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  1. Currently working doing courier jobs in a Sprinter XLWB 116. Four years old, 190k miles. It actually drives well. It has a sleeper bunk and it's pretty quiet. Drove it up from Surrey this afternoon. Quite surprised that it did 34 mpg. That's pretty impressive for something the size of a planet.
  2. I remember doing pretty much everything you've listed regarding the dash and service on my E28 528iSE back in 1993.. A998WKW. That was my favourite BMW saloon I've owned. Manual with LSD and aircon.
  3. I don't know about the fire. That's a shame, I got rear 1/4 trim cards, rear lights and front struts for my 1300 Sport from Graham. Decent enough prices as well.
  4. I had a 528 bhp RWD Sapphire Cosworth. They are a bit of a handful in the wet...
  5. He retired and sold his stock to Graham in Widnes who comically trades under "GS Escorts". I imagine that has caused a few raised eyebrows with wives who've seen credit card statements.
  6. A pal of mine had a Sapphire 2000E for years. Nice thing, full leather and aircon.
  7. A pal of mine had a 205 GTi 1.9 which he said was a very limited edition thing. It was a dark metallic green one with full black leather interior, aircon, PAS and every toy you could get on a 205. I remember bits like the interior door handles were leather trimmed and the carpet and seat belts were dark green in it rather than the usual red most 205 GTis had . My pal bought it new, it wasn't the same interior as a Roland Garros job. He said he'd had a choice of the dark metallic green (possibly the same colour as a 309 Goodwood) or Miami blue. He said there had been a Miami blue one in the showroom, but in the 10 years he owned his he'd never seen another one like his. I've never seen another one, not even an advert for one. He's currently driving an Octavia VRs which is also a freaky high spec job with full leather and every high end option. He reckons that's a very limited special edition job, one of 50 or something. I don't know where he gets them.
  8. I drove it at Ian Harwood's in Ellesmere Port around 1991 I think. With it being on the Welsh side of the Mersey it probably is the one you're thinking of.
  9. Ok, here are a few. 1st was my concours winning Mk2 RS2000 Custom, MTU11T. I had that in 92. It then went to Ireland, then returned to the UK and last I heard of it it was being restored somewhere near Wakefield about a decade ago. The yellow Mk1 I had in 1988. That had a 1600 GT engine. I paid £60 for it, don't know what happened to that. The Q plate one I bought in 1989 for £800. It had been used in a bank job in Preston and then hidden away somewhere. By the time Dibble found it the insurance had paid out so for some mad reason it ended up on a Q. I bought it from a notorious Liverpool gangster who turned out to actually be a nice enough fella. It had a fairly handy 2.0 with twin Dellorto 45s. Went well. I did a straight swap for the Mexico with the Fiat TC I posted earlier in this thread. The Orange RS2000 Custom was originally SKY345S but I had bought it for bits for the green one after the green one was stolen from a bodyshop on the Wirral. SKY plate went on my Mk5 RS2000, the orange car (which needed the inner wings doing) was reregistered as PKD something S. The Java Green RS2000 is still going. It has just had an extensive restoration and was in the front cover of Fast Ford not long ago. I'm in touch with the current owner. He has done a lovely job of restoring it. OJP771R was originally a drum braked 1.1 I bought around 1988 for £100. That ended up with disc brakes and a 1.6. It was terminally rotten but I thrashed it around North Wales for months while slowly welding it up. The red 1300 Sport in the final two pictures was one I bought in Germany in 2009. It had sat in a barn for 22 years and then been left outside for a while. Amazingly, with a battery and a bit of fuel chucked down the carb it started first go and idled like it had just been switched off 5 minutes earlier. That was then dragged to the Czech Republic where it was occasionally worked on until it was solid and safe to drive to the UK. I drove it here, MOTd it and registered it on 1/8/14 (I liked the idea of a 1st Aug registration) and sold it a couple of weeks later to a chap who drove it to Monaco, where it now lives. Funny really, that 1300 Sport had one of the shortest axle ratios available, so after sitting still for decades, being driven 1000 miles across Europe to the UK at 5000 rpm (about 80 mph) then to Monaco must have been a wake up call for the thing. I've got thousands of pictures of that thing being rebuilt.
