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  1. All 3 non fault claims I've made on mine and Mrs SiC policy have not increased the cost of our insurance. Windscreen claims haven't either.
  2. Been a few times pre pandemic. Enjoyable but a hell a lot of walking. Pretty much can get around it in one day but barely any time to go back to anything later. Did get a bit samey when I last went but it's been nearly two years since I last went so will be a bit more fresh when I go next. I've been on Fridays and Sundays. I actually prefer Sundays ... mostly because there are less old (retired) people getting in the way on the Sunday. 😂 I found Sunday not too similar crowd size to Fridays either, just they move around a bit quicker. If I buy tools it is at the end of the day as it saves me carrying them around. Usually get more freebies on a Sunday as they're packing up. Won't be going this year as a bit risky still imo. It's all quite packed together and a large number of people.
  3. No. No it's not. But the motoring press love to repeat that rhetoric.
  4. I've been eyeing up the similar Milwaukee kit. Will be interesting to see how they compare.
  5. Lead free solder and it's processes have come a long way in the last decade or so. Reliability is much improved. Iirc it was only around 1% of lead that went into the environment was from electronics. I'm sure the harm in ripping up all the production equipment, re-engineering processes and e-waste that it took to get there was more than it saved. Also around that time was the capacitor plague epidemic. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capacitor_plague
  6. Tbf I haven't been to London for a good half a decade, so it might have improved since I last was there.
  7. Keep meaning to tune into this thread. Cracking work. I wish I had a tame @GingerNuttz locally. My Dolomite would have been done in a couple of weekends! (And to a much better standard) It's also impressive to see how someone can enjoy working on body and metalwork so much. I personally (now) hate it as messy, noisy, dangerous and makes your snot go the same colour as a day in London.
  8. Not sure if it's just the time of year and/or more supply but I am seeing quite a few more reasonably priced stuff going through. Not going to call them bargains but certainly more realistic value. A few examples of what I have seen. This would have been easily 3k+ earlier this year: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Austin-Mini-/185044807169 Cheap roller: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1973-Rolls-Royce-Silver-Shadow-/133872221246 Meccano A30 for a couple hundred quid (it took a lot of willpower to not buy this) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Austin-A30-project-/174935429638 A thousand pound Toledo that isn't a pile of rusty oxide: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1975-Triumph-Toledo-1300-Classic-car-/154604154718 I'm gutted I missed this one. Wasn't in a position to buy at the time. Midgets are 5k+ for something in this sort of condition. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1971-MG-Midget-1275-/133868081956 Clubman that needs a lot of work but still has floors. When I was looking earlier this year, one in worse condition sold for over 4k. This is half the cost and hasn't sold yet. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Classic-Mini-Clubman-Estate-1976-/324795512069 Now most of these are more in the project end of things but they all look reasonably useable. My gut feel is that prices are soften to around pre-COVID levels. Still a lot and far more than a decade a go, but much more realistic prices and not a frenzy of activity.
  9. One grand Toledo just finished that is likely a minor electrical fault like a ballast resistor or fuel pump. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1975-Triumph-Toledo-1300-Classic-car-/154604154718 Perfectly possible to get affordable classics still if you keep your eyes peeled.
  10. I reckon if they were stopped being sold by 1970, they'd be worth a lot more and be more desirable. But they didn't and it means I can afford to buy one. Mine is the "less desirable" early 70s rather than a 60s car, but that meant it was substantially less for essentially the same car. The reality is they sold a lot of them for a reason. That reason being they're actually pretty good cars!
  11. Its about the experience. Anything similar priced or even far less will be more competent in every way. But that is not the point? Driving pleasure isn't about how fast you accelerate, how quick you can corner or how fancy the car looks. Its about how a car makes you feel. Everyone told me I'd hate my MG BGT and that they're a load of shit. Out of all the many cars I've owned and driven, its still my favourite. What is interesting is to see many other Millennials like me who love their MGBs too.
  12. I'd say its more that everyone tells you they are pretty but you just don't find it that way. They look nice to my eyes, don't get me wrong. But this looks more right to mine, especially for similar/less money.
  13. Not just you. One of the things I don't like on them. Looks wrong and ungainly with the wheels so inboard. Likewise the FHC looks a bit weird to my eyes too.
  14. Unfortunately that's how many of these die. If someone gets the inevitable (for these) rusty brake pipes done, then it's only a few more years before the rest of the shell dissolves.
  15. That's the crux of it. Rare does not mean either desirable or valuable. The MK1 Hyundai Coupe (and MK2 for the most part) has never been really desirable or in demand. Highly unlikely to reach any level of cult status. Not for certain as if Hyundai becomes the biggest and predominant player then it could have a resurgence. Like the Celica MK1, 240Z, etc. But by then they'll be exceedingly rare.
  16. What are you welding that is that thick? Presumably not automotive, or is it the Herald chassis? I've yet to need to weld anything that thick apart from repairing a garden rake.
