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  1. I think it was the late Dave numbers, very much missed.
  2. The four door Devon was always more popular with customers. The two door Dorset was popular with hot rodders in the 1970s. I remember one in a magazine at the time, with a big V8 which had the reg ROD 401 arranged ROD 40! It looks like it still exists and is on SORN. Found pic
  3. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1787938461569606/
  4. With cardboard boxes and fruit and veg stalls to drive through, count me in
  5. So that would be when it was Steed's Rover in the New Avengers
  6. Somewhere there is a chap with a vintage Bentley wondering where the Hell his steering wheel has gone
  7. Biggest problem recently has been lack of pharmacist on premises so unable to give anything out until they come in (locum)
  8. Nothing wrong with a 300C as long as it has the hemi
  9. I see the problem, people see the sign warning Ford and think "I will be fine I'm in a Mercedes"
  10. Shame they never caught on, but people were not sure about buying through a pyramid sales scheme
  11. Saw a marked up Tesla in Bridgend recently, no idea if it is on trial or on the fleet
  12. Looks great, have never been there could probably do this one and the Cotswolds (Burton on the Water) one on the same day.
  13. I have had a few cars like that, they only caught me out once
  14. Presumably second name will not be Interceptor, although Healey would work.
  15. But it already has a water-cooled engine
  16. I'd check up on that one. The private sewer transfer regulations from 2011 mean that once a drain leaves your property it becomes treated as a lateral drain and is maintainable b the sewerage authority. If more than one property is connected it is treated as a transferred sewer, again maintainable by the sewerage authority.
  17. Please go to the tip towing that trailer behind your Bentley
  18. The two that spring to mind, that I will never have the chance of again Firstly a Bristol 405 that I could have had as a straight swap for my (not very old) Triumph Spitfire. My father talked me out of it telling me it was an old man's car (I was 19) A Swallow Doretti, I thought I had agreed a deal and to collect at weekend, the seller took a higher offer in the week. The list of things I should have run away from is much longer.
  19. I remember my father changing our coal/wood fired Rayburn to oil in the 1970s, when oil was "cheap". My mother was happy as it was less work. Oil got more expensive and when my sister inherited the house she never had the central heating burner on. Just the one for cooking and hot water, it still drank oil. About 15 years ago she had a new firebird condensing boiler put in, it was a revelation using a fraction of the oil. She moved a few years ago and the new bungalow is still oil (no gas in the area), but it is still well insulated that it doesn't need much heating and has electric solar panels that offset her consumption in summer.
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