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  1. Hmm that is odd. Can’t say I understand enough about computer words to know what’s going on there.
  2. That’s a strange one… is it just chrome or have you tried other browsers too?
  3. Sorry missed this one when it was originally posted. This is something that has been discussed previously. I’ll bring it up again.
  4. You know you have the right sort of mates when they send you screen shots like this… not even anyone off here!
  5. He’s fine… twisted his knee a bit I think. Hobbling round and getting lots of sympathy!
  6. Been using the MX5 for work this week. It’s getting dark in the mornings so used the sidelights. Today I managed to leave them on so of course flat battery! Thankfulky there were a few kids about who were late being picked up. So I got a few of them to try and push start me! They failed. But my step son (who was one of the kids) fell over whilst doing it and hurt himself… d’oh! Thankfully one of the other staff had a jump pack and got me going. Other car news: we went to Pwllheli to pick up bits for the 2CV. Loaded up the Elgrand with the wings and doors and set off. But the back brakes failed noisily, no tools meant an RAC call, but for the second time in 8 days their response time was under 2 hours. New discs and pads will be needed but we got it home. I called the chap welding the 2CV today too to see how he was getting on with it. “All done you can come and get it” was I his response! Excellent! Will get it back Saturday and then we can focus on the fitting the body panels we have for it and the bits which need beautifying.
  7. I’ll have to start and hand straight over. I have a set of books which need marking for tomorrow…
  8. Indeed!! Lovely day 2CVing…
  9. Ooooh!!! I mean my main car is out of action… I could just buy a replacement!
  10. So instead… @Mrsbrownnova’s C5 has sat idle for about 9 weeks since we went to Scotland in it. It needs a new tyre badly, but Mrs_b prefers the 9000. So it’s not been done. However, with the 9k out of action for a few days at least I suppose we’d better retrieve the C5 from its spot. First job start it… Jump pack deployed and… it doesn’t have enough juice left to jump a diesel! MX5 to the rescue!! (The one dry spell of the day…) Sadly the Mazda is too small to jump it either! So the battery goes ok charge for a couple of hours whilst we run errands. With some juice it goes first turn of the key. Excellent. I’d phoned the tyre place who said they had what I needed and were open til 3. So I rocked up at 2 to find the shutters down and the place closed… arse. So I treated it to a jet wash. There’s a big nick out of one of the tyres which we must have picked up on the way home from Scotland, so I’m not happy with mrs b, babynova and the womb raider travelling in it until it is done. Cue me phoning every tyre place in the local area who all end up being closed (despite Google saying they’re open), not having it in stock or super pricey. Sorry Mrs B you’re in the Elgrand this week!
  11. You might well be right. I was thinking through the symptoms again and that does make sense… If it is I’ll look out for a compressor off a scrapper.
  12. Aaand home! Big Orange taxi was actually a big pink taxi. Friendly fella, would fit in here. Told me of his collections of old Minis and Jags, and how he had run a Lada Riva as a taxi back in his youth! He loved the Yugo when I opened the garage!! Total time from report to collection about 2 hours. Not too bad really. The car cuts out every time you turn the steering wheel as the drag from the power steering is too much, and the pulley smokes worse that Dot Cotton even when cold! Will investigate, when it’s dry enough to do so. However, now: wine.
  13. Ah I hadn’t thought about the water pump… I’m at home and will go back to it when they get here… so it doesn’t matter if it’s in 10 minutes or 3 hours really… but don’t tell them that!
  14. Alternator, power steering and aircon I think… Cutting the belt is a consideration, but the steering was the reason I opted against. That and I didn’t have anything I could cut with, but if the big orange taxi is going to take too long I might go back with a big knife. Big orange taxi people have called, asked for the symptoms to see if it can be repaired at the roadside… decided very quickly it could not be. They’ve apparently decided to send “one of our trusted partners to rescue you” That sounds exciting…
  15. Driving home from work and unusually me and the good lady are coming home at the same time, so I’m following her, she’s in the Saab I’m in the Mx5, there’s a bit of dual carriageway and I storm past and she goes dead slow (most unlike her), until I realise there’s a problem, she we pull off and pull over and there’s smoke coming from under the bonnet. Definite smoke, it stinks! Its coming from here, so looks as if that pulley has seized. It’s not the clearest but that is glowing red! I carry on it’ll go on fire… It’s not so bad, I’m 2 miles from home, so Mrs_b is going to come back for me now she’s taken the baby home and drop me back when the RAC say they’re on their way! Frustrating though as this has been our go to car!
  16. Last of the Mavericks Wales meets until spring tonight… Can’t believe how much I’ve come to value these evenings and how much I’m going to miss them… rain put a lot of people off tonight so a lot less cars, but a few nice ones nonetheless
  17. There are a lot of standard Dollys out there… we have ideas… but we’ll see. Still awaiting this to return from the welder. This is because the door pillar has been discovered to be somewhat rotten too! Therefore it needed replacing. This was a slightly involved fabrication job so John asked if o could get the part. ECAS to the rescue but it took until Friday to be delivered. Part now with John, but he’s started another customers car in the meantime and it’s quite involved too… so might be a little bit for us to get it back yet.
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