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  1. it's made me realise there's a lot more to life than cars.......nice change tbh
  2. i've basically just lost interest in cars since selling the XM, i just don't feel excited anymore about cars i don't look online at cars for sale, don't go to car meets or really care about cars i don't think of cars i'd like to own, as i know for daily drivers i'll just keep buying C5s, they're the only cars that have managed to completely satisfy me i just can't be arsed with faff, with cars, with car communities, with anything really just cars in general, they're a bit crap aren't they?
  3. over a month since my last post absolutely nothing to report, still running as beautifully as ever 10k miles covered since purchase now at a respectable 46,900 miles i washed it today too MOT and a service in the coming weeks but thats about it
  4. I got so fed up trying to sell my red C5 with a knackered gearbox I ended up scrapping it people asking if I’d give money back if it went wrong, asking if it’s alright to drive and asking if it’ll make it 500 or whatever miles home had one who didn’t show up who seemed actually interested in the end a local scrap man came when he said he would and gave me what he said he would, all organised over Facebook messenger in a morning i hate selling cars
  5. I agree re self levelling suspension on Citroens, it’s at the point now where I’m so used to it I’m almost surprised when I remember that not every car has it hydropneumatic suspension in general, LHM and LDS systems are fantastic, the reliability of the C5 system it staggering in my eyes it just gets on with it heres another, Xenon headlights, fantastic, I’ve been super impressed with mine
  6. pretty much most the stuff my C5 has auto dim mirror is excellent dual zone automatic climate control works really well, so well in fact i very rarely take it off auto auto lights work very well too, not too sensitive but automatic climate control is my favourite, it just works
  7. been driving 6 years 4 owned, technically 5 as i was given long term loan of one 1, 07 plate Citroen C4 1.6 hdi (it was alright, just found it a little flimsy and very troublesome) 2, 55 plate Citroen xsara picasso 2.0 hdi (wasn't a bad car, needy at times, but not terrible, still alive!) 3, 53 plate Citroen C5 2.0 hdi auto estate (come to think about it, i don't think it was one of my best purchases, very needy automatic gearbox which eventually expired quite catastrophically, now dead) 4, L reg Citroen XM 2.1 diesel (superb, literally superb, one of the most reliable cars i've ever owned somehow and still alive!) 5, 03 plate Citroen C5 2.0 petrol auto (again superb, literally been completely trouble free over the 7 months i've owned it, runs and drives perfectly, best car i've ever owned)
  8. maxxo

    Best fleet

    well this single handedly the best car i've ever owned quite boring and pretty much completely trouble free economical, comfortable etc too what a good purchase this was
  9. pennies spent today! £15 on a pair of bosch wiper blades from halfords as the old ones were knackered
  10. the way people are so hateful, hurtful and damn well abusive if someone is different i don't see why they should be hit with a barrage of hatred for it so what if someone is gay, black, asian, trans etc why do people seem to think they can have a total barrage of hatred spewed at them? i hate it
  11. i seem to have accidentally sent a deposit on a car that doesn't have an engine in it yet it will have an engine in it when i purchase it, which is a few months away it's another silly purchase
  12. I’ve got anxiety for me not to buy a car, it would have to be so bad or on fire id buy a nail if it avoided confrontation
  13. wait you people actually view a car before you buy it? i always just transfer the money and see what the hell i've just bought
  14. I actually do believe the automatic gearbox is helping, driven gently it’s on an economy logic, you can see the economy increase dramatically once the torque converter locks up perhaps consistent shifting and computer control is helping i just can’t believe how good on fuel it is
  15. aye had this car for 6 months now today it's been very very easy what a good purchase this was
  16. I’ve got a little hack with the C5, accelerate briskly up to 70, hold it there for a bit so the suspension lowers then drop to 60 and it’s almost diesel like economy im staggered by the economy of it too! Like really surprised, it’s better than my diesel was somehow
  17. been a busy week for this car here's the economy figure
  18. it goes very very well especially with the autobox in sport mode at full throttle
  19. I did not, I can’t see any damage so didn’t think to ask
  20. It’s been hit again today! Just got home from that and maybe 20 minutes later a neighbour knocked on the door really apologetic that she’s hit my car Now this one has damage, but I’ve got paint so told her not to worry about it and refused to take any money for it at the end of the day, both people have been very honest and it’s a scratch on a 20 year old car it’s not a massive deal ill sort it in the coming days
  21. sat in traffic about half an hour ago BANG and jolted forward, immediate panic thinking the gearbox had done an AL4 almost to my relief i'd been rear ended 18 plate fiat 500 with P plates on it and a girl got out in absolute tears apologising bless her her number plate fell off and i have a tiny little mark on my bumper, floor all straight told her not to worry about it, i'm not bothered took me ages to even see any damage i told someone on facebook about it and he told me i should have been angry and told her off i'm sorry but no, a very minor accident with a new driver, i wasn't even angry i was just concerned anyway, car is fine and i'll just buff out the mark
  22. maxxo

    End of shite?

    Talking of newish car prices my dad has an 18 plate civic (prestige spec 1.5 so fully loaded) and a very nice thing it is too he paid £18,000 for it in early 2020 According to we buy any car it’s worth £20,000 or so, that’s after doing 40k in it! it’s staggering
  23. maxxo

    End of shite?

    They’re out there still just not easy to find i bought this 37,000 and full proper service history back in august, even a brand new timing belt! It’s been completely trouble free too i paid £750 for it, seemed suspiciously cheap but I agree a few years ago this would have been £400
  24. fitted a replacement headlamp washer cover today wrong colour but looks better than a hole! washers still work perfectly and whilst i was there i decided to give it a good wash and waxing looking very nice indeed! does look better with the cover fitted even though it's the wrong colour otherwise it's been a perfect car! put a fair few miles on it so far too! what a fantastic purchase this has been
  25. 54.2 MPG averaged the other day on a 40 mile round trip! happy with that! otherwise literally no issues, nothing, it's been fantastic for the 5 months i've had it now, can't complain at all oh, i replaced the rear door lock too! what a bastard so door card off, then you have to adopt weird uncomfortable positions in order to wedge your hand up behind the door handle on the rear of the door handle there is a metal shroud, this is easily removed by removing the single bolt on the back and thumping it to one side, it's still but it works and it comes off then round to the outside and remove the external door handle fun begins...... so as mine was jammed locked there wasn't much i could do to try and open in i ended up using a hammer and a screwdriver to smash the lock apart until i got to the latch and then spend 10 minutes faffing about trying to release it managed it in the end, then joys of refitting everything, which was much easier said than done! but it works perfectly! pleased i managed to get it done i'd say it took around 6 hours in total to get it all sorted, which was annoying, but hey, it's done
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