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  1. Ah yes, I remember it now, thanks. You could make a hose from from windscreen washer tubing. At the moment it looks more like a water canon for stopping following cars, more of a Bond feature really.
  2. Thanks for that. I had a few of those and coveted many of the others but never got them. The AEC tanker was one of the prides of my fleet. Half of those I never even knew existed and some of the others I hadn't seen for 40 years. The water pump on the Merryweather fire engine doesn't mean the water pump on the engine. You could fill it with water and squirt it out of the hose I think. The memory is very hazy now but I think there was a plunger type pump somewhere much like windscreen washer pumps of the time.
  3. Oh, and the bit about flooding the engine. I would have thought the same. The fuel injection on most modern cars won't do anything with the ignition off because the ecu can't tell it to. Also I've always been told to press the accelerator one or two times before starting a carburettored engine to prime the system a bit. Seems to work on my cars (I have three carbs between two cars), certainly a couple of squirts isn't enough to flood them.
  4. Great video. Liked the bit the end obviously. 'Some of the safest vehicles in the world are London buses'. Though it's always good to see buses on the Chiswick skid pan it's also a bit depressing to see all the great facilities we've lost. And the last line, 'and always remember, the other fellow may not be sober - or even sane'. Wierd.
  5. Been going through some boxes in the loft and found these. Two Dinky Triumph 1300 's One original tatty with a tyre missing. The other I was going to do as my car and never finished it. The boot is currently missing but I know its in one of the boxes somewhere. I may finish it one day. Then there's this Dinky 2000. Painted by someone else to a reasonable standard. The 2000 is a much nicer proportioned model than the 1300. Next is this cheap plastic 2000. No idea where I got this from. This all it has underneath There's a sort of logo next to the no.2 but it means nothing to me. And finally. So I have three sizes of mk1 2000
  6. I'd never seen that as a driver before. Now I can't see as anything else. Exactly as thread title describes.
  7. More like this I'm guessing. As this was the face of Rover at the time they were being developed. I think I read somewhere (which means I may have imagined it, and even if I didn't it may not be true) that BMW forced Rover to put the indicators as low as was legally allowed so they wouldn't be able to do a sporty version with lowered suspension as it would be competition for there own cars. I think the honeymoon period was very much over by then and there were lots of arguments over what the 75 should be. Obviously once BMW left they released the MG Z range with whole new bumpers with raised indicators. Which gives me an excuse to post a picture of my old ZT-T. PS, panel gaps around the front of 75/ZT's was always terrible.
  8. There's no right answer there is there? It's like asking how you'd like to die.
  9. That's what I was wondering. This is in Fulham so it could be any one of those Middle Eastern lot I'm guessing.
  10. What's going on here? Wierd front and entirely numerical number plate.
  11. Oh yeah, I know but she'd already called me an idiot by then, but I think she was just trying to hurry the process along a bit. I was actually surprised he gave it back at all because you could do some damage with it. I wish now I could have taken a picture of the X ray but that might have been taking the piss a bit.
  12. I picked this up yesterday. Hang on I'll get it out of the car. A brand new nearside front wing. For £35. From a company called Central Panels who turned out to be an old couple in a big wooden shed near Kidlington, Oxford. Unfortunately they only had the nearside one left but that's okay coz that is by far the worst wing on my car. The other side has a few bubbles but there's years of life in that one yet. My car looks pretty good from a few feet away but closer inspection of the wing shows this. So it does need doing.
  13. Ha, I saw a blue 02 plate Convoy today still with those square yellow school bus signs in it. I'm surprised they still let school kids anywhere near one of those.
  14. So this nice looking jiffy bag arrived on the doormat from France this morning. Contained this London Transport T key. Strange thing to get from France? I went to Nice for a few days last week. Turned up at the airport, put all my stuff in one of those plastic boxes to go through security. My box got put through the extra checks aisle. Man calls me over, shows me a perfect X Ray of the above key and asked me if I knew what it was. I'd only left it in my jacket pocket and brought it on holiday by mistake because I'm a bloody idiot* So I explain it's a special key for opening certain things on old London buses while Mrs Yoss acts out a mime of changing the blinds and he looked bemused and gave it back to me. But I really didn't trust French customs to be so understanding, not least as I wouldn't really be able to explain what it was in French. So fearing I'd have it confiscated I posted back to myself. I still wasn't sure if I'd ever see it again leaving it to the mercy of the French postal system but it arrived today four days after posting. *according to Mrs Yoss.
  15. I saw a black CX near Heathrow last week. Anyway, I'll see your C15 and raise you another C15... Plus an Escort van.
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