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  1. You really do attract them don't you. I love this statement, first part well and truly wrong and then goes on to state the obvious, no shit Sherlock a Japanese company make engine for themselves πŸ˜‚
  2. Nice purchase πŸ˜‰ I do like the early boxy L200s and I've only ever had petrol ones which where pretty good. Only 6 bolts to wip the rear tub off and welding will be a doodle then with full access, I've done a few pickups as no matter what people tell you it's not just navaras that snap their chassis for fun.
  3. I walked up to my car one morning keys in hand to find glass every where and my sterio and all tapes missing from the car, I was even more pissed off to find not only had they stolen my tunes but the towrags had also taken my stuck on you garfield, I still occasionally look for one on eBay to replace it, yes I know sad.😁
  4. I don't know exactly what forum you are on but I can think of 3 people with issues that where not exactly looked after here. Anyway still patiently waiting updates here on these stollys.
  5. And I'm pretty sure it was Paul Walkers friend that was driving so wrong again.
  6. @bub2006 are you getting your C's and D's mixed up as I've never seen a 6 speed box in a C. Not a bad engine but I'm sure Ratner supplied the chains and I've seen many broken ones, this one was an easy fix though.
  7. Strange as I paid Β£54 quid for a new crank pulley for a 2011 320d just 5 months ago and about Β£18 for new fan belt while I was fitting it.
  8. It's hard to tell from those pics but is not camshaft pulley as that's the back of the engine and a chain.
  9. Not exactly expensive for a crank pulley Β£50 to 60 quid as long as it's not damaged something else that is.
  10. @loserone Mine already does just diffent kinds of shite, Take you pair half an hour to get that engine out as they're a dodle to work on especially with a lift maybe add 10 mins to take pics though πŸ˜‰
  11. garbaldy

    Ford timelord

    This one of mine has been of the road since before 98 and it's on sorn, strange.
  12. garbaldy

    Ford timelord

    @LightBulbFun for that to have happened someone had to tax the timelord or they wouldnt have issued a new v5. Im still of the opinion someone has applied for its v5.
  13. garbaldy

    Ford timelord

    @LightBulbFun I can see what your saying but I have 3 historic cars and they are still not changed to historic, all on sorn as last ones tax ran out last summer. Are you actually saying that someone payed for the tax on time Lord and dvla reissued a new v5 in historic ?
  14. If you want an na xud I have the good one I removed from the van just sitting doing nothing, your welcome to it.
  15. Got home 7.30 after a lovely drive home, Great driving road down and good crack with many of the attendees unfortunatly I don't think I spoke to everyone so sorry to anyone I probably missed out, excellent roads excellent company excellent cars and a bloody excellent sausage roll from the cafe. A++ Would recommend talking shite in a field again. Just made myself a cuppa and remembered ah biscuit so popped out to garage and it's a bit melted but nice. Thanks everyone for a good day.
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