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  1. That’s an epic purchase!! Weird and wonderful motoring... what AS is all about!
  2. Update from Classic Shows today is that they are planning to resume shows on the final weekend of August.... but there are also recent increased measures in the North West so mixed news on whether this will go ahead...
  3. brownnova


    My 9000 is red so not me... but another 9000 in North Wales!
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/402342502444 Ital... it is all there but photographing the whole thing might get you too excited...
  5. How cheeky is it to run the MX5 to the tyre place tomorrow so it’s ready for the 1st August to tax and use... 🤔🤔 Its only 10 mins up the road...
  6. Holy Shitballs an Asia Rocsta! Massive WANT!! Are any of this haul for sale do you know?
  7. So... all home safe and sound, no drama collectionarama! Poo count unchanged, baby kick offs 2, but no poo resultant. Basically this is a brand new car so there was no need to pack tools or gaffer tape! But just to enjoy a blezz home up the M56. Pez shot: I expected not to like this as it’s new, silver and Clio-y but... I’ll admit to finding it quite a fun steer. It drives superbly well (aside from the smell which indicates it needs a new cat). It’s nippy and holds speed well in the motorway... But it’s the condition I can’t get over... it’s nigh on immaculate!! Probably the best £12 I’ve ever spent... Settling in amongst the fleet. Plan of action is to source a new cat, clear the codes using a code reader and see if Mrs_b likes it (which I think she will) Many thanks to the lovely gent which is @Conrad D. Conelrad! It was good to see you again!
  8. What’s that I spy upon a Flintshire Street? Back in the home county, just running an errand or two... full impressions to follow...
  9. Plans for this one are unsure... it doesn’t really fit anything we need in the fleet, but it’s different to anything we have. The C5 seems awfully big when we have the 9000 as a usable family motor, so it may be that the Clio becomes Mrs_b’s weapon of choice and the C5 moves on. The plan is to see how we get on with it for a couple of weeks and see how we go.
  10. So... me and Clio’s.... I learnt to drive in a Clio (albeit a mk2 one) and to be honest... I really hated it. I always told myself I’d never own a Clio... but... This car is: My first roffle win My first Renault. My first silver car. (ETA) My first car from another shiter... It will also be the fastest car on the fleet to 60mph...
  11. Wait until she’s about 5 years old and then send her down t’pit to earn her keep...
  12. As per the title really... Today's the day for colectioneering the roffle Clio WarmHatchEdition. This will be car number 9 in the fleet, things are getting a little out of hand methinks... The baby has been fed, the adults have eaten too. This will be baby Edith’s first collection mission. I hope she can last the distance! Baby Poo count: 0 Dad poo count: 1 Departure to follow shortly. Steed of choice: C5 for motorway comfort, and the fact that I’d need to move two cars to get at the 9000.
  13. Cash/car swap deals are alerts the best... something even worse arriving then?
  14. Excellent work Mr Ramrod!! I think it’s looks ace like that...
  15. I was a bit gutted to miss the last one... so I’ll do my best to be at this one!
  16. Today marks 30 years since the last 2CV rolled off the production line... So how some nice pictures of 2CV adventures One year ago today ours was our wedding car! They’re so good we bought a second! To celebrate 2CV day let’s have your 2CV pics! Ones you’ve owned, ones you’ve seen ones you found on google....
  17. We’ve been frequenting a local coffee and cake hostelry since the easing of lockdown to allow outside eating a few weeks back... yesterday we weren’t the only classic there. It belongs to the cake chef who also owns an Austin A35 van.
  18. Don’t you just hate it when the same old content gets recycled 😂😂😂
  19. I’m sure these have featured on this thread before (I’ve not got the inclination to trawl through) or if not at least in your consciousness... but someone posted pics of the Soviet Including carriage an SMZ on BookFace earlier... Early incarnation Later model interior shots Also a video review of later model... (in Russian... but pretty pictures!) https://youtu.be/ddjjxlv449s Just in case it was of interest...
  20. This was me too... (although in about 2000)... been an on and off reader/subscriber etc. Mrs_b has just bought me a subscription to PC as she knows I always enjoy reading it when I get the chance. I have the beard, since lockdown I have the ponytail (could be man bun if I wanted) l, I possess checked shirts and tweed jackets, and buy vinyl.... and like Practical classics.... Shit, am I a hipster?
  21. I’m thinking a Sandero base, or a Suzuki Kizashi or maybe some kind of Alfa Romeo... or if they haven’t all imploded a Citroen Pluriel... That is if we can’t get her a 2CV of her own!
  22. Smoll_brownnova is doing amazing! Thank you for asking 😊 She even had her first ride in the 2CV last weekend and loved it (I assume.... she didn’t cry so...)
  23. We’ve not braved going that far in it yet!
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