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  1. Kumho PS71 tyres improve the ride and handling rather a lot over the run flats they're blighted with from the factory. Kumho PS71 are a decent tyre at a more sensible price. They're not run flats...
  2. I drove a 911 with Sportomatic many years ago, same kinda thing.
  3. Probably the moment my new pressure washer was delivered... #RainGod
  4. Mini has left the fleet. Golf V6 exhumed from its five year slumber and about to be resurrected. I've kept the big stereo from the Mini, and I've been collecting bits for the Golf for the last few years, so now it's the time to bring it back to life. Much swearing about Haldex to follow..
  5. I need to do this to my Golf V6. Handy write-up. Ta!
  6. That's exactly where it goes. I do a lot of miles and I've got used to having Bluetooth for the phone, it's the first thing I fit to all my cars. Music streaming is something else I like to have, but I like everything to feel like it has always been there. Your solution is a good one, I'll consider doing that to my Mercedes, that has factory nav and the phone is via a Bluetooth puck in the factory cradle. So I can use the nav unit to dial etc. It's too old for streaming, so I play tunes via the aux function in that. Your fix would work in that as I can Bluetooth to that for audio, and to the puck for calls.
  7. You didn't actually post a link initially, so we were guessing. The Škoda doesn't have an aux jack as such. This little box does add an aux, an SD, USB and Bluetooth.
  8. More budget solutions are certainly available, it's just I wanted this to be invisible (other than the mic) and to work as close to factree as possible. Which it does. I've got a few of those Bluetooth radio tuner things, but this just seemed to be a nice solution.
  9. I've got an R53 Works 210 I'll be selling soon.
  10. Fitted a Bluetooth gadget to the Škoda. It replaces the CD changer but allows streaming and handsfree calling without replacing the head unit, and it's clever enough that the steering wheel controls work for skipping tracks / answering calls etc. Škoda doesn't have phone buttons on the steering wheel, but if listening to BT audio and someone calls just press "fast forward / next track" and it answers, press "rewind / previous" to hang up. Works with some BMW / Volvo / Mini / Rover stuff as well. Sound quality decent and it deals with phone calls well. Decent buy at £65 if you have a suitable car with a stereo / Nav you don't want to change. Took about an hour to fit. 5 min to connect, the rest of the time routing wires and finding somewhere for the emulator box to live and running the mic wiring. Emulator has mini SD card / Aux / USB options, but as I never use those I just fitted the emulator behind the head unit. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125695721430?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=8f3JNLk1Qz2&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=TXtpwOKASy2&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  11. Day of Škoda fettling. AC now vacuum tested, regassed and working correctly. ECUs interrogated and nothing to worry about. No engine codes or anything scary. AC code for low gas, now rectified. Faulty parking sensor identified, so I'll get one on order. Pollen filter on order. I reckon this thing would piss another 260k.
  12. Another one in the fleet. 2.0 TDI Škoda Superb Elegance. Never been a taxi, very well maintained, bizarrely rusty boot lid. Usual Škoda mileage rules apply.
  13. I won't be able to make it as I'll be in Belgium. I was looking forward to SF23 but unfortunately I'll have to give it a miss this year.
  14. I'm a "car guy". I'm the person who often only hears from people when their car has an issue. Would I describe myself as a motoring enthusiast? Er, probably not, even though I went to a cars and coffee this morning. I like driving, love going on mad road trips across continents. I like that cars can enable me to do that. Do I want to spend a day chatting about the infinite reliability of the 'misunderstood' K. Series with a bloke who thinks everybody else is wrong because he's got one he inherited from his Aunt Mabel and it has never let him down "and it has only done 33000 miles". No. I'll tolerate him politely for 5 minutes and then go and entertain myself watching wallpaper fade while his engine slowly mixes oil and coolant. Lots of my pals are mechanics. We get on great, we don't talk cars other than "this is playing up", "it'll be the doofer valve manipulator behind the glove box, arse to get to", "cheers".
  15. Mini - Boxster brakes & raise ride height, wire up heated seats, reinstate aircon. C32 AMG - replace crank sensor, tailgate and give it a good service. Golf V6 - replace suspension, service engine and Haldex, replace rear calipers and hatch. Then possibly sell.
  16. Started the year with the C32 AMG, Golf V6, blue Mini Cooper S (R53) and a diesel Jaaag X type 2.2d Sport Premium. Blue Mini cracked its cylinder head and was returned to the trader I bought it from. It was replaced with the grey, tweaked to 230ish bhp. R53 Cooper S JCW 210. This has taken on daily duties. It has also got through rather a lot of my money as I've fitted new tyres, Bilsteins, a full heated leather interior, armrest and upgraded a few other bits. Suspension is too low on it currently, as soon as I find the specs for JCW springs I'll chuck 'em on. It is also due a brake upgrade. C32 has a faulty crank sensor. It's a bugger to replace so I'm waiting for the weather to improve. I have the sensor, but don't want to use the car in winter anyway so that can wait. Need a tailgate in 744 silver if anyone has one. It'll run but only until the crank sensor warms up. SORN Golf is awaiting a full service, new rear calipers, a Haldex service and a set of Bilsteins + H&R springs. It has been off the road for four years, just waiting for a round tuit to arrive. I've also sourced a rust free tailgate for it, which took a while. Which means I can finally de-tint the rear windows. Circular Tuits are currently out of stock, but I think I'll use this for a while this year and then flog it. Runs well, sounds lovely, currently SORN. X type was sold. Probably too cheaply, but I really don't get on with the diesel X type. Like the V6 AWD jobs, but the diesel ain't for me.
  17. Mini fixed. I'll bring it to the next thing. 20220719_115246.mp4
  18. Has the steering shut up? Nice to meet you.
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