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  1. The Triumph has started feeling a bit wobbly at speed. Not on the bends, it's still great there but in a straight line it keeps changing direction slightly and wobbling the steering wheel was showing a fair amount of play so some investigation was needed. So I thought I'd take the rack out and check things out. So first of all the column has to come out. That's an absolute doddle on these. Undo the pinchbolt where the column enters the UJ in the engine bay. Then back inside the car it has an adjustable column. Simply undo the big knurled knob all the way, push it up as far as it goes and there's a hexagonal hole at the top of the mounting bracket through which you can pull the pinch bolt out. Then lower the column again and the clamp holding the column simply falls apart leaving the column free. It takes less time to do it than it took me to write this. This is the clamp. Once the column was out I could remove the bush in the bulkhead and the here the first problem was found. I found another one in the garage and whilst the housing could do with a clean up the bush is in much better nick and a better design. Here you can see the hole is smaller. And it's a completely different design on the inside. I really would like a bigger garage or proper workshop but you have to work with what you have. The rack slides out through a hole in the drivers side of the subframe so I had to leave as much room as possible on the offside whilst still having enough room to remove the nearside wheel. Though as it happens I managed to get the ball joint splitter on the track rod end without taking the wheel off, though I didn't know if this was possible until I got under there so I had to leave room just in case. Pop! Track rod end gaiter was already shot. though the joint itself feels OK, but I have new ones so I'll change them. The offside one does feel a bit loose. But whilst working on the offside I found some nasty rust. At least it could be nasty if I hadn't noticed it. As it is I think it's only surface rust at the mo. I know why this has happened. There's a small (intentional) hole in the inner wing and on the inside it's right under the brake master cylinder. This was leaking for a while and I had to keep topping it up. It's in a fiddly place and even with a funnel I'd spill it occasionally. I cleaned it up on the inside and repainted but some was obviously coming through that hole, you can see where it was running down then spreading along the seams. So once I get the rack out the first thing I'll be doing is grinding this back then treating and painting it. More to follow.
  2. Yoss


    It's funny but that pretty much describes my first car word for word except it was a Triumph 1500TC. And it was me that spent hours perfecting the art of Isopon. The dogs liked it. They would just sit and watch me. This was work in progress. I bought it about a month before I passed my test and spent that time tarting it up. Then within two weeks of passing my test I was going round a roundabout and felt a bang and a wobble. Took it to a garage who showed me that one of the rear suspension mounts had rusted away and plenty more was rapidly dissolving. So, you guessed it, I sold it to a banger racer for £15 less than I paid, though I'd spent a lot more on paint and filler Being hunted down by a P5. But he did get his revenge on a Marina. And all that filling was a waste of time. Though not a complete waste as I considered it practise for all the chod yet to come.
  3. Yoss


    Yeah, you'll fit in fine here with a turn of phrase like that.
  4. Yep, original Lego Technic set 851. I got this for Christmas 1978. I still have a big box of Lego upstairs but this is one only three sets I still have in one piece. Comes with several detachable machines to hang on the back. They can be raised and lowered by a lever to the right of the driver seat. This is from a time when Lego was Lego. The new stuff has to use lots of special shaped bits to make them look like things. These old sets made really good models from the basic blocks. Edit: just noticed I've downloaded a picture of a French/German box. Ah well.
  5. That was the first thing I thought but thought best not to mention. I don't know how big the bus/tractor crossover audience is, though being AS probably bigger than I'd imagined. This is lovely. There's something about old tractors. The proportions just seem perfect. I'd love one but I think this will be the closest I get. Mine has rack and pinion steering though. Handles beautifully.
  6. Yoss

    Home made pick ups.

    Horrible, but I actually think the wheels are more offensive.
  7. Glad to see it was true about the A35. Heard it mentioned many times but wondered if it was one of those urban myths. But no, there it is.
  8. Found this picture in a book on microcars in Shirley library. I really should have got more info on the book but I was only killing a bit of time whilst Mrs Yoss was getting her eyes done. And I had to try and take the picture surreptitiously as I wasn't sure if you're allowed to take pictures of library books. Though to be fair there was very little info about them, they just seemed to be mentioned in passing whilst talking about AC. Even the caption seems to be wrong mentioning the Villiers 197cc engine with a pic of a Model 70 Just thought you'd like to see the picture in case it's one you don't have a picture of.
  9. Yoss


    As owner of the Skoda that came before yours, and the one before that I can say your car will be considered true Shite very soon, if not already. I watched the Favorits dissappear, I'm watching the the Felicia follow (I scan the usual ads regularly to see if any out there are better than mine. They never are.) rapidly. The mk1 Fabia is disappearing faster than you think. You might think they're a bit new for here but the first ones are almost 20. Classic Shite area. Welcome along.
  10. Yoss

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Don't want to picky (yes I do) but that Six has 18/85 wings. 3 whiskers, not four but zoom in and there's only one grille behind them. The six has two each side. The six also had slimmer slats on the grille as the cooling was that marginal. That looks like an 18/85 grille to me. EDIT: No, it is a Six grille looking at some of the other pics.
  11. As mentioned a few days ago, (or a couple of minutes if you're reading this thread from the start) I've found some pics of my car after the Transit wiped out my offside front corner. Though a close up shows the car wasn't as good as I thought, the cracked filler above the indicator clearly visible. So I bought this to replace it. This clearly* shows the difference between Olive abd Conifer greens. But it was never the same. A bit like getting a new dog that looked just your old one and expecting it to have all the same personality traits. The big ends started rattling which was beyond my capabilities at the time so I sold it on and bought this. Which was much more me. And here the two meet. Believe it or not these were taken after the accident and like I said MMF still looks this good today. KOR probably doesn't. I sold it to someone else in the local club meet who wanted to do it up. But he found the rear spring platforms were shot and I think it went for spares.
  12. Felicia Pacific with Fun alloys. Very colourful. Well, three alloys anyway. The Pacific was a special edition with bright blue seats and door trims but they've taken it one stage further here and painted the dashboard blue to match. Rather more tasteful (though I'd rather have the Felicia).
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