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  1. Yoss

    Bus Shite

    I hadn't even realised the heritage route had gone seasonal. I only used it twice but Dartmasters are just too depressing. I got used to the 1990s refurbs eventually, it's just a lorry engine replacing the original. But the Dartmaster has a whole new drive train and doesn't even move like an RM so I'm not that upset and to be honest I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did. I admit it was nice to see them from a distance but that's it. So forget euro 6, why not go full electric. There are companies that will convert any classic car to electric so can't we scale it up a bit. There's
  2. You're pretty much spot on there. The only time I tried working out the mpg on mine it came out at bang on 12. This was when I took it from here in Southampton to RM60 in Finsbury Park. Bearing in mind the bus has neither a fuel gauge or odometer it's wasn't that simple. No motorways were used, A33 and A30 up to West London, then straight through the middle. So I brimmed it at the start and finish. The mileage to London I knew because the A roads run parallel to the M3. The mileage within London was done with a London AtoZ and a good old fashioned bit of string. You can see why I only did it o
  3. Out on a dog walk yesterday I came across this fine display of chronologically parked Vauxhauls. Though the Astras in themselves would be of no interest on their own they do finish off the scene. Though obviously the Cavalier and Vectra are the main subjects here. I may have spent a bit too long taking photos because just as I walked off a front door opened and a bloke asked me if I'd got enough photos. I complemented him on his fleet but then a big alsatian appeared at his side. Our dog is really not keen on other dogs so I had to make my excuses (that my d
  4. I had Top Gear on in the background last night, wasn't really paying attention. Then those two Lancias appeared and my attention was aroused. I was very disappointed when they spent about 10 seconds on them and 55 minutes faffing about in their so called midlife crisis cars. Why go to all the trouble of getting them there and then practically ignore them. They have their priorities seriously wrong.
  5. It does look like it's lurking rather than parked doesn't it.
  6. Asda produced a nice pair yesterday. And then B&Q this morning. Anyone for a Picnic? And then Lidl on the way back.
  7. This hose reel holder has been attached to the side of our house, certainly since we bought it nine years ago, and I suspect an awful lot longer than that. It's been getting fragile for a few years and finally let go last week. What was left on the wall looked like some sort of medieval torture device. So I needed a replacement and had a little rummage in the garage. And came out with this. I hope to clean and polish it in the next few days. What could be cooler than having a Dolomite Sprint wheel stuck to
  8. Yes. Yes you would, your Wolseley looks lovely. But why not have both? That would be a very sensible thing to to do.
  9. I just googled them, still going and based in Seattle. Never heard of them but obviously bigger in the US.
  10. Nice to see snake oil is nothing new. This looks like the Slick 50 of its day. Not that I am suggesting Slick 50 is snake oil your honour but I didn't think things like that went back that far.
  11. Yoss

    Bus Shite

    Ooh good! Are we doing ties now? Here's my little collection. Top one is a genuine Wandle District that I was pleased to find at a rally in the days when bus rally stalls sold interesting stuff and not just models, books and photos. I was particularly pleased as my own bus was ex Wandle The middle four all came from Alperton garage whose garage code is ON hence them having ON ON ON ON ON... all over them. The plain one is a 50 years of Alperton one. The next says Challenger within a Centre West flash. Challenger was was Centre Wests mini and midi bus sub brand. Th
  12. Didn't really need a blue badge, you could just park on a bus stop, or near a bus stop or anywhere else really. Several times I took Mrs Yoss into town with it and parked on the bus stands in the city centre. Though that does seem like a lot of time, cost and effort just to save £2.50 on parking.
  13. You have a point. Though we were both wearing masks and he had to stoop very low to be able to see through my car from the passenger side which can't be healthy doing that constantly. Though that's probably not an issue with your average SUV.
  14. I went for my first covid jab yesterday. In the Triumph. As I approached the health centre there were three people in HVs milling about at the entrance on the pavement, i.e. the nearside. One of them flagged me down so I pulled up and he bent down to my passenger side window. I made a bit of a gesture of winding down my drivers window and made him walk round. Was I the first person to turn up without electric windows? Admittedly it's a small enough car to reach across to the passenger side so I was being a bit of an arse but I feel he should be addressing people on the correct side anywa
  15. Took the Triumph to Asda for a treat. When I came out this was parked next to me. Looked tidy but not mint. Southampton registered too. My own car has a local reg too, OU being Hampshire rather than specifically Southampton but I like to think the two of them may have met before. It's also a novelty just to see two four door saloons together these days, who'd have ever thought that would be a thing.
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