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  1. Had a poke around on our (new to us) Civic today. I do like the fact there is so much room in this engine bay, especially given it's a modern. More so than these images may show. Everything you really need access to is visible and you are able to get your hands around. Note the lack of covers over stuff. Presumably because it's a Honda, they don't need loads of acoustic covers. Plus the only reason most people will open the bonnet on a Honda is to top up the washer fluid. I did take off the EGR Valve to clean but it wasn't that bad. I need to clean the throttle body but, irritatingly, with a Honda you need a diagnostics tool to re-learn the positioning. Annoying as most cars now will do that automatically if just left on, but not running, for a minute or two. Hopefully my DS150e can do it - if I remember where it is. There is even room behind the engine. Like many modern cars, there is an access panel with the wipers on that comes off for further access. But there is enough room down there for me to dive down and almost touch the under-tray. The mancat is both easy to get to and still relatively secure under the bonnet. Wish all lambda sensors were this easy to get to. Oil level was fine and the oil was still clean. Less clean was the air filter. Like most manufacturers, Honda specify it changed every second service interval. In this instance, every 25k. I'm only getting around 39-40mpg from this and kinda expect better. Especially most other people get 45mpg easily. Hopefully a change of air filter will help increase it by a couple of mpg. This is number 4 plug and the usual iridium plugs. No idea if this is worn or not. Supposed to be changed every 75k/6yrs and this is on 76k, so should have been changed mid last year. Earth strap is possibly the weedist I've seen in a long time. Like every second hand car, there are a few issues that need ironing out. The tracking is out, which I'll try getting sorted this week. Drivers window mechanism makes some very disconcerting noises when operated. I have a warranty but I've found a brand new genuine regulator on eBay for £18, so not worth the hassle of waiting till it breaks and then claiming. Really struggled starting it up after fiddling with the ignition on for a while. The abs light came on and auto-stop is unavailable too with low battery warning. Given the battery is genuine Honda, there is a good chance it's original. They're not too expensive for this, so I'll chuck a new one on. While I love Hondas and will defend them, one thing I can't is rust. Given this is just over 6yrs old, to see rust coming through underneath is disappointing. The welds on this arm I can see rotting out on many after another decade. Surface rust coming through all under and around drain holes. I think I need to get it up on stands at some point to clean down, paint and protect these bits. Especially as I expect this car to last a minimum of 5 years with us, without needing any major (especially metal) work.
  2. Is a LPG conversion next on the list? Not that it'd be a difficult job on this. Pretty much case if aiming the end of the hose directly into the intake and let it rip!
  3. Maybe even with new plates to hide the mileage.
  4. 210032 and I'm out. HPFP failure that's munched a lot of the fuel system. RemoveMyCar offered £1600 and I accept. They knocked money off because I scuffed/scratched the bumper while moving it around on the drive when it was dead and caught the garage. Really ground my gears that they knocked money off as I had the damage shown in the photos. Anyway it they offered £1517. Took it as it is a decent amount for a 11 year old fucked car with 210k on the clock. Plus no hassle. Bye bye car 👋
  5. 8th gen (spaceship/one after) is a much better car and can be had for similar money as the 7th gen. Most 7th gen are knackered as "Hondas don't need maintenance" happens more and more as they age. 8th gens are starting to go that way now too.
  6. Our Audi A4 TDI. Did 210k with hardly any issues of note. Comfortable, reasonably quick, plenty of room and looked decent. Gone for salvage today. Sad times.
  7. @cort16 Looks alright for a Scottish car https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/602127577528476 Now I have the Civic to satisfy getting in/through the Bristol CAZ, I'm getting thoughts of maybe ditching my Fabia for one of these finally. Prices are definitely all over the place with them though.
  8. The tax is quite ridiculous really. Especially given its quite economical and thus not that much CO2 really. I just rag the fuck out of it when I need it to move along slightly more than a snails pace. I'm regularly getting 40+ mpg out of it though and on a slightly longer run I can get high 40s. The 4pots have less issues than the 3 pots iirc. You only get 100bhp out of that engine with super unleaded. Sod that! Ridiculous considering a similar aged Renault 1.4 16v will give the same power on 95 octane. I believe its essentially the same engine as the 75bhp but with a more aggressive cam. 95 octane will drop the power, but are rougher as it needs to dial back the ignition timing to prevent knock. So worse off than having a 75bhp. Plus the extra 25bhp doesn't really make that much difference to performance either. The acceleration goes from snail on a level to a snail sliding down a slight decline. They may be more economical and lower tax but then you have to put up with the clatter and vibrations of a PD. Also more expensive to buy as everyone wants one for the cheap running. However the petrols (once warm at least when you don't get the piston slap which is so common on them 😂) are muffled adequately that they are pretty quite and smooth, especially at idle. We're getting a Clean Air Zone soon in Bristol and none of the diesels will be any good then either. I'm doing less than ~3k p/a in it anyway, so there isn't much to be gained fuel economy wise from a diesel too.
