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  1. Saw this elsewhere first but one of those "why haven't I thought about this before" things when cleaning the pins up. Stuff it into a socket then run around with drill/impact/whatever while holding the abrasive pad/sandpaper that has a bit of lube on it (I used WD40 - ignore the Ceratec that was after) around the pin. Got them clean in seconds. Possibly a thing that everyone knows that I don't. But previously I'd been rubbing furiously with an abrasive pad for minutes on end....
  2. Only over there for two full days, so limited on what we could pack in. We went to the following museums/attractions: - Red Light Secrets: excellent and very interesting - Erotic museum: crap - Sex museum: was recommended here but it was crap. Out dated and not very interesting - Royal Palace Amsterdam: okay and a few spectacular sights. Tbh I've been to a few national trust properties in the UK that are just as impressive too. - Dungeon Amsterdam: not a museum and more of a tourist attraction (it's a Merlin attraction after all). Good fun and enjoyed it - Anne Frank museum: had high expectations for this and it thoroughly disappointed. Probably a controversial opinion. However it felt like it's basically "Here is her house. Have a wander through the empty rooms (but don't stop too long as many people flow through) and make sure you buy a copy at the end". You look around and its a facsimile of the original property. Fresh paint, panelling and even wallpaper makes it feel a reproduction rather than a historic property. It was a horrific and tragic event that's in a historically significant building, but it just doesn't do it justice. Not even as a memorial. It was probably a good 25yrs ago since I read her diary (at school) so I don't remember much but . Only the bare basics were covered (including the pre tour presentation we paid extra for) and nothing covered her/their experience or time when there. A very impersonal experience that I feel younger generations won't click with if they just went around it. Honestly I'm not an art museum type. Much more for my older ("professional" artist) sister on the other hand loves to stare at art pieces. 😅 Science and technical museums much more my thing. Probably go round them if we go back. Cheap flights and now we know the city better means we might go a bit further out where it's cheaper and different places to explore. We flew back yesterday evening and didn't bother stopping the Saturday. It was a lot more expensive to stop another day with flights+hotel and I reckoned it would feel very different being there at the weekend. Wandering around the city on the Friday night confirmed that. My wife felt uncomfortable with the crowds but tbh it just felt like a night in any UK city. (Tbh she's not really gone out in a city in an evening for years). Just with the ladies in the window and weed being openly sold in a shop.
  3. Despite being a VAG hater, I do keep coming back to their brands as they do drive nice. I always say they're the iPhone of cars. Do everything just fine while looking modern/fashionable (hence why they're popular) but have inflated prices for what they are, aren't the best made under the skin and a pain in the arse to repair. That said, my Golf mk5 GTI really isn't that bad to work on. Worse than many others but really not as bad as some. Especially against my TT Mk1, it's far easier to work on. Parts sharing make them easy to get things for and not that expensive - good because they do like to nickle/dime you (as the Americans say). The engineering design ethos carries between models and makes them all very familiar to work on. I think I want to hate them because of the badge and what they stand-for (an average, tick box car) rather than their products.
  4. Just come back from a few days in Amsterdam. Never been and it's only a short flight, so thought why not. Very interesting place and I think we'll go back sometime to explore more. Mostly did the main shopping area and a gander through De Wallen. I think my wife was more intrigued than I was - even if there was some ... beautiful architecture there. 🤔 🤣 Went to a few museums. Some good, most not brilliant. Highlight was the very interesting Red Light Secrets museum. Disappointment was the Anne Frank museum. Not a huge amount of interesting automotive stuff out there unsurprisingly. Did see a few 80s Saabs and Volvos parked up, but their location wasn't somewhere I could get away with taking a picture - I don't think taking old cars as an excuse would have worked. Anyway there was quite a few of these tiny quadracycles buzzing around on the cycle lanes. Tbh less dangerous than the many high powered e-bikes carving up the lanes. Also quite a few electric car brands about that I've never heard of. Presumably the Chinese automotive invasion in action? This is a terrible picture as it's just a reflection of me but can Google the brand. These shops are on the main high streets and take up a lot of retail space. So these brand must be going all in. Presumably this beetle hit a tin can in the road, crumpled and became an art installation? Old tram appeared on Saturday in the square. Didn't see this around until yesterday so I guess only comes out for weekends. Quite a lot of the city stank of weed. Reminds me of University and doesn't bother me. However my wife hates it - not helped by the smell being ingrained into her mind that it's a welfare issue at work and something she needs to note down. So not the best smell brain contentions. Bunch of 20-somethings Welsh lads in the queue to board the plane stank of weed and looked still stoned as they boarded. Naturally as they walked through the customs nothing to declare, they were picked out and went very wide eyed quite quickly. Rather silly considering customs will know exactly when a flight comes in from Amsterdam and will be like shooting fish in a barrel. We had to wait an hour for the bus, so hung around the airport. Didn't see them coming back out of departures door... 😂 Anyway definitely will be back to explore more.
