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  1. That's a nice colour and as a bonus 10 or so years down the line you won't notice any rustπŸ˜‰
  2. Your looking at him so to speak. Last two pages of this thread shows what was done to it.
  3. Sold last year and last seen at the car cave, shame I never got round to sorting the wipers to right hand drive spec as that's only tell tale it was LHD
  4. Number two was the troublesome Merc so that brings us to number 3 which was this. Now this one was another German purchase which once again started of very well, an arrival time was set and full payment was sent before even hitching the trailer up, (learned that from the first one) arrived 20mins early at sellers house not a sign of life this was after regular messages updating where abouts we had got too. We waited a little over 4 hours with all messages unanswered before someone arrived to open garage up πŸ™„ never mind, after an F1 load up we set off sitting at 80mph so as not to miss the ferry, all was fine for a few hundred miles until the hilux decided to go into limp mode , after a quick pit stop and nothing untoward found back onto motorway and creep it up to 70 and all was well for a few miles bang limp mode ffs, it turns out at 70 the hilux could be turned off and after a few seconds restarted and no limp mode for another dozen miles, of course ferry was missed so another crossing had to be bought then it was a simple ignition on and off all the way to Scotland.
  5. Thanks for the kind words guysπŸ˜‰ This black weekend thread was the second euro collection so I'll add a wee description of other collections for you to laugh at. This was the first one. And it started off really quite well we left Scotland drove down to the ferry got straight on and all was well, day one was coming to a close and we found a hotel, a message to the seller went un answered along with another 4 over the next hour or so, in the am after breakfast finally got an answer after a hand full of calls to be told by Mr seller that he had changed his mind and wanted to refund the 500 euro deposit hmm. Since we where only 100km or so from sellers house we just arrived anyway, luckily face to face he never said anything and let us load it up after handing him some more cash, we did this extra quick without even checking the car chucked some straps at it and took off before he changed his mind again, maybe he wasn't too brave once face to face with two big hairy arsed blokes on his doorstep 😁 That was number one and it took the shine off the trip being told he had changed his mind after travelling a 1000 or so miles.
  6. Nothing at all just a hiden agenda from me πŸ˜‰
  7. Oh dear that doesn't bode well as mine doesn't look overly rusty either, I better give it a good poke then.
  8. I always thought the later ones dropped the c90 name and just called them a cub, if they are now worth that much I think I will buy this one offered to me for 600 quid last month.
  9. That's a good one πŸ˜€ This one's swiss and a petrol, I would say very well used,
  10. Nice thread which I will keep looking in on now, are panels easily available? This was First spot in the flesh and it wasn't exactly as clean as described.
  11. Yes she was a good buy with only servicing tyres and a set of shocks in 11 years, πŸ˜‰ it will be doing the 5th year Roamers run in june so that will be another 6 to 700 mile weekend, this show was the first one where the wee colt was actually well photographed and attracted a load of attention, I'm not sure wether I like that or not as up to now it's been invisible amongst the popular classics. I've still got the red one too that you sent me the eBay link for in 2014,
  12. Yes I think your right as the table of trophys was right behind it. One for you Mr vant, straight out the garage a quick wash and were off And a pic sent to me from a spotting album. She's still going well after all these years πŸ˜‰
  13. Well look what I found. Attached to this.
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