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  1. A couple of recent charity shop finds - Dinky Packard Clipper, very happy getting this for £4: and a Karrier Chipperfield Circus booking office van for £3: The place with the Karrier van had a massive box full of stuff in packets, so will have to keep on eye on what they put out. Some boxed Corgi Chipperfield stuff from the 1990s was already on display, but you had to go on EBay for it. Can’t be doing with that nonsense.
  2. I am planning to attend for at least Saturday and can be a backup to collect Des if required.
  3. To be fair, it does look a lot better than I expected in the photos, but they don’t show the underside. It can’t hurt to go and have a look at it, then at least you can check if it still has a floor pan. Is it lacking some Hydragas at the back or is that just a quirk of the photo? - looks a bit low to me. Beautiful shade of blue though - was that Moonraker Blue?
  4. Did he have a Scottish cousin?
  5. This is the sort of thing I was thinking of, a VW Karmann Ghia stuffed full of lead acid batteries: Built by a couple of engineers at the Allis Chalmers (tractors) Research Laboratories in the early 70s, using one of their cars and a lot of company money, I imagine.
  6. I think the Breadvan thread above is about modern EV technology and how they can substitute for an ICE car. This thread sorts like the perfect place for all those weird American experiments of the 1960s/70s/80s as well as more modern junk like the Reva G-Wiz. I think someone in the US tried to sell Renault Dauphines with the engines replaced by lots of batteries, under another name. This would have been early to mid 1960s, I’ll have to see if I can dig out the article. There was a fantastically successful* attempt by Peugeot to sell an electric 106 in the early 90s, I think for the French market only. There was one on the Peugeot stand at a recent Retromobile.
  7. @Six-cylinder’s MG Metro is a great car to drive, but every time I do I do find myself looking for 5th gear. I imagine the Turbo is the same but more so? £7k seems a lot for something that needs a engine rebuild, a ‘bit’ of welding (it’s a 1980s Metro, it will probably need more) and a respray. If it had just one of the above issues, it would probably make sense, but it sounds a lot like Condition 2 money for a Condition 3 car. That’s using the old Practical Classics criteria, where 2 equalled useable and 3 equalled fucked…
  8. Chris neglected to mention the modernz were invited to the Jubilee display as well: The 90’s TVR Chimera at the top of the row was being revved up by the owner to the delight of small children and elderly men. The black Jag F type looked a bit of a weapon as well. Its a shame no one bought a BRG Freelander 2 as we could have staged Prince Philip’s last driving adventure* with it. Cue jokes about white Fiat Unos…..
  9. According to yesterday’s Times, MG now have 3% of the market, more than Mini, Volvo, Citroen or Volvo. They (along with Hyundai/Kia) are the only mainstream brand to have increased sales this year. Hyundai and Kia sold 80,000 vehicles last year between them and now have 11% of the market. MG were described as a ‘British heritage brand’ and the article did point out everything is now made in China.
  10. I thought that handbrake was a bit dodgy. There’s not much of a slope on your front drive, and it was getting very close to the front of the Sovereign!!
  11. That’s not NCAP, it’s some copycat bullshit put together by a fire brigade to prove a point about wearing seatbelts. None of the airbags deploy which rather prove the point that it’s staged. Plus the B pillar has been cut to film the ‘bodies’ flying about. Lamposts are not trees, unless it’s a really old iron or concrete one they are designed to have some ‘give’ if something hits them.
  12. Is that bottom one American, or a British/Scottish copy?
  13. I imagine it’s awaiting collection by a scrapyard or car breakers. I doubt a demolition firm would just dump it hoping the council would collect it. I guess if it goes to a car breakers it will get sold on or dismantled for usable bits, if it goes straight to a metal yard it might just get crushed. The alternative is one of the demolition guys or builders has said they’ll do something with it.
  14. I should be around from Thurs midday onwards to assist - have PM’d.
  15. I watched Brannigan a couple of months ago when it was on TPTV. There’s a very early yellow Capri II (M reg I think) that chases an S type Jag and ends up in a roadworks skip after the Tower Bridge jump. I doubt Ford would have used it afterwards, so I wonder if it was a pre-production model or something similar they couldn’t (or didn’t want to) sell on to the public. Edit: Just read on wiki that the black E type used by the hitman character in this film survived, the current owner is trying to get the original registration back. I’m impressed as the car looked a bit of a mildly customised heap in the film.
  16. I think there is one of these in the 1980s James Bond film ‘The Living Daylights’. There’s a scene in an military airfield (supposedly in Afghanistan, this is the era when we liked the Mudjahadeen) nr the end and Timothy Dalton is hiding behind something yellow (probably an aircraft tug) with that very distinctive logo.
  17. Oh good, the little Metro is back - it is a great car.
  18. Did he own both cars or was the Citroen his fathers? The ITV adaption of the story a couple of years ago was pretty good, lots of early 80s shite featured, although the Jeremy Bamber character drove a MkI Astra GTE rather than an XR3.
  19. He had a Corsair at the time he was finally, and conclusively arrested, Corsairs do seem to attract wrong’ uns - Sutcliffe had at least two. Sutcliffe had several cars during his ‘active period’, (the official report into the investigation lists them) and he did buy and sell cars as a bit of a sideline. It’s disturbing to think he might of had shiter tendencies…
  20. A 2004/5 example is unlikely to be ‘dead’ in Defender terms, even with a stuffed TDi or rotted chassis it’s still worth a few grand. Suspect it will get back on the road. The others….less so.
  21. I think the back one is a Subaru, perhaps a very aptly named ‘Forester’? Front one - my guess is a two door early 1990s thing like a Shogun/Pajero or Frontera.
  22. I should be along for this Saturday, just for the day though. This weekend I bagged a load of Scaletric via a local free cycle, is there any interest on a FoD model race track? Have yet to work out what’s all there but there should be enough for a working set-up!
  23. I’m afraid I can’t copy and paste the whole list with the phone but anyway: 27 - Anthony G, Friday & Saturday night, staying off site. If someone could format that nicely I would be very grateful!
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