  5. That slit near the central nut, is that like it out of the factory? Or has someone taken an angle grinder to the nut in the past and went a bit too far?
  6. Probably not a lot I can do about it as it's part of the forum software and the quirks of it. Filed in the same category of "this text editor is a pile of wank and Invision Power Board insist that we use it without providing any other options".
  7. "This is the lock picking lawyer and in today's episode ..." There was a case where DVLA clamped a car that was off the road and they ended up picking it up then scrapping it. It was some guys pride and joy (330ci freshly restored iirc) so was gutted, especially as it was actually off road. DVLA only paid "market value" despite the chap spending much more than it was worth sorting it. Went to court over the amount. DVLA won and only had to pay out that much smaller value, despite them removing a car that wasn't on the road.
  8. That's weird. Appears to be fine on the default (blue) theme and that's the one I usually use so haven't noticed. But for some reason that image has disappeared for the beige theme. I'll see if I can have a look at fixing the theme later this/next week.
  9. I do have some old stuff kicking about (no idea if it's still any good). My concern is that I won't get square enough and it'll just snap when putting back on again. Also if not square then the belt won't run straight and risks kicking it off into the cambelt cover/disaster. I'll just use the spare alternator from @dan95x when I get time to pickup it up. Possible second hand units seem to be around £25-50 on eBay too. Like this one dredged up from the bottom of the ocean. I'm getting good at removing TFSi alternators now though. 🙃
  10. I pushed back the bushes slightly on the other lug so it could go back in easily. Presumably they were a bit too seized and snapped the lug when pulling them back across during refitting. Looks interesting stuff but £65 seems to be the cheapest on eBay. This alternator I think is original with 197k on it so might not last much longer anyway. Yes good point! I haven't had a chance to pick those bits up as I've been without a (working) car last week. Those bits might be my saviour.
  11. I did not want to be putting a new alternator in this. Literally almost finished this job too.
  12. Does the Audi make any effort to fire with easy start?
  13. Just come in for tea but half way through buttoning it back up. Boost pipe, alternator, belt and coolant refill to go. Tensioner pulley bearings aren't the most silent. I might regret not replacing it. But that's another £55 and I've spent way too fricking much on cars this month. Tempted to reuse the old serpentine belt but can't remember which way it came off, so risk it might snap. I do have a new belt but that then loads up that tensioner pulley more and might finish it off! Decisions decisions. One good decision I made was this: Currently sat on 18psi which is the VAG test pressure. Been sat for 40mins without moving and probably be an hour and half when I go back out to recheck. Gives many, many times more confidence that it's not going to piss fresh coolant all back out once together. I'll give the vacuum fill a go later too. Hopefully it won't be too noisy doing it outside. Definitely I should have got one years ago.
