade-in and at that time, a worthless old nail. It was very saggy, had a blown exhaust, didn't want to start or idle when cold, the passenger door dropped when opened and it was a bastard to drive smoothly in traffic. Hilarious fun though, still fast and I was a little sad to hand it back - looking back, knowing now that garage's reputation, entirely possible it didn't have an MOT.
  13. The 25 Commerce van that started this thread is still around, it seems, although hasn't actually been anywhere in quite some time. Last spotted in 2017. Currently SORN and MOT has run out but not gone yet.
  14. Yes - I had to do this with my Transit when I discovered it was rated at 4500kg. I highly recommend SV Tech - http://www.svtech.co.uk/our-services/downplating/ - they will, for £120 +VAT, handle the process, provide you with help, info and relevant paperwork and provide you with a new VIN plate to put alongside the old one. There is a way to do it yourself I believe but for the amount of confusion and hassle involved, I thought it was money very well spent and I was able to be confident it was 100% correctly done as well. Excellent work on this as always!
  15. I wasn't really intending to make any particular fleet changes this year but as usual it's happened anyway. At this point I feel I'm more or less just a passenger in this process, cars just come and go by themselves and I just try to keep up with the paperwork. In 2001 Honda CR-V West One Realised I don't actually have a photo of this one. Replacement for the Octavia. A bit scruffy, totally reliable; just the way I like them. If it was more economical, would be just about perfect for everything. Bit rusty in places, smells funny and came on a set of the most appalling tyres I've seen on an MOT'd car but otherwise tip top and, after the initial MOT and tyre expenditure, has been low maintenance. 2001 Ford Puma 1.7 I wanted a cheaper runaround/commuting car and missed my old Puma, this turned up locally and is quite simply marvellous. Low mileage, superb condition, 2 large folders of history, filler-packed rear arches are its only real fault and that is going to be sorted. Really should keep this for a while, it's a good one. Out 2005 Skoda Octavia 1.8T VRS Sadness. Owned this longer than almost any other car - nearly 3 years - and at 203,000+ miles was getting a little needy but still marvellous. I got the wheels refurbed this year and it had a new clutch last year too, I really liked this car and wasn't really planning to change it. Abruptly developed a major running issue, absorbed a lot of cash on fruitless diagnostics and repairs, I threw in the towel and sold it to @twosmoke300 who only went and fixed it. 2003 Ford Transit Minibus In theory a great idea, was a low mileage ex-college minibus with no visible rot and most of its seats already removed, bought last year and immediately regretted. A daunting camper conversion project I immediately realised I had no desire to complete, a load of issues the seller was dishonest about which cost a lot to fix and an impending move to a house it wouldn't have fitted on the driveway at meant it was shipped on after a few months having barely done any miles in it. 1977 Leyland Princess 1.8 HL Yes, that one. I wrote enough about it on this forum to bore everyone to death. Got it to where it looked semi-presentable from a distance and was reliable, ran out of jobs I wanted to do, had to admit it wasn't actually that nice to drive and it really needed bodywork attention which I didn't want to get into. Sold to a bloke who, impressively, drove it home from Devon to Kent, hopefully its restoration and preservation will continue. In and Out 2001 VW Transporter T4 1.9TD Camper Bought from a friend-of-a-friend, I really should have stopped to think whether I really wanted another campervan, I really have no luck with them and house renovations and other life stuff have taken precedence. With this and the Transit debacle, I definitely should have kept the Granvia I sold to @Arthur Foxhake. The VW was kindly delivered by @worldofceri, immediately proved to be nigh on undriveable due to a seized gear linkage. That was easy enough to fix but the van turned out to be pretty knackered and unreliable, racked up some decent repair bills, wasn't very nice to drive and just generally annoyed me. Gone off to a new home to have its rusty bits fettled. Stayed 2002 BMW F650CS The first year I've had my licence so I've gradually started to add a few miles onto this, it's now done its summer commuting duties and is now hiding under a cover on the driveway. Total issues this year: one blown tail/brake light bulb and a corroded connection in the light. Did get treated to some new Continental tyres as the ones it was wearing turned out to be 10 years old, had a service, hasn't really wanted anything else doing to it.
  16. Yes, ditto on the Skoda, it'd already had some substantial time and money spent at a decent local garage before I gave up on it.
  17. @twosmoke300 you're getting quite the track record here for fixing the cars others can't fix!
  18. My favourite quote of the day, make do and mend at its best. Excellent bit of resourcefulness, every time I see a thread like this it reminds me that I should learn to weld.
  19. Having done a few miles in them now, I can confirm that in the dry, they are adequate. In the wet, they are terrible. Do not recommend. Should have gone with the Yokohamas!
  20. I can't remember if it inhibits the starter but I remember having issues with the immobiliser after changing the battery on the Rover 220. I would recommend going through the resync procedure with the fob to see if that helps. I Googled it and found this process, which sounds about right - elsewhere someone also suggested disconnecting the car's battery and taking the battery out of the fob, then put both batteries back before doing this: put your key in the door with all other doors, bonnet and boot locked.Turn the key to the lock position and hold for 10 secondsremove the key and sequence the buttons on the fob until it unlocks. (open, close, open, close ect.)It usually takes more than 5 times and make sure you are close to the car to make sure its not a weak signal from the fob itself.
  21. Not a K, this one is T-series! So the head gasket isn't particularly likely to fail, it just pisses oil out of every join instead. Much as I liked that car, both times I had it, I think I will step back this time. As I recall, it was the first car I bought off the forum as well. I got it off the guy who had it after you, mastervan I think his username was? Very nice chap, it'd been sat on his drive for several months with an incontinent water pump and cracked windscreen. I spent far too much on it getting all its issues sorted, ran it for a couple of years, sold it to someone else (@RobT?) and then had it back a year or two later off @HMC. Traded it with one of the Johns on here for a Rover 214 which I think RobT had previously owned. At this point, its ownership history on here could probably be turned into a short novel. How many former keepers are on the V5 now?
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