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  1. Spotted this Talbot Solara(?) on the A1 in Yorkshire earlier. Anyone here responsible?
  2. Got my ticket and hoping to have the Sceptre in sufficiently driveable condition to make this its first show in, um, probably eight years. Think it’ll be a day trip for me but would be great to catch up with any other members of the AS massive who are going to be around.
  3. Having caught up with this terrible news extremely late there's little I can add to the many warm tributes. I never met Giles but his contributions here were not just interesting but full of personality too - you just always got the impression reading his stuff that he was one of the good guys and a great laugh to boot. And what @DSdriver says below x100 . He would have been so proud.
  4. I really do miss the days when a car manufacturer would just randomly plaster something like “16 VALVE” on a dashboard to fill some space
  5. Looks smart but there’s something not quite right about this. Maybe a later grille from a facelifted model?
  6. Oops… https://www.thecomet.net/news/grenade-found-in-hitchin-7962144?fbclid=IwAR2MNfdaAIYuDGVMBiJyYIeWGVv0KZWZGvc26HCbgGMUjRs6JkxHNVugWVQ
  7. 🙄 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184825807887?fbclid=IwAR0ez7MQT0s8nYzy8t5M3cvdTbdYPKy24Y2-qS6eLsrSw10Va10GcWN9ECo
  8. They should do a different fucking job then
  9. I would love to agree but it’s clear that, for reasons best known to themselves, the corporate world generally favour global (or at least continental) brands. It’s why we have Cif not Jif; HSBC not Midland Bank; Aviva not Norwich Union; etc etc...
  10. Turns out Duel is 50 this year. Good excuse to dig out the DVD again this weekend during the inevitable telly blackout... https://www.facebook.com/166254663388558/posts/6012011845479448/?d=n
  11. Yeah same - ages since I’ve been on a Routemaster. The last exciting bus I travelled on in London was during the Tube strike a few years ago - they wheeled out all these classic buses (from god knows where) to lay on extra services, and I managed to get a ride on a 1970s Mk1 MCW Metrobus. It was going in a completely different direction to where I needed to go so I ended up being late for work, but it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up!
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