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  1. That seems to have been doing the rounds for weeks now, not sure if it's being relisted by the same seller or has spent the last few months being passed from one optimistic buyer to the next.
  2. Welcome - I had a 954cc AX as my first car, as a clueless 18 year old I had no idea how to fix anything and as it was a shabby and neglected example it racked up some sizeable garage bills over the 3 years I had it. I recall mine had similar issues at about 120k miles, had already had the head gasket done but always puffed blue smoke on startup and tended to run on 3 for a while when it'd been sat for a while, probably similar issues exacerbated by the previous owner never changing the oil no doubt. I found the same with mine, would hardly get out of its own way but once wound up to spe
  3. Have you ever had to let your car down off the jack so you can shut the driver's door? That was my Seat Marbella and the first sign that it had slightly more rot issues than I'd anticipated. Resulted in my favourite interaction with my long-suffering mechanic when it went in for MOT - a text from him a few hours later simply saying "don't think so mate".
  4. Marvellous stuff, interesting to see that most jobs seem to have their version of someone standing over you asking what buttons you're pushing and what does that error message mean and how long is this going to take?
  5. Great to see some Sana progress, best of luck with the wiring.
  6. Thanks for the air pump update, I'll get one on order. Terrible bit of design! Love the Golf spot, while the whole VAG thing has very much passed me by, I've always liked the idea of a late Mk2, they're handsome things.
  7. OK, deleted. It's a fair point. Can't delete it from your quote of my post though!
  8. Apparently it just warms up the cat - something to do with emissions - or something like that, anyway, but it's not really used during normal driving.
  9. Thanks for the update - mine is loose on its mounts as well and like you say, easy enough to access by hand but does look like it'd be a pain to get out. I think it'd have to come out from below. I've just been running with it unplugged and the EML on but will have to do something about it come February when the MOT is due. I'm inclined to go down the route of programming it out, the car doesn't seem to work any differently with it disconnected other than no longer sounding like a 747 preparing for takeoff when starting from cold.
  10. I found via the owner's group that it is unique but I've found a chap who sells both cylinders and seal kits. I'm going to try a seal kit first, general consensus is they usually come around OK. It's only £11 so worth a shot and I'd quite like to have a go at rebuilding it.
  11. Even better, turns out you can still get seal kits for them. Problem solved.
  12. The new seal and ring combined with a splodge of hylomar seems to have done the trick, no more drips. This is good, as it means her royal brownness is back on the road. I celebrated by putting £20 of Asda's finest in it and then driving about running a few errands and apart from the alternator belt being a bit noisy, it behaved perfectly. It's running superbly now that the fuel isn't 50% sand. However, it is a Princess so to redress the balance, the clutch master (slave?) cylinder started leaking. Looking at it, I cant understand why. It looks immaculate and totally
  13. Didn't early 75s have black sills? Factory original tide mark!
  14. Cheers, I have ordered a new MGB seal and locking ring for the heady price of £2.99 and a tube of blue Hylomar - hopefully that'll all be here at the weekend and I can get enough decent weather to see if it sorts the issue. Especially given that it has the wrong sender installed, I don't want to seal it in too permanently if I can help it but my main concern is to make it seal. It did before so it can again!
  15. Thanks, that is useful to know. I think you're right, I bent the tabs in but they did seem a bit too flexible. Fingers crossed once it's on and sealed it can stay on!
  16. Love it! More please, I need to live vicariously through this thread seeing as my Marbella - basically a Mk1 Panda - never got to be roadworthy.
  17. I'll have to pull it back out and measure it, typical BL it seems they are different across the ranges. There's plenty listed but none specifically for the Princess, one of them is bound to fit though. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MORRIS-MARINA-ITAL-ALLEGRO-FUEL-TANK-SENDER-UNIT-LOCK-RING-SEAL-5E8/26464708179
  18. Thanks, good shout, looks like blue Hylomar would work, that's listed as petrol-resistant. Cheers!
  19. I still can't drive it, the sender unit's leaking where it clamps to the petrol tank. It's one where you hammer it around to engage in some tabs that are supposed to clamp it tight the harder it's pushed round but it doesn't seem to be working, I suspect the rubber seal is too hard to be of much use and besides which I am pretty sure it's not the right sender for the car, it has to be rotated round so the pickup tube is at the bottom of the tank but when you do that, the float is on its side and can't move, as per the photos from when I first took the tank apart a couple of pages back.
  20. He's done good! It's even a decent match given the state of the rest of the car and the likelihood it has already been repainted at least once before.
  21. Strangely enough, given the above story, my parents' neighbour across the road sold her house in the mid nineties when I was about 11 and I happened to look out of the window one evening in time to see her garage door open for the first time I could ever recall. Thick drapes of cobwebs and dirt hanging off the door confirmed it probably hadn't been opened in at least a decade. She drove a white Montego estate which lived on the driveway so I was rather surprised when a van was pulled up to the garage and a rope was attached to something inside. A few minutes later, an extremely dusty mid-70
  22. Fortunately these do seem to be very simple engines, nothing looks like a massive job on it. Fortunately this one's in rude health and mechanically it needs nothing at all at the moment. I have bought paint for the rocker cover but didn't want to get into that with no bonnet to shelter the top of the engine while it's off.
  23. While it is in every way utterly ruined - the interior is a particular joy - that is nowhere near as rotten as I'd have expected. Doesn't Ratdat have the only other one that still exists?
  24. Teaser shot from the painters. It's ready to be collected, should be back on the car by the weekend. Only problem now is it's going to make the rest of the car look a bit... ...errr... ...sub-optimal?
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