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  1. I'm loving that, and actually like the advert too, seems a straight up chap 'No faults showing on TC, but now it's got this one.' seems fairly honest? Thankfully I don't have room for two 90s V6s in my life right now....
  2. Teletext-meets-internet from the 80s. Think Prestel but French.
  3. Does you have a part number for said ABS unit? I don't know too much about the crossover of parts on Ford models, but I took a unit off a Cougar I broke for spares (#1 on this link here). It's a Bosch unit with what I believe should have the TCS system. Edited to add this is from a V6, so reading the above makes me think it wouldn't work anyway..
  4. I've been digging out a couple of pics from when I first got the car and thought I'd pop them up. Firstly, and bear in mind this was being prep'd for a Banger Rally to Monaco, a decent service was called for. Oil, filters, brake fluid (which was brown!), and a good collant flush. Even removed the tank and removed all the solidified sediment. This car had wanted for nothing* remember. I stopped short of popping it through the dishwasher, but the tank came up a treat. My mate hard at work.... I'd also scored for a set of wheels (Cougar alloys) and better rubber from the owners forum which helped with the ride and noise and I decided to PlastiKote these prior to fitting ahead of the decor. (I'll post that up later). These are still fitted now and I kept two of the orginals as spares with the scabby ones going the journey. We also checked over the brakes as the handbrake in particular was, er, shite. Turns out one of the rear calipers had a slight* issue with the seal. If you look carefully you may see the problem. How it got passed an MOT I will never know and to this day I'm convinced the garage just wanted shot of it. They knew I lived miles away, it was going on a rally and they probably figured that'd be last time it got near a testers. Thankfully the forum came good again and I got a couple or passable spares sent up and swapped over. We'll revisit these later at some point. Oh, one other thing. I swapped the aux and water pump belts as they were well past it. The aux belt was really quite shagged but for a few quid and an few minutes it was an easy fix. I have a pic somewhere of the aux belt, but the water pump one below gives you an idea and although I'm sure you've probably seen worse it was pretty bad in my eyes. Next time it's upgrades* and enhancements*.
  5. C2, I'd nearly be tempted to pay that for the seats and headlights. MOT makes me doubt the underside is in a savable condition mind.
  6. After passing my test I inherited the current Mrs Dabooka's 206 and enjoyed it for may years. It was a '52 plate phase 1 'Look' with aircon and the same 1.4 engine. I loved it. Cracked manifold, rotten back box and the usual Comm2000 was all that ever needed doing. In many ways we should have kept it.... Yours does seem a strange mix of spec and yes the clock suggests something too but I cannot recall the markings on mine. Defo nicer seats. I know a lot of parts were switched around, including one kid who added climate control in place of the manual controls, so maybe that's what happened here. The blue interior in the red car seems a strange combination (or is that just me)?
  7. You're spot on there mind. It was bought as a local runaround kind of wagon, kids, grand kids (and after retiring early) foster kids and their kids.... and a big daft dog too. There were some longer runs but not many, and I can see that a weekly run between Glasgow and Bristol wouldn't be anticipated with glee and hope. He moved onto a 7 seat Santa Fe (?) which was a huge leap forward although the rearmost seats were underfloor types and small.
  8. Now hang on there. My step father had two of these back to back. He moved to them after getting sick of being mugged by a succession of Renault Espace's going titsup, especially gearboxes (these were new). Cheap, slow and agricultural maybe but very reliable. He's been with the marque ever since. I do wonder where the the other two rear seats are mind. And you do get free car washes for a month...
  9. TBH I have what I need at the moment, but I'll let the forum know. There's a couple in that part of the world.
  10. OMFG where be that? Late for a Cougar, let alone a pre-facelift. Proper engine at least
  11. Yep, I have several ST200 / 220 bits to add moar powar! There's a chap in my estate with a black Puma, we give each other acknowledging nods when he drives past (and I'm under the bonnet). If ever I see a For Sale sign up, it's bought. Very nice cruiser it is and returned us high 20s mpg across Europe. Not bad for a big heavy V6 that was three up with a full boot. Yes it took more fettling. Fuel tank fitting was another one if I recall, not just allowing for the transmission but something else.
  12. When I looked into them they only flogged about 12000 over the couple of years they were available here. Confused marketing, no deasel, a move away from coupes in general and up against both the ST24 at launch and then the ST200, you can see why. And that's not including the external competition that's been referenced. I fucking love driving it though, and for someone with absolute no clue of spanners and things it's actually not a bad starter car to learn on.
  13. Yeah, but who's going to go for the Zetec over the V6?! Actually joking aside the 2.0 works nearly as well and I'd be happy with it. RE: The BMW; spot on, and of course no deasel option either, so no go for fleety types.
  14. Yes a lot went over the bridge around then for that reason. Those wishbones for mine cost in excess of £200 for the pair, enough to put a lot of folk off a car worth maybe £500 with no market. That led to an glut of spares and repairs hitting the market, with no / hard to source parts, for a model that was never popular to begin with. Worryingly even scrappies are now starting to run a little low on stock for these things. Saying that there are plenty of good examples and it is easier to justify salvaging one to get it back on the road if the desire is there. You sum up the seating experience well. A lot of folk swap the facelift interior in for that very reason, much much better seating. IMRC common on all the Fords. I've replaced the dodgy transistor in mine but it didn't change anything. Some delete the butterfly valves all together but I want to try and retain them if I can. Ah the famous 'John Deer' fourby! It came up for sale not too long ago on FriendFace, and is possibly the one I'd love to own as much as mine. It was indeed a mammoth undertaking (before my time mind) but an epic conversion. When drunk I watch FleaBay for wrecked Mongys with the running gear but it is waaaaaaaay beyond anything I could attempt.
  15. I need a second for my Swift Sport, and it's THREE FUCKING TIMES THAT. Yep, £360. Got a great deal when I bought the car and thought I'd just get one later but I wince every time I consider it and have gambled with the one key ever since. Lovely car BTW. Always thought they nailed the rear end on those.
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