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  1. So tonight i thought I best finish what i started yesterday so whats missing. I drove to the yard and unstrapped all four wheels and lifted the back up and dragged it as far back on the trailer as possible then round The side and bingo she's off saves faffing with ramps again I stacked her with the others for the time being. Yup I got to the yard unloaded and realised I never had my wallet to fuel up so unhitched and had to go home and get it, Damn my ageing brainbox.
  2. Thats not at all bad, easy fix on springs but what's the verdict with airbag lights these days. I do hope your not going to hold your breath about getting a shot in the finished van haha
  3. You know I'm struggling to think of a collection thats been a dodle maybe I should take up golf. Eh nah think I'll persevere and the odds say I will get a good one one day haha
  4. Soz about radio silence peeps. After collecting the rig from a mate and kicking tyres and checking lights I was on my merry way up the A1. At the meeting with Mr peel I noticed the light socket had fell out so he directed me to a local halfords where a 13 pin adapter was sourced this didn't fit so an executive decision was made to chop it of and wire up a normal 7 pin socket, after a few trips in and out the store we where on our way. Many miles later we hunted down our pray which we found lying sleeping in a back yardish environment. After struggling to awake the old dinausaur we finally had it hearded onto the trailer for the return journey. Off we set eating the miles until the darn dash started beeping away telling me a door was ajar, a quick pit stop and some door slamming and away we go again, Mile after mile was covered and some frantic flashing from a truck we passed and another pitstop was made to find a strap had come loose and was dragging along the road. That should be tight enough And after much more driving and beeping dashboard door warnings the drop off point for me peel had arrived, this time I sprayed some oily stuff on the doors pins and luckily enough I got all the way home with no annoying beeps. This morning I wake up and while making my morning coffee look At This lovely view out my kitchen window. Apart from the many unscheduled pitstops the van managed a not bad consumption over the journey. Thanks to Mr peel for generously donating this engine for my van. It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope the Clio got a big fat pass.
  5. So is that a kit car then ? Either way it's bloody well nice A few for sale on that website you linked £68000 bargain I'll have the lot not.
  6. Thats lovely and i wondered what it was so had a wee looksy Hmm reg must be wrong double check yup what is it then?
  7. The jag that was under the cover most of the day next to the tent that was selling them and that triumph 2000 both got trophys, I don't know the order of winners except the guy with the red rover got second as I know him,I never though to ask him which order the other two came in. All three where bloody clean as new motors but the datty should have gotten a trophy in my eyes, If you missed some of the motors you must have left early, It started at 10 am and we arrived just before 11 but cars where still arriving at 3 pm by which time some had already left, it's quite a casual show where you can come and go as you please.
  8. That rover got second place trophy too. It was well clean I must say. Did the old guy start the tvr for you by eck did it sound good. The 305 was the tatiest motor there and I saw loads of people taking it's picture and had two people wanting to buy it, was a good show.
  9. /\ ah you spoil sport although I do agree
  10. I've thought about this a bit more and yes you can get a decent car for a ton and under. I've had many many cars for free with mot and just yesterday I bought a cracker of a wee motor on an 09 plate for less than twice your budget and it's moted till Oct. My advice is double your budget and the world's your oyster. My main source of cheep and free motors mates and word of mouth. Get known as the doylum who will take anything and they will fall into your lap.
  11. You could well have done as he's from Wooler and does loads of shows. He has a very large collection of old vehicles which I remember from growing up in Wooler he was always out and about in old stuff and still is. I agree on the 305 wink wink.
  12. Never even heard of this before. A what. Some modern rocket ship. And a bling bling legacy. A row of scoobarus And my favourite two till last. This one was running a transit di engine and he uses it daily. This one is my favourite by far Both these pickups had airide and where down in the weeds. I really really do want a yank pickup so after my garage is done I might just see if I can find one.
  13. A twactor. One of the handful of bikes hmm I can smell the two stroke from here. Saloon Excellent choice of towcar By now I was seek of taking pics so here's a group shot. And the mini club contingent had the whole bottom next to the winebago
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