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  1. Ha, a trolleybus, I'd love one of those. I can see a few obstacles to driving one of those into London though but they really should be the future of public transport.
  2. A bit of a heads up for you followed by a question. Thought this might interest you. I have been sent full timetables for this event. I don't know how to link it to here (it's a pdf attached to an email) but if you want to PM me an email address I can forward it to you. Secondly the question. I'm hoping to go but Muswell Hill is just inside the North Circular and therefore ULEZ. According to the TfL website anything taxed as a historic vehicle is automatically exempt but when I type my Triumphs reg into their checker it says I have to pay. As somebody living inside ULEZ with a historic vehicle I thought you might know how this works. It doesn't matter too much as all the routes they are running go outside ULEZ so I could drive to somewhere like North Finchley and get the first bus from there to Muswell Hill but ideally I'd like to get there early for maximum mileage. Also the first buses are the likely to be the ones with most room. By lunchtime they'll all be full, that tends to be how bus running days go.
  3. It's finally back home But I've a fair bit of work to do before I can use it properly. And it always takes longer to put things back together than take them apart.
  4. At that point they were on the edge of the very small village of Sway in the middle of the New Forest. They've since moved to the relative metropolis of Brockenhurst, still in the middle of the New Forest.
  5. The replacement door handle saga is going well*. The first one the seller couldn't find, the second one arrived today... ... but it was a mk2 one. See difference below. MK1 has the squarer handle with embossed lines, the mk2 is plain and rounder. I double checked the listing and it was definitely for a mk1 so I messaged the seller and he replied within ten minutes, apologised and said he would go and check the warehouse to see if the other one was still there. Replied again less than an hour later, said he'd found it, would post it today and that I could keep the other one to do with as I please which is fine as the mechanism is the same so it might come in handy or I could pass it on to another Favorit owner. So thanks to jjlclassics, excellent service. To be fair most people don't even know there is a mk1 and a mk2 let alone what the differences are so it's an easy mistake to make.
  6. Ah, never knew that. I know mk1 Fabias were available with a 1.4 version of the Škoda pushrod too. I don't know the power of that but it must have been similar. Didn't realise there were quite so many engine options available. Maybe your engine replaced the 1.4 pushrod, I see yours is a late mk1. Probably detuned to meet some sort of emmisions target though in the real world the 100bhp engine would need less effort to keep going so was probably just as economical.
  7. I think the 1.4 16v was 100hp. My 1.6 8v in the Felicia is 75hp. This isn't great when the ancient 1.3 pushrod of Škodas own design chucks out 68hp. The VW engine is much quieter, that's its only advantage. When I used to frequent Briskoda (rarely bother any more as the Favorit/Felicia section dried up as the cars disappeared) the 1.4 16v that you have was a popular conversion as it was so easy. The block for the 8v and 16v are very similar so would mate up to the standard gearbox, but you had to make a new engine mount at the cambelt end. There would be no point doing the swap if both engines had the same power. The only swap really worth doing was the 1.6 16v but this was trickier as something was different, can't remember what now but I seem to remember you had to put the 1.6 internals in a 1.4 block which meant you needed two engines to start with. And the 1.6 16v was a much rarer beast to start with. This is all a very long winded way of saying I think you have more power than you think you do.
  8. I think they are MGB V8 alloys painted a shit colour.
  9. Nothing very interesting today, I'm putting these here for my own benefit as much as anything to keep it all in one place. I've got about ten thousand photos on my phone so it's easier to find stuff here. Cleaned up the front fog lights and refitted them today. They're an easy fit, a single nut and curved metal plate that holds the shape of the housing and poke the wires through the hole. Had a message from the seller of one of the new door handles I ordered saying he couldn't find it, so he's refunded me. This means I've only got one new one coming so I decided I'd have to clean the overspray off the old ones. They've turned out alright but I'll still get new ones if I can.
  10. Cheers, they are the original wheels just painted white. They do really suit it being a bright primary colour. I keep looking at other wheels but I don't think anything else suits it quite so well.
  11. Popped in this morning and they surprised me again with the amount of work they've done in two and half a days. Shiny shiny. But not shiny enough apparently, they still have to mop and polish it. I asked if it was lacquered because it obviously wasn't before. Being a straight colour it doesn't have to be and it was obvious with how quickly the shine would wear off that it wasn't. So apparently it's had two top coats then two more of laquer with the colour mixed in to give a glossier finish. Door shuts done this time. The last respray was a bit brighter than the original and it showed in the door shuts and engine bay. They've matched it to the brighter colour but with the door shuts done that no longer matters, I preferred that anyway, it's a great colour. This is the lip that the tailgate seal sits over. This is what it looked like on Wednesday. I'd ground it back and covered it with Dinitrol rust converter and was going to plug the holes with Supersteel or the like and prime it before dropping the car off but it kept raining the week before so this was as far as I got. Most of it sits under the seal or behind the bumper so I wasn't that fussed. But now it looks like this. It looks like new! There's two bits of metal there spot welded to form the seam and then welded in either side. I can't see the joins at all. Only time will tell if it really is done properly, and even then only if I take the bumper off. I'm really pleased with that, well worth the extra £150. More shiny shots. Nice colour contrast and Merc in the background. The Transit wasn't a customer job but a little sideline of their's. I had noticed quite a lot of vans about the place. So they pick them up at auction and do them up as there is a good market for fancy vans. This was originally a silver panel van. They've fitted the body kit and side windows. The seats were fancy leather affairs with diamond stitches patterns and RS logos. A second row was fitted also in the same style. The rest of the van was lined in carpet ready for the next owner to do what they want with although he says they'd do more if someone wants it. Like make room for a motorbike with the proper ramp and fixings was the example he gave. I personally wouldn't want to drive around in this but I was impressed with the quality of the work, there was no sign of any silver paint and the carpet lining looked spot on. If I ever get a Sherpa I know where to take it. Anyway, Favorit should be ready on Tuesday.
  12. Yoss

    Bus Shite

    I'm fairly certain that's preserved, I think it was all VRs and Nationals by then and even if there were any half cabs left they would surely be Lodekkas.
  13. With LPG. The Bi-fuel badge under the 240 almost looks original. Could you buy them new like this?
  14. This. Not quite sure how Mrs Yoss couldn't get the whole thing in the picture but there we are. Apparently a DFSK Glory 580. An identikit SUV completely indistinguishable from all the others but probably not as good. I don't know this of course I'm just stereotyping judging by the standards of other Chinese cars. Comes in five colours. Black, white, silver, grey and blue. So this is in fact the only colour.
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