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  1. Yes you can. Stick headlights fans on and watch voltage, it shouldn't drop to far then simply crank it over and if voltage drops lower than 9 Volts it's goosed or as good as. Any battery that doesn't chuck out 10 volts on cracking isn't long to this world. I had trouble as op with the Corsa diesel being a pain which I documented on here, it had two battery drop tests both agreeing it was okay but low and behold it was the battery all along
  2. If you had bought the ten quid multimeter first you could have tested glow plugs and battery,. Have the glow plugs got power to them?
  3. Have you got a multi meter yet then 😂
  4. A mates got a 16 plate ranger 3.2 and it tows very well indeed, it's also very nice to drive with a nice torquey five pot, the chassis is red rust though which was a bit of a shock for a 6 year old truck even at 90k miles.
  5. Some diesel cars use heater plugs all year round it's just the time they are switched on is less in warmer weather. https://www.screwfix.com/p/lap-ac-dc-digital-multimeter-600v/75337
  6. Have you checked heater plugs yet
  7. It was rwd and all running gear was removed plus all the front inner wings and chassis legs where cut out. the whole front was then cut from a golf 18 turbo and grafted into the pugs front end using the golf inner wings. It was a shit load of work and after paintwork was done it did look pretty good before being sold on. The thread was pretty good untill op took a strop over some comments and deleted it.
  8. https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/207583/1961-peugeot-estate-4250-donor
  9. I'm pretty certain you yourself had a thread on it full of pictures on the amount of original chassis that was cut away, didn't take an engineer's report to realise how much structure was removed from your pictures. Just because the final look of the car was pretty good didn't make it any stronger or infact legal.
  10. Well it is coilsprung 😉
  11. And the lime green series landy will also be MOT excempt.
  12. Just as bad as the upgraded to 2 litre superchargedwizzturboebaycoilover super fast traffic light racer but cheep insurance and tax as still registered as a 1.1 perfect for learner driver sales adds.
  13. Maybe present climate and or the fact all tractorists are extremely busy working all hours getting crops in or sown
  14. And as I've previously stated I know of a few tractors that have been plate raped even though people always say you can't. If someone buys it for that reason then it's their problem to overcome. Looks fairly well priced though so should sell easy enough 👍
  15. Glad you got it in and finally getting to drive the 305. Good to meet you too .
  16. garbaldy

    Ford timelord

    When going to a book signing why take two tins of paint on the off chance there's a nice car outside, strange thing to do
  17. And not forgetting that weird feeling of sitting over the front wheels,. My old van had 340k on it when I disposed of it.
  18. Nice buy 👍 I've still got a new turbo from mine which I ended up scraping đŸ˜ŗ shame as I loved that bloody van, glad I never seen that one or would have been tempted for sure. I finally got my old doka started after a new ignition module, a little pez down its neck and it started first time running from a can, the fuel in its tank looks rather like Syrup,. Only problem is it's ticking over around 4k revs and won't drop ☚ī¸ more investigation required.
  19. Nope and as a bonus they're easier to store 😉
  20. I find our A3 does better mpg at higher speeds as last time came up the m6 at 80 ish mph it indicated 82 mpg. Normal round the doors stuff and it's sitting at mid 50s our Passat was similar too.
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