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  1. If you want an na xud I have the good one I removed from the van just sitting doing nothing, your welcome to it.
  2. Got home 7.30 after a lovely drive home, Great driving road down and good crack with many of the attendees unfortunatly I don't think I spoke to everyone so sorry to anyone I probably missed out, excellent roads excellent company excellent cars and a bloody excellent sausage roll from the cafe. A++ Would recommend talking shite in a field again. Just made myself a cuppa and remembered ah biscuit so popped out to garage and it's a bit melted but nice. Thanks everyone for a good day.
  3. I was just re,jigging that reply when you quoted me, that's good as I still haven't heard from the builder yet and that's when I make the decision, wait by name wait by nature as me olds used to say.
  4. No point in me trying to join that convoy then 😁
  5. Which way are people heading down then 68?
  6. Worked for both of mine althought they where only a little low on pressure.
  7. Yup tried both O 0 and still same result strange eh. Got it though from your link you messaged. 😉
  8. Funny enough it was a mk5 that I had those mud flaps on too must have been tina thing 😀
  9. The postcode doesn't come up on maps either.
  10. Its only An inch away from that Google map link
  11. So still in the vicinity of government sanctioned eye tests then so spike60 will be fine.
  12. Did someone say its at barnard castle or thereabouts.
  13. I never said you where but calling the guy names isn't exactly nice now is it, believe me when I say I really could not be arsed with anyone at all when my fither died let alone selling an old car, he was probably not aware of what condition a cheep car had to be on or even disclosed upon sale, maybe he's never sold a cheep car other than trade in and this may well be all new to him not all people are car people. Politeness costs nowt and good on you for being polite but obvious from your post you where driven to the the car because it was cheep which sometimes means trouble.
  14. Half of the people here obviously haven't had to deal with a family members estate upon death. It is a fucking nightmare let me tell you which I've had to do 3 times now and usually to quite a tight timescale give the guy a break ffs, for all everyone here knows the seller could have been expecting someone like me to just turn up hand over some cash and drag the old car away not expect to test drive a car that's been off the road for years, could you imagine what would have happened if it was test driven and picked up by anpr, a whole load more shit for the poor chap trying to sort out family matters that's what, no one knows if the guy has had more timewasters already and is just sick of being pissed about so is being rather blunt with everyone now. If that makes him an arsehole then that's just sad. There's two sides to every story.
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