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  2. Were Gilford not also a very early adopter of air suspension? And to go back to Leyland tin fronts briefly; Edinburgh Corporation fitted a fibreglass copy of the BMMO tin front to their PD3s before bodying by Alexander.
  3. If I remember correctly, during the Routemaster refurbs in the early 90s they settled on three engines, one of which was the Iveco 8361. The others were the Cummins C-Series and later on the Scania D9 made an appearance. Apparently the Scania ones are quite sprightly...
  4. I have both copies of Original Tin somewhere, having found Peter Conelrads excellent BL Tin website sometime before Autoshite. Pity it didn't get beyond the first two as I reckon it had great potential.
  5. That looks class! Glad to see it getting some love.
  6. I do indeed Mrs6C, its been on the "To do" list for a while. Until recently I was under the impression that the system would need stripped and all the seals replaced to take the new type gas but that's no longer the case. Would need to get it pressure tested next to see if it's actually still gas tight right enough.
  7. So as many of you may have noticed, I dragged this auld tub to Festival of the Unexceptional last weekend where it wasn't even the shonkiest car in attendance. Thanks to a tipoff from @juular, four brand new Bosch injectors had been bought and I spent a jolly Scottish summer afternoon fitting then and generally tidying the old bus up. In other words I got fucking soaked. That used to be an alternator mount. Old and New injectors. Unfortunately despite the extensive* preparations the trip was not without incident. Somewhere on the A1 north of Grantham it decided to jettison the entire nearside indicator/sidelight unit. Bulb holders, the lot. Of course I had no idea of this until stopping at Grantham North services for a pee and to find out which indicator bulb had blown. Arse. So it was a desperate double back and search along 10 miles or so of A1 that I'd just traversed but quickly gave up hope of ever seeing it again. Then spotted it in a lay-by, miraculously mostly intact. Even the bulbs had survived it's 60mph sojourn into the scenery. Duly reunited it was a quick blat to Peterborough and rendezvous with the other Scottish contingent. And thus to the show. More bad news though. @Skizzer, who was following in convoy noticed a worrying lack of brake lights. Sure enough it turned out the brake light switch had died and there was no prospect of getting a replacement in a field full of 80s cars. Not without being noticed anyway... However thanks to the combined knowledge and assistance of Autoshite, and some wires kindly supplied by @blackboilersuit I was able to wire the brake lights up to the foglight switch instead of just living in Lincolnshire for the rest of eternity. New switch and we're back in business. On the plus side, it averaged about 35mpg over 680 odd miles. Handy as I'm going on holiday in it next week. Wish me luck.
  8. Edinburgh just isn't friendly. Sorry to have missed you Eddy, next time maybe?
  9. Excellent day out, although it appears I missed flipping loads of good stuff. Will need to be a bit more thorough next time. Meanwhile, here's a picture of some of the Scottish contingent on the way home.
  10. I'm still bringing the big grey brick so boxy estates will be well represented. It's also quite endearingly scruffy so the general public will likely hate it. See yous at the truckstop, 0900am hours o'clock in the morning.
  11. I replaced the oil separator and associated pipework whilst the inlet manifold was off. That was removed for better access to the block earthing points whilst chasing something else last year after the Covid lay up. Not sure what else would be blocked to cause excessive crankcase pressure, unless it's clogged again.
  12. Old Volvos seem to attract bad wiring repairs like bears to picnics. Good to see some early progress though. I fitted the Pioneer head unit as the one it came with crapped it. IIRC all the original wiring is intact though so a Volvo one should go in no bother.
  13. That's a 5 stud car, I think they came in with the face-lift for the 1994 model year. It actually hit the road on my sixth birthday. From launch in June 1991 for the 92MY until the face-lift for the 94MY, 850s were all four stud.
  14. AFAIK it is "Wren-strie" but folk from that kneck of the horse are a law unto themselves. Also, would recommend selling anything to @Fumbler 112%/10 WUD EXCHANGE CASH FOR CAR AGEN.
  15. Hoping so as I've not got an physical ticket yet either.
  16. Delightfully* quaint* villages sampled?
  17. Mr. Fumbler is indeed in Scotlandland to collect an Volvo. Was grand meeting you sir and I hope the 850 gives you trouble free service.
  18. An undisclosed location, somewhere.
  19. 0724 am hours o'clock in the morning. Here's a cat.
  20. That's proper shite man, really sorry to see it. To buck the trend, a new* crank is probably the way forward and likely to be one of the easier ways back to Doloshite motoring. Or stick a redblock in it.
  21. That is a Foden NC, the one supplied to the NBC that First wanted an exorbitant amount of money for, then scrapped for a pittance.
  22. That line painting Bedford is ace.
  23. You still wouldn't have outslowed the Musso. It's touch and go whether you'd have outslowed the 740. Bet the Volvo would be the faster with a washing machine though.
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