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  1. not even one joule of power left in them...we'll see tomorrow.
  2. Two months after arriving in Greece, the car has been released from its prison at the customs warehouse in Athens and has arrived in Syros. This afternoon, we uncrate it and start it. I'm very excited Then...we begin the battle to get it registered here.
  3. You can drive your car across the border. My Enfield came across in a crate on a lorry...and since Brexit and the (dumb decision to) exit from the Customs Union this means the car was seized by Customs. It has taken just short of 2 months to get it released...at a cost of 1200 euros. Now begins the possibly even longer and more stressful process of registering the car here. I could drive it around on UK plates for up to 6 months now...except I have no insurance, so can't. After 10 weeks in a crate, I am assuming that the set of batteries that cost over 1000 quid will be ruined. Wonderful, ain't it. This whole business could have been easily avoided if the UK transport company had actually bothered to look into what they had to do when exporting this car to Greece...and also if even one of the (many) people here in Greece who have been paid to get this car released from Customs weren't bone-idle contemptuous sacks of sh*t. Greek bureaucracy is far worse than any of the tales you may have heard about it, and the selfish shiftlessness of officials seems to be a cultural necessity.
  4. 4 weeks...still trying to get the car through customs.
  5. I'm afraid that most people here in Greece will not be bothered by a story in a website or newspaper...they will think that I should accept the "historic plates" that I will be allowed. FYI, with historic plates, a car can be driven to and from a mechanic every first Wednesday, third Saturday and on every second and fourth Sunday of the month. All other use of the roads is forbidden. Classic car owners are supposed to take their cars to car shows on trailers...there have been hundreds of people fined for driving them instead. These rules were not meant to apply to electric cars...the law specifically says it covers polluting cars...but you can always trust Greek Bureaucracy to be utterly unbending.
  6. More drama today. It seems that Greece does not want the car. Tomorrow I will know for sure. I'm not importing it here just to sit outside the house, so if that's all they will allow, then the car goes back to the UK and I make sure journalists here know why. I am so pissed off.
  7. This one's got 2 more years and is likely to he reelected after that for a further 4.
  8. Exactly. The law just says all vehicles pre-95 cannot be newly registered to use on the roads. It was clearly written assuming that there were no electric vehicles pre-95. It's absurd...but it will require someone with authority here to have imagination. Hence my lack of optimism.
  9. CUSTOMS HELL - An update for those that are interested. The Enfield arrived in Greece 2 weeks ago and sits in the customs facility in Elefsina. I have several people trying to get it released but so far no luck. The problem? Well...a few years ago the Greek Parliament brought in a new law to combat the pollution caused by old vehicles; namely that any new registration of a vehicle (including those that had been even temporarily off-road) from before 1995 would have to be as "Historic Vehicles" and that these would not be allowed on the roads except for 2 days a month, and then only when going to and from a garage. Despite the law clearly stating that it was to stop pollution caused by diesel and petrol cars, no exemption was made for electric cars. Customs will not release the car to me without paying a hefty tax, surrendering the number plates so that it cannot go on the roads, and having the vehicle registered as "historic". It's so absurd and also very typical of the blind bureaucracy plaguing this country. I do not feel optimistic. The irony is that the Prime-Minister of Greece posed next to an Enfield 8000 just last year in an attempt to promote electric cars in Greece...and yet, when I bring an E8000 that is roadworthy into this country I am told it is not welcome! Really...you couldn't dream it up! The transport company who brought it here and who were paid to arrange customs clearance...and who were supposed to have told customs what was coming but clearly hadn't...are just being defensive. I am expecting this to go on and on for a while. Maybe a direct appeal to the PM here will get some results....
  10. Ready for the journey. Fingers crossed the correct V5 arrives.
  11. The date on the V5 that arrived yesterday is the 26th...so I guess they may have noticed the mistake and corrected it. With luck, a new one will arrive on Monday. The one dated 26th was sent back with a covering letter.
  12. Not the old one returned as it was dated last Tuesday...but no changes made.
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