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  1. The liquid injection system sounds a very I interesting idea. It's something I wondered about years ago, but when I googled it the information suggested that getting injectors with sufficient precision was the difficulty. Evidently it is possible though! Onto the braking system now. The pedal goes straight to the floor, so I'm suspecting that the master cylinder has failed. Ideally I'd like to prove this, but I leant out my collection of bleed screws to a mate pre-lockdown, so can't blank off the outlets to check. It's slightly more cramped than standard, with the LPG ECU, which isolator and control box all in the way. But an easy job to bung on a new one. Unfortunately I've only got half a bottle of brake fluid, so not enough to bleed the system. Insufficient fluid might be the least of my worries, however... What do you reckon the chances are that the bleed screw will come out intact? On all four corners! The pad springs have completely crumbled away, although only changed 10k miles (albeit 9 years) ago. New fitting kits on the way, and hopefully the pistons won't have seized. My experience is that opposed piston calipers tolerate inactivity more than the single piston sliding type. So fingers crossed I don't need a caliper rebuild too.
  2. I have one from the same era Megane I think, if you know whether that will fit? Or you can purchase an adapter to be able to use Sony (amongst others) head units with the original controls.
  3. I'd agree with the thermostat diagnosis normally (you can have as much airflow as you like, but a correctly working thermostat will just close off to keep the temperature up), but fitting two replacements makes this seem less likely! So I'd be checking for incorrectly plumbed pipes, which may allow coolant to bypass the thermostat. Assuming the 'stat is sealing to the housing correctly, and there's nothing significant bypassing it?
  4. Much cleaner burning fuel, hence why is (was?) used for indoor forklifts as an alternative to battery power.
  5. I was going to just bolt the replacement cooler in place, but then I noticed the slam panel support struts were looking a bit crusty. I popped them off to give them a clean up and paint, but I could see they were paper thin. Fortunately readily available new, so I ordered a pair. But before I could fit them, I needed to do an oil change. Why, you might ask? Simple reason being I wanted to protect the inside from corrosion, and immersing them in hot oil seemed an easy and cheap way of doing so! I drained the oil and changed the filter, making sure I followed the warning sticker! Then once the support struts had marinated for an hour or so, I fitted them with new stainless fasteners, and the replacement cooler. I was pleased to see the engine still looks clean inside, a testament to regular oil changes and running on LPG its whole life.
  6. One from a camping holiday in 2003 I reckon, and the best car I've ever sold:
  7. Afraid so, although at least all the fixings will be free. I don't know if there is a source for new pistons, but if they do prove to be the problem then maybe Chevronics would be able to supply second hand. It's been more common at least in my experience, for the outer wall of the cylinder to corrode through - with hindsight I'd have retained the pistons as spares!
  8. The O rings are on the inside of the aluminium cylinder on the left, sealing against the piston in the middle. If this is corroded at the point where the O ring sits whilst the car is in low, this could cause seepage. Assuming the sealing surface is good on the area used at normal height, the leak will disappear.
  9. I never posted up a photo of the installed batteries, so here you go: Today saw another minor milestone (whilst dropping off some food on the doorstep of my self-isolating father in law)... ...and it's now due a service. Looking through the history this will be the 48th oil change, and the 15th I've carried out. As well as the engine oil, the axle and gearbox are due, as is the fuel filter. I also way to change the front wishbone upper bushes which are squeaking, and one of the ball joints which was an advisory on the last MOT. I'm going to leave the gearbox oil alone, as the bearings are a little noisy and I'm planning to replace the whole gearbox this year or next, once lockdown is finished and I can collect the 'box I've found! The cambelt is actually a year overdue, so better change that sharpish. I drained the axle oil... ...and was pleased to note very little debris on the magnetic drain plug... ...but I did notice the oil was very frothy coming out! Not something I've seen before - maybe it's because I've just been on a run rather than indicative of any problems. Still to do fuel filter, cambelt and suspension work, but unfortunately I still have to go to work so lockdown isn't giving me any more free time! I'm making some progress on the green Discovery though, and BX is next in line. Both taken for a spin today on the forest tracks, and positioned in readiness for tinkering
  10. I haven't got any 'growing up' car photos with me, but as a starter here is one from around 20 years ago, helping my then girlfriend (now wife) move house. It's amazing what we squeezed into her 205 and my tiny trailer!
  11. The gearbox oil cooler on the blue one I replaced not long before the rollover, so I removed that today. It's still got an oil/water heat exchanger built into the radiator, so I think the one in front of the radiator is likely overkill unless you're towing. So I have just replaced it with a length of hose - I believe the pressure is fairly low so jubilee clips should suffice. It had started to show some light rusting after 10 years, so I dipped it in Deox C, and gave it a coat of paint to extend the life. The old one has pinholed through with rust between the 'bog brush' and ends of the tube. It may be weldeable if the rest of the metal isn't too thin, so not binning it just yet.
