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  1. A Seat Malaga 1.2 hatchback. I had completely forgotten about it being the hatchback variant, or indeed the hatchback variant existing at all, until last year. It was a while ago now... I do remember stepping on a dog turd as I was getting into the car once, and getting it on the carpet. Instructor wasn't too impressed with that... 😳
  2. Didn't you have to thrash a diesel 106 to get it to move at all?
  3. I see Modern Classics has been resurrected, after a fashion, in the current issue of Practical Classics - in the form of an 8-page section in the middle. JJ and Keith Adams have contributed.
  4. That's plausible. My guess was that yellow plates would give less glare to the driver behind the car in a queue of traffic at night while still providing good contrast in daylight (unlike the Irish red plates, which I always thought were a bit low in contrast). Just a guess though.
  5. Looks like a full-size version of something Matchbox would have had in their range around 1974 😁
  6. I expect that's what the new September 2021 format will look like, although I wouldn't be surprised if they change the blue to some other colour to remove the last vestige of EU symbolism.
  7. My experience with SWMBO's 2016 Pug 2008 would not support that assertion 😉. Front dampers started rattling around the time the warranty expired, on several occasions the electronics have announced that bad things have happened in the engine, without any obvious symptoms (36 different spurious troubles codes the first time...), a spurious "low oil" warning once, and a healthy appetite for brake discs. And changing the headlight bulbs isn't much fun either, though to be fair I can't compare that with my Golf as, after 11 years, it's still on its original H7s...
  8. One I particularly remember was a maths teacher's Mini Clubman estate in Sandglow or something similar. He gave a few of us a lift to some inter-scholastic maths competition in it. He was quite a tall chap, so there was about an inch and a half of leg room behind the driver's seat. Guess which seat I got.. There was also a metalwork teacher with a limited edition black-and-silver Astra D which looked quite smart.
  9. Someone on my (very suburban) street bought a brand new Defender 110 station wagon 10 years ago and kept it until maybe a year or two ago. No idea why - never had a spot of mud on it, or even a towbar. The rear crossmember did go rusty in the traditional Land Rover fashion though
  10. And to this day, there's a BMC Social Club on Gorgie Road in Edinburgh - which is slightly odd as it's about 15 miles east of Bathgate. Presumably there were a lot of BMC employees living in Gorgie at one time. https://goo.gl/maps/SSVPXC7ctUYuYVr47
  11. Apart from the obvious demisting function, HRWs are great for defrosting too. On frosty winter mornings, makes me want a car with a heated windscreen too.
  12. Don't think I've seen a bulb kit in a Tesco either, though every now and again my local one will have a shelf-full of Redex at half-price which is an offer I have availed myself of on occasion. On the other hand, I remember going to a large supermarket in France about 5 years ago (can't remember which chain it was now) and found an aisle with an impressive selection of car spares (for French cars, obvs).
  13. German Taxi Beige = RAL 1015 Hellelfenbein (Light Ivory) apparently.
  14. 52 pages doesn't sound very substantial... the 924 OC magazine has more pages than that!
  15. OTOH, In the latest issue, Theo Gillam managed to sneak the phrase "spunk-trumpet" into a photo caption in a piece about servicing a Daewoo Matiz...
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