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  1. Had a similar situation with a screen in one of my Dolomites. As it was a Sprint it should have had the tinted screen but they came 3 times with a clear. On the the third visit, they fitted the clear for me until they could source the right one so at least I could get the car MOT'd. Took about 6 months until somebody did a batch of the correct windscreens which I found out about. I bought the new screen myself and they came out and fitted it and my insurance paid me back for the glass. Only had to pay the excess of £50.
  2. We have just sent our 65 reg back to MAN at the end of the lease. They are by far the cheapest for a new one but although Nuneaton depot is fine as you probably know, but aftersales through MAN head office are useless.
  3. The plan was to be at the top when listings were alphabetical. A bit irrelevant now though. Moved from that house now. Could get an artic on the drive there. Probably 3 if we parked on the front lawn as well. The neighbours there were not my type of people and quite often I had letters dropped through the door. Normally regarding old cars (all legal and nice cars that were garaged) , me coming and going at all hours so must be up to no good (I wish transport was a 9-5 weekday job) and if I parked a van on the drive it supposedly it brought down the tone of the area. We were half the age of everyone else there and they didn't like change. Houses only ever went up for sale when somebody died.
  4. Thanks. There are a couple of 18t MANs that are a bit older so those aren't signwritten. Just had a new DAF 7.5t also not yet signwritten or photographed yet.
  5. I have a mixed fleet of MANs and DAFs for the bigger stuff along with a new MAN curtainside 3.5t, a Sprinter curtainsider 3.5t and a Vivaro for the smallest jobs. Thankfully got rid of the Citroen relay when the MAN arrived. The biggest problem with having your own trucks is that when you move house, its hard to justify getting a company in to do it so you end up doing it all yourself. Also missing from pics is our 500,000 mile 58 plate Sprinter curtainsider still daily driven by an 85 year old that has driven it since it was new. Won't be buying any more MANs as although the local dealer is ok, MAN themselves are a shower to deal with.
  6. My bit in the pot for this months. Thanks for what you do from a man that has to 'call the IT man' for even the simplest thing'
  7. A friend has FAB1A which they've had since before Skoda had such a thing. Turned down a huge profit many times over. Some other local plates are 1 DO, 2 DO, E3, 1 EAR
  8. I've got a few on retention including a couple that need selling to bathroom distributors, plumbers, Welfare van rental co or Portaloo rentals AB06 VAN and AB09 VAN
  9. Brakes are good. There were tested somewhere between Bridlington and Driffield when 2 motorbikes passed the line of traffic that they obviously thought I was leading along. As a car/caravan combo was heading towards them, 1st one went to dive in front of me to be met with the rear end of a giffer driven Polo so swerved back out into his mates path. They both nearly got taken out by the wobble-box coming the other way
  10. And home.....nothing to report other than the wing mirror on the drivers door is useless.
  11. Steady run down to Howden. Quick stop for more fuel just in case. It’s had 50 litres now so will need to be doing sub 20mpg for me to run out. I’ve been running at 65-70mph on some of the long stretches up to now so can’t foresee any problems heading home in the Motorway from here. It’s 101miles to home so hopefully next update should be before 6:30pm to say I’m home
  12. They were filming all day so likely will appear somewhere but nothing specific to this car. We knew which ones were being featured and this isn’t one of them
  13. Just leaving Filey now. All levels ok so Driffield, M62/M18/M1/M69 it is
  14. I realised that it matched the one the for the glovebox on the other side. It’s typically seaside weather just now so not going out to confirm as I’m southern and don’t like the wet stuff.
  15. Mystery buttons and unknown use for the keyed switch. More investigation required.
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