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Navigation Rallies - shite cars going the speed limit!

The Moog

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As well as 10 drives, you also get 10 passenger runs which are good as they give you the chance to look at the lines etc to take.


Apart from for my first passenger run when they put me in with a lad whose currently 2nd in the national championship. Christ, I had no idea a 1.0 Micra could corner so bloody quick!!

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Wot he said



Out of 10 worst two are dropped and then that is total time. Neil was about 2 seconds quicker every lap.


30 seconds for a lap but blimey it doesn't feel that quick.


First run for me was 43 seconds, final was 31.9 ish but took out a cone at 30 on the hone straight.


I think we are definitely going to give the one at Lymm services a go and then back to Blackburn in July.


Nice thing was that you can run with kids over 12. Some had only one driving lesson and were doing it, others were doing it in the driving school car!

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One thing to note is that when you are not racing, you Marshall which certainly helps the day go quick. We got free food as well.



Neil was pretty consistent, although I will claim that I am the winner due to less cones being touched (first 5 runs he was almost [insert generic 70s star name in here] with his touching)



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Whats required on the marshalling side? Just record touching of cones (fnarr) and whatnot? I guess the speeds involved mean that roll-over and the suchlike are unlikely? I've marshalled BTCC and other events in the past and literally seen my imminent death so gave it up - is this safer from a marshalling perspective?

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Just popped into my inbox 


"exciting new multi-test PCA event to be held on 30th April and 21st May at Wern Ddu Quarry near Corwen.

The event is NOT sealed surface so for some it will be a good chance to experience loose surface driving for the first time (sump and tank guard advised).

There are classes for both production and competition cars and the event is also part of the ANWCC championship." 


So basically get to race around a quarry ... .I think I might have some of that. Anyone else up for it? 

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This looks great fun and my little Roadster looks perfect thing to do it in!


Basically it involves a load of cones set out round a car park (the last one he did was at the old Aust services by the old severn bridge)

You don't happen to know the website/organisation/etc that did the Aust one? That services is literally a 10 minute drive for me from home, so would be a perfect one for me to have a go on.
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Had the dates through for the next lot of Accrington Motorsports club Autotest and I think I am going to try the 20th August one.


As before it is at Blackburn services. £30 ish for the day.


Will be taking the puma along - I think up to three drivers can use the same car, so if anyone fancies it then they are more than welcome to borrow the car.


Kids over 14 can take part so a good way to get them into cars.

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Ok gang I thought I would tout this about a bit.


20th August there are Autotests at Blackburn Services.


For those who don't know, you drive your car round a predetermined course trying to be as quick as possible. It is all about precision rather than speed.


There are different classes - we enter the PCA which is a production car autotest. Any car is fine (although huggy may struggle)


Anyone can take part including young shiters as long as they are over 14.


It is from about 9 - 3pm including a free lunch voucher.


It costs £30 for the day. You do have to join the Motorsport club but that is a £5 for the year.


It is ace. Myself and NJGleeds are going to do this.


Up to 3 drivers can share a car, so if anyone fancies it but doesn't want to use their car they are more than welcome to share the puma.


Anyone fancy it? If you want to bring you son/daughter along they too can borrow the puma.

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It's on the day of the 42nd anniversary of my birth. Interesting. I may be in touch soon.

Just out of interest, there aren't any steep grassy verge hazards are there?

You must come. I will treat you .... Plus you get a free lunch.


I have just registered for the fire Marshall training the day before. We get to play with big fires....


No verges although big biffa bins round the back are definitely in :-)

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Back in 2005 I went along to my first and only autotest, held at Anglesey race circuit. A couple of the guys I worked with were going along in a V12 XJS they'd bought for scrap money, just to try it in the most unsuitable car they could think of. I was going to have a share but when I arrived found there was a 2 driver per car limit :-(

Nothing for it but to use my BX diesel estate that I'd driven there in, which with significant turbo lag and a handbrake on the front wheels was perhaps even less suitable than the Jag! The only way I could get the back round the corners in one go was to induce left-off oversteer, which on the handful of occasions it actually worked as intended apparently looked quite good! Anyway, I managed not to come last which I was very pleased with :-)

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