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  1. Artex on a car is a new one on me...
  2. Says the seller joined Facebook in 2009 which I guess is a good sign. Looks like a major money-making opportunity for someone with the right tarting-up skills.
  3. Bit of a shame it seems to have been repainted as part of a primary school art project... interesting to see one of these with an auto box though. Never come across one before.
  4. Wouldn’t normally bother sharing from a Facebook group but I know there’s a bit of interest in V6 45s on here.
  5. Some nice little stories here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/fuelling_communities
  6. Go on then Kenneth, I'll take a random number out of whatever you've got left
  7. Apparently (Facebook tells me) there is or was a progressive metal band called Vanden Plas... Named after the Allegro with the silly grill, no doubt.
  8. Hi folks. I need at some point over the next few weeks to shift my Sceptre. I only need to move it a few (single figures) miles but it's not driveable so will need to be trailered. I'm going to need to do it on a weekday as it's going to be booked into a garage for some work, but other than that the timing should be fairly flexible. Before I start ringing around for quotes, I wondered whether anyone from the AS community might have a suitable vehicle and be interested in helping me out for a few quid. I'm in St Albans, Herts.
  9. As one particular Autoshite legend put it: http://autoshite.com/topic/17328-great-rover-swappage-event-to-be-continued/?hl=rover%2Bswappage Anyway, this is basically just a shameless and very tenuous plug to remind people that the gorgeous Rover 45 that I swapped in the above thread is back up for sale...
  10. Looking effortlessly cool and irresistible to the ladies: priceless.
  11. Wilko220

    Crap headlights

    I'd say the problem is definitely headlights that are too bright rather than too dim. We've ended up in this ridiculous arms race where if the front of your car doesn't have the illumination power of Wembley Stadium's floodlights, it's deemed as being crap. Same goes for brake lights which are brighter than the sun, although this of course would be less of a problem if the average driver knew what a handbrake was.
  12. As I understand it, it's the same CVT set-up in the 25, 45, ZR, ZS and TF. And yes, it does go some when you put your foot down.
  13. Yes, they are a bit - but still quite a different experience to driving a standard automatic. Manual mode is fun! You know you want to...
  14. I get the impression it's a bit of a Marmite thing, but I think it's great once you get used to it (although I guess, given that I'm trying to flog one, I would say that wouldn't I...) Best I can describe it is a little bit like driving a go-kart - or (I imagine cos I've never driven one) an electric car.
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