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  15. Went down for a walk in Brean today and took this. These boots are incredibly handy to sit on while putting your walking boots on Started out clear but it got more misty/foggy as we progressed, so didn't see much! Anyway it drove absolutely fine with no hint of stalling. One big difference is that I took it easy, put the box in comfort and didn't boot it everywhere. MPG figures show that story 🙃 Could well be that it's an elderly 148k gearbox and just doesn't appreciate being rushed - mostly when coming to a stop. My current plan of action will be to change the fluid+filter+connector plus stuff a new lockup solenoid and maybe even a conductor plate on it (I think that's fine though). Basically full parts darts as I have most of that already. If it gets worse and plays up more often then I'll have to throw the towel in. I hope/suspect it may solve the problem if the solenoid is a bit sticky. Then can go like that if the fluid isn't changed often enough. There is a receipt in the paperwork from a few years ago now and about 12k miles of a gearbox service. So likely fluid change. Makes me wonder why that might have been done now? Extremely frustrating that it's played up as it's the first car in a long while that I really like and enjoy driving. It may well be completely fine from now on and a brief blip. But I think it makes sense to throw those parts on it to be fully sure. Especially that connector as they're prone to filling with oil and causing shift issues. I mean all I can do now is keep driving it as it's basically be unsellable now on here. 🫣
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  17. This is being a right little shit. Brake lines have now changed and bled. They work great and were urgently needing to be done. 👍 Big snag where one of the calipers had a snapped bleed screw from someone else touching it previously. Calipers are only available as exchange from Merc and that set me back nearly £300 extra. Massive things too - proper fixed 4 pot calipers. I also had an engine oil change done while up on the ramp. However the brake lines took up all the time that there wasn't any time available to do the transmission fluid/filter change or plug. Likewise no time for the mounts. Less great is that it's now decided to nearly stall the engine when pulling up to lights. Happened twice today. Probably because I've lavished too much attention on the git. Noticed it did it when you're doing quite a hard stop to zero mph. So far it's at the early point of a journey where it's not warmed up. I don't think it's the crank sensor as I'd expect that to be an issue when hot and rough running during cruise. I'm pretty sure it's the torque converter lockup sticking. Likely solenoid or electrically. I've just done a bit of driving with the scantool connected on live data to see what's going on. When cruising along, it's in a "slipping" state - this is normal for this box. They only lockup at motorway and faster cruise speeds. Newer boxes lockup fully for best economy but these slip in most scenarios as it reduces engine vibration through the car. Fuel was cheaper back then.... At idle or coming to idle it transitions back to open as expected. However I've heard it before where it's made a weird vibration noise at slow speeds when accelerating and turning. I heard it again earlier and it was in the transitioning intermediate stage going from open to slipping. My strong suspicion is that if I come to a halt quickly, the gearbox isn't always quick enough (mechanically) to open the lockup solenoid due to it being sticky or a electrical fault. Shifts generally seem flawless but it does sometimes noticeably clunk into gears a tad harder occasionally. I originally put this all down to potentially the engine mounts transmitting more shock into the chassis. Perhaps it's the connector on the gearbox or maybe a fluid change and that connector will sort/help it? I have that in the kit of bits already. Need to find time to jack it up and do that job though. Especially haven't when I have the GTI in bits currently. Oil level at 80c (well 79c on the scantool to be exact, but 1c isn't going to make any difference) is bob on max on the dipstick in that 80c section. The ATF smells fine and not burnt. Googling suggests that Torque Converter Lockup sticking is an issue with these boxes. Fixes vary from fluid to solenoid to torque converter (including integrated TCC clutch packs) changes. Bastard cars. It must have noticed I've sold my TT and the Golf is broken.
  18. My W211 E320 nearly cut out twice earlier today. Both times coming to a complete halt braking quite hard. Second time the dash lit up like a Xmas tree. Cars you can't trust and cut out suddenly really aren't any fun to own are they? No codes and I don't think mine will be as simple a fix as disconnecting a potentiometer.
  19. Not much last night as I'm still waiting for this thermostat to arrive. Supposed to be today. Picked up the Merc, so I have wheels again now. Brakes feel the same, which is no surprise as the system is brake-by-wire in normal operation and the feel is artificial. Old pipes were hanging and definitely needed replacing asap. Annoying that whoever worked on the brakes previously busted the caliper bleed screw. Makes you wonder if they were trying to bleed it, broke it and then just ignored it. Anyhow I dug out my alternator clutch pulley tool and found this spare pulley. It came in the kit of pulleys that I bought for the 2006 A4 TDI I had for a few months (iirc @grogee owns it now). I couldn't get that one off and tbh it looked new while working perfectly. So I didn't change it. Luckily it's a direct swap and matches up part number wise with this alternator pulley too. Removal is a special tool that is a torx in the middle and then a splined bit on the outside. Took some figuring which way to turn what. The collet piece is the lefty loosey part. You're not allowed to use air tools on this as it smashes stuff. Brute force didn't work, so I trod on the spanner. Crack and it was off. Doing up was easy enough and just needed 85nm on the centre tool in reverse. Replaced the pollen filter as it's an easy job and often neglected. This however has a fancy Mann one that filters PM as well as other materials. I use one in our Civic and can recommend if you have allergies and/or asthma while doing a lot of city driving. These are quite expensive filters! So again someone has spent money on this and it's not that dirty, so not that old. The replacement was a much cheaper Bosch carbon filter. Removed one of the plugs to do a quick inspection. They've definitely been there a while. Wasn't easy to remove and took a bit of back+forth as I really didn't want to snap anything. I'm not a fan of Bosch plugs either and prefer NGK. I'll replace these in due course once I've put a few more miles on it. (Basically I've spent far too much on this so far this month). Had a quick peer into the wheel arch as I noticed the springs looked new. Shock doesn't look that old either. Nice to see a quality Sachs damper than some random name rubbish. Hopefully that thermostat will arrive today and I can get it fitted tomorrow sometime.