  12. Sounds like you removed the right clip - kind of like an R clip going through the suspension arm, into the rod, then back through the suspension arm. The rod often seizes into the cup on the suspension arm, but usually a good waggle will free it.
  13. This. You'd never get the small end of the boot over the cylinder anyway! The plastic pipe is only to return the small amount of LHM which passes the cylinder seal (for lubrication), so if this is excessive it could suggest either a damaged seal in the cylinder and/or a poor sealing surface on the piston. A supple new boot may well seal better, and cure the problem so wouldn't worry yet! It's not good practice, but I've replaced spheres without a new O ring before and had no leaks. The rear ones can be a bugger to get off though, and would say that you'll be lucky with just a chain wrench. I'd leave alone until needed...
  14. Thanks to COVID-19 this has been pushed into daily service on my 80 mile a day commute. I normally car share with my wife in her modern Honda, but now she is working from home I need to use my own wheels. On the way back home yesterday it felt like bank holiday weekend traffic (everyone it seems wants to self-isolate in Wales!) but there's still plenty of scenic spots off the tourist trail. I may have cursed it but everything is running perfectly. The lower cut-out temperature for the cooling fan means the gauge barely rises above halfway, and so far has not reached the second stage of bringing the twin fans on. Diff ratio is a lot better for cruising (looks like a 2mpg improvement) but acceleration is also effectively better as I can reach a higher speed before I have to change gear. I think I surprised an Alfa Brera driver on Wednesday, when I pulled away from him uphill as the road opened out. We were both motoring along through the corners, but I think my lighter weight helped on the climb. I had a flash of acknowledgement from him when he turned off, and I wonder what he was thinking about the old Hyundai with a National Trust sticker in the back window. Not sure whether you can hear the engine from a following car... All this fun (and the alignment errors last year) meant that I've only got 4k miles from a pair of tyres So I ordered some of my all time favourite tyres, fortunately before the exchange rate crashed. I've probably got another couple of weeks life in them, and I've put them on the rear as I feel better able to cope with loss of grip there.
  15. You used to be able to drive up the quarry track 20 years ago! We did once in a 205, then explored the abandoned mine. If that's not been sealed off it'd be good to look at with modern torches...
  16. The spot I'd suggested might not be that sheltered, but can be nice. https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/1341247
  17. That sounds like a good plan. The little car park by the side of the lake perhaps?
  18. New battery and alternator on, and no smoke! The 120 amp unit from the P38 is a straight swap for the original 100 amp, and at no extra cost seemed like a good idea. The heater screen alone draws in the region of 50 amps IIRC, and there's the seats as well, plus the winch when required. Will it start...? Bit of an anti-climax really! Looks like the oil had drained from the pump a little, but pretty happy with that Cold idle is slightly high so I might have an air leak. But (especially given the mileage) this is a really sweet sounding engine. Once I've sorted the gearbox oil cooler I'll take it for a drive into the forest and get it properly warm before an oil change.
  19. It certainly *used* to be waterproof, and seemed to be reasonably breathable too - certainly I hadn't suffered condensation under it previously. I remember one night we had heavy rain followed by a clear sky, and everything got covered by a sheet of ice, so I wonder whether that wrecked the structure of the fabric? Hopefully it still starts anyway, so once the alternator and battery are sorted I'll move it down to the house and try to pressure wash off the corrosion. Then let it get good and hot to dry out before giving everything a spray with oil.
  20. I'm keen to do something even if the pub isn't open. Even if it's just going for a drive, and maintaining isolation from the safety of our cars...
  21. Update on the green Discovery, which we still have. I was considering a swap with it, but after taking a look I found that storing it under a cover for 2 months had not been kind. The waterproof and breathable cover seemed to have turned into the exact opposite, and let the rain (we've had a lot...) in but trapped it from ever drying out! Looking under the bonnet revealed a crusty mess Battery was completely dead despite being on float charge, and sticking a new battery on produced smoke from the alternator. I did wonder whether corrosion has created a partial short inside, which has then flattened the battery and killed that too. Stripping it down shows nothing evident so far, but a fair bit of wear to the commutator. So I'll probably replace the whole thing given it's original. Then I've got to sort out a leak from the gearbox oil cooler, and investigate why the brake pedal goes straight to the floor. I'm guessing master cylinder, but have a feeling this will lead to a full on brake overhaul...
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