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  1. I'm fucking absolutely fuming with rage, what a bastarding piss hole cunt Bollocks fucking wankstain of a time to be alive.
  2. Yup plenty done stupid things like that for years and still here to tell the tale. Luckily we grow out of that sort of shenanigans or most do.
  3. 80 odd ecus in an off roader, no need.
  4. Which is exactly what i always thought this forum was about.
  5. Nope no assistant required as long as the open end of the clear pipe is under brake fluid then air can't get back up the pipe, I always make sure the pipe is higher that the bleed nipple by a good 10 or so inches too and you can pump a a few times then get out and view when any bubbles stop.
  6. Used to look like this when it appeared at the car cave.
  7. This rs was very tempting and I actually hate mk3 scrotes too, it was mint and I do mean mint even the underside bolts where like new, trailer queen possibly? It was sharing space with some very expensive metal that's for sure.
  8. And in other news the family Beemer was getting a bit rough around the edges so the wife found a replacement, I blagged a free mug ontop of a tank of fuel.
  9. Would anyone buy a car from this photo alone, yup I thought not now just need to try and collect it while still in lock down.
  10. Its funny you should say that as I did actually lie under it and measure the mounting points, thank god I talked myself out of it though as I've still got loads to do to the van anyway, The cougar drives very well and is quite lively and I don't think they will get any cheaper.
  11. Sharpish is not in my vocabulary so that's a no from this side of the screen. I will get round to them but at the moment they are blocked in.
  12. Picked this up a few weeks ago with all its v6 soundtrack and gravel in the zorst pipes, every time my mate gunned it I had to dodge the bouncing gravel bombs.
  13. I've still got the golf and the alto sitting in the garden man I'm usless me.
  14. No you don't pinks all the rage these days don't you know, when it fades even more it will treble in value 😉
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