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  1. Excellent. That's a Škoda.
  2. We've lost so many great bus garages over the years and a lot of it is down to franchising. Like London Northern (as they were, then became MTL, then Metroline) lost route 13 to Sovereign and Finchley garage closed soon afterwards. Doesn't matter if they win the route back the next time the franchise comes up, the garage has already been sold and demolished by then. It will only take London United to lose one of the big routes and I fear Stamford Brook will go the same way. Especially as they have Shepherds Bush Garage just the other end of Goldhawk Road.
  3. Ooooh, that's lovely. Now that's what I need to beat the ULEZ. We'll ignore the fact it would cost more in petrol than you would save from being exempt. And that the engine is currently in bits and not in the car. Small details.
  4. I noticed that when I was looking at it on Google. The outer flats have fancy terraces I hope they are well soundproofed if there's a recording studio underneath. Also, the ones on the left would be great because you could watch the comings and goings from the bus garage. And if we zoom out a bit... Look at the size of the garage (you can just see the white roofs of the buses). Imagine what you could do with that.
  5. I said this would be relisted within a week when it ended up going for £1950. It might have been nearer two weeks, I can't be arsed to trawl through several dozen pages, but I wasn't far off. There was no way anybody was going to pay £1950 for it.
  6. I wouldn't trust the postman with one of those! The pies themselves have just gone up to £2.70 which still seems like great value. They were £2.40 for years and I'm surprised they didn't go up sooner. They are proper full of meat inside.
  7. There are some great bits across the five books and he uses what sound like proper maths and science to explain completely implausible things. Like how the population of the universe is zero and anybody you happen to meet is merely a product of your imagination. Can't remember it exactly but it ends with anything divided by infinity is as close to zero as makes no difference. And the line 'what a depressingly stupid machine' pops into my head all to often. But he surpassed himself after the Hitch Hiker books with the two Dirk Gently books. The first of those is absolutely my favourite book bar none. It takes his wit and writing style to another level. And it's only at the end you realise it is sort of very loosely based on Rime of the Ancient Mariner so then you read it again and you notice things you didn't the first time. I of course was only familiar with Rime of the Ancient Mariner from the Iron Maiden epic not the Samuel Taylor Coleridge original but it's enough to make the connections.
  8. It is their own cured bacon, it's lovely and everything is cooked on a big hot plate in the corner of the cafe. They've won all sorts of awards for their sausages too and the black pudding has a slight pepperyness to it and is all crispy on the outside as it is also cooked on the hotplate. I'm getting hungry again writing this.
  9. Uptons of Bassett in Winchester Road, by the roundabout with Hill Lane. They also do a good full English for about a tenner and being a butchers they don't have wishy washy stuff like beans or tomatoes. Two eggs, decent bit of toast and the rest is all meat. Can recommend.
  10. Popped in to our local butchers for some pies. Their pies are great, full to the top and there is something about the pastry that just sets them apart. They probably use lard or something but whatever, it works. But they also have a small eat in section. Usually if you get there after 8am it's full (they open at 7 as any proper butcher does) but there were a couple of spare tables and as I walked in the smell of bacon hit me so I thought sod it and stopped for a bacon sandwich. Sometimes when you order a bacon sandwich out it can be a disappointment. Not these. Decent amount of bacon, well cooked, just the right amount of saltyness and proper bread. I should make more spontaneous decisions like this.
  11. Ha. Allegedly yes, they even encourage you to do so. But I tried when I got green Favorit. Obviously it's heavily modified but I thought I'd try out of curiosity, there are sections to list all modifications which I did. It just said I need to phone up. Not entirely surprised to be honest I wasn't expecting to get it on standard insurance anyway and indeed I've now got it on specialist modified car insurance. BUT. I then tried swapping the blue Favorit on to Mrs Yoss's now departed Felicia insurance online. So a bog standard Felicia to a bog standard Favorit? Surely that's a fairly simple ask? No, you need to phone up. The actual swap was fairly simple but you seem to spend longer listening to tedious recorded messages than actually talking to a human. Apologies for being grumpy in the ungrumpy thread.
  12. Top detective work there and it's great to find the original owners. It's always good to find the history of old cars. And now you know what it has been through you will find it easier to forgive it when it inevitably causes you problems in future.
  13. The lethargy continues. I put it all back together a couple of weeks ago but I needed to clean up the garage and as our drive requires the cars to park line astern I've just been too lazy to go and try it. It doesn't help this time of year that by the time I get home from work have lunch and a cup of coffee and then another cup of coffee there's barely an hour of daylight left. But that's just excuses really. But then on the other hand, if you don't feel like it there's no point forcing it, it's supposed to be a hobby after all. But my friend came round to pick up his engine crane so I made the effort to clean the accumulated detritus off it and get it out. This is the first time it has seen daylight since May. I only took it up the road and back, probably just over a mile but I selected all gears easily with no strange noises and significantly the gearbox even on idle is practically silent which it hasn't been for about a decade. I really should have done it before it went bang but its done now. I'm planning on taking it on a longer run tomorrow. I might take it shopping but as it hasn't been out for six months it seems wise to take it steady not just for the gearbox sake but everything else as well as a lot of stuff has been disturbed doing this job. A quick note to @Andyrew, the Felicia seats that were being stored in the back of the Triumph, Are now safely ensconced in the loft, So there's no hurry, they can stay there for as long as needs be. They fitted nicely through the gap between the rafters (or are they joists?) and the railway, its almost as if I planned it when I built the baseboards but I didn't.
  14. Yoss

    Bus Shite

    I've posted these before but seeing as you mentioned it... Civic Centre Bus Station a few days after it closed. And a couple of weeks later. They didn't hang around with this one. Rumour has it Stagecoach got more for selling the bus station and Grosvenor Square garage than they paid for the whole of Hampshire Bus. I don't know if that was just a rumour but either way it is asset stripping at its finest*. They then sold Hampshire Bus's Southampton operations to Solent Blue Line (who were in fact Southern Vectis) but with nowhere to run them from. Only Stagecoach could manage that. Ever since then the buses come from Eastleigh every morning. It's only five miles away but imagine the combined mileage of ten miles a day for every bus for the last 35 years. As for Shirley Garage, that did hang around a while. I think it closed in 1981 but this was taken in 1987 just after it had been torn down. We once managed to get through a hole in the fence and in to the garage. I don't know why I didn't have my camera because I used to take it everywhere but the main thing I remember was a kind of signing on desk that had a hand written list of staff names under a sheet of glass. I really wish I'd taken pictures of that. The above picture was taken on a tour of Southampton but as you can see it wasn't a tour for normal people. I just include the next two pics from the same tour because I like them. A big boat. And King George V Dry Dock for a real sense of scale.
  15. Anywhere else this sounds like someone's tragic fall from grace, only here does this seem like a win.
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