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  1. Seeing the advert above reminds me of the joy of the ignition switch on an Amazon. The one on my estate got progressively worse until I snapped the key. I vaguely recall it having a shielded cable requiring some great Bodger when I replaced the switch with a steering column one from a Cavalier.
  2. It's beautifully hideous, but I wouldn't pay £3k for it
  3. Possibly, or they may be from the era of cut your own tread pattern into a bald tyre
  4. I'm holding out for those old unfashionable 1920s Eight Litre Bentleys to drop into my price range. I fully expect to be dead before that happens, can't even afford a Maxi these days
  5. All the above is true, but you also get the clever people who expect a massive discount because of an issue mentioned several years ago on the MOT, which has obviously been addressed since. And/or expect you to fix all advisories for them, before they will consider low-balling you on a car that is already cheap. "It will need all that doing before the next Mot", yes, it's called ongoing maintenance, it's ok now (monitor and repair as necessary) why should I pay to upgrade what will no longer be my car.
  6. I can imagine working there though: Quick help, Fred has fallen and cut himself badly. Sorry I only do mental health, so how does it make you feel?
  7. We have always had free bog paper where I have worked. Even if we ran short there would be a never ending selection of pointless report documents that you could use instead.
  8. And if I read that correctly, the Consultation has already closed, great publicity
  9. I used to do high mileage, but don't now. Most of the 1980s and 1990s were covered in a variety of older vehicles. As said it was helpful to have at least two to cover for when things went wrong and occasionally a lovely hire car (whatever happened to Low Cost Wheels?). When I lived in Chppenham in 1984 my only car was a 1970 Morgan, I was doing about 30k miles a year. I still worked on my cars then and kept on top of it, very simple mechanics, the only thing that got farmed out was the kingpins and bushes (which despite the oiling system didn't last much more than 20k miles) and bodywork when someone ran into the back of it.
  10. I think it depends much on the user, their attitude to running repairs and what they intend to use the vehicle for. I have used all sorts of stuff as daily drivers over the years, it does sometimes help to have back up vehicles. In 1987 I was using a 1937 Morgan as my only car. It would get me where I needed to go, but not at speed. Longer journeys took longer, it was a 50mph on the motorway car with a break every hour or so to give it a rest. Local journeys no problem as long as you made allowance for stopping distances as it had cable brakes. That's a good few years ago and I now wouldn't fancy all the greasing, oiling, adjusting and tightening things up that were part of the weekly routine. A fifty year old car now would be something from 1971, pretty much the same would apply to use it as a daily driver today, probably fewer greasing points. I'm now lazy and my daily driver is a 2020 Fiat, just over a year old and on 16000 miles. Not over burdened with driver aids and so far something I don't have to think about (drove it from South Wales to Glasgow and back in a day a few weeks back) The 1990 Mx5 I'm sure would have done the same, but I would have stopped more often and been keeping a closer eye on the gauges, plus the chair I was going to collect wouldn't have fitted in it.
  11. I don't bother with this new fangled sort of thing, I just send Brabinger around to give them a clean
  12. Not my normal sort of car at all, but I saw one just like this the other day, it sounded lovely and I liked it.
  13. My aunt had a motorcycle licence, she had never ridden one. I think it was a wartime glitch where she was given a driving licence when working for the GPO. She didn't drive for years, but kept her licence going and only started driving again in the 1970s after my grandfather had to stop. She panicked when she got a new paper licence (which replaced the little red book type) as it showed she had entitlement for everything. It took us while to persuade her that nobody was going to make he ride a motorcycle or drive a lorry.
  14. I'm sure in my Trabant's handbook it was described as a limousine.
  15. I assumed Minilites, cos I'm old and thick. My brother bought them as they had new tyres.
  16. This one is a Marathon, technically my niece's car seen here for her wedding a couple of years ago. It lives with my brother and she has only ever driven it a couple of times. It was trailered up to London for the wedding as it had not been used for a while. Currently on "minilite" wheels as they have good radial tyres. The proper wheels had cross plies. My brother has been tinkering with it recently sorting the carburettor out amongst other things.
  17. Possibly he changed his mind and deleted it. If anyone does know the chap in real life, then a check in on him might be a good idea. Parts of the thread did indicate a manic phase and he may now be in a bit of a trough.
  18. I have some vouchers for stuff like this at the moment, (Virgin Experience Days) I was given them for my birthday last December but due to Covid and apathy haven't done anything with them. Plus I can't see anything reasonably local that I fancy. I really am a miserable git. "Drive a Ferrari" I already have, they are very nice but not me. "Racetrack" Yes I used to do that not for me now. "Off road days" I did that every day for a while just to get to and from my house in a selection of suitable* off road vehicles. All the stuff that involves sitting on my arse eating and drinking is miles away.
  19. But don't do it before you have settled up with him
  20. I think you can still get a free advert on Car and Classic, which might be another place to try
  21. Long wheelbase and only there for five minutes?
  22. I think the real problem is working out what its real value is. Eddy is right in one respect to aim a bit higher than he'd settle for, as these days people invariably expect a (sometimes huge) discount on an asking price. Unfortunately pricing it too high can put people off completely. One ebay trick I have used in the past it to stick it on auction with the start price being the absolute least you would let it go for. Doesn't always work, but it has, a couple of times it got me more than I would have accepted, others it got a last minute opening bid and yes, sometimes nobody bid and I had to reassess how much I was prepared to lose. (I never get my money back on cars). Currently working out what to do with the MX5, despite being under the impression I had put it up for a reasonable price (a lot less than I paid for it) and then dropping the price no real interest. The reassessment has made ne think the short mot (which has got even shorter) might be off-putting, so it's going in on Weds. If it doesn't sell with a new MOT then I'll have to look into finding storage as I really want it off the drive.
  23. I have had a few black cars, the one I didn't get to have was in 1986. Work were pushing lease cars onto the staff instead of the car allowance. There was quite a good choice on the scheme, but the optimum seemed to be the Fiesta XR2. The car park had loads, mostly in the same shade of red and with a lot of consecutive registration plates. I could have had one in red straight away, but was awkward and wanted one in black. It was ordered, but never arrived, delivery dates kept being pushed forwards. After a few months had gone by I kept being offered ones in other colours, that they could get straight away. In the end we agreed not to bother and I kept my own car. Probably just as well as I changed jobs within the year. And a little anecdote regarding special order cars. My brother's mother in law was looking to change her car in the mid 90s. She had a very nice Cavalier CD at the time and decided to stick with Vauxhall. She had a look at what was on offer and came up with a specification that they didn't do. Nothing too extreme, but paint colours and trim from different models in a low pressure turbo diesel hatch. (Things like the sporty seats from one model, trimmed in the material from another and downgrading to a radio cassette as she didn't have cds). They built it to order, nice car, cost way over the odds. It sadly went for scrappage when she bought a new Skoda. That has since been replaced by a Kia. She is now 90 and still drives
  24. I managed to trim my left hand with a secateurs years ago. I found that wrapping it around and around with masking tape until the blood stopped coming through was the way to go. My hand did look like a lump hammer by that point. The trail of blood was linked up by my Spaniels, who were looking up at me expectantly for more, as I was binding my hand up.
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