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  1. Bodywork and painting done...battery installation time! It looks lovely
  2. The seats have come back from the restorer. A very good job done. Will is pleased As you can see in the "blue car" photo, they used to be held together with tape.
  3. There were 3 that were flown out to California in the early 70s at the request of the Governor of that state...someone called Ronald Reagan (!)....in support of the Clean Air legislation at the time. What happened to them is a bit of a mystery. Konstantinos Adraktas, the engineer who helped design the Enfield, was convinced that they were all destroyed at the request of the nasty evil oil industry...but who knows...maybe one ended up with Jay Leno. A couple were sold in Canada, but I believe they're accounted for (one seems to be in private hands in British Columbia, and the other was
  4. It's not lunacy at all...it is just that you have the wit and wisdom to recognise that this car is special. Well done, sir. Please keep us informed of how it goes.
  5. @EmperorPigeon, the seller is based on the Isle of Wight...and he told me on FB today that he has someone coming to view the car next weekend. You'd better get a move on....
  6. I park next to the factory often, and there's a memorial there. It says "in this place, the first electric car in Greece was built from 1973 by the company Enfield Neorion". On some Greek webpages they say the first electric car, or first mass produced electric car in Europe, and others say in the World.
  7. I guess the claim is based on it being the first mass-produced car that they hoped could challenge the petrol car market.
  8. Of the 120ish Enfield 8000s made, only the first 10 or so were made in the UK and the rest were made on Syros. The owner of the Enfield Automotive company, Giannis Goulandris, was one of the big Greek Shipping Magnates at the time, and he owned the Neorion Shipyards here on the island. He stopped production in the UK but had a contract with the British Electricity Council to make about 65 cars for them, and I'm not sure he expected to make any more than that. The generally accepted opinion is that the Greek Socialist Government that controlled Greece at the time were no friends of Goulandri
  9. There are a few places with moulds...but the original screen with the heater wires is precious and rare. Not many existing Enfields have the original screen.
  10. Steve, the restorer, didn't want to risk removing the screens...I know of two people whose screens cracked when they removed them for restoration (Johnny Smith, the journo, and another restorer in Oz). I guess he doesn't think the handles need taking off...they've been in place for near 50 years already.
  11. Oh my goodness...it looks lovely and really very red.
  12. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10158662225685091&id=597210090&set=p.10158662225685091&source=43&refid=56&ref=m_notif&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic Link to the photo...and maybe you can message him. He told me today that he's looking for a good home for it. Go on....you know you want to!
  13. I can put you in contact with the seller if you want.
  14. Two sets of 4 hubs ordered. They're made from polished aluminium in the UK by a craftsman who bought the tools from the factory on the Isle of Wight when it closed. He tells me that he's sold them to about 10 different buyers in the past year. Althought the wheels are from a mini, the mini hubs don't fit well, so these bespoke ones were made about 2 inches more dished.
  15. This is one of maybe two 4-seaters left...needs a lot of love. It's for sale if anyone is interested...seller is asking £1000 and has been trying to sell it for quite some time.
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