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  1. What was the paint again and did they do it in other colours? ...I might have paint my Moggie when it eventually arrives.
  2. Pretty sure you'll be painting the whole car in it at this rate 🤣
  3. I was pondering about the fuel trims when driving this earlier and when I did the usual scan of the gauges, I remembered that the thermostat needs changing as it's gone on the lazy side and must be opening too soon. Checking with the scan tool, for the gauge to be in the middle, it needs to be around 88c+. One little notch below middle seems to be around 70-88c. I forgot that it did but this has been sitting often one notch below middle. My current thinking is that it's running cool and these are mapped to run rich when not up to temperature. I'm thinking possibly the base map at the tem
  4. I'll give that a try but I'll have to do it when it's cold first. The connector is right next to the sensor, down the back and requiring your arm to pass right by a super hot manifold! It actually doesn't run that bad at the moment. I mean it still has a lumpy idle but they all do.
  5. Christine usually frequents TDW. He still posts regularly on there and did recently. Sometimes pops back on AS occasionally I've noticed.
  6. £85 for a genuine Bosch from ECP. Problem is, it's right down the back of the engine and you know it'll be a right arse to remove. Especially as I don't think it ever has been. Its got an MOT on the 24th, so I might ask the garage then to change it. Also curious to see what the emissions come back like without changing it. Injectors came back as 14.7, 14.6, 14.8 and 14.8 Ohms. Spec I think is between 14 and 15 Ohms. Doesn't tell me much about the spray pattern though. However they are ticking evenly when listened to, so unlikely to be gummed up.
  7. Gave it a good drive before starting to look at all this. I'd expect bad fuel to be causing high positive fuel trims as the ECU compensates by richen the mixture. My suspicion is still heavily on the Lambda sensor.
  8. Its the Ford F750 that's comically big.
  9. Clean Air Zone has arrived into Birmingham, Bristol in October and a few other places are getting one too. Pre 2015 diesels and many pre 2005 petrols will be sold off in those areas not because they're knackered but because their owners can't use them. A lot I imagine will be part-ex'd but there will be some on the open market. How that will affect the used market I don't know. But maybe worth keeping a few saved searches around those areas.
  10. Did some fiddling tonight to see if I could pin down this slightly rough idle and the low long term fuel trim. Low long term fuel trim means the ECU is injecting less fuel as it thinks it's running too rich. In this case it is reducing the injection amount by 23.5%. First off was checking the injector resistance. This requires removing the injector crash guard. Now spec is 14.3 Ohms but I believe that's at 20C. However this engine is up to temperature and so the actual values will be different. But I'll get onto that in a bit. The measured resistance from cylinder one to four was 16.5
  11. My 2 pence. Keep them all and get a great big loan from a local credit union. Then go buy a Lamborghini/other high performance VAG product and do a shocked face title page on a video. Wait for the views to roll in. Seems to be the thing for car YouTubers do nowadays. (Or pickup a Laguna II before they all have died off)
  12. No misfire codes are being reported, only can tell by ear. Might pull the plugs and have a look at them. Pulling plugs is a right pain in the arse to do on the Clio though.
  13. Looking back I reckon the fuel in there is 4 months old max.
  14. It's got half a tank in it, so got some burning off to do before filing it back up. I'd be highly surprised if it was fuel as it hasn't been sitting that long with it.
  15. Halgon sucks all the oxygen out of your lungs. It's a very effective fire extinguisher agent though! I remember being told the big red emergency button on the wall in the data centres was the P45 button. Hit it without a bloody good reason and that's what you'll be getting next. You had ~60s to evacuate from the alarm going off before they were deployed. If you were in when it went off, you were highly likely to be dead.
  16. Small update. Pulled this out of storage as it needs an MOT this month. However all is not well. Went up a steep hill coming back and it started bucking under heavy load. Felt a bit like misfire but not that severe. Literally just been for a spirited drive and ran fine, with it appearing to rev cleanly. No noticeable bucking or misfiring. However noticed that it was lumpy at idle - more than I remember a RS Clio should do. However these fuel trims look suspect to me. What do we reckon, Injectors rather than Coil/plugs? Coil+plugs have been done a couple of years ago. Injectors are (afai
  17. I've never had a problem with Lion batteries either. It's possible to cheap out on the production of a battery, but given they have a warranty on them, ECP would have to factor that cost into their calculations too. I suspect they don't try to cheapen it that far and relying on the lack of middleman + their own supply chain to keep the prices low. There isn't anything revolutionary about car batteries either, especially flooded wet cells. Mostly the cost of materials and assembly makes up their value.
  18. 063 is one of the cheapest sizes going. At least it was a simple and easy fix! Might be worth checking you don't have any large parasitic drains. Whether radio, immobiliser or even the alternator. The fact that it's at 2v suggests that it's not a single cell failure in the pack. I'd expect ~9v or even open circuit if that was the case.
  19. Yeah I saw them when Googling about. Did yours do it under load or all the time? I'm wondering if mine have just gone a bit sticky. Don't really want to change them if they're not at fault though. Especially if it turns out to be something else like the coil.
  20. Took out the Clio earlier to go shopping. Out on the nearest hill it started bucking and misfiring under load... No EML and I turned right round to use the A4 instead. Ironic that the MGB is more reliable car (I've tempted fate there). Not sure what it is but coils were done only 2 years or so ago. Could be moisture somewhere from sitting I guess. Need to get it to temperature and see if it clears. Could be bad fuel getting through too but it's only been a few months in storage though. Half a tank, so condensation could have built up but again unlikely given its not been sitting tha
  21. Don't forget the points in the pump in the boot! Might have already been changed out to something newer already too? Might also be worth ordering a length of Ethanol resistant Gates Barricade hose from Moss while you're ordering from there too. Btw Moss fuel filters are a bit crap though as bizarrely they are smoked, so you can't see inside. The usual generic ones from a car parts shop I find much better.
  22. 123 ignition https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-123MG4RV Pricey, but for me it's well worth it to completely eliminate ignition problems from becoming an issue.
  23. Depends on the budget and dizzy condition. If the budget is there, I'm a massive convert to the 123 Ignition. This replaces the dizzy with one specifically designed for electronic ignition. Also readily available cap and rotor as used on so many other cars, made by Bosch, Beru and others. So none of this repro nonsense. My BGT has been running the best it ever has since I put mine in. That's after going through several old original Lucas dizzy and modern repro "Lucas" units. I could have had the original Lucas dizzys rebuilt by the Distributor Doctor, but the 123 was the same price and h
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