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  1. AWD, engine in the middle with huge fucking wheels... and look at the back box. Estima? Edited to add; I am not suggested the Estima is any way a supercar. It's THE supercar
  2. Dabooka


    I can't see how you'd lose money either unless your really overpay for an utter dog. GTFB. You can always flip it on to someone with a unique idea, such as a poncy catering wagon or somesuch.
  3. This is fucking glorious.
  4. Looks like it sold twice already within the last two weeks for ~£1k. Non payment twice is unlucky
  5. Those screw holes on the armrest must indicate a hard life? Taxi? Courier?
  6. I'll have to check this out, I've got quite a lot of SFA from back in the day. Only saw them once live, in the Riverside Newcastle if I recall correctly; my memories from back then are somewhat hazy and are one long drown out drunken blur
  7. I also believe that only the non-turbo models get the low range, so that's another check over a simple bonnet swap.
  8. That's a bloody bargain. Just the 900 mile round trip presenting a bit of a block...
  9. Oi! Some of us have feelings you know. Oh it's the auto. Carry on.
  10. I cannot recall seeing one. If I had not just got this Subaru, I'd be all over that.
  11. My Cougar takes it even further, by not folding in by hand either. That's really fucking convenient when backing in to a poxy wide council garage.
  12. Hunters Moor? Only been a couple of times and I must say it doesn't look quite right...
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