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  1. Hello hows everyone doing hope your all well 

  2. Just dont go for red on the exhaust as once heated it goes a nice shade of pink. So the big question is have you decided which kit yet ?
  3. Just need to lower it and widen the track now and your ready to race.
  4. Is crail not the cheaper option? I'm sure it was around 30 quid from 10 till 3 on the track attack days.
  5. Was nice to meet you and hope you enjoyed your journey, soz about aircon when I did the WhatsApp vid it was mid 20s and it felt pretty cold so I just asumed it was working.
  6. Every time I see you on that mower I expect this to happen. Soz about the on its side shot no idea how to sort that 20190707_111420_001.mp4
  7. Believe it or not it is only £98.80 more than her fiesta 1.6tdci and she only has 3 years no claims discount, I'm pretty shocked really and it's Hastings direct not exactly a fly by night unheard of insurer too and not on a black box. The newer shaped one ie 2007 was nearly double The price too. She's 21 in Sept so hopefully it will stay reasonable for her,
  8. Not much to report really, Left early as daughter one was far to excited to sleep and wanted to leave early, arrived early test drove picked at car and kicked tyres paid and set off back home with a menacing look in my mirror, did good for her first motorway drive or even long drive. She's saved like mad for one of these and it's lovely to be involved in a daughters happiness here's hoping it's a good one.
  9. And the finished seat looks ten times better and is comfy enough. I put the old seat back together as I'm gonna put the interior in the other truck. And once I rebuilt the seat I stuck it in and did a collection with it. And nicely hiden in the garage until I decide what to do with it. Hopefully I will get the pickup finished this weekend if I can squeeze some time as tommorow is out the window, it's a vital 6am start for a collection.
  10. The crack in the seat base is really quite bad so I shall use the passenger seat base too even though it is slightly different I'm sure it will fit. Spot the difference Once the leather cover is pushed down then it's pretty fidgety to 'rewind the hog rings back on and squeeze them together with the pliers. And base finished after clipping all the strips back into the tabs.
  11. These hog rings are a right faff as they sit down in the groove and are hard to get at, long nose pliers and a screw driver to pry them open a bit and then it's just a quick turn and they pop off. There's no support left at all in the side bolster foam and it's soft and usless at the job in hand, not even fit for sponge duty.
  12. Yes it is and he also has more old tat lying around, would love a look in the garages though. Both pickups where the same price too but the silver one has a dodgy engine so not much use other than parts stash.
  13. As the bases are held on with 4 bolts they where easily removed for comparison and they are very similar so away we go. The covers are held on with these little lengths of plastic stitched to the cover and they just fold under the metal tabs and hold the material tight. After undoing all the tabs bingo one seat base ready to swap the covers. And the damaged foam is really mullered and can't even support itself.
  14. The leather was in good order so I set about pulling the seat to bits but first let's check they are the same. Passenger side old cloth seat. Driver side leather damaged seat.
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