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  1. What is going on at BMW these days?
  2. He could have done a better job at listing it couldn't he. The Qualitaire interior is unique but all we get is one front on shot.
  3. Strange description. Surely if there's no rust and drives nicely what's there to be disappointed about. Everything else is just tinkering.
  4. Well there's something I'd never heard of. Looks the front of a VW LT and the back of a Sherpa.
  5. Yoss

    Bus Shite

    Oh it was much longer than that. Almost all the Metros and Titans had them. Up to about C prefix reg I think. What's that, 1985 or so. I remember the Olympians at Norwood that replaced my bus had reflective plates. That was March 87. They were one of the first.
  6. That's the best thing I've seen in months. Perfection.
  7. Yoss

    Bus Shite

    Funny you should mention Swanley. Mrs Yoss hails from there. She was at uni here in Southampton when we met but went home in the breaks. Then once she finished uni she stayed here but we would visit the in-laws quite regularly. We came off the M25 and past Swanley garage every time. It was a nice looking small LCBS garage originally with Crittal windowed office up front and the main garage was a big curved roof tin shed that would look at home on an airfield. That was all knocked down and replaced with a more standard tin shed a few years back. The in-laws have now moved to North Norfolk
  8. Yep, same car, second one in. That wasn't his car, he was looking after it for another local Crabber.
  9. Hey, I know that man! I know that car! THAT'S MY CAR!!! Started off looking like this. It then acquired SD1 alloys, all my Crabs did. Looks pretty good doesn't it. It wasn't as good as it looks (they never are, are they?) Some years earlier Wilf, the man in the photo, had fitted new wings and sills to the car for the previous owner but there were several other bits that never got done. This was still at the point that only the very best ones were worth anything (about 2001 I reckon) so we decided to break it. Wilf obviously wanted his wings back so came roun
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