  17. I used 0.6mm as I read that is usually the preferred stuff for car bodywork. I've got about half a roll of 0.8mm that came with the machine that I plan to give a go once I've run out of the wire I'm currently on. I'm interested to see how it compares. I presume you get a bigger weld pool with it? Obv the machines wire speed will reduce too and will be interested if that becomes too low for it to be accurately fed by the machine. My torch probably needs a good clean down soon anyway. Liner needs a blast through, the tip is getting loose and I managed to weld the nozzle onto the workpiece yesterday, so that's now a bit misshapen. 🤣
  18. "For welding 0.6 wire use a torch no longer than 3m" Possibly would explain the problems you have on the Synergic mode. With a 6m long torch it would have to be pushing it harder. Now the machine I believe tracks the wire feed rate but it can only do that by the rollers moving. If the wire is slipping on the rollers then what it thinks it's outputting won't be reality. A 0.6mm is probably a bit too thin for the rollers to grab hold of and push through a torch. My machine will weld with a 4m torch but I need to keep the roller and liner spotless. But then I only have a single roller setup where you have two, so that should aid running longer torches.
  19. That I think was set to MIG Synergic with 0.6mm steel wire/CO2 Argon mix and 1mm steel/+2 trim/downwards butt welding. Feed roller set for 0.6mm wire, tension set I think quite high and 3m long genuine Binzel MB15 torch with its standard liner. Wire is (iirc) SWP Super 6, 5kg roll of 0.6mm. It would be interesting to see if yours acts differently after doing a factory reset as mentioned in the manual above. On the Moggie, 1mm +2 trim tends to work for me best. On the Dolomite I knock that back to 0.8mm or 0.9mm as the steel is a bit thinner and it doesn't blow holes in it then.
  20. Long term, I am holding out to see if the Jag XK120/150/etc drop in value. They have interesting dropped a fair amount over the years. Used to be comfortably 6 figure cars. While now dropping comfortably to mid 5 figures. What I don't understand is why they are worth less than an E-Type? Admittedly I don't find an E-Type that pretty (yes they're nice but not what they go for nice) but the XK has proper racing pedigree and history unlike the E-Type. Short term I'm back in the market for something else. Ideally a MG Midget and/or Spitfire (or GT6 if cheap enough). This time of year in Sept-Nov is usually when I see the classic car market winds down on nice stuff selling to winter projects being stuff that moves. In early Dec stuff that goes on tends to not sell and by the time you get to late Dec/early Jan those can be snapped up at a good price. That's when everyone is broke from Christmas, winter projects already work in progress and the Xmas cheer winding down moving towards prepping back to work/school. What I don't know is the effect of the pandemic will have on these timings. Potentially more unfinished projects up for sale? Or will these be worked on over winter? Cars bought during the pandemic ready for easing restrictions back on the market, after realising over Xmas that it's been barely used?
  21. A few young (early 20s) people I know are mad for Minis. I can’t see them falling in price. Unfortunately this seems to be the case. I've wanted a Mini for a while but they still are on their upward march of price rises. All the same time as they get rustier and more bodged. This is touted as a problem but it's always been the case. My first own policy in 2004 was £1200 when I was 19. That's £1884 now after inflation. Not too dissimilar to what it is now. However communications methods have much increased and public transport has improved. So less need for a car and more interest in spending that money on learning elsewhere. There are Morris Minors and there are Morris Minors. A 2/4dr 60s Moggie saloon are and have always been at the bottom of the Classic Car barrell. Sub £4k easily for a really nice one. However the Travellers fetch twice that for a really nice one and a van is twice that again. By which point they're quite expensive for what they are. Someone born in 1930 will be 91yrs old now. I'd say the vast majority of owners who would remember them as a decade old have either hung up their driving cap or shuffled their mortal coil. The supply of prewar cars isn't going to increase but at the same time is well at the point it won't decrease. Anyone wanting to buy one is more likely to be an enthusiast and know how to take care of one or learn to. I fancy a prewar car myself and this doesn't seem to want to sell: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Standard-flying-10-/165067206126 Problem is, as @barrett has said, they're not exactly thrilling machines to play around with. I'm not one that is interested in the average family car (aka porridge) as a toy and so I know once the novelty has worn off I'd get bored quickly.
  22. Same. What I am seeing is a greater supply of classic cars. Not sure if that's from stuff not selling and/or lockdown purchases getting resold. Plenty of shabbier stuff coming onto the market (or not selling) which possibly might explain the appearance of price drops. Instead of them selling quickly as had been doing, they're hanging around longer so a spot check of the market makes it appear to have dropped.
  23. Could also be part of the factory build process where those settings are changed and an operator has simply forgotten to set it to reset on the end of line.
  24. Having a look through the manual on yours there are these options. I think I found them on mine by accident but I don't remember seeing them in my manual? I'll have a play with them on mine tomorrow, especially as I'd like to reduce the burn back slightly on mine too. Not sure what SELF is?
  25. Arch in and welds dressed back. Then a splash of zinc primer and black paint. Haven't welded the inside chassis rail yet, so that will be tomorrows job. Does mean I'll end up repainting this outside section as it'll be burnt off. Once that is done, filler to smoothen things out and then some body colour paint. I do need to get a chance to go into town and pick up some new rubber wing beading and fixing bolts. Bit of a hassle to have a half hour journey for those bits, but it's the final thing left to finish this repair.
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