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  1. Not to mention Glasgow Road, which is now 40mph all the way to Newbridge because someone's decided they need a "toucan" pedestrian/bicycle crossing half way along the bit that used to be NSL...
  2. Ah yes I saw that in the news. What the heck happened there? Can't quite work out from those photos what kind of car it was either...
  3. Alusilber

    Renault 14 Madness

    The ex-Gary-now-Danny R14 is featured in the November issue of PC, which arrived today, He's now looking for a complete interior, thanks to the aforementioned smoke-bombing twats.
  4. They wasted their money on Michelotti, the Cipher was much better looking than the SS1!
  5. I've seen a Cipher in the flesh once, at the end of a row of Scimitars at CarFest North 2013. As I'd never seen one before, I took a photo...
  6. They studied a few different concepts leading up to the MGF. That was one of them, I believe codenamed "F-16". AROnline has the story here: https://www.aronline.co.uk/cars/mg-cars/mgftf/pr3-development-story/
  7. I stumbled across an Enfield 8000 in the Lisbon Tejo power station museum last year, which I wasn't expecting.. Jonny Smith (him off Fifth Gear) also bought one recently and turned it into some crazy electric dragster - it's got its own website here. I recommend reading the blog he wrote about it from the start if you have some time to kill.
  8. Having read various accounts of the 924's history, my impression now is that it may never have been set in stone what badge it would wear before VW pulled the plug, but the photos of styling proposals that have appeared with VW nose badges and wheel centre caps suggest that the intention was that it was going to be a VW at least at one point. Remember the Polo started off as the Audi 50, so swapping badges around (even after launch) doesn't seem to have been a big deal to them.
  9. But what non-Audi VW engines were around in the early 70s that would give 125 bhp? 924 as a successor to the 100 Coupe is interesting, but didn't the latter have back seats you could actually sit in?
  10. No, the "Maestro 4x4" was a mule for running gear testing on public roads, hence the disguise. The picture above looks like a styling buck (note the dummy lights and opaque windscreen) - something intended for internal consumption only, so no point disguising it really. The 924 project had mules for drivetrain testing too. They were disguised as Opel Mantas and a BMW 2002, because that's actually what they were before Porsche got a hold of them.
  11. According to HML, there are 7 taxed Bagheeras left and 12 SORN'd as of 2019Q1. So pretty rare then.
  12. Venturi Automobiles - built some GTs in Monaco in the 80s and 90s that looked like this. Never heard of them until saw a mention on Twitter today. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venturi_Automobiles
  13. I suppose a Q might look like a G to someone who wasn't familiar with your handwriting...
  14. I dutifully emailed my constituency MSP, and he got back to me with an update today. The relevant committee debated the bill last Wednesday but Mr Fraser was persuaded that due to the committee not having had a chance to consider evidence etc. that his amendments should be deferred to stage 3 of the bill. I don't know when that's likely to happen. The full gory details of the meeting can be found here:
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