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  1. An old friend that I seem to have lost touch with shared driving duties on that trip. They carried on to Portugal to see the Regents there. He once took me to the owners house in Stevenage and we took it to Stevenage bus station. Not quite as glamorous but proper green RT stomping ground.
  2. ^^ Okay, I can't quite top that but in an even earlier life I was working at a meat factory in Chandlers Ford. I'd been there a while doing various jobs when I got a transfer to nights which was cleaning out all the machines with a pressure washer. Started at 8pm which was fine as I could get the bus in, Hampshire Bus VR or ex London DMS, but we finished about 2 AM. A fellow night worker had a VW T2 pick up. This was pre VW scene tax or contrived rat look, it was just an old van. He already gave somebody a lift home so the front was full but I was welcome to hop in the back. I was only doing i
  3. They are indeed. That was the first thing I thought when I saw that. It's holding up well isn't it. In the very old days we (postmen) used to travel in the back of those with no windows or interior trim of any description, just a tip up bench seat running down each side and lots of nice sharp spot welded seams. You really could see how they were made. The top of the fibreglass top was opaque to let a bit of light in, in fact I thing it was all opaque but the rest was painted red. There would be six or seven of us perched on these seats, being dropped out to our deliveries along with the d
  4. I would say Skoda just used old names including girls names which work well but even they've given up now, #Karoq #kamiq #enyaq ffs.
  5. MOT time for Felicia today. Nothing to report of course, it's a Felicia, it just goes straight through. It's 23 years old now and still does this every year. These were parked outside. Not shite or even interesting but there is something satisfying about identical vehicles with consecutive registrations. Or is that just me?
  6. I was hoping for a full sideways arrival a lá Bodie and Doyle.
  7. Yoss

    Youtube moments

    Complete with backing music of Tarzan Boy by Baltimora! Is it really still 1985 over there? He doesn't hang about does he especially considering there is snow everywhere.
  8. They must be the best estate cars ever made. Just a great combination of style and practicality. Some estates have one or the other but few can pull it off quite like a 2000. The way the rear seat folds into a totally flat floor seems so simple but so many cars don't do it. And that straight six can't be beaten. Never had one unfortunately, plenty of saloons but never an estate. Been in a couple. Probably missed the boat now.
  9. Yes daft but true. There are now what I would consider fairly modern buses becoming thirty years old (see above) but when the law first came in most thirty year old buses were, if not actual half cabs, very dated with manual boxes, or pre-select or crash boxes and possibly no power steering and anybody could get in and just drive off (but with no more than eight passengers and not for hire or reward). Whereas a modern bus where you get in press drive and can steer it with one finger you had to pass all the relevant tests. Always seemed a bit back to front to me, but I've made good use of it ov
  10. They look better than new. That must have been a really satisfying job to do.
  11. Indeed it is not allowed and I am perhaps foolish for posting that picture on an international highly influential social media platform. I think my story is I only put them there whilst I rearranged all the packets in the back to make a bit more room for them! In reality the ones in the front are the ones I'm doing first so I'll get rid of them as quickly as possible. It's not ideal but I'm doing my best. I think they should thank me for going above and beyond. Actually our line manager is really good and does regularly thank me for what I do. I really don't envy their job as they get shi
  12. You're gonna need a bigger bike, to paraphrase a well known film. This is an exaggeration as it was taken a week before Lockdown Christmas Armageddon but the job has changed and is much more packet based.
  13. See, I didn't know that and I don't get told that. I suspect our fitters don't know that either. It explains what it was doing. Either way diesel is really not suited to what we do. It's about a mile to the start of my delivery then I never do more than a couple of hundred of yards at a time, usually less, then a mile back again. Total of 6 - 7miles a day. The newer vans are petrol for this reason but electric would be perfect for this work. These vans replaced bicycles.
  14. Thanks, that was what I was wondering. It's just the old ones have this nice badge on. And the new ones don't. Maybe they are ashamed of the new ones. To give it more credit than I did yesterday I had it again today and had to go and put some diesel in it. This involves a short 40mph section which is where I noticed the cruise control was set to 31mph! I dialled it up to 45 and it felt much perkier even at lower speeds. I'm not used to these modern* toys. It is not a button at all. It looks like one, it looks like a release knob on an auto doesn't it? I saw it and tried
  15. That's what I did, well, second gear for about ten seconds. That's what caused it to into limp mode.
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