  9. 1.4 16v with a mighty* 75bhp. My first car, a Clio II 1.2 16v had the same power from a smaller engine but being a lighter car wasn't quite so cronic. I dread to think what a lower powered engine is like in these. Mine is a "Sport" which is a complete oxymoron. Came complete with fake clamped on chrome exhaust tip 🤣
  10. Bosch CP4 pump failure. Guess what else suffers from it? BMW 320d https://f30.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1559161 Also other similar era BMW diesels suffer from it too
  11. I'm lucky enough to own a few different cars and can pick which one I want to drive, but what car did I buy as an utter cheap stopgap with the intention of throwing away a few weeks later - yet still have and drive everywhere? Its very slow and ugly but I can't stop driving the little shit heap. Comfortable, practical, super cheap to run (except road tax), easy to fix and does everything you ever need a motorcar to do. Its MOT expires in less than 30 days and I fully intend to send it through one.
  12. What way should have they been? I did think about bending the edge to stiffen it up.
  13. I didn't realise such gloves existed. Usually I wear welding gauntlets and they work pretty well against rotating grinders, but are clumsy. Hence wearing these thinner PU gloves. Usually I wear vinyl, PU and then welding gauntlets. The vinyl gloves do keep moisture in though and messes up my skin. Looking at Screwfix, the cut resistant gloves look similar to the PU gloves I was wearing but with that cut resistant (Kevlar?) feature in. Not as cheap as the ones I wear but if it stops a serious accident, they'll pay for themselves.
  14. Been tidying the garage the last few days. It's got to the point where there is enough clutter that it was even annoying me. Still a long way to go and I could really do with another roller cab to have more places to put stuff away. It's also given me a chance to fix my welding cart finally. The lighter hobbyweld cylinders were fine but when I put one of the heavy BOC cylinders on the back, it broke the carts back. It's been like that for over two years now. To try sorting this, I welded on some large triangle braces. Also gave a good chance to practice my welding again. I leave it too long and loose the knack a bit. You can probably tell which was the first one I did and the second where I cranked up the power and wire feed. Doesn't matter so much though after attacking it with the grinder. Once the lick of paint dries eventually dries in this cold weather, I'll see if it takes the weight of the cylinder this time. Did manage to snag my thumb on the wire wheel. Went straight through the glove without slowing down. Fuck knows how I didn't do more damage. One day there is a good chance I'll end up needing hospital treatment after being in my garage.
  15. You can tell them to heat up when on charge. So when you get into it, it'll be nice toasty warm and ready to go.
  16. Where was the car? Saw a few and put a (refundable) deposit on a few - so might be back up again! Yes, this did hurt. With a dead car, I just had to get over the fact that second hand cars are so much more expensive at the moment. Was hoping I'd have got another year out of the A4 and when car prices hopefully start to become a bit more sensible again. I'm 5ft10 and fit perfectly, even if a tad high with the seat on it lowest position.
  17. Going to try avoiding writing an essay and keep to the point! 10th gen civic are, unsurprisingly, far better. My mate has a 1.5t with the CVT and it's a cracker. Bloody quick for what it is and responsive. Chain on the 1.5t, belt on the 1.0t. Size wise they are the same as an Accord, which is why they discontinued the Accord in the UK. I didn't get one as they are still expensive. My mate saw exact same spec and year as his, with more miles for the same price he paid for his 2 years ago. 9th gen Hatch Civic have a pretty decent boot still. Mrs SiC really wanted the estate which is why we got one. Her friend has one too and loves it. Tourers aren't necessarily any more expensive, just rare and so you'll need to do the miles to find one. We ended up doing over 800 miles in 2 days to find this as only 4 suitable (ULEZ/CAZ compliant) in the UK. Hatches in comparison are far more plentiful. I'd love a 10th gen but I'd have had to spend an extra 50-100% more than already I have. This cost nearly 10 grand and to me that is a lot of money for a cooking model 6 to 7 year old car. Needs must but I have conceded that I will have lost 6-8k in the next 3-5 years. Newer will be loosing even more. How tall are you? The 8th/9th gen had magic seats. Honda achieved this by putting the fuel tank under the front seats. This means leg room is compromised and you are sitting quite high up. 10th gen ditched this as Honda did the same civic world wide. The American market likes more room and biggest market, thus dictates that. My mate is well over 6ft and can easily fit in a 10th gen but no chance in a 8/9th gen. This may be a deciding factor for you. Also most 10th gens have adaptive cruise. This was nearly a deciding factor in me getting one. Just budget overruled that.
  18. My previous Civic that was written off is a Cat N and doesn't show on the V5. Shows up on a HPI/similar check though.
  19. Maybe causing knock detection to strangle the performance and feel like a reduced power mode but not quite far enough to trigger a code?
  20. 1.8 EX Plus. No messing about here. Wasn't actually fussy on spec, just wanted SE Plus or better Tourer and they're rare as anything. Just happened upon this one. Not a whole lot of difference from the SR. LED headlights (same as the Type-R), keyless start/stop/entry and adjustable bolsters are about the only things I can tell.
  21. "New" car has just been delivered. Bought in the wet and delivered in the wet. Never actually seen it in the dry, so hopefully it's ok! Its the most I've ever spent on a car and much rather not have spent this much. But with the crazy market and needing a car, needs must. Our dead A4 is due to be taken away on Thursday all being well.
  22. It won't start at all and won't until it's had a new pump and injectors. I mean it might be sold as "won't start, unknown fault" but I suspect the body, panels and interior are too straight and clean to sell like that. Did a quote on RemoveMyCar. They requested additional info before quoting so I sent a bunch of pictures. They have got back and offered £1600. That's too much to say no to and certainly enough to not even consider fixing it myself!
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