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  1. Both of mine topped the ton and took a good thrashing both on and off road, even managed to haul 13 passengers in it and regularly had firewood stacked to the roof, it really got no mercy at all and I sold it to see it regularly towing a caravan for the following two years before it just disappeared. Wonder how much this will fetch ? I must admit I'm a little tempted 🤔
  2. Final destination awaiting pies 🥧 loads of classic trail bikes which was an added bonus. Even a classic superbike. what a day was had, bright and dry when leaving home rain when arriving on and off most of the day, great people, great chat, great roads, excellent pies excellent cake best of all excellent organisation, 10 out of 10 chaps and thanks to everyone involved 👍 oh and bright and dry when I got home again.
  3. Shiters to the front me. shitters to the rear of me, here i am stuck in the middle of you. Some fat cow blocking the road great single track roads, honest officer i was parked up
  4. I'm sure I had more on this car but can't find it 😕 This is mostly about roamers two day event which we've done six now I think, but I'm sure I've posted pics over various threads of the wee colt.
  5. Oh shit and both my cars have shit windows wipers 😁
  6. Out of curiosity has anyone seen what the forecast is for this weekend?
  7. You may well have done but I'm a useless cunt and miss loads 😄 Ooh my favourite,
  8. So from that lovely detailed post what your saying is I've missed the most important decision of the whole day 🙄
  9. Just noticed a few replies mentioning this 🙄so is there more info off site?
  10. I wouldn't bank on it mind 😄 I'd race you but it would be slowest race in history and still within legal limits.
  11. I even had the viva out tonight to blow the cobwebs out but she's a tad doore on the hills
  12. So pretty much the same as before but no mine tours.
  13. Those exhaust clamps look a bit worn 😄 What's the latest on twixfest then ?
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