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  1. ^^^ Liked for your swift adhoc repairs, not the twat in the Corsa running into you obvs.
  2. Actually, now I think about it I took some pictures of the bus round the other side of said flats last year.
  3. Re, the new discs and pads two posts up^^. MOT today: Spot on. Money well spent. To celebrate we took Favorit out to Weston Shore where I took these pictures. It's a slightly communist looking estate backdrop. Looks right at home.
  4. MOT time for Felicia. I always go for an early slot on a day off so I have time for any minor jobs and get it back the same day. But, no worries, straight through. So the rest of the day is my own to do nothing at all. Favorit is due next in a couple of weeks. How have I ended up with two cars with January/February Mot's? I almost feel it's worth putting one back in around July to spread them out. January is definitely not fun time for working on cars.
  5. That Rover lived round the corner from us for a while. MGR plates And wheel trims. These were taken in April 2017.
  6. I'm sure nobody has quoted this for a couple of weeks. Too soon?
  7. Yoss

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Only one picture, minimal description, no location (just says UK) and a seller called assfinger. Yeah, walk away.
  8. Yoss

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Wow, look at this! Can't do links on this phone but if you click on that Volvo thing above this comes up as something you may also be interested in. I should say so. Plenty of scope here, though I'm not sure if you can actually get a car in as it is. But look at this. Farina lights! There is no angle from which this doesn't look bloody fabulous.
  9. Mick is a good bloke, very useful to know, especially when you have a FWD Triumph. Most of the Triumph specialists don't cater for them at all so he is always the first place I look. His online parts lists are epic though it helps to have a genuine Triumph parts book as he lists everything in part number order but sometimes just scrolling randomly down 29 pages of stuff can be fun when something you previously thought long extinct jumps out at you.
  10. I'm literally sat here with a cuppa when I read this. You made me get up and go and check our kettle. It's fine, I can carry on drinking.
  11. It makes me think of Homes Under The Hammer. Always. Whenever anybody mentions it, anywhere, I just get that little jingle they play between houses in my head.
  12. Engine looks good, sorry I missed it when you first posted it. If it doesn't fit I might be interested in it, it'll fit mine 😊.
  13. My god, why??? Poundland funerals?
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