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  1. Wasn't the spare wheel crucial to the investigation?
  2. https://www.taxi-point.co.uk/post/fresh-police-appeal-on-30th-anniversary-of-brutal-unsolved-murder-of-working-taxi-driver?fbclid=IwAR1mHW8Q4qHnY5Vp9vOua9P5zpo-zsaL7nSfejasT7qNMN3OsB1JVIrNinw
  3. Land Rover provided new Discovery's for every series of Time Team. Surely plenty of them still exist?
  4. Apparently he's on a while life tariff and refuses to talk to the police about Suzy until his mother dies as he doesn't want to bring more shame on her.
  5. Her Audi 80 convertible is now owned by LBC radio presenter Iain Dale.
  6. I've had plenty of 2.0 Zetecs and even the Si wasn't really that quick.
  7. GLX trims. I wonder what engine was in it?
  8. Are any of those Reliant Anusol things still to be found out there?
  9. I love it when one of my threads from the dead gets exhumed!
  10. Including a rare column shift example.
  11. Proud to say all my power window switches work. I even get a beep and message when I've isolated the rear windows.
  12. Proud to say all my power window switches work. I even get a beep and message when I've isolated the rear windows.
  13. https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-g552015-d8291274-Reviews-Benar_Beach_Camping_Touring_Park-Talybont_Barmouth_Gwynedd_North_Wales_Wales.html If we went here then we could at least strip off and look at each other's genitals?
  14. LL55 is about 1 hour and 15 mins from Claim_Intendeds house.
  15. Obviously, being a poor begsy, my P38 isn't fitted with such luxuries as a trip computer. Unnecessary on a farmer spec diesel as Farmer Palmer knows how much cherry he's put into the tank at any one time.
  16. Waved to a light metallic green P38 coming the other way today. I first thought "is that @Minimad5" before realising he's sold it... To me... And I was driving it at the time... #earlyonsetdementia.
  17. Paging @Lord Sterling https://www.gumtree.com/p/rover/1990-rover-800-sterling-2.7-auto-saloon-petrol-automatic/1427736433
  18. I'd Google Range Rover P38 V8 common faults on my phone but alas I've only got a 10gb a month mobile data allowance. Best connect to wi-fi first.
  19. I wish I was brave enough to buy a V8 on LPG.
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