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  1. This thread takes me back to when I worked with a guy who worked for Austin Rover in product planning in the mid-to late 1980s. He was responsible for Metros in the main but had some oversight on the Mini special editions as well. Often a theme would be done on both models if it fitted, such as the ‘Red Hot’ and ‘Jet Black’, or tried out on one and if successful transferred to the other. The ‘Advantage’ cars were a last minute name change for a special edition planned to be ‘Wimbledon’, hence the tennis links. The designs were all worked up and production scheduled before asking the
  2. Just watched the 4WD one on catch-up. Car skiing looked proper dodgy 😮. Somehow I don’t think we’ll be seeing that red G wagon under a Mercedes approved used scheme anytime soon! It didn’t even make it to the end of the show display, I wonder what McGuiness broke on it...
  3. I didn’t know you’d got a Beetle convertible - that looks quite fun. New Beetles have grown on me now that they are just as old as Old Beetles were when I started driving! They did a weird spec model with the much rarer second generation one (New New Beetle?) - only ever seen one or two - it was kind of like a Polo Dune with raised ride height and the usual plastic bits and pieces. Those crazy Germans eh? 🤪 Re Carltons, I am a bit surprised there are only 173 or so left (I assume there are more if you count Sorned ones?). There’s probably 10 times as many Granadas of t
  4. I don’t want to be rude, but are Carltons now that rare that the one above is worth fixing? It’s got HGF, chassis rust and the paintwork’s looks like it’s had it. Normally I try to see the best in old sheds, but it just seems to define the words End of Life Vehicle to me. Surely money would be better spent on something like the Trevi or Guilietta?
  5. I quite liked the way McGuiness took the piss out of himself with that fake Ferrari. It’s exactly the sort of thing middle-aged Paddy would have bought if he’d still been doing the doors at the Phoenix Club. Flintoff has got good taste in cars, he’s come a long way since that knackered LeBaron convertible.
  6. Excellent news. I remember sitting in the back of this car, sheltering from the rain that was a major feature of Shitefest ‘16. The can of Forte engine treatment on the old garage’s shelf also made me chuckle, I knew the people who pushed a similar snake oil named ‘Fortron’ when I worked for Hartwell group in the late 1990s. They were prime bullshitters as you can imagine, as well as stereotypical ‘Sarf Efricans’. Well I say SA, they were actually a couple who left England in circa 1965 ‘because there were no opportunities’ and then returned to the U.K. in 1996. They never di
  7. I had a Contour on rental in late 2000 when I spent a few weeks in New England, I think it was in a half decent colour like metallic red. I assumed at the time it would have been a 2.5 V6, although thinking about it now it very well could have been a 2.0 4 cyl. The main difference between this car and the UK market 1.8 LX manual I had at home was that the auto box kept changing up and down around the legal limit of 65mph, which was pretty damn annoying and didn’t strike me as a great aspect for a US market car!!!
  8. The Mk1/2 were built in the USA (or maybe Mexico). The Contour (Ford) was mildly successful until Taurus sales started to flag, then the discounts on its bigger sister made it look rather expensive. The Mk1, 2 and possibly 3 were also available in Aus/NZ.
  9. Ever since Ford USA canned the sister model (Fusion) in the States I thought it would be all over for the Mondeo. Only 24,000 were sold last year in the UK - which I would have thought was the best market for sales in Europe - so the end was never really in doubt. The fleet market goes for A4s and 3 series and the private buyer gets a Focus/Kuga. 28/29 years is a good run for any nameplate though. Interesting that the S-max and Galaxy get a stay of execution, as they are on the same platform I thought they’d get the bullet too. Reckon the Insignia will be next, unless the PSA/F
  10. It’s funny how if you watch some old 70’s cop show with actual London street footage, lots of parked cars seem to be more or less abandoned - these are usually Bedford CAs/Ford 100Es/50’s Austins. Looks like lockdown is doing it’s best to take London back to 1973!
  11. It was a good feature, particularly where Harris was talking about his dad - and his mum being the better driver! I’m not surprised he bought the car, he seemed genuinely very fond of it and the memories it invoked. Flintoff also seemed very taken with the Cortina. In all, a good episode and with no damage to the cars. What a comparison to that little twat Hammond and his hammer attack on an Allegro, his dad’s car. I noticed the wipers didn’t work on the Cortina in the Windermere bit, no wonder there was nearly an altercation with a Transit in the narrow lanes....
