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  1. The night was cold and i set off with a double heat of the plugs in the pug, I left on a full on red glow, shame the heater wasn't as good as the warm glow suggests. Arrived at the shop just about 3 mins before foad. After a good couple of hours blethering with foad and Mrs foad in what was a ruddy cold evening the deal was completed and I set off on the return journey all green. This morning I awake to this view. Now appart from the gaping mouth none existent grill and the slightly rough low speed running she's not a bad car. It was a pleasure doing business with Mr and Mrs foad and i would have chatted even longer if I could have felt my feet, God it was cold. So to recap I've got rid of the pug which none of the parts where any good for my van for another vehicle which also has no parts that are any good for my van, at least this one is a one on one out afair. A+ Recomended swapper.
  2. Had a good look at the pug today and nothing really useful for my van, I was mainly after a rear bumper and gear knob but both are no good, Starting to look like foads joint although he's got more 305s
  3. Yup absolute radio and it's a bit tin caney with the shite old speakers but works okay. Sure did she's not as quick as the van but does get there eventually, just have to wring it's neck, probably down to the extra weight of the car makes the difference.
  4. Mr one had stuck half a tank of motion lotion so no garage shot, i paid for the wings as that's mainly what I wanted and then set off saying my goodbyes and motored north up the 68. where's all the ruddy snow. Ah there it is over the hill sodin hell no play then. Got home safe and sound and as the mot states it's rather loud really and with that horrible drone, fine once you find a station on the radio though, she's a nice drive all the same and it does indeed manage triple digits on the Speedo. Thanks Mr one it was nice to meet you and have a blether and of course collect the car. A+ Raffler will buy tickets again.
  5. Arrived at Durham on time and was collected by electricery and as this was my first ever time in a scalextric car it was a real treat, pretty impressive too I might add. But here's what I came for the dirty dizzler with comically melted style number plate, think this will start a new craze, maybe not then.
  6. Newcastle was reached and then just one more stop to go.
  7. Station already and on the train which was a wee tad early nice. Wizzing past already.
  8. Breakfast number one and some carrier bag supplies action. Breakfast number two, Today's transport starts with mrbishi
  9. God knows I'm gonna be lost as this is the longest collection I've ever attempted Hmm so your coming to Berwick that's good pmd you haha.
  10. Now imagine being 600 miles into your journey with ferry cost and awakeing from a night in a hotel in Germany to a message saying I've had a change of heart about selling the car, that was a fun trip for sure. How did you pay the deposit can't be hard to track it can it ?
  11. Get in ya dancer. Fear not fellow shitters it shall be available again soon enough.
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