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  1. So the results are in Needs 2 rear drop links and a cat* for MoT so it’s getting those and an MOT. It’s not due till October but I worry some of it might end up too frilly by then so it’s getting a fresh ticket!! I may then attempt to fix some of the frilly bits but every door bottom has gone plus the tail gate and there’s a dent in the leading edge of the bonnet so it will never be a looker.
  2. So what have I bought in the cold light of day. Well what seems to be a reasonably tatty but well driving 4x4. Was happy enough at 70 with the cruise set last night. I’ve driven it to work this morning and it starts well and other than the exhaust seems mechanically pretty good. A couple of broken switches inside and the rear boot lock doesn’t work but I’ll work it out. It’s going to @scaryoldcortina to have a look at at lunch time to see if it’s worth putting an exhaust on it and I’ll go from there All in all not bad. Looking forward to cleaning it and seeing if it’s worth spending any time on the body work.
  3. I’ll have to double check in the morning but I’m deffo on for 550-600 miles to a tank. OBC said 600 miles plus. Haven’t officially worked it out and not had it long but it seems to be pretty good.
  4. Home!!! What ride height issues......?.?.?.?.? pleasure to meet you @320touring and thanks @TheDoctor. updates later
  5. Collected!! Forgot the Pez shot so take a Burger King one. Seems to drive well. Pressing on now so will update when home. its durrrrty
  6. Looks a billion times better!!!
  7. 1 in and 1 out today! The disastra is going and I’m collecting this afternoon a fine* steed from this forum. I bet you can all guess what it is. Need to go on the OMGCOVID train across the border.
  8. Had mine just over a week now and I think you’re right 50ish it will do mega MPG but even at 70 with the cruise set I got 59.8 on the way back from Burnley. Currently doing 45 locally!
  9. Got in the Astra this morning and pressed the unlock button out of habit and it only worked. Got in, ignition, lights go go go it only started. Must have been some moisture somewhere!!! Free fix. Yes!!! It’s for sale but I won’t be putting it on here officially as I don’t know much about it. If anyone reads this and is interested send me a pm!
  10. I’ve tried two known working batteries so not that. Hopefully I won’t have it long enough to need the HBOL
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