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  1. Just seen on Facebook and thought of you, sorry if that’s not helping 😂
  2. Sorry I can’t work out how to link this and the photos are awful, but it seems cheap doesn’t it?
  3. Ah shit mate we were just talking about those thrust washers… I’m back in the country let me know if I can help picking up engines etc. I’m sure the kids would be delighted with a wee day trip to Forfar 😂
  4. Thanks for a great weekend everyone, and to @Sunny Jim for organising the beautiful location! So good that the kids and me are still here! Getting harder to ignore them and look at Volvos now though 🙈
  5. Sorry mate I never thought until we were there 🙈
  6. Went with the kids to visit the recently voted best beach in Britain only to discover that @Jim Bellhad taken us here 3 years ago when I won his Bini Cooper thanks to @Tickman😊. “Your Uncle Ben bought you an ice cream here” “Nah dad he makes the rice” is a conversation that didn’t happen (only in my head) I think the sun has got to me 🙈😂
  7. I had a metallic green ‘84 MK2 cavalier with amazing green velour and green dashboard, circa year 2000. I was constantly told by pals how deeply unfashionable it was but I loved it, suCh a nice place to sit! Obviously rusty 🙈 but drove really well and got me to college though my apprenticeship. Can’t find a picture but it was very much like this monza, just a bit narrower and minus the wood…
  8. Great purchase with the camper, loving the Volvo write up too I think I’ll just stick with diesel for now… I don’t do a massive mileage to be fair!
  9. But were you a deluded pisshead geography teacher? 😂 I’m a teaching assistant these days, only a pisshead on Fridays 🙈
  10. I have a bit of both, my 12 year old can be a bit awkward at first, just that age of course! The younger ones will be fine
  11. 1. davidfowler2000 - both nights trailer2. Brownnova - both nights tent or car3. Beko - both nights tent (might be added mum and stepdad in the same tent)4. Supernaut - both nights tent5. Juular - both nights car6. catsinthewelder +kids both nights tent7. Fumbler- both nights car8. chaseracer - both nights tent or car9. EightMegs - Both nights, tent10. batterypowered - Both nights, tent11. Twosmoke300 plus 2 or 3 guests (awaiting confirmation) - both nights van and tent12. cms206 - both nights, camper13. ghosty - both nights, car14. Captain_70s - (Maybe) both nights, car or tent.15. Fatharris - both nights - tent16. 3VOM - both nights - car, tent, something17. 320touring - both nights tent or car (TBC)18. horriblemercedes both nights, tent19. Hillmanimp - both night, tent or camper.20. Kirton - Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights camper21. LiteAce Owner (EightMegs) - both nights, van22. Dave_Q - Saturday only, maybe van, maybe moped + smol tent23. Cord Fourteener - maybe Friday night, definitely Saturday night - two kids - tent or tarpaulin and hammock.24. taxi paul - Saturday day visitor + (possibly) some family25. dozeydustman - (if can get cover) Saturday - car26. reb- (if the time-off gods allow) both nights - car27 - Anthony G, Friday & Saturday night, staying off site.28. Six-cylinder - b&b booked locally Friday & Saturday nights 29. maxxo - both nights ten30. Jaypee - both nights, car #galaxy31. LightBulbFun - both nights, staying off site32. BL Bloke - both nights, staying off site 33. MondeoBlues - both nights, tent 34. hairnet - Fri maybe, Sat deffo, staying local (bring plenty of cake) 35. bezzabsa - both nights, van (maybe with mattress) 36. Aldo135 - plus 3 kids, both nights in tent Cheers, looking forward to this!
  12. Out just now but will add me plus 3 and tent later
  13. @Cord Fourteener. @catsinthewelder If you don’t mind me asking what age kids are you bringing? I will be camping with my 3 anyway at this time, I didn’t think they would thank me for taking them but the camp site looks amazing, and if other kids are there all the better! I have a 12 year old girl and 8 year old boy/girl twins. Cheers 😊
  14. Seen this near my house, we’ve all heard of the vag scene /pineapples etc, but I’ve never seen the pirate look before…
  15. Thanks mate, I was going to but again wasn’t staying long. Will be more organised next time 👍
  16. Nice Volvo spotted locally. Also seen @davidfowler2000 helped build the local town hall!
  17. My Alex loved your van! I wasn’t being stingy I was an arse and forgot cash, no contactless option, was sent to the co-op but realised I’d given my card to my oldest daughter 🙈 the danger of using your phone for money! I had left my wife and younger daughter in Anstruther, we were only going to stay 45 to an hour anyway. We did stay long enough see the van race. Went back to do the tourist bit and got a chippy, first thing Alex says is Mum, Mum, there was a van with a race car engine!
  18. Nice purchase! That was my next guess honest m8.
  19. 😂😂😂, aye you’d get arrested shouting “Volvo” at the park. Or on a train
  20. They were better to drive with the bigger engine and the extra space meant you didn’t have to go back to the depot and get caught by bosses as often!
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