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  1. I may have a diesel Nissan elgrand available soon!!!
  2. Well the auto 9-5 is up for sale a little quicker than I anticipated but only because I picked this one up from @paulplomtoday. Paul claims the flywheel has an intermittent rattle. I’m not so sure I’ve struggled to hear it and it goes really well. If anyone fancy’s this instead of the auto is be open to that but I’d prefer to keep this one for a bit!
  3. Ah forgot as it’s still here the MGF paper work should come through this week and handily someone I work with fancies it so that’s fine too. Pictures for @Jazoli coming tomorrow!
  4. The job I was looking forward to least had this fine steed ended up here. Spending 2 hours upside down guessing where things are we’re not how I fancied spending my Sunday!!! The Saab on the other hand is magnificent. Trying to source a rear door and that might be all I do. Any idea when it was last serviced? (I haven’t looked through the paper work I’m being pretty lazy here).
  5. Spent a bit of time in this this morning and it drives so well. Really really pleased with it. Brother in law is going to use it while he is over from Germany for the month then I’ll probably put it up for sale. I might even chuck a door on it to tidy it up a little.
  6. Drive through Alston twice a weekend in non pandemic summer chucking stags off the beck in Ashgill! Didn’t realise you’d moved so close!
  7. Yeah thanks all involved for your putting up with all the fuckery! Drives very very well but is slightly cosmetically challenged. More shall be known tomorrow in the light!
  8. Wew what a week. So I managed to buy @Tim_E E46 with no way of getting it to me and also win* @Cavcrafts gangster Merc. Managed to move the camper elgrand on. someone messaged me to swap the BM and @leanycan offered to drive the swap up for me. After much messing around with delightful folk from eBay Cavcraft managed to flog the Merc on for me. Place bets now on what’s about to arrive at Shotley Towers. It’s vegetable related, auto and has the look of a Australian 90s television cross dresser.
  9. One in and one out today. Bought unseen, collected by @worldofceri and MOTD by @scaryoldcortina. more photos tomorrow in the daylight. Unfortunately no more petrol V6 fun.
  10. Dib dibs dibs buying cars from you is the best. Always undersold and usually with some free pastry.
  11. 33% correct but only with information you’ve already been given. 3/10 must try harder
  12. go go gadget @worldofceri I’ve agreed to buy something else tonight. It’s getting pretty full at casa del Robson3022. Arrival should be Friday. It’s an auto and drives all of its wheels! Place bets now what chod will arrive!
  13. Very slowly. We tried for planning permission in the top garden which was turned down. Currently got some plans in for some pretty major works with the kitchen but it’s all so slow!
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