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  1. Of the main cast, I think Sean Connery was last to go, that was only a year or so back wasn't it? But David McCallum is still going. He played Tom's (Stanley Baker) younger brother. He's now 87.
  2. I watched this again at the weekend for the first time in at least a decade, probably more. It was always one of my favourite films but I wondered, having not seen it in so long wether I was remembering it through Rose tinted glasses. I needn't have worried, its still superb. Obviously a low budget film and they couldn't afford any special effects so the first time you see the lorries speeded up you do laugh for the wrong reasons but you sort of get used to it. And what a cast. At the time none of them were particularly big names, but within ten years we have the best James Bond, the first Doctor Who, The Prisoner, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Cowley from The Professionals... and whatever Sid James became, he just played Sid in whatever he was in. Still a fabulous film. Have a Sid James - Sean Connery face off. This isn't quite black and white but I couldn't find a b/w poster. They missed Gordon Jackson off that list.
  3. That's good to know, I hadn't been over to the 75/ZT forum for ages. There are some photos almost identical the ones I posted above on the restoration thread, even down to the red 75 and mk1 Fabia VRS on the other side of the road. I had to do a double take to make sure they weren't my pics!
  4. The 1300 has very little in common with the Toledo, certainly far less than the outer bodywork would suggest. Perhaps I'll dig it out for the 21st, it's not been out in a while.
  5. If I was to buy another Triumph (that would be as well as, not in place of, my 1300TC) I think it would be a Vitesse saloon. I'd love a GT6, it is essentially the smallest possible body wrapped around the straight six engine, but prices have gone silly now. And where Vittesses are concerned you get a lot more for your money with a saloon over a convertible. And anyway I think the saloon looks better. Mr Michelotti put a lot of work into making the roof look like the rest of the car, whereas the convertible roof just looks like most other convertible roofs of the era. Mind you, a Vitesse estate would really tempt me. My last Round Britain Run was 2016 and they are the only run I have pictures of on this phone. This is Lands End on the Sunday morning. There are, I think, 18 or 19 six cylinders in this picture, I tried counting four times and got different answers every time. Also a fair few V8's and fours as well. Plus obligatory pez station shot number 1. Skiach services, Alness. And obligatory pez station shot number 2. Tebay, M6. Also 21st of August looks like my long weekend so put me down for a probably.
  6. Allow me to give you some context if I may. I used to do a lot of Club Triumph long distance events with my 1300TC. One, which unfortunately they don't run anymore, was the Historic Counties Run. You set off about 6 o'clock Saturday evening and finish at 9 Sunday morning. You get a point for every county visited on a given list by means of a photo of a county boundary sign or something else that can only be in that county. Additionally you are given a list of specific places for which you will earn an extra point for each. There are too many counties and places on the list to do all of them so it's up to you to decide which, plotting your route on the fly. This means each crew may do a completely different route but all meet up at the end. You lose a point for every five minutes late you are at the finish. There's usually about 20 to 30 cars on these runs, all Triumphs and obviously a fair few will be straight sixes, most have been at least mildly breathed on with big exhausts, wheels, lowered, spotlights etc, like this... So one year we're hacking round the Peak District looking for various caves. We've just come away from Treak Cliff Cavern at about 02.30 on a Sunday. Photo to prove it, that's another point in the book... And we're off to the next place on the list. Passing through the small town of Castleton we notice an open and well lit public convenience in the car park. These are few and far between and my co driver wanted a fag anyway so we pulled in to the car park for a short break. And there in the distance was this sound. A haunting howl somewhere up on the Snake Pass. Only quiet to start with but getting slowly louder. A Triumph straight six being used in anger. We sat there for more than five minutes listening. It would sometimes die away and then suddenly come back louder as it came down the hill. We're sitting in a car park in a deserted small town centre and it's really quite eerie. Obviously as it comes down to our level the noise doesn't carry so well so it goes quiet for a couple of minutes until - bang - there it is, a GT6 glides surprisingly quietly through the town (they do stress about speed limits in towns, the club need a permit for the event and the relevant police forces are notified) and then as it goes out the other side you hear it open up again and the howl is back. We left at that point before they come back and get past us. That sound will stay with me forever. Even sitting in a motorway services, hearing a Triumph straight six fly by gives you a warm feeling inside. And yet at idle they are so smooth they're almost silent. No V8 can do that. V8's burble, straight sixes howl but are smoother at the same time. They might not be as loud as a TVR V8 but it's a far superior noise. Quality not quantity. I stand by my original statement.
  7. And then in April 2017 I found this a five minute walk from our house. Anyone familiar with the 75/ZT forum will recognise this as one of the pre production test cars. It never left the Longbridge site until they went under in 2015 apart from the odd TV job dressed as a police car. And here still wearing police colours but also an MG Rover logo, like Longbridge internal police. There were plans afoot on the forum to have it restored but it certainly hadn't happened by this point. It was even on trims, which are quite rare in themselves. It hasn't been there for a while but this red one that was with it at the same time is still there.
  8. I owned this for five years. I found out after I bought it that it was an ex West Midlands ambulance and once looked like this. Once I found this out the signs were obvious. A very small hole in the headlining exactly midway between the two sun visors. Another small hole in the rubber strip that runs along the roof with a bunch of wires pushed underneath. Some filler where the blue lights were in the bumber (I was looking for things by then). Then I started having trouble with the headlights and found a whole other fuse box wedged in by the battery. This had a mini loom that amongst other things was spliced into the headlight wiring. Removing it all had the headlights working again. Being ex ambulance it had the lowest spec interior, wind up back windows (the window winders were tiny and cheap looking) and twisty heater controls but the most powerful engine, a V6 190. It was also handy for carrying Triumph engine blocks. Had it been a Rover it may well have been too high. Probably not really but one feels Rovers would be above such antics. Like a few people on here I could see some big bills coming so I got rid. The clutch had started slipping andwe were on cam belt roulette being the main ones. But it was fun while I had it.
  9. 2016 special edition GTI. You can even get a model of one.
  10. ^ I think they were sold like that from new. I seem to remember seeing them in reviews and stuff. Or I could have dreamt that. Someone else here will know.
  11. Unfortunately we're not allowed to take our dogs to work. Probably just as well, cardboard boxes are our dogs favorite thing in all the world. He'd love it but I wouldn't have a job long.
  12. This was in my van today. That's the hottest I've ever seen it. Previous high I'd noticed was 36c. This was obviously after it had parked up for 20 mins or so, it goes down as soon you start driving. Trouble is I never move more than a couple of hundred yards at a time so it never goes down much. And I'm guessing the sensor is behind the front bumper which is unpainted black. So obviously not accurate but still bloody hot.
  13. The above site is a bit vague it only mentions what I already knew. But I'm sure it was a Dalston bus for a while and the 9A was a Sunday only route from Mortlake to Aldgate run by Mortlake and Dalston garages from about 1971 to 1981 so my money is in it being late 70s with those ads. It was certainly never a Mortlake bus, I would have remembered that, that's a garage I watched slowly die. Dalston to Aldgate would be quite a short garage run especially on a Sunday morning. I've just looked up Dalston garage as I don't remember it. It was closed in 1981 which would explain why but it really was very close to where you are now. In Shrubland Road just up Queensbridge Road. If only... etc.
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