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  1. This is the plan!!! I’ve found the guy who makes those and he’s mega helpful. Got a pump rebuild kit ordered so will go from there. For £25 it doesn’t really matter!
  2. It is wet in the boot!!!! I’ve just ordered a rebuild kit for the pump though as it doesn’t sound healthy and at £25 if it doesn’t solve the problem I’m not too worried. Will have a check though!
  3. Yeah still haven’t tried this. Currently enjoying driving it with much brake pedal travel!!!
  4. Urgh what have I done. A6 Allroad 2.5 diesel stanced yo* Well it has an air bag issue (don’t they all) so it’s on the bottom. Has a pretty substantial mystery oil leak. Is damp inside from somewhere and the breaks don’t. Ah yes and it is sans MOT. I have hopefully (read stupidly) bought this to try and tidy and use if I sell the Elgrand. The white one went this week that means the silver one could go at any moment. I’m trying to do a bit more on my cars so why not by one with complex suspension and the likes. Drives well in Australia.
  5. You can’t have!!! I was going to buy them a whole year ago! got someone after a run around but need to be sharpish if you want to do something. Let me know.
  6. I can smell that he doesn’t really want it. I miss all sorts of fine vehicles from you. Can I have a message if you are selling anything please haha. In fact £700 runaround anywhere??
  7. RR Rules!!! Give me a shout when you are planning on moving it on!!
  8. I often ponder wether I could do this full time! Good stuff!!
  9. Spent some time de minging this with my new pressure washer. Boot carpet will get cleaner as it was still pulling dirty water out but I was worried about how much water I’d put in. Will give it time to dry out and give It another going over. Slowly getting there!
  10. Yeah note/letter all the way. Ideally don’t knock I think it can ruffle people up the wrong way. Nothing wrong with asking if you see them though!
  11. Surely you can persuade her that it isn’t fair you have 9 and she has one. So you need to buy her 8 more?
  12. Mats are out now getting jet washed, vacced and extracted. Interior will get vacced, drill brush and extracted, ive got lots of coffee grounds drying out too to sprinkle and leave in them vacuum out!!
  13. Ah and I took a few interior pics to show how grim it is in there. I wish they did smellovsion. I have a big hairy dog who loves the water and none of my cars have ever smelled like this!!!
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