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  1. Fair point I guess, it’s one reason I changed my 940 for an XC90…
  2. Get in car to go to work: Dark Get in car to come home from work: Dark I’d love to see my car in the daylight at some point. Blummin hate winter daylight hours.
  3. Best car at being a car I’ve ever owned is… Saab 9000. Hands down. Motorway blast ✅ A Road chuckable ✅ Manoeuvrable enough for the city ✅ Big boot ✅ Space for the family ✅ Comfy ✅ Over 30 MPG ✅ Reliable ✅ What more could you actually want.
  4. We covered this a little while ago…
  5. Some more searching whilst I should have been working... but... I found it!! October down at the bottom... Tempted to buy it for a tenner off ebay just for that picture!
  6. I have a memory of having a top gear calendar in about 1998 which had a yellow polka dot Nissan QX in it. Google image is not helping me at all here, I simply can’t find it. Maybe I imagined it. Anyway: top purchase, much want.
  7. One out! Ovlov will be staying on the forum, I’ll allow the new custodian to reveal themselves should they so desire. Deal was done for this: One in! Uber dad wagon - easily fits all the kids, their car seats and their gubbins in. Really rather good this. Collected a toy kitchen in it today.
  8. Darn! Hadn’t realised this was on. Fancied a car based activity this morning too!
  9. Lovely car… beautiful lines. I my opinion… Do not paint.
  10. It might signal the end of those particular cars, but grab some over 40 year old vehicles and stick two fingers to the ULEZ. Its a truly ridiculous scheme. Glad to live in the sticks, but I do fear it’s only a matter of time before the whole country starts to go this way.
  11. Used my 940 for the commute for the last time today. Was nice to see my colleagues Volvos came out to perform a Volvo guard of honour…
  12. It’s ok, but it’s no Alvis Stalwart…
  13. On that theme… my Volvo infront a shipping container
  14. Here in north wales is a great place to be for scenery!
  15. It could be like sheep… the plural being simply Yaris…
  16. Lexus, Lexuses, Lexii (channels inner Alan Partridge)
  17. Would the plural of Yaris be Yarises or Yari?
  18. Pre-children I was the same. Apparently babies need warmth or something according to the wife
  19. Went to a reindeer drive through with the toddler today. A kind of drive through light show with reindeer pens etc… Of course by drive through it actually meant over an hour of the car idling… And I’d taken the one car I own with a K-Series engine… Can you guess… Yep it performed perfectly.
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