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  1. A friend has FAB1A which they've had since before Skoda had such a thing. Turned down a huge profit many times over. Some other local plates are 1 DO, 2 DO, E3, 1 EAR
  2. I've got a few on retention including a couple that need selling to bathroom distributors, plumbers, Welfare van rental co or Portaloo rentals AB06 VAN and AB09 VAN
  3. Brakes are good. There were tested somewhere between Bridlington and Driffield when 2 motorbikes passed the line of traffic that they obviously thought I was leading along. As a car/caravan combo was heading towards them, 1st one went to dive in front of me to be met with the rear end of a giffer driven Polo so swerved back out into his mates path. They both nearly got taken out by the wobble-box coming the other way
  4. And home.....nothing to report other than the wing mirror on the drivers door is useless.
  5. Steady run down to Howden. Quick stop for more fuel just in case. It’s had 50 litres now so will need to be doing sub 20mpg for me to run out. I’ve been running at 65-70mph on some of the long stretches up to now so can’t foresee any problems heading home in the Motorway from here. It’s 101miles to home so hopefully next update should be before 6:30pm to say I’m home
  6. They were filming all day so likely will appear somewhere but nothing specific to this car. We knew which ones were being featured and this isn’t one of them
  7. Just leaving Filey now. All levels ok so Driffield, M62/M18/M1/M69 it is
  8. I realised that it matched the one the for the glovebox on the other side. It’s typically seaside weather just now so not going out to confirm as I’m southern and don’t like the wet stuff.
  9. Mystery buttons and unknown use for the keyed switch. More investigation required.
  10. Uneventful run back to Filey. Confidence grew after I knew fuel was in it. No fuel gauge or temp gauge working so need to have a look at them in the morning. Flickering brake warning light as well so level will be checked with everything else. Happy with the purchase considering I’d only walked past it at the auction before deciding to have a bid on it. Mot ran out in May ‘18 but previous test show no nasty advisories so even though it’s exempt it will be going for a fresh ticket before being put back up for sale.
  11. £30 of unleaded later and ........... fuel roulette it is then!
  12. First potential issue as we are 8 miles from nearest fuel stop
  13. So a couple of weeks ago I was up at Mathewsons for the auction. I’d bid on a couple of things that didn’t meet reserve. Getting towards the end and this came through. Still didn’t meet reserve but got the call a couple of days later to say my bid had been accepted. Anyway, we have a caravan at Primrose Valley so had arranged collection for today. First stint is just from Thornton-le-Dale to Filey which is about 18miles. Then tomorrow will be Filey to Leicester either via Humber bridge and Lincoln or Driffield then M18 and M1. Choice of route will depend on how it behaves today and how confident I am that it will be happy on the motorway. Car collected now and refreshments of Tea and Scones consumed, we are off for petrol with Mrs Foxache following in the modern.
  14. Managed to get in this month and target now hit. Thanks for your work.
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