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  1. Cheers NM chuck it at @Mally going to get an A8 one I think
  2. Yeah this one was mounted below the rear bumper but because it sits low was just smashed off. This is the alternative.
  3. 😬😬😬 Someone has already been sent a message who was looking for one.
  4. Yeah these are exactly that. Feel big inside but fit well in a uk car space. Certainly better than the A8!
  5. Elgrand all road worthy and ready to go!!!! This is a nice one. It’s supposed to be staying........we will see!
  6. How do I do that? When I tried to look on the DVLA website it’s just all auctions happening in the next month?
  7. Hmm that seems like the sale of the century. Just scoping out these at the mo. Never bought a private plate mind so not sure if they are a legit company or if that is in fact the cost.
  8. I’m off to look for ageless number plates for the haudi. Unless anyone has one somewhere
  9. I feel like between you, me Neil and Andy we could have some sort of underground Elgrand importers emporium going. Someone has just put on one of the Facebook pages anyone selling an Elgrand in the Tyne and Wear area 🤦🏻‍♂️. I’ve sent him a message.....
  10. Puts the wings out on the car obvs!
  11. Haha aye he’s a big fan like. Good job we have the other one. He is often found in the elgrand if I’ve left the door open!
  12. Like the mighty so solid crew once said “21 minutes to go” or something like that!
  13. Live collection! travel time approx 3 hours in total. Swappage happening at Tebay. deal is with a trusted Shitter for an absolute beauty of a motor!!! Poo count 0 for both me and my co pilot.
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