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  1. I went there when I was 13 back in August 1983. All the arcade machines were free and there was a dodgy hypnotist performing. I did the tour of the engine room and according to Mutha_Claim, I went white when the man giving the tour said that the ship is only beached on sand, not one pound of concrete holds it in place.
  2. https://www.phtm.co.uk/vehicle-age-and-regulation-survey&filter=A Best consult that before buying one of these....
  3. I had one of these as a driveway toy back in '82 when I was 12. RCM866K IIRC.
  4. Double the Stanza's. Double the pussy. (Autoshite 2010)
  5. Fast forward to 22:42 and you just know that being 70s coppers the conversation would have been different.Plod "Do you know why we stopped you?"Black Trucker "No boss".Plod "Well if you're going to use white man's motorway in these conditions then you need dipped beam".Black Trucker "Sorry boss".Plod "You silly little sambo, even your side light lens is broken!".Black Trucker "Sorry boss".Plod "I wouldn't have seen you at all if you weren't smiling and rolling your eyes!"Black Trucker "Sorry boss".Plod "Now be on your way and be grateful that there's cameras here or you'd be getting a kicking".
  6. I believe these were carb fed to make them easier to fix out in the field. Didn't they also have a second set of lights to make them look like Trabants from a distance?
  7. IIRC, during the 70s I saw plenty of Opels painted black.
  8. I think people's attitudes towards black cars was different back then. Back in 98/99 I took a tidy E plate Scorpio in black with black leather in part ex against a 3.9 efi Range Rover I was selling. I thought it looked smart but Mutha_Claim took one look at it and refused to go in it, let alone drive the thing. Her exact words were "I'm not driving that thing! It's fucking followed the hearse". In her defense, a couple of years prior we had a family funeral and every car in the procession was a variant of a black Mk3 Granada.
  9. Does anyone know the story of this?
  10. The Royal Family always had a bit of leverage when ordering slightly bespoke cars. This isn't an XR3i or RS1600i, it's an RS Turbo.
  11. An undertaker once told me this story. Apparently for a while now, black cars made in the EU aren't as black as they used to be due to the paint that the factories have to use now. Cars made in Australia don't have to obey the same regs which makes Aussie Fords popular in the funeral trade.
  12. IIRC, back in the late 70s Ford only offered factory black on the Capri S. This was also the time Ford offered Signal paint, whatever that was.
  13. Over25? Got a few years NCD? OK credit history? In a job paying over £12 an hour? Lease the 300+BHP car of your choice
  14. It should be told to anyone under 35 whose just signed an 8000 mile a year lease deal on a BMW140i/Audi S3/C63AMG
  15. There is a positive that can be drawn out of this. If another member here buys a car that despite having legal tyres, struggles to pull away in the damp without the traction control cutting in, reads this thread and learns by the experience of DW and replaces his tyres than maybe this whole incident may save a life? A wise man learms by the mistakes of others, not just his own.
  16. There's a very fine line between spinning a car and having to replace a half shaft and spinning a car and spending the next 18 months in a 10x6 cell with a couple of wanking murders and a bucket of shit. Pure luck and chance is what separates the two outcomes.
  17. I'd say the most important thing is that there wasn't a motorcyclist in the direct trajectory of the skid and this thread isn't being quoted in a coroners court like what happened to Ten Pence Short on Piston heads.
  18. Full body wrap adverts are a great way to get damage and corrision hidden.
  19. As a taxi driver whose worked all of the above my one word of advice is DON'T.
  20. A little over two months ago I was despatched a job to take a 92 year old lady half a mile to the shops. She'd not long lost her husband to cancer and after being double jabbed this was her first trip out alone after he passed away. She asked me about my Covid vaccine status and I told her that I'd already had Covid. Curious, she enquired how badly I was affected so I gave her the honest answer, I had a bad dry cough that lasted four days and I spent the next ten days on the sofa wondering if I was going to die. I told her that to pass the time I watched Citizen Kane and Casablanca as I felt that if I might die then I really should watch those classic films before I shuffle my mortal coil! She found this funny and she laughed all the way to the shops.Earlier today I get the same job sent to me. I vaguely remember her from before and she gets in the back of my Hyundai. During the journey, she tells me that our drivers are wonderful and always polite. She then tells me the story of her first shopping trip without her late husband. She says that she was close to tears with grief and anxiety but our driver made her laugh and smile for the first time since her husband died by telling the story of when he got Covid and whilst isolating and wondering if he was going to snuff it so spent the time on his sofa watching Citizen Kane and Casablanca as he felt that if he might die then he really should watch those classic films before its too late. Apparently, his personality and funny story helped her feel confident enough to face her first trip out alone.I really wanted to tell her that I was the driver she was talking to but thought better of it. I quite like the fact that she tells our story to every driver that takes her.I'll always remember her telling me my story and what good it did her until the day I die. This little old lady certainly made my day!
  21. Redstone is a proper farmers Subaru dealer, no WRX's on their forecourt! I often peruse their pitch when I'm buying dog treats for Claim_Whippet at Wynnstay stores. When I was seriously considering the purchase of a brand new Mondeo a few years ago I went to Ford Pentre Llanrhaeder to see if they could get close to the taxi brokers price as I wanted to give a small dealer a chance but they refused to give me a price that was even close to being competitive.
  22. I've just noticed that Slaters have pulled out of Abergele like the did with their Ruthin showroom twenty odd years ago.
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