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  1. Re transits The 5 year old tranny we took to the Ukraine on a collection mish was slow thirsty and a very uncomfortable place to cover a 1000 miles a day in, it just managed 80mph flat out and as soon as a slight incline was encountered it lost speed very quickly, 2.2 diesel so I expected much more from it to be honest and it's just turned 95k miles has had both driveshafts all brakes numerous times and is in limp mode at the moment with air mass and egr codes, apart from that the passenger window is taped up as it won't go up at all and it has more electrical faults than I would care to
  2. Its a shame the German seller has went all cold on me as we planned on heading back north between christmass and New year and could have got this to the Scottish side of the border.
  3. Never been to a car factory but now I'm intrigued and fancy a tour.
  4. Yup 15 odd years old and probably never looked after. I always thought the new shape trannys where pretty well made unfortunately they apear to be exactly the same as the older ones which is a shame as they are nice motors.
  5. Exactly 100% correct it's just a certain amount of all makes are unreliable which we used to call the lemons or Friday afternoon cars.
  6. Ive done my fair share of welding rotters up from all makes and i recon this 2011 one series is going to be requiring welding with the next 2 years as it's very rusty underneath the back end espesially along all the seems.
  7. So I'll guess it's over 10 years old then and I'm going to see if I can snap a picture of a 2013 ford focus which runs about kelso which is as bad if not worse than that red rusty vw, I've also seen a mondeo that all the sealer has come of the sills and it's well rusty now, Mates 2016 transit that I borrow has been painted twice due to rusty arches and sills, it's even had the door hinge recall as the drivers door fell off, Yup quality product that. I don't recon all Ford's are shit because I've seen a few rusty ones though as I do like a focus they do drive very well and are pretty we
  8. And here was me thinking if you wanted comfort you bought an S and if you wanted mid range you bough an SE but if you wanted lower and stiffer with more power you bought a sport. Never used to be a trade off at all unless people that couldnt afford insurance on a sport buy base spec that is.
  9. I lowered a car once at considerable expense none of this chopped springs malarkey either, never again I ruined it and after a week or so the standard springs went back on but keeping the uprated shocks, that was 30 years ago and a mk1 xr2 maybe kits are better these days but i doubt it after driving mates motors who have lowered cars.
  10. Bosses first volvo was a d5 some special ocean race edition and he chucked it in after numerous recalls, the final straw was the oil level letter as he wouldn't want stranded, he's still volvo loyal though as in the 20 years I've worked for them he's had 6 and has a new one yet again, the adaptive cruise was a real eye opener and amazing technology, Back to vag and I clean forgot we have a seat ibiza 1.4tdi that I bought for daughter 2 (yeh i know but she wanted one) and it keeps throwing on the coil light which resets on restart and the engine light has come and gone twice too,
  11. Boss has had two volvo letters for his last two cars warning him to not drive if the oil level is higher than normal on the dipstick the first one was about 8 years ago too. At this rate with moderns we won't have any 10 plus year old cars left for us to buy up cheep in years to come.
  12. I did wonder as I had an A3 1.9tdie and while under the bonnet checking all the pipework it just wouldn't rev out which I thought was strange, when I shut the bonnet and jumped in it reved right round again which I thought was weird at the time, I'm wondering if there are some petrols that have used a cheat to claim cheep tax too but haven't been checked.
  13. Binis are the same as are navaras and I bet a fair few others too.
  14. Yes I'm not a fan of these panoramic roofs as that's a hell of a lot of glass above your head where I prefer tin. That reminds me of coming across an astra that had slid of the road and a fence rail was sticking out the tailgate glass having travelled straight threw the cabin where his head should have been, you sure do not forget those image's. Was the diesel cheat just the bonnet open switch not allowing the car full fuel or throttle ?
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