  20. I think it's more likely that the condensation build up isn't being extracted due to the PCV system being removed. Under normal use with a proper working PCV, any water vapour in the air and combustion by-products will get sucked into the intake and burnt off. Where as this PCV delete causes the water to just sits in the engine and oil.
  21. Absolutely peeing it down tonight. I'm not sure why, but I decided to get going on this. Even my cat was watching on in bemusement as I worked out in the rain. Anyway pulled the alternator out. Wasn't a bad job. I have just realised I didn't mark which way the aux belt went. Maybe I should replace it while I'm there now? Alternator date code is 2006. Almost certainly original to the car. Impressive that it's lasted nearly 200k. However the one way clutch on the pulley is locked solid and not functioning. I don't know how important it is for a petrol? I do have the tool somewhere to remove a one way pulley. Hell knows where it is. I think may even have a new pulley for a TDI A4. Probably the same as what is on this. Anyway I'm going to pretend it's okay for now unless I find said pulley + tool. With the alternator out of the way, access really isn't that bad. Most difficult bit was trying not to round one of these stupid triple spline bolts. Found an M5 in my Rolson bit set that I bought from Maplins years ago. Not the best quality but far better than a cheap set I got off eBay a few years back. I reckon I need to invest in some better quality Triple Spline sockets. These stubby ratchets are very handy for getting into tight places too. With the thermostat visible, I pumped up the reservoir again. Pretty clear that the thermostat housing is fubar. I'm really hoping that the Behr/Mahle will be better quality. This doesn't look that old a thermostat either. No idea why it chose now to fail. I think it was just a bit of bad luck - especially considering where it failed. I carried on removing bits ready for a thermostat change when it arrives. The intake charge pipe hose was a bitch to remove. It would have been a lot easier if I jacked the car up to begin with and realised no amount of struggling would get over that I've missed a torx screw on the bottom. While I had access to it, I removed the throttle body for a clean. I suspect this came off much easier than I'll get back on. It's mounted inverted on the intake manifold with the fixings not visible. Removing it does however give even more access to the thermostat area. I'll give this a good scrub tomorrow. Will have to remember to reset the adaptions on it too. It's date coded as original too, so possibly this has never been off or cleaned. I'm tempted to take the cover off the side and inspect for wear on the potentiometer resistive tracks. Given the mileage, I fully expect the tracks around the idle position to be very worn. Decided to start undeleting the PCV. Again while I had bits removed, it made replacing the main pcv cam cover to crank cover hose really easy. I wasn't intending to replace this as it was looking difficult access until I removed all these bits. However I'm glad I have, as the old had gone very brittle and snapped in half while moving it. Inside all this is NASTY. Stank pretty bad. I'm really not a fan of PCV deletes. All this should be sucked into the manifold and burnt off, rather than accumulating in the cam/crank case and oil. Removing the PCV delete plate was just a case of four torx. Then replace the gasket as I have a new one. You need to get the right pcv valve as there are two different setups on these engines. Get the wrong one and you'll have a big vac leak. Basically it comes down to whether there is a one was valve in this PCV or the one on the rear of the turbo. I'm not actually sure which I need, so I went with the one with. At least I can cut out the valve if I don't need it. The check valve on this is the blue thing on the left. The rear pcv check valve is in this hose joiner with the Audi logos on in the middle of this picture. Thing is, I don't want to remove this hose as I don't want to break anything. So I'm assuming it doesn't have one. New pcv all bolted down with new screws supplied in the packet. Looking at the engine, it did pass my mind that I was only £150 in parts and only an hour or so needed to go further in and replace the cambelt while I'm here... It's tempting but I'd rather wait till spring (only a month away) when the weather warms up. Not least right now I'm absolutely soaking wet after working out in the rain all night... 🙃
  22. Nah it's here. Fuck knows how this can happen. Looks like a split in the plastic mould line Just fighting to get the boost pipe out. Taken longer to get this pipe out than get to the thermostat.
  23. This is a video of it at a different angle. Looking along the engine. Alternator is just below. I can't figure where the leak is but to me, it doesn't look to be at the block side but in the middle of the stat housing. Obviously replacing an o-ring is a lot cheaper than a stat. Also only half the job too.
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