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  1. I’m hoping it’s an air lock somewhere but we will see. Worse case is it’s OMGHGF which would be a kick in the balls but anything else I can live with.
  2. Yes 3.5. 2.5s didn’t come until later and are for the weak!
  3. Yes!!! Fit! Want to swap for a disco!
  4. Well I’m home. Had a little stop off at the in-laws caravan on the way home and we made it. It definitely gets too hot, I’ve nursed it home but any decent acceleration gets the gauge going up. Previous owner claimed it does that but just comes back down…..it does if you don’t put any power on. It had a radiator at some point last year and she said it’s done it since then. Hoping I can get to the bottom of it without too much trouble. EML shows on the screen but not on the dash……that’s because some nice chap has removed the bulb. It runs well enough so I’m hoping that’s rectified without too much of a headache too. ABS light on……meh! Bits of interior missing/broken was used to ferry around a guys wheelchair and he would drive so there’s some bits to replace/fix I was aware of ABS and interior stuff, not the EML or the overheating but I’d travelled to Scotland and it didn’t feel like the lady was trying to stitch me so I got some more discount and ventured home. Time will tell if I should have walked away. I’ll break it if worse comes to worse. Annoyingly it drives better than any of the others I’ve had but is a little rough otherwise. If I can get to the bottom of the overheating I’ll work my way though the other bits and then promise to keep it…..then inevitably sell it!!!
  5. Anyone advise a code reader for this?
  6. Also not part of the original deal but managed to negotiate more of a discount. Definitely the cheapest E51 in the country. Question is will it get me home!!! answer to that is I’m 40 mins down the road nursing it so should. Make it. Temp goes up if you give it beans so I’m taking my time. No heaters so I’m hoping air lock. It drives much nicer than any of the others I’ve owned so I’m hoping for nice easy fixes but we shall see!
  7. ELGRANDE!!! I’ll have further updates soon!!! EML wasn’t as advertised!
  8. Current mode of transport for the last leg!! 10 min walk!
  9. One more short ride on the train. Quick wee stop Poo count remains the same all around!
  10. This is exciting. NE Shitters Super Sunday Collection Tour!
  11. Train 2 achieved! TO THE NORTH!
  12. It’s as economical as both of those. I just love it when my phone does that!
  13. Next leg. Ralph approves. Brekkie at the next stop. All on time so far
  14. First vehicle chosen. Poo count still 1 for me 1 for Ralph!
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