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  1. When I was in Madeira about 5 years ago, a lot of their taxis were still W123s and W124s and still going strong - I even have a Madeira fridge magnet with a picture of a W123 on it!
  2. There have been one or two books written about BRIXMIS, I've read the one by Tony Geraghty - it's cracking stuff.
  3. I found out recently that the aerodynamically-optimised wheels that Tesla Model 3s have are actually alloys with wheel trims. For an alternative, but less aerodynamic look, you can bin the trims and get an official set of Tesla centre caps for the bare alloys for a mere $60. Tesla Model 3 aero wheels explained by the automaker’s former head of aerodynamics
  4. SWMBO used to have a diseasel one of these. The wheels looked the same after a while - the paint on them seems to have been just dusted on. One of the rear light clusters filled up with water and it did have one or two engine issues but not a bad little wagon on the whole. The main place it seemed to be getting slightly crispy in its old age was at the ends of the sills.
  5. I spent most of Drive It Day washing the Glof for first time in far too long, and in the process discovering some strange silvery spots on the roof that seem to have etched into the lacquer, and the first rust blebs on the front wheel arches ☹️. The 924's DID will have to wait until I get round to booking it in for an MoT...
  6. If everybody and their dog are PCPing/leasing brand new cars, makes you wonder where they're going after their first "owner" is finished with them after 2/3/4 years?
  7. It seems a professional photographer has been consulted and his opinion is that the car and half the people in the scene were pasted on top of the original photo. Still an Alpine though, of course 🤨.
  8. Doesn't Gumtree always want your postcode when you list something so it can show the rough location on a map? Given that, it wouldn't be that difficult to work out the seller's address if the thing they were selling was sat outside on their driveway?
  9. It's all kicking off again... https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=140&t=1555306&i=1900
  10. Never confuse Aberdonians with Teuchters 😉 Doric is a whole dialect in itself. Doric rap is quite something to behold... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ig_hEe4TVU4
  11. Just watched the tribute, and yes, that was worth waiting for. Good that they got some people outside of the TG sphere like Susie Wolff to contribute too. Incidentally, just checked and the Wednesday broadcast is "except for viewers in Scotland" as the saying goes.
  12. With the added bonus of eliminating the possibility of them buggering up your sills by not giving a shit about the proper jacking points 😡 Worth investing in a full set of axle stands for that!
  13. I suspected as much, but a last-minute edit with a little video montage inserted should have been possible?
  14. Bit disappointed there wasn't more of a tribute to the late Sabine than one still at the end.
  15. My dad had an Anglia 105E when I was born, which gradually rotted away until he finally replaced it with an early Avenger 1250DL in 1976 (always associate that car - and its black vinyl seats - with the scorchio summer of '76) which he only kept for a couple of years. That was unusual for him, but probably because the fuel tank was leaking and his chewing-gum repair wasn't going to last forever. The next car was a Series 1 Marina 1.3L Coupe (with a radio! And a heated rear window!) which I don't think he liked very much but still kept for about 7 years. Then he bought a (first-gen) Astra 1300S L, which was much nicer and the first car I ever drove. For some reason he decided to downsize to a Nova 1.2L about 1992. His last car was a one-year-old 1998 Fiesta 1.25 Encore, the newest car he ever had and the only one he bought from an actual dealer.
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