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  1. still don't think the C5s really need it, they handle well in 4 sphere form
  2. but the C5 isn't scary, it's quite the opposite i'm realising to actually enjoy a C6 a cheap one won't work.....
  3. getting more of a lunatic i saw a C6 today, now, i have driven one and i said to myself "max, you must never buy one" but i want a C6, will it be any good?
  4. my last car was a 2005 Xsara Picasso i dragged out of a hedge that hadn't been serviced in years and was knackered, that car had one failure to proceed when a spring snapped it also shit it's clutch, but otherwise, apart from a pair of shocks it was 100% reliable and i did almost 40k in 2 years it had some quirks, sometimes it would randomly turn on it's rear wiper, it would also put itself in economy mode at times I now have a 2003 Citroen C5 with 164,500 miles on it i purchased off a random man from facebook at a motorway services hundreds of miles away i have done 14k in it so far in the past 7 months the autobox is a bit dodgy when cold, i'm getting that repaired in the coming weeks zero failure to proceeds, has had a replacement starter motor and new rear arm bearings it is a truly fantastic car, extremely floaty and exactly what i was wanting it also has a few quirks it likes to randomly change it's ride height when stopped at the lights etc sometimes it sinks down almost to the floor overnight sometimes the radio turns on when you unlock drivers window switch backlight turns off for a few seconds every couple of minutes i love it to be fair, is it really holding up any worse than an equivelant passat/mondeo? i think not never had a citroen let me down, i can say i doubt there will ever be a time when i don't have a citroen, i love them i don't like german cars
  5. did a 300 mile round trip in the C5 today apart from it being absolutely wonderful, quiet, floaty, effortless and extremely comfy! i achieved this, i had reset the trip computer before i left as i hadn't done it in ages but look at those mega emm pee geees! yes that is the computer average for the trip, and i've found it to be pretty bang on
  6. Yes, Middlesbrough so sort of Durham way i'd be very happy to compare them! always up for doing citroen stuff i think i may have had that kick in once before, when the traffic stopped suddently best thing i did for my brakes was change the fluid, it made it feel significantly better
  7. oh did i mention i'm doing around 500 miles a week in this at the moment 220 of that going to work and back, and the rest me going on trips out etc so far, it's been honestly fantastically reliable i dare say it may even pass it's MOT!
  8. nope, mines the basic hydractive 3 so just the 4 corner spheres, i would consdier a regas but i feel in the long run replacement would be better, especially due to the fact mine are the originals the ride is still good, excellent in fact but i feel it's slightly less floaty than it should be albeit replacing the rear arm bearings brought all of the float back i have been told it could do with new cables, i used the handbrake today in fact, as i always do when parked on anything more than a slight incline i try to avoid using it for one reason, i have had issues in the past with it sticking on i feel if it's been hit hard enough to destroy the parking pawl i have more things to worry about than that, but if it's on a hill then the handbrake will be applied say around once a week or so i use the handbrake on average, it's strong enough to lock the front wheels whilst moving in neutral so the adjustment they did to it during the brake fluid change really worked and that's another thing, the brakes on this car are absolutely fierce, really firm pedal, not much travel but very linear if that makes sense, really does stop brilliantly
  9. could be worse...... i see my old picasso has had a decently bad MOT fail, sill rot, ball joint and advisories for rot on the floor, oh and brake pipes yes rotted the sills for the third time
  10. still being managable regarding the transmission issue gets sorted 3 weeks on monday, hopefully it's quite bad when cold, but fine when hot usually otherwise, the car is still doing fine, almost 164k on it now.....i've done around 14,000 of those miles, ish i still really, really like it, love it in fact after the transmission gets repaired, theres not much left to do really service, timing belt, fix the heater blower and replace the spheres then i dare say mechanically we're done oh and tyres
  11. If I drive home from work a slightly different way, thus delaying getting on a dual carriageway by about 5 minutes it doesn't go into limp mode! From cold that is, the car is fine when warm I'm now like hahaha beeps be gone! Was sat in traffic today outside a Toyota dealer, of course nosying at what they have, now imagine if I bought a brand new Toyota, it would be so boring and probably have no faults and no character
  12. I want a modern day Prius some day, i really like then however, at the moment i'm quite fancying a Xantia, or a BX/CX, i feel one of those would be a nice sibling for the C5 and weirdly i fancy an audi RS7, not sure why, but i have an urge to be a hooligan one day
