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  1. This is absolutely brilliant - I have a long-held mild desire for a Montego estate and was admiring this from afar when it was on eBay; I was half-tempted to have a bid. It sounds like it's ended up with exactly the right owner too, please keep us posted on progress, it'll be great to see it brought back to life.
  2. I'm quite madly in love with this, knackered engine or not. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284351007602?hash=item4234a40b72:g:OzIAAOSw1aVgiC9A Limited MOT history suggests long term slumber, perhaps that's what caused the stuck valve. I'm assuming this is a hideously expensive fix and therefore I should not even consider it?
  3. I just did some Googling on that Smiths Transit as it seems like a brilliant idea and in theory might be a very easy fix. The reality seems to be that they're borderline unfixable with next to no parts support, tend to randomly stop charging (as per the one above) and have very little charger support. Could be a fun gamble if it stays cheap, mind.
  4. This is quite brilliant, more of this please.
  5. I had 3 big pine trees in my previous home's garden which were in a line on a slope away from the house, had to be 40ft tall at least. I'd had concerns about them from the day I moved in - they hung on for a few more years until a storm took out the lowest one and landed it across the neighbour's garden - fortunately with no more damage than a few broken panes of glass in their greenhouse and the demolition of some rotten fence panels. It did reveal the fact they were only rooted about 4 ft deep and the other 2 were barely clinging on. All 3 had to go and it didn't half let in some light - I agree, it's a terrible shame to have to remove a tree but from what the tree surgeon told me, pines are meant to exist in a cluster on level ground, not in isolation where they have no means of shelter/support. Great idea to replace them with blossoming trees.
  6. Accident damage aside, that looks remarkably solid. Well done getting it repaired, if it's not rusty it seems well worth doing. You hardly ever see the Mazda variant now, did we even get the Fiesta Mk5 version?
  7. 40k miles! Sat since 2018 but looking at the MOT history, hasn't really been anywhere for a couple of years before that. Guessing an elderly person gave up driving.
  8. Excellent video on the Vauxhall. Good to see it back up and running, last time I saw it, it was sulking at the back of the shed as I recall.
  9. If only all eBay ads had that level of coherency and photographs that clear! I did consider C&C with the Princess sale but thought it didn't seem like it would get the same level of attention. The C&C ad I had running had 1000 views in a week - I had 4 times that many in half the time on eBay.
  10. Liking that Mini a lot! I'll put my name down as a potential for 10th-11th if that's OK, will be in my camper.
  11. I feel like the bloke in the photo didn't know he was hiding in the bushes behind him.
  12. Quite unbelievably, from what I can gather, this car is still there. The woods the scrapyard was in are very much still there around the new houses but they're private so I can't easily see how to find where the car is. There's definitely still some ancient plant equipment just about visible from one small break in the trees and I have seen a passing mention of this car in a fairly recent community group post. More investigation required.
  13. That's a remarkable colour and a very odd but quite appealing spec. I am biased somewhat, but I do think the Mk1 Octavia is one of those cars which is just about all the car you could ever need - 1.8T goes exceedingly well, diesels do 50mpg+ all day, huge boot, drives really nicely, reliable in my experience aside from a few VAG foibles (looking at you, central locking) and - in my humble opinion - quite a handsome thing.
  14. I've noticed the brand new Toyota Corolla hybrids we get in at work come from the factory with Falkens.
  15. Super rare Renault 15! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184841276561?hash=item2b09660c91:g:KFEAAOSw72ZgkATQ
  16. Something to go with the Horizon. Not many cars come with a body-coloured dashboard. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154456023149?hash=item23f64be06d:g:QSwAAOSw77VgoVVk
  17. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133762679934?hash=item1f24e0847e:g:tG4AAOSwYjJgoWNV I hope that's his finger. Light on details, MOT history shows it hasn't seen the road in 8 years but looks pleasant enough.
  18. I really like those Yariseses - that one looks to be in great condition too, love the colour. If I had need of an car I'd be grabbing one ASAP, there's still loads about.
  19. Agree with both points, just had the 2016 Avons on my Octavia replaced as they were perished and had cracks in the tread. Have had Falkens on loads of cars and vans now and they're always quiet, grippy and last well. It's usually Falkens, Toyos or Uniroyals for me at the moment.
  20. Photos are long gone but my Nova 1.2 had a tow bar fitted, simply bolted to the boot floor. I'd not have wanted to put a bike rack on it, never mind tow anything!
  21. I've never thought about or looked twice at a 205 but @barrett's description has sold me on the idea now. Congrats on the MOT pass!
  22. This is now up for sale -
  23. The "whiff of failure" is something I have always found fascinating about the BL output of this era, it's like they just could not get their heads around what people wanted. The Princess should probably have been a CX contender, they were launched in the same year with much the same ethos (large car, new edgy design, clever suspension) but with problems like the hugely variable build quality and the looks that just didn't quite sit right, it was never going to work. And they still didn't get it when the Ambassador came out - from what I can tell the build quality actually declined and the engine choices were dull. You can tell nobody really had any idea what they were doing given the messy model/brand setup in the first few years!
  24. A 160 mile round-trip to the Haynes Motor Museum breakfast meet this morning was completed with zero issues, it did fantastically well. It's perfectly happy cruising at 60mph although a 5th gear or overdrive wouldn't hurt it. Didn't get hot, no weird noises and no leaks so I'm calling that a qualified success. Almost done now, just the pre-MOT checks & hopefully full test on Wednesday and then it can go up for sale.
  25. Ten points to Mr Skizzer for "Princesla" which needs to be trademarked immediately.
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