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  1. Holy shit I managed to squeeze 18mpg out of mine this weekend and I thought I had done well.
  2. Monocoque or not the body mounting points to the chassis still have to be sound within a certain radius.
  3. Shoosh mun that view doesn't fit in this thread, This is for inverted snobbery and slagging off of sheeple who don't mind dept for shiney things.
  4. Does it have an egr cooler ? I'm sure thats whats leaking on my car as 6 years later I still can't find out where the coolant is going, it doesn't loose much but does drop from max to min every few 1000 miles or so.
  5. Bloody hell is that a 3 day packed lunch haha, Last time we where at crail there was a driver that had all the wrong lines and it doesn't half spoil your lap especially If the red mist arrives too.
  6. I received a strange letter early this year from machine mart, how strange you ask, well I bought this deglazer to rebuilt a mk1 xr2 back in 1994.
  7. My similar ones failed but here. Sure it's in one of My threads, it did go off with one hell of a bang.
  8. If you need anything else your welcome to it before it's crushed, One day it Will be hard to get parts for them but I can't keep it forever.
  9. And in other news one in one out with the bikes. I need a crankshaft bung for it as some gorrila has yarked it up and it's split so weeping oil, anyone know if its honda only for parts ?
  10. Engine out so now this Xantia is about to become bean cans so anyone wants anything speak up now.
  11. Most importantly your repair will keep the rain from getting into the car and rotting it from the inside out so all good. What's vice grip garage?
  12. Ive looked at some of the kits and they dont seem expensive at all, my 40 year old colt still has some good looking bolts on it in a sort of gold colour so must last if done properly.
  13. Was it ratdat that had this set up in his resto thread on here ?
  14. Okay no problem glad you got it sorted.
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