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  1. Had to go shopping today so we went to Waitrose as we thought it would be more civilised than the other supermarkets at the mo. Mrs Yoss then suggested it would be easier to do social distancing if I stayed in the car. I sort of half heartedly said 'are you sure' but I was quite happy, just sat and caught up with a few threads on here. Whilst sitting there this woman turned up in this Volvo and parked half over the pedestrian walkway. What's more it took her two attempts to park this badly. Then she got out and walked off without looking back because she knew full well how shit her parking was. I was hoping somebody was going to run a trolley down the side of her car.
  2. Five minutes walk in one direction from our house is a large area of Forestry Commission land which you would think would be perfect for 'permitted exercise'. But no, because every one else has had the same idea so today we went round some of the local roads. Found these two within ten minutes of our house that I'd never seen before. Look at this beauty.
  3. Another yay to Marillion. Is White Russian the greatest song ever written? It's up there. Thirty years old but as relevant as ever. Very prescient.
  4. Unfortunately my thoughts exactly. Our tip now charge for building materials. That lot would cost a fortune if they even accepted it.
  5. The people next door are having a new garage roof put on, God knows why because the sides are precast concrete slabs and are wonky as fuck. But The old roof looks like that asbestos sheeting and they are disposing of it themselves in their own car. But it's alright because they've wrapped every one in clingfilm! God only knows where they're taking it.
  6. Mousey update. So the above humane mouse traps arrived the other day. As you can see one end has a little compartment in to which you put mousey foods, I used a few broken up peanuts. This drops into position at the rear. The front has a spring loaded door which is set off by a sort of springboard in the middle. So I half filled the compartment with the broken up nuts, then put a few loose ones inside the main body and a few just outside to entice him in the right direction. I came back the next day to find this. Definite signs of activity but no mouse. Why is that? Yes, he's just eaten his way out! Look... And with my finger to give sense of scale. He is very small. But it gets better. That was all yesterday morning but I forgot to take pictures. Yesterday whilst there was no mouse there were still plenty of broken nuts about the place. This morning I went back to take pics for this report and the rest of the nuts had gone. Including the ones inside the trap itself. So not only has he escaped he's gone back in through his hole to go back for the nuts he left behind. I can't compete with that, mousey wins, the garage is his. Of course as I said before I don't mind him being in the garage, I just don't want him in the car. So as my friend pointed out I should probably just leave him food in a corner of the garage then he won't need to go looking in the car.
  7. Thanks, I never knew that. Doesn't seem a very busy thread though does it? I'll bear it mind next time I see something.
  8. ^^My 1300 handles beautifully. I have Sprint wheels on it and uprated springs. The Sprint wheels have a greater offset than the unique originals which does make the steering a bit odd until you get used to it. The self centring is a bit weaker but the grip is fabulous. The FWD rack is higher geared than the RWD one so my car feels quite gokarty. The ride is quite hard but I like that, the seats are nice and soft to soak it up!
  9. Yoss

    Reliant Rebel

    Thanks doug. Interesting. Not sure I'd want to be seen in that one! Though it would be easy to paint those stripes matt black as well if they don't peel off. Looks like it was red originally and I'd much rather drive round in a pogweaseled red than that. On the other hand I like the idea of the 850 engine. He's keen to push the SU carb, mentions it about four times, but that suits me. I have a box full of SU's and bits and am quite familiar with them. I like the way he says it's slow, draughty and uncomfortable. And "you won't want to drive it home unless you live in Norwich". He doesn't know what I'm used to! But it does sound like it would need trailering back. I mean I could trundle back on the A roads but it's been off the road for three years. Mismatching front seats I notice. It's one to think about. But the fact that we've now found three for sale shows there may be more out there than I thought. None of three so far have really leapt out out at me but they all have good and bad points. Its on my watch list. I was planning on having a go at my Triumphs gearbox in the next week. I had it out at the weekend and it is getting noisier. I should sort that first. Hmm... decisions.
  10. I've often thought 'guess what's under the tarpaulin' would make a good thread but never quite got round to taking any pictures because unless you know the answer the game won't really work and if you're caught peering under the tarp on someone's drive you're going to have some explaining to do. And I don't think "we're playing a game on a shit car forum" is going to endear you to the disgruntled owner.
  11. Yoss

    Reliant Rebel

    Again, I'm sure you're right. That chassis and engine look fabulous and I've no idea how much it would cost to have a chassis galvanised. He could easily have spent that much and more. But what looking at those pictures has done is knocked a sense of reality in to me. I need to finish what I have. The Favorit just needs a wing, which I already have and is bolt on, and proper rustproofing around the back end. The Triumph is as described above but I feel I should do that first. I wasn't aware that Herald and Vittesse suspension was different, except smaller engined Heralds have drums. I know Spitfire geometry is different whilst being essentially the same. I have the same problems with my car. Bits of the front suspension were carried over to the RWD car but not all, the geometry is different. I have RWD top ball joints and shocks (I tell myself it's because they are more easily available but really it's because I'm still a boy racer at heart and wanted uprated springs/shocks) but the lower wishbone is different and the mounting bracket has a different angle on it. Anyway, back to the Rebel. I'll still keep looking and if that one is still around later in the year I may consider it. The van looks both fun and useful.
  12. Two Favorits in one post! Where are you?
  13. Yoss

    Reliant Rebel

    So I seem to have found it on ebay. Its in Clacton which matches the phone number you sent me. Wierdly I didn't find it on ebay itself, I found it down an Internet rabbit hole when googling Rebel images. Still can't find it directly on ebay. They've spent a lot of money on the chassis and engine and it may be worth the money but at that price I would want a runner at least. If it was me I'd at least reattach the body to try and sell it just to make it easier to move. I'd be happy driving around in something that looked like that knowing I had a practically new chassis and engine underneath. Unfortunately that's too much of a project at the moment. If I had nothing else to do I'd consider it. Maybe later in the year if it's still there (and it might be at that price!) I'll make him a cheeky offer.
  14. It's not austere, it's compact. And gives you all the information you need.
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