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  1. All the landrovers in this thread cost less than that together 😉 the one above was approximately 14 times cheaper than that, I best get my arse in gear and check it over if I can get that sort of coin for it.
  2. /\ I think two landrovers is enough for any man don't you, How much is it then ?
  3. Okay so a little update I've sold the series and also sold the 98 defender 90, this means I'm slimming down the fleet nicely or does it. Yes as you've guessed I've only gone and bought another vehicle , I really don't like landrovers. Came with it's original wheels too. The bad bit which might feed us if we done find any food in the shops after brexit The good bit look at that mileage. One of these days I will refuse to buy a vehicle I'm offered, not sure when that will happen but it will one day.
  4. How the hell did you find condoms small enough for caliper pins Midget condoms ?
  5. I only made It half way before strange ghostly goings on, the result I turned around and jumper led myself home again. Good job a brought the spare battery just in case.
  6. The only pictures i saw at the fun flairs where those funky mirror type ones, I ended up with some football one as a prize and I hate football too, fook knows how that happened. Safe journey.
  7. I've seen that about kelso quite regularly the guy always has some interesting cars, he's been trying to sell that for some time and the price has slowly been getting lower by the month, Nice buy, I've got a spare set of rallye steel wheels here that came from knob van if any good.
  8. Also think I'm over working the old gal see. The trailers same size as van oops. Its legal honest occifer.
  9. And my collection of bits are comeing along as also picked up these too.
  10. A quick update on this as it's been a while, Firstly we removed this low milage truck engine. And loaded the remains onto flatbed. Pics not in order as stuck the remains of the van on first. Engine removed from van ready for van.
  11. You meen can't believe I've never heard of one. I'm game to try anything but the above doesn't actually look that good to be honest, the more I look at it I see cheese on toast.
  12. Seahouses has good chips or did a few years ago its a while since ive been. oh and what's a parmo ?
  13. Broken down get in. Why the grin then ? well take a look Couldnt have broken down in a nicer spot.
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