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  1. Is there a convoy from the FoD to the FOTU? What time does that depart?
  2. A mere hour later than planned.... had to find the jump leads at 5.30 am! But we’re off. Silvers breakfast looking unlikely... really sorry!
  3. I haven’t even got the car out if the garage for a check over... erm...
  4. Genuinely no clue what’s happening... Good luck to all involved!
  5. And that’s another reason we’ve decided on an early morning dart as it’s school chucking out Friday!
  6. A decision has been reached... After a long school year the two teachers are too tired to travel tonight. (But not to tired to use alliteration ) Plus the rather inclement forecast overnight has put us off camping tonight! So... an early start will result and we are still planning to be there for the silvers breakfast! We might camp Saturday night instead, if others are too.
  7. Morning! And good luck with the collection!! May all the traffic lights be green and the queues be short!
  8. So, Saab progress: Job #1 Tyres The tyres were badly perished and would only stay inflated about a week. So a quick de-wheel before work this morning And a trip to Andy’s tyres Three part worms for £25 a pop. The fourth tyre seems fine and holds pressure. I’ll refit after I’ve been under yo check the brake pipes. Saab specialist (brakes) and MoT man booked for next Monday.
  9. Can’t believe there were this many Marinas close by to me and it was the weekend I was away with the 2CVers! Looks like an awesome weekend!
  10. I’m delighted for you that after all this time and effort you got hold of one!! It’s a wonderful feeling getting your dream car. I look forward to tales of recommissioning and then you getting out on the road with it! Will it be making an appearance at the FoD on FOTU weekend!?
  11. Currently planning to 2CV it down Friday night, stop at the FoD Friday night, then FOTU and back to the after party... Then high tail it back Saturday night. Must remember to print the pass...
  12. I’m sure this one has been posted before.... but genuinely how did they let that out!
  13. Shhhhh with your sensible suggestions...
  14. A decision has been made... Using the camper to tow our new trailer fully loaded whilst also hauling it’s heavy ass along is probably going to kill the already very high clutch. So it’s time (after many months of procrastination) to revive project Saab as it’s the only one with a tow bar. Urgency means I might have to entrust it to a mechanic rather than do it myself sadly...
  15. Yep, it’s crap when that happens. Happened to me about a year ago. Prick hit me on a small country lane and drive off. I’ve still not repaired the damage....
  16. brownnova

    Renault 14 Madness

    I’m not sure how to do the account merge myself, but I have asked someone who does. Glad you found a 14... they’re bloody ace!!
  17. New house has been purchased. Said new house seems to have a lot of crap in its outside space. Now some people would have just got a skip... but why, when for the same amount of shekels you can has... Yeah!!! Shonky trailer... that isn’t actually that shonky. Faceache marketplace came up trumps for once! Currently the van is the only tow-able vehicle. But it is quite long so it doesn’t look too ridiculous... However I think the van will a) have trouble getting into the tip b ) burn its clutch if it tows anything heavy... So I now NEED to get project Saab back on the road as it has a tow hitch!
  18. With that fleet you’ll fit in just fine! Welcome along 🙂
  19. Shameless self promotion... I just like this pic!
  20. I did this once a few years ago... I bid on a 1992 Mitsubishi Colt... I won by accident with a high bid of £136. I was told in no uncertain terms by the ex wife that I was not having it as we didn’t have the space. (Even though s few months later she wanted me to buy her a car and we had no more space then... go figure) She got very strident about it.., sadly I gave in and contacted the seller, he was happy to relist it as it had sold way below his desired amount! I felt rather shit about the whole thing... I’d take a very different approach these days (but that might be in no small part to the change in domestic management situation!) Anyway... my tale serves to say that we all do it... there will be a way out.
  21. Lovely day out doing 2CV things with 2CV people!!
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