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  1. £5k! Jesus it's not even that good. The advert mentions bonnet fade and some laquer peel. A little laquer peel now will be all over the car in five years. Ask me how I know. The seller has obviously got rare mixed up with desirable. I'm not knocking the car, just the stupid price. The market for good Felicias is about six people and if I'm not interested that knocks it down to five.
  2. It is absolutely an A99 Westminster.
  3. So, I've posted pictures of this 900 before as it's where I park my car for work. Although that was with the blue Favorit so here's one with the green Favorit. But this morning there was a second Saab! That's quite special isn't it? I assume it's owned by the same person. Unless one of the neighbours liked the white one so much they decided to buy their own.
  4. Some pictures from my archives. My archives are totally random so it's a case of pulling some albums out and seeing what's in them, so these are in no particular order. My first Landcrab. I'd walked past it many times in a council car park in Shirley. I walked past one day and it had a notice of removal from the council stuck on the windscreen so I left my own note on it expressing an interest. Got a phone call the same day. Went back and agreed a price of £80. I drove it home there and then to park it up in a different council car park. Needed lots of welding but I got a couple of years out of it before the tin worm won. This picture was outside a friends house in Hastings. He had it on loan for a while when fleet numbers were getting out of hand. And this is the car park it ended up in. These were all mine. I didn't always park them like this, I generally spread them out across the estate so as not to draw too much attention to them but it was the middle of the day so most people were at work so I brought them together for a photograph, no other reason. And this wasn't the entire fleet, there are no Triumph 1300s here and I haven't been without at least one 1300 since 1991. Here's the Austin out and about. No idea where it is but it obviously looked photogenic. The 3-Litre belonged to a friend of mine. And this is in a quarry somewhere on Portland. The P5 belonged to the same friend who had the Austin 3-Litre. I would say he had more expensive taste than me but none of these cars were more than a few hundred pounds. I think the Austin was £800 but he had that one a quite a long time. The Rover developed gearbox problems and was moved on quite quickly but was nice while it lasted.
  5. So, I took the new Fav along to the local Škoda meeting. It's called a Škoda meeting but it is almost all Octavia VRS's. Not that surprising really as VRS owners tend to be enthusiasts whereas people with a basic Fabia probably just want a car. Anyway I do my best to add to the variety with my fleet and thought I'd make quite an impression with my new one. But then somebody turned up with this! I can't compete with that can I? Though I was very happy to be out shone. What a glorious car. They are now on my lottery win list as prices have gone stupid. Always wanted one and having a good look around this one hasn't changed my mind. Funny thing is we'd been there for half an hour before anybody noticed that the pub was shut! So a quick call was made to another local pub we have used before to see if they could feed 14 people at short notice. They could so off we all went. I followed the S110R and it went surprisingly well once he had an open road ahead. Of course most of the Octys are remapped and buggered about with to 300hp plus but I bet we were having more fun. God I want this.
  6. They don't have tickover as such. The engine only has one speed which it uses to charge the batteries. In theory at least. I haven't been on any for ages and have heard that the batteries are getting worse so the diesel is on more and more often. I think the idea was sound but they were underdeveloped as Boris wanted them in service by a certain date. I don't see why they can't have charging points at route termini so they could be topped up whilst on layover. They need to be used on electric more to justify their existence.
  7. I had never heard of May and Schofield until I put the new* speakers in my Favorit recently. They are still going and based in Basingstoke apparently.
  8. Do we know where it is? Have I missed that from the original post? I'm sure somebody could tell from the buses, though I realise we don't even know what colour they are.
  9. The kiosk in the bottom right corner has the word holiday on it three times which would also point to valet parking. Can't make out any of the other words but it makes some sense.
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