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  1. Passed first time. Only managed 623miles between MOTs. Must do better this/next year. It's been watching on tonight, seeing it's potential garage buddy having its arse end fixed.
  2. Cash. With the way the economy is going, it could be the most useful thing.
  3. I did consider going to that tonight but decided the Boxster was too urgently needing a clean! I think the other one is on Saturday though. Going to try going to that if I can.
  4. That's still probably only like half a tank in a moped too!
  5. Pulled the BGT out of storage tonight too. Booked in for its MOT tomorrow. Only 100 miles to go! Filled up. Fuel economy (UK MPG) isn't too bad on this fill up. Actually worked out 1MPG better than the Boxster. Did a pre-MOT essential. Not because it's needed for the MOT, but because at £2p/l and parking in Bristol, I'm not risking it! First time I think I've ever managed to get all my cars (Civic is Mrs SiC so doesn't count...) in a photo for a very long time. Which brings me onto my next thought. Next month will be 5 years since I bought this. This September I've got the MGB 60th anniversary I'm going to in Gaydon (providing it gets me there!). After that, I never thought I'd say this, perhaps I may consider selling it. Not certain yet but a combination of factors makes me think it might go. No doubt it's read this and bloody let me down at the worst possible place in Bristol! 🤣
  6. Washed the Boxster this evening as it was filthy from living outside. Not helped by filler dust emanating from the garage... [emoji15] Filled up. The last person at the pump put a fiver in. Can't imagine this went far.
  7. Having a beer, while reading a book At the end of the garden, with the sun going down While watching others jet off on their holidays I wish it was a bit warmer though, considering it's now summer.
  8. Polos are a bit like the Golf. They have a wide demographic that know the name and what they look like. Whether it's your first driver, granny or even family who doesn't care about cars but wants small vehicle. Thus demand always us high. The Fabia have their own following too. However with the Ibiza, they are aimed at the young market who wants a "sporty" first car. When they can get insurance to move away from a lackluster, humdrum engine, they do. So most other buyers must forget about them. That's sort of the reasons I figure why they aren't worth much. Like this one I saw come up and took a good few days to sell: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/591199772288188/ Bit too far for me to see it, so didn't. But looked a decent modern car for not a lot.
  9. This was something I was bidding on. Looking at his history, it previously finished on eBay at £1770. Unfortunately it looks like the auction was pulled early as presumably sold out of eBay. Pretty much exactly what I am after. For £800 odd more than that Fabia, you get a whole lot more modern car for your money. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/115422420135
  10. 107 may have been tested on cold/luke warm idle. I think garages do it early on a test if it's more convenient for them to do, as if it passes when not up to temperature, it's still a pass.
  11. I've seen 2008+ Seat Ibiza's go for not much more. Seen them often be up between the 1k to 2k price bracket. For that, apart from a newer car that still (imo) looks modern, you get 5 star NCAP, lower tax and better interiors. Rather not have an estate but open to any decent at this price point. Plus not sure I could put up with the Mk1 Fabia ugliness again! 🤣
  12. Still cracking on with this but been flat out busy so haven't had a chance to do a write up. It's currently looking a bit of a mess right now. Even my work area is a mess. This is after tidying it too! Have all the panels to complete this bit with now though. Plus will have a few patches to go in too. I just need to start welding them in. I've got a few more bits from Moss to arrive still, hopefully now I should have everything I need now both mechanical, interior and bodywork. Except maybe anything else bodywork side on the drivers side. Hopefully not as much as this side! I definitely can't pick that side this time...
  13. Yeah it's in the coding in the instrument cluster module: https://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/showthread.php/102258-Disable-audible-seat-belt-warning
  14. You haven't left something on the passenger seat have you? I left my work rucksack on the passenger seat and wondered why the seat belt warning was going off until I realised the back rolled and hit the seat sensor on a corner. Almost certain the seatbelt warning can be disabled. It's likely a coding setting in the instrument cluster. I have a genuine VCDS if you have trouble with the knock off and want it coding out. Likely a five minute job. Never had that problem when I had it and opened/closed on the lightest touch. I did have the door card off to do the window regulator and did make sure all the trim pieces were clicked in. But might be worth double checking that hasn't come undone.
  15. Bizarrely this one is advertised on the 1100 club website.
  16. Iirc @twosmoke300 has said before elsewhere that VAG use one time stretch bolts on engine mounts.
  17. What about retrofitting a 160VVC into a Metro? I believe they're an easy(ish) swap on the later k-series Metro and you'll have even more power than this A-series turbo for much less spend. Or even just a regular 1.6 k-series will be more power than this and a much cheaper+easier engine to buy second hand.
  18. Also keep the torch lead reasonably straight with no sharp bends. Don't do like I did and get crap welds until I realised I was standing on the lead. 🤦‍♂️
  19. Get some fresh clean metal to try a few runs and get the settings dialed back in again. I presume you've not accidentally changed the polarity? Have you changed the tip to take 0.6mm? Usually requires a different tip and roller. My roller you turn the other way around to change between 0.6mm and 0.8mm.
  20. I'll just leave this here... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3136381483243596
  21. Usually when this happens, it's because they're thinning out their stock on that vehicle. Presumably they aren't selling enough parts for that model any more to justify keeping a large inventory for it. Looking at HML, they're thinning out quickly. https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/?page=1&q=xsara+picasso E.g. There was more than 30k of the "XSARA PICASSO SX HDI" trim at the peak in 2004 to 2011. Now there is less than 2k registered on the road. Tbh I don't see anywhere near as many on the roads as I used to either.
  22. There are a few black b7 Avant bumpers on eBay - maybe the quicker/cheaper way? I imagine most rear estate bumpers will be scratched due to the being an estate and the use they get. Personally I like the bumpers as they are. I call them lane change assist bumpers. If you need to change lanes, just indicate. Generally when someone sees a bumper with paint missing and especially an Audi, they yield 😆
  23. Yes but I don't want something that much a project! It's about the going rate for a MK1 in that condition tbh.
  24. That truck is incredibly cool. Is it a thirsty, thirsty beast? Or does fuel crisis era tuning have helped keep things remotely sensible?
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