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  1. A member of the gentry perhaps? Rah, Rah, Rah...
  2. Great work! Leganzas are good looking things! Good to see one being loved!!
  3. That’s rough. Really sorry to hear that. Our Thoughts are with you.
  4. Tidied the garage workspace this evening Might actually be able to find the tools now!!
  5. Like so many others I’m getting the Vel Satis urges quite strongly...
  6. Taxi version anyone? Nicely buried in their website... alongside an ice cream van and a burger van...
  7. Preorders from next month... Not that I have a spare £60k
  8. Oh plus you can “create” your own... this was just my version!
  9. So it looks like the Morris brand is returning to production with this!! Fully electric commercial vehicle. https://www.morris-commercial.com/ Website looks flashy, and for one I actually really like the look of this!! Makes me wonder what other Morris models should be revived!
  10. Saab 1: 197k Saab 2: 94k. Mazda: 109k. 2CV: 111k Camper: 80k Yugo: 28k Yugo pulls the average down a bit, (but not as much as I thought) to 103k without the Yugo it’s 118k.
  11. Decided against going this year due to costs... Slightly regretting it now looking at the pics! Talk of a Yugo OC stand next year. There’s an aim for me to get it ready!
  12. Mrs_brownnova looked out the window and said “have you been out to the car this morning?” “No, why?” Quoth I “The drivers door is wide open” she exclaimed. She wasn’t wrong. In our haste and full handedness yesterday I had closed the door with my foot, but not properly! It had blown open on the wind. Thank Christ/Shiva/The Flying Spaghetti Monster/Mother nature that we live in the countryside where it’s quiet, or I’d have no Saab! Best bit...? The battery wasn’t even flat
  13. Snow on the hills + sunshine = roof down fun.
  14. FTFY All the luck in the world for the collection, here’s hoping race-car-ness agrees with you Mr Bell/Wilson/Shitpeas
  15. Collection, doggo, wads of cash... this thread is off to a good start! Ill start the guessing off with a wild stab at.... Hillman Avenger in royal blue with a dent in the rear door.
  16. I suppose I’d best go and read that thread if it’s been moved... sounds like fun! I’ll try and sort access to the “Brexit, Boris, Bristol and Bullshit” section for those who have asked on here. PM me is the best and most likely way to get access.
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