  10. Why on earth would someone fit a 2.3 Cologne to an Escort? I can sort of understand fitting a 3.0 Essex or 2.8 Cologne, but a 2.3??? It would have been quicker and better handling with a very mild 1.6 xflow ffs!
  11. Lovely, that. I don't think I'd pay that for it. I think I'd probably buy one of the new Mk2s instead.
  12. Very nice job indeed. Makes me feel guilty for not hanging on to the 3.0 Ghia coupé I had in the 80s.
  13. It should have an aux in socket in the glove box. If it hasn't, there's normally a feed for Aux In tucked under the passenger sill plate and the lead to feed it to the glove box is only a few quid from MB. If you look in the settings menu on the radio it should have an aux option. My S203 has it.
  14. Q plates are nearly permanent. The trick used to be to get the car through a NI MOT and put an NI plate on. I only know this because many years ago someone I know bought a very expensive Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon that was about a year old. He bought it, complete with NI reg for about £3k less than an English registered one would have cost. All would have been fine, if he hadn't decided to put his private plate on it. As soon as DVLA received the application for the reg transfer two officers from the local Dibble Stolen Vehicle Squad (or whatever they're called) rocked up at his house and took his £35k Amazon off to their workshop. It was returned to him about a month later on a Q plate. Turned out it had been stolen when new and stripped to the bone, only the rolling shell had been found. Some enterprising chap had bought it from the insurance, taken it to NI, rebuilt it and managed to get it registered in NI. If the chap I know hadn't tried to put his reg on the thing he'd probably never have triggered DVLA.
  15. As for Mk1/2 vans. I had this for a while. Mk1 Mex fronted Mk2, with a 2.1 Pinto, 5sp, 3.54:1 LSD, Bilsteins, tramp bars, Recaros, Paid £400 for it.
  16. I also had a Mk1 Mexico fitted with a Guy Croft Fiat 2.0 TC and a five speed (Fiat) box. It was very quick as it had around 180 bhp and the TC engine is a fair bit lighter than a Pinto, and probably lighter than the Kent it was originally built with. It was Tawny Bronze (brown) when I owned it back around 1989. I swapped a Mk2 RS2000 on a Q plate for it, so the Mex owed me around £800. Google shows that it is now white, bubble arched and has a Vauxhall engine.
  17. I got to go for a spin in this a few years ago. XOO243F which I believe was the first works Borehamwood prepared Escort Twin Cam. It is the best prepared Escort I've ever been in, and bloody quick. I know the owner was offered £120k for it and turned it down flat. I was considering building my Sport into a fairly handy fast road car - I'd bought a Focus ST170 for the engine - but after going for a spin in XOO I realised that to build something that could even get close to the performance of XOO would cost huge amounts of money. The dampers on XOO alone would cost more than my entire Sport had. Incredible thing, XOO. At high speed on a very bad road the thing just dealt with the potholes etc incredibly. Made a great noise as well.
  18. They built 108 RS1800s IIRC. 101 base models and seven Customs. I drove one of the Custom ones shortly before it was exported to NZ.
  19. I've had something like 10 Mk2 RS2000s and probably 10 cooking Mk2s, plus a smattering of Mk1s. In fact, someone contacted me on this very forum not long ago about one of my old RS2000's as they have just restored it.
  20. I know. That's why they're getting done.
  21. Snow has finally arrived in this little corner of Germany. Which means I really need to buy winter tyres. Luckily, they appear a fair bit cheaper here than in the UK. Probably because they're a legal requirement. Looking at around €350 for a set of Nokian jobs, which seems cheap when I was quoted £200 each just for the rears in the UK (245/40/17). It's pretty here in the snow though
  22. What makes me grin? 20 miles of dry, derestricted, empty Autobahn on Christmas Eve and a 354 bhp car. Fröhe Weinachten! Every song on Radio Antenne was a Xmas tune. All in English as well, which I didn't expect. Don't take long to get home. Have a Happy Christmas you lot, and a Merry New Year.
  23. Rented, but the landlord is a top bloke.
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