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Shitefest '23 Confirmed 14/15th July - North Wales (again!)

Sunny Jim

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Maybe a scenic drive to Llandudno and a trip up the Great Orme?

There's a 1902-vintage, cable -worked tramway to take you up to the summit...

or a cable car...

In Llandudno itself is Wales' longest pier...

and the Penyderyn distillery!

Then, on the road from Llanberis to Llandudno is another one!

There will be plenty of other things to see and do in the area, for sure.

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3 hours ago, HMC said:

Im in both days, going to take friday off work  and meander up through wales with LPG power.

Good luck with that...whats's your range? There's one station in Corris I think still does it, but the pump is out of order in my local filling station (Trawsfynedd).

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3 hours ago, warren t claim said:

I'll try to attend this year as I'm reasonably local. Even if it's only to start a TDW/AS fight.

If last year was anything to go by, you'll be well in. Pete-M showed up ffs.

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1)  Sunny Jim - off site - Sunday Breakfast 
2) Binhoker668 - Both nights camping - Sunday Breakfast
3) HillmanImp - Both nights camping - Sunday Breakfast
4) Ghosty  - Both nights camping - Sunday Breakfast
5) HorribleMercedes  - Both nights camping - Sunday Breakfast
6) Jim Bell - Off site - No breakfast
7) MondeoBlues - Saturday night camping - Sunday Breakfast
8 Catsinthewelder - Both nights camping - Sunday Breakfast (1 to 4)
9) Aldo135  - Both nights camping - Sunday Breakfast x4
10) AnnoyingPentium - Both nights camping - Sunday Breakfast - TBC
11) Brownnova: both nights camping plus square breakfastage
12) Captain_70s - Both nights camping, Sunday breakfast
13) cms206 - two nights camping, all of the food
14) julaars - two people, two nights, all of the food
15) Talbot - all of the everything
16) DaveQ + 2 Davelets - two nights camping
17) Back_For_More + Boy - two nights, all of the food
18) Flat4 - two arriving for Sunday breakfast
19) EightMegs - Two nights, Sunday Breakfast
20) davidfowler2000 - Friday night and Saturday night in the trailer. Friday scran. Saturday scran. Sunday breakfast scran. ALL THE SCRAN. Saturday breakfast provided by SVM Catering as usual. ***Limited supplies***.
21) Hairnet - "Naw" Bet he shows up though.
22) 83C - day visitor one day - TBC
23) mat_the_cat - both nights camping, no food
24) Six-cylinder – Both nights in Cottage – Scottish breakfast Saturday – Sunday breakfast
25) wuvvum - both nights in cottage, 2x breakfast

26) BL Bloke - both nights in cottage - Scottish breakfast Saturday (supplies permitting) – Sunday breakfast

27) AnthonyG - Off site - Breakfast both days

28) PicantoJon (+1 maybe) - Camping both nights - Saturday Breakfast

29) maxxo - Mibbie

30) HMC - Camping both days

31) Twosmoke300 - Hopefully

32) Pete-M - Mibbie

33) Warren t claim - Mibbie also. Bring buns for the bullfight.

34) RML2345- Camping both nights - Nae scran.

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On 5/8/2023 at 5:22 PM, binhoker668 said:

Yup, will be doing the same this year - I thought it worked well. 

I remember pulling up and you politely saying the far end was the noisy area! @Dave_Q we were kind of in the middle last year and it was fine, not too noisy and my kids loved the site. Beautiful location too :) 


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