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  1. The way to Woollard without damaging the paintwork is to rest your foot on top of one of the wheels. I believe the man himself used to do so on occasion. If you can get your foot between the wheel and the wheelarch, that is, of course.
  2. Yesterday morning, I spotted an old boy driving a green Lancia Beta HPE into Edinburgh. I wasn't expecting that.
  3. Just noticed this the other day when looking up some of my dad's old cars which are still in the system many years after their demise. Two of them seem to have had V5s issued only a couple of months before their final road tax expired!
  4. Sorry, don't have any more pics of the car myself, other than what's on the Gumtree ad. Probably best to get in touch direct through Gumtree if you're interested.
  5. Purple Mk3 Golf Driver 1.8 for sale in Edinburgh for a monkey, which seems quite reasonable for one of these. Full disclosure: actually belongs to a mate of mine who's been keeping it on the road for a good few years now. https://www.gumtree.com/p/volkswagen/mark-3-driver-vw-golf-1.8-litre-engine-5-door-digital-radio-mot-may-2020-full-service-history/1357323780
  6. So I finally got round to doing an overdue oil change on my 924 today (taking the afternoon off was the only way it was going to get done, realistically). The oil filter on these couldn't be in a more inaccessible place - you can't see it at all from under the bonnet, and even when you get it up on ramps and take the under tray off, you can't even see it from underneath either. It's cunningly hidden behind the crossmember, with the exhaust manifold and alternator providing further obstruction. I gather on RHD 924s they had to put in a right-angled adaptor to stop it fouling the steering column, but I doubt the original arrangement would have been any easier. Since I couldn't see what I was doing, my strap wrench wasn't much good, so I had to resort to unscrewing it by hand with a bit of sandpaper to give me some grip. Luckily it didn't put up too much of a fight. Quite pleased with my new ramps though. Sealey CAR3000C plastic ones - a bit pricey and maybe not very high, but nice and wide with a shallow slope for easy ascents.
  7. Just a quick update on this; after the Stage 3 debate on this on 9th October, it looks like an exemption for historic vehicles could be on the cards after Michael Matheson told Murdo Fraser he was "strongly minded to include such exemptions". Interestingly, Murdo's amendment used the FIVA definition of "historic" (ie. at least 30 years old) rather than the DVLA one. The debate can be found here (pages 51/52) : :
  8. Not a fan either, unless they have a silver rim (like a black Fuchs wheel on a classic 911) so you can see where the wheel ends and the tyre begins, in which case they can sometimes look quite smart.
  9. Aren't ALL cars nowadays either white, black or grey?
  10. Not to mention Glasgow Road, which is now 40mph all the way to Newbridge because someone's decided they need a "toucan" pedestrian/bicycle crossing half way along the bit that used to be NSL...
  11. Ah yes I saw that in the news. What the heck happened there? Can't quite work out from those photos what kind of car it was either...
  12. Alusilber

    Renault 14 Madness

    The ex-Gary-now-Danny R14 is featured in the November issue of PC, which arrived today, He's now looking for a complete interior, thanks to the aforementioned smoke-bombing twats.
  13. They wasted their money on Michelotti, the Cipher was much better looking than the SS1!
  14. I've seen a Cipher in the flesh once, at the end of a row of Scimitars at CarFest North 2013. As I'd never seen one before, I took a photo...
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