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  1. To be fair to the thing, if you count all the brake pipes and hoses as one job, which it would be when doing it, then it doesn't look so bad.
  2. Another one for mallard here. I had a mk2 2000 in it. It's a lot darker than yours but lovely when it's shiny. There's almost some blue in it. I also had two green mk1s, one Olive and one Conifer. They were quite similar but if you put the two together the Olive was a bit more brown. Or Russet brown. I had a Russet 1850. It's a similar tone to Brooklands but in brown. It looked fabulous under streetlights, it turns almost orange. But Mallard is the classiest by far.
  3. Obviously you jest but being Austin Rover you wouldn't be too surprised to find that was true.
  4. Hmm... Possibly not the bulbs then? Possibly a fault somewhere else. And so it begins. Just saying. I'll get my coat.
  5. Rebodied in to a Fiat 132 by the look of things
  6. Yes, ZR. Perfect. The great grandchild of the 1100. Or something like that. 1100, Allegro, Meastro, 200/25/ZT. Keeping it in the family anyway.
  7. Looks like it, though it looks even brighter on my phone, but this has a habit of exaggerating colours.
  8. This is in the classic car garage in Beaulieu village. The stuff in there is always a bit overpriced plus Ford scene tax and all that so I wasn't surprised to see it was £18k. I've managed to cleverley* overlay the reflection of my Skoda over the top of it which was exactly 1/60th of the price. I know most people, even on here, would prefer the Capri but is it 60 times better? Also never seen those graphics before, are they genuine period ones? It's a 1600 GT. * Complete fluke.
  9. I'm guessing there are different DVLA databases. I was using the MOT history checker as I was curious to see that anyway... And it definitely says date registered 1 July 1971 (I went back and checked as I thought I might have mis read it after the above replies). That would put it on a J. Then again they also say it's yellow and it certainly isn't. Maybe DVLA don't consider beige a colour.
  10. Now I think of it, a friend of mine once had a Landcrab on a V plate. But the difference is that one had been exported, as above by military persons taking their car abroad with them then reimporting it when they moved back here. I assume the one on the Saab was put on simply because it ended in 99. But yes the DVLA could well be wrong.
  11. Driving home past the shops near us about an hour ago and this was parked up with the bonnet open. I have a bag of tools in the boot so it would seem rude not to stop. He'd bought it locally and had stopped because he could smell burning, possibly electrical. We stood and watched it for a while and nothing caught fire. The car had been standing quite some time so I think it was just burning off random detritus that had collected over the years. He was accompanied by a disgruntled (l assume, they usually are, I never actually spoke to her but she never got out of the Vectra so she can't have been that keen) wife/girlfriend in the Vectra two cars down and heading for Waterlooville which is about 30 miles away. Sounds like a classic Autoshite collection thread. I thought about mentioning this place but am reluctant to talk about it to people I've never met (Fight Club and all that) as you're kind've implying the car they've just bought is crap and some people get a bit funny about that and don't wear it as a badge of honour like we do. I think if you're meant to be here you will find it on your own eventually. But he would certainly fit in. We checked levels and I noticed the front tires were rather elderly and suggested not using the motorway which he said he wasn't going to anyway. I also noticed as I walked away it had a bit of a crap private plate on it. I'd get rid of that, but it's not my car. Looking on DVLA it's actually a 1971 car so can legitimately have black plates but they looked rubbish, they looked brand new and just didn't go with the rest of the car. EDIT: Now I think of it if it's a 71 it shouldn't be allowed to carry an M reg but that's not my problem to worry about.
  12. This is where it lives in the Triumph. Invisible with the door shut. Skoda. High power. Not words that went together often in 1998 (it's out of the Felicia). That leaves this area free to fill with random crap and makes changing the clutch easier. The only 1300s I've seen with period radios have it fitted here in a one piece unit with radio and mono speaker combined. A selection of tapes that can currently be found in the car. It's night time Radio 1 from 1995. John Peels Festive 26 sounds particularly intruiging. I have three boxes about double the size of a shoe box full of these upstairs and the Triumph is the only place I can play them. If I could buy a stereo with digital radio and a cassette player I would but I don't think they exist.
  13. That's the first time I've seen germanium used in a sentence outside of Pointless. You probably won't know what Pointless is over there, it's a tea time quiz show where I get all my chemical element knowledge from. Actually not so much knowledge, just remembering names. My go to answer is darmstadtium but I've never seen it used in a sentence.
  14. What do you drive that requires you to check the oil every time you fill up? And a note to remind you.
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