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  1. And you can guarantee that someone will buy one of those houses off plan not realising the ditch is there and complain about it, wanting it filled in. "When it rains the noise of the water is keeping my children awake"
  2. You can make a temporary one with an empty bean tin and a hub puller
  3. But have you put a whisk in this one? Oh and how high is the door?
  4. Where's your sense of adventure (Croydon, sorry Chiswick) Surely you mean do the absolute minimum to get it running, driving, stopping and not falling apart and then make full use of the tax, mot and ulez exemptions to have it as your town car.
  5. Is that the chap who threw his Ferraris in a pond and pretended they'd been stolen?
  6. I think a similar thing has been done a few years ago with a Plymouth Prowler, only this time it has been walled up above ground.
  7. How often do you change your sister?
  8. My dad always employed a trolley jack for people who parked in the way, either that or his bunch of random keys. People who blocked the doors of his workshop often found their cars stuck in the hedge, but that was a long time ago, different times, as one would say.
  9. I love that portrait of a young Dot Cotton, I never realised she was popular over there
  10. Is that one of those electric ones?
  11. You have described me. I was not diagnosed as autistic until I was in my 50s. I have gone through life missing social cues not realising that I was pissing people off hugely. Add that to not being able to see that there could be more than one right answer (if I'm right and your answer, or the way you get to it, is different you're wrong) It took a lot of work for me to recognise just some of how I came across to others, I'm less worse than I was, but still balls it up sometimes. I'm completely mortified when I look back at how I was and when I still catch myself boring people rigid now. If you know someone like me keep reminding them, they will thank you in the long run. It was not nice realising that I had fewer friends than I thought, just that some people are too polite to tell me I'm an annoying knob, but I'm getting there. In fact I'm happier now that I don't feel it necessary to make conversations.
  12. Those rear facing seats are for Spaniels, not children.
  13. Could you have done the seatbelts up over the empty seats to avoid that?
  14. Would be seen dead in it. Looking at that wiring it would probably cremate me as well.
  15. Five finger shuffle?
  16. Whatever happened to the set on here that was being looked after and circulated by arrangement?
  17. I also recall a couple of blokes doing a club production car trial in a Hertz Metro in the mid 80s (they had put a sheet over the carpets to protect them and pressure washed the mud off before returning it)
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