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  1. I've no idea so let's see. 68 ford escort 69 landrover 71 vauxhall viva 79 mitsubishi colt 79 toyota starlet 82 mitsubishi colt 86 audi Quattro 89 peugeot 305 91 peugeot 205 98 subaru terzo 98 citroen Xantia 00 ford focus 00 subaru impreza 01 bmw 330 04 vw passat 04 ford mondeo 05 vw golf 05 fiat panda 07 mitsubishi L200 08 mitsubishi lancer 09 suzuki alto was daughters but bought her an ibiza instead. 11 bmw coupe Bikes. 82 honda mtx 200 x 1 and a half
  2. I also saw a 7.5 ton flat bed drive past our house with what looked a like a beige marina on its back, said car looked like it had been ratchet strapped through the middle as it was like a banana. At a guess I would say something heavy was dropped on it.
  3. In Berwick yesterday being driven by a trio of hashy presenters, Makes me want a yank even more now.
  4. Need some spares as you have to Wonder if these will survive the week.
  5. At first glance I read that as welders. Painfully to the wallet I bet.
  6. Appart from a couple of car park dimples and a scuff on bumper it was very clean and Drove really well service book full and I would have bought it but daughter said no likey, I tried to push it onto the wife but she said nope I'll keep mine thanks. You can find a good car for reasonable money just have to be patient.
  7. Offered this last month 85k on the road 16 hunna but I bet could be had at 15.
  8. Holy shit I managed to squeeze 18mpg out of mine this weekend and I thought I had done well.
  9. Monocoque or not the body mounting points to the chassis still have to be sound within a certain radius.
  10. Shoosh mun that view doesn't fit in this thread, This is for inverted snobbery and slagging off of sheeple who don't mind dept for shiney things.
  11. Does it have an egr cooler ? I'm sure thats whats leaking on my car as 6 years later I still can't find out where the coolant is going, it doesn't loose much but does drop from max to min every few 1000 miles or so.
  12. Bloody hell is that a 3 day packed lunch haha, Last time we where at crail there was a driver that had all the wrong lines and it doesn't half spoil your lap especially If the red mist arrives too.
  13. I received a strange letter early this year from machine mart, how strange you ask, well I bought this deglazer to rebuilt a mk1 xr2 back in 1994.
  14. My similar ones failed but here. Sure it's in one of My threads, it did go off with one hell of a bang.
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