  13. lexia says pressure regulation fault so there, pretty much certain it's the solenoid valves
  14. it seems to really, really enjoy throwing the transmission into limp mode and beeping at me did i mention this happens on exactly the same road each time, in pretty much the same place, at the same time on my way home from work....... going to try taking a different way home and see what difference that makes in all seriousness i'm actually looking properly now for someone to mend it it's starting to get annoying
  15. quite good fun to thrash, enjoyable to try something completely different
  16. £350 later...... i have the C5 back so both rear arm bearings replaced, both rear suspension leg gaiters were split and pissing out LDS obviously those were replaced i was shown the old bearings, absolutely rotten and knackered! they actually did a very very good job of it all so, what's changed well, no creaking or clunking anymore! oh did i mention it floats, my god does this car float now! it even seems to handle much better all together i am extremely happy with this, it has completely transformed the car to the point now where it's driving like a new one i'd say £1,000 now will completely sort this car out, which is what i'm planning on doing before winter hits gearbox next, i've had a quote on replacing the solenoid valves and a transmission service, so that's what i'll be getting done next then spheres, might as well completely sort the car
  17. Dropped off the C5 this morning for the rear arm bearings to be replaced no call yet so i assume all is well there was 4 other C5s there too! X7's however also picked up my courtesy car, can you tell what it is yet? it's this, a 62 plate Citroen C1 very different from the C5 but, it's not that bad, it's a perfectly adequate car, espically for how much they cost new even has air con! which works
  18. hopped straight onto the A19 after a cold start today, transmission felt a bit iffy like always when cold .......you can see what happened it was fine for a minute or two, then an audible bang and it dropped down to 3rd *BEEEP BEEEP* "AUTOMATIC GEAR FAULT" restarted absolutely fine i've decided to actually get this fixed now, i've had a quote for £450 to replace the valves and perform a transmission service, which is a lot but really, i know the car, and it will sort it so i'm going to do it also it's in the garage tomorrow for the rear arm bearings to be replaced
  19. maxxo

    Tyre quality

    always used to be the type to only fit premium tyres when i bought the C5, the previous owner had fitted a set of new Nexen N blue's i think was thinking, oh no ditchfinders....... well they are absolutely excellent really predictable, take a lot before they start to go and when they do it's very progressive and easy to control very quiet too! no dry rot or anything (they are less than a year old however) tread is around 4mm all round, they've done about 20k, i can live with that
  20. 90s to early 2000s however in my opinion the car industry at the moment is way more interesting than it's been for years to be honest, it's all personal perference i myself am not too bothered what era a car i own is from, i like cars from all eras (except pre war, weirdly they're not interesting to me)
  21. todays little job you may note, i have a plate light out i had considered and was going to just replace the bulbs....... right up until i went on ebay, and found replacement lights for £7 a pair sod it, the old ones would only break when removed genuine PSA too!! did i mention i ordered them at 2pm yesterday, so less than 24 hours quick test, yes a vast improvement! didn't want to go LED as those look tacky all fitted happily into place, very very happy
  22. £311 to do both sides including a courtesy car, booked in for the 28th, not worth ignoring for that price
  23. ride is more firm, with a slight bounce....spheres are original so regardless they would benefit a replacement yes i can make it clunk with changing heights, you can also hear it squeaking whilst driving along, rear is somewhat hard to push down and it creaks like crazy when you get in or out EGR is a good bet, something i am certainly willing to try awaiting the usual garage to call me back regarding a quote on replacing the rear arm bearings, well worth doing
  24. seems the ride has gone slightly firmer and slightly more bouncy, lost some of the float and feels somewhat like a sprung car how upsetting going in during the coming weeks for the rear arm bearings so hopefully that will improve the ride slightly otherwise it's still mostly fine however i have noticed almost a slight hesitation usually up hill on a steady throttle, it feels like it has a slight miss/stutter and then clears right up also noticed the same thing sometimes at idle, only in Park due to the RPM being slightly lower and engine loaded less compared to being in Drive i suspect i've got a worn injector gearbox is still fine, well it's not and evidently has a valve block issue but it's significantly better and i'm like hahahaha beeps be gone so must be fine
  25. imo seeing the streetview car is the single handedly most exciting thing that could possibly ever happen i would adore to drive one cos they look mental
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