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  1. I like that, it's less London Taxi, more Triumph Mayflower
  2. I have just purchased a Wales edition as a Christmas present for my brother. It's a shame you didn't do it a few years ago as you could have had the village garage built by my father and uncles. (It was finally knocked down about five years ago) As it was built just post-war materials were hard to come by so they made all the concrete blocks by hand, labour was provided by German ex-prisoners of war. (One of whom visited my brother a couple of years ago) My brother sold it when he built his new workshop and the site is now home to a tyre fitting establishment.
  3. Davrian, Hillman Imp based, I think originally later ones Ford
  4. Carburettor, no cat and a four speed gearbox.
  5. Most of it is the basic supply and demand. If there are very few of a "desirable" car and enough people want that particular one, prices will rise. As with anything, the best ones tend to go for the highest prices. To a degree this will drag the prices of the not so good ones up. Some have bought the car of their dreams and are hanging on to it, so it won't be on the market any time soon. Add in speculators and suddenly there is a bubble waiting to burst. There will be quite a few that get handed around the trade in a pass the parcel manner. I can remember the classic car bubble burs
  6. I have a colleague who is lovely, but dreadfully ham-fisted and clueless, not to mention accident prone. All her cars end up with bumps and scrapes, usually on her own gate posts. Whatever car she has will always fail its MOT, if she hasn't killed it earlier. Few cars have lasted more than a year. She has regularly run out of fuel, misfuelled, driven on flat tyres, generally oblivious to problems unless they cause the car to stop. She has a strange attitude to maintenance/servicing. Has been told about issues (You have light out, bald tyre, etc.) but usually thinks it can wait until
  7. Also twitching in it's grave, TVR last heard of with a new Griffith in 2019, apparently setting up a production facility in South Wales (but gone quiet recently. Hopefully not like AC who were going to build something based on the Smart Roadster a few years ago, until it never happened.
  8. I'm sure I saw a link on my Facebook feed today that someone has just revived Berkley https://www.carscoops.com/2020/10/berkeley-bandit-being-revived-as-an-electric-and-ecoboost-powered-coupe-and-roadster/amp/ Found it
  9. Weren't they all part of the recent auction of Bristol gone bust stuff, if so hardly lost.
  10. The Yaris really does seem to be the motoring cockroach. I always recommend them to people who have no interest in cars, as they are so difficult to kill and generally seem well put together.
  11. Makes a change from a Dead Head sticker on a Cadillac
  12. I can't remember the car (think it was a 1950s Austin), but I do remember a customer telling my dad that he had the speedometer reading main beam, this being the reason the car was now needing a new bottom end. I was probably about 5 at the time, but it's stuck in my head ever since
  13. Neither of them will work, but have probably stopped something else from working as well and may well randomly cause a fire.
  14. My only memory of the 180 is that a school friend's mother drove one and I can remember travelling in it when going for tea after school. I was much more impressed when I was driven home by his dad in his banana yellow, hand painted, Spitfire 4, with no roof, in the rain.
  15. You'll be fine, as long as the pilot isn't working from home
  16. I have put a link in your wanted, funnily enough the chap who bought my VP has asked the same question on the Vanden Plas Facebook group and the link is for someone who says he has them, including the seal and ring.
  17. Just remembered, this was our new bungalow, not quite finished in 1967/8 the Cortina is from 1964, no affording a new car and a new house for us. The garage was built to accommodate a Transit. I'm the shorter/younger one.
  18. It's a good job I don't have one, as today a colleague and I were discussing the relative merits of electrocution or poisoning and whether you could convincingly fake a lightening strike. This was all theoretical, we are not really planning to do someone in. If so I'd just bore them to death.
  19. Imagine if some poor bloke had to do a new MOT on it. "What does this do?" Boiing, as the rear seat flies out.
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