  12. You used to be able to buy American DIY car manuals ‘shop manuals’ that claimed to cover all models - or at least all major US makes from a massive date range like ‘1951-1976’ or similar. These were probably useful enough if you were rebuilding a really common engine, like a Chrysler slant-6, but pretty hopeless for bodywork or something like balancing an exotic carb set up that was only used on one muscle car for 2 years. Haynes must have relied on the other English speaking markets they sold in to justify some of the cars they covered, particularly the ones that were specific to one g
  13. TBH the ‘first mass produced electric car’ would probably have been American and made in the 1900s I reckon, they were pretty popular in urban areas until the Ford Model T wiped out most of the competition. The name ‘Detroit Electric’ comes to mind. Edit: I remember now, they started to fall out of favour after Cadillac introduced a car with an electric starter in 1912, prior to that ‘starting on the button’ had been a unique selling point of an electric car. Like now, electric cars were pretty expensive compared to petrol ones, so on reflection I don’t think the Model T would
  14. Fascinating stuff, thanks. I had always assumed that a small firm like Reliant or AC had assembled them to make some cash during a tough time, and/or keep their workers busy. Aston Martin even refurbished a load of stored unsold Lancias at one point! (The Beta ‘HiFi’ Coupes circa 1980)
  15. I never knew these had Hillman Avenger doorhandles or that they had aluminium panels - I always thought they were GRP. I’m also not surprised the design passed a crash test easily, that’s a very solid looking chassis structure they have. Why were they built in Greece, out of interest? Were the authorities over there interested as well, or did they all get distributed back in GB?
  16. I think the image problem of Mk4 Golfs is the fact quite a few of the remaining ones are driven very badly by rather dubious people (no offence to anyone on here!). This happens to most German cars that were sold in the U.K. in big numbers - the 3 series E36 and E46 suffered from the same image ‘issues’ - although the small number of surviving E36’s now seem to be owned by enthusiasts and not dickheads. It’s kind of like what happened to Cortinas and Capris in the 80s and early 90s. It’s hard to believe Capris were ever considered naff given their current values but they were a bit of a j
  17. I do like this car, green cars are hard to find these days! What is that strange grey crap in the old mirror? Some sort of glue or expanding foam holding all the bodges together?
  18. Can’t quote properly due to phone - the 6 people are from a maximum of 2 households. I’d love a look at that Toledo as much as anyone, but just thought I’d mention it. The post May meet for up to 30 people should be fine though.
  19. I think anything that’s a big* ‘loads of cars and people in a field’ before mid June is pretty unlikely given the restrictions on sporting events etc, *this exempts anything Mr 6 cyl may organise 😀
  20. The extra door mirror could have been fitted at the dealer. It does have the proper base dash from the pic in the ad, and also the door trims are correct. Even the tan side stripe is right looking at the July 1982 Ford Cars catalogue. Sienna Brown with tan interior is the right combo on the colour/trim front. Hope it makes it into the fold so I can have a proper perv over it at a shitefest/FoD event. Happy to buy it some oil/petrol or other service bits if it does!
  21. These were really popular Stateside in their first few years, particularly as GM only had the Chevette based models as competition, and Chrysler the Horizon. Between 81 and 85 the Escort was in the top three best sellers easily. After the mid 80s the Japanese started their domination of this sector with the Corolla and Civic, and the Yanks slowly started to give up. Conversely, the EXP was a bit of a damp squib and didn’t last very long. I bet a 2.3 engined Mustang wasn’t that much more expensive, particularly once a eager salesman got his teeth into the prospective buyer! Pretty
  22. Geek alert - BMC plus Jaguar/Daimler become British Motor Holdings not British Motor Corporation. The last car designed by Daimler was the SP250 sports car. Although there was a brief mad plan for a Vauxhall Cresta PA with the V8 and an ersatz Daimler front to replace the Conquest/Century models. Thankfully Jaguar stopped such nonsense.
  23. The only modern car I’ve seen with dog dishes was the ‘New Beetle Mk2’, or however VW defined the one they launched around about 2013. I don’t expect VW added lugs to the steel wheels in the old school way, so it be worth having a look at one to see how it works. I would add that it may be a clever full wheel trim with body colour bits to make it look like the old ones - never seen one up close.
  24. I think for sheer cynicism the Corsa E (? the one launched about 2014 and only just replaced?) is hard to beat. GM had plainly lost all interest in Opel and just wanted a replacement as soon and cheaply as possible, whilst they waited for someone to take the company off their hands. So they used the same bodyshell as the last one, with a new front end tacked on. The new Pug designed one looks light years better, and is probably a damn sight better to drive as well. It’s basically a 208 without that weird driving position.
  25. Diesel Enfield Bullets were sold retail, an auctioneer I knew in Carmarthen had one. Typical West Walian, everything has to be diesel there! This would have been about 20 years ago, the bike was on one of the last prefix plates like a X or a Y. He fitted one of those Watsonian sidecars. The ‘combination’ looked quite stylish but sounded like a tractor (the Lombardini heritage no doubt) and must have had acceleration times measurable in minutes.
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