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  1. Sounds like a place I have used. Their Corsa lacked a working speedo but had an old Sat nav blu-tacked on the panel. Unfortunately it ran out of electricity. I charged it up at home and got it back to them. It ran out of electricity again just as I was getting in their yard, the steering went funny as it lost the assistance, there was not enough left to put the window up. I then got loaned their Land Rover 110 Station Wagon, which was used as a breakdown. It was very damp inside, but I was grateful for the transport. A colleague was not impressed, I gave her a lift in it. She looked in the centre console and found an old pair of pants. I had some very nice VWs loaned to me when I had a continually ill Polo, although on one occasion the only thing they had available was an LT van, again better than walking.
  2. Unfortunately I have no photos available. My estates have all been working vehicles. Mainly Volvo 240s, ranging from really nice to hanging, I think I have had at least 7 of them. Also two Amazon estates. Did have a Victor FB estate, first car on the road in the 70s, a Mini Traveller (1963 edition). Currently have a Shooting Brake waiting for nicer weather.
  3. No neither did my mate when he borrowed mine years ago, nor did the police spot check who stopped him. I had a note to get the bonnet fixed, there was nothing wrong with it.
  4. The only time I'm ever annoyed with a car is when it fails at an inopportune moment and it will just be that particular car at that particular time. No make or model of car makes me angry by its existence, perhaps I'm just too laid back.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wolseley-Six-limousine-by-Woodall-Nicholson-very-rare-fully-restored-car-/334258838321?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 @keef
  6. I hope you left a bit of petrol for everyone else
  7. I like those, but did they all come in that metallic piss colour?
  8. I get those fairly often. As even I don't like me, I think it's extremely unlikely to work.
  9. Not the car, but is Montreux still where very rich people go to die?
  10. And that is bloody lovely, but it would need a glass division to separate me from the dogs.
  11. Facebook keeps suggesting this to me.
  12. I'm old and have bought well over 100 cars and probably walked away from at least twice as many. I have only bought one Frogeye Sprite, walked away from loads, usually because of rust where the rear springs are supposed to mount. I have never bought a BMW, either because of rust, missing keys/documents, or because the dealer couldn't be bothered to talk to me (that was with new ones). Never bought a Bristol, was offered a straight swap on a 405, my dad talked me out of it. Was offered a 410 if I covered its storage fees, but wasn't sure the "seller" had legal possession. Walked away from a very convoluted swap where I would have ended up with Lancia Fulvia and Lotus 7 S4 (the fibreglass one) in exchange for a Morgan 4/4. (I wad stupid that was a really good deal) Thought I'd done a deal on a Swallow Doretti, but didn't end up with it, when someone offered more. Did buy a Frogeye in the end, thought I'd set my brother up to buy the chap's Mk 2 Lotus Cortina that he was selling as well, but he didn't follow it up quick enough. I would have bought it myself. An Alfa 164 3 litre Cloverleaf, I'd had one and loved it, looked at another years later, it sounded like a bucket of bolts being shaken when started a huge disappointment. Quite a few where I have had a think overnight and missed out. Usually I walk away for a good reason. Perhaps we should have a thread for the things you bought, when you should have walked away.
  13. Or, Oh Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz
  14. Yes, I just looked too late, not that I needed it, but I do like 240 estates.
  15. I thought they went pretty well. Slowing down consistently and steering reliably around corners/obstacles possibly not so good.
  16. It doesn't look bad at all. As above, stop picking at it, get it running right and see if you like it. Then you have the option to sort it out properly or sell it in and buy another to build up ad you would really like it.
  17. My life is boring I still have this. Now on it's way to 20000 miles Sold this Despite it being a Mk1 mx5 and putting a new MOT on it nobody really wanted it. Didn't need another car, but bought this currently in storage until the weather gets a bit better.
  18. I thought it was an art installation. Demonstrating the futility of hope against intransigent uncertainty Or somesuch bollocks
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