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  1. Thanks for your nice comments Was able to overhaul the ignition system recently, with new coil, contact set, condenser and rotor arm at a total cost of about £65 - so keeping things original for the time being. But will see how things go and keep that in mind - I know it's a common modification people make on these.
  2. Yep, Hunter GLS. I think someone on here has/had one - @TagoraSX possibly?
  3. Cheers Eddy! Sadly, I’m working Saturday so won’t be able to get to Portsmouth I’m afraid
  4. So, the wood is now in the hole. And it's looking every bit the poor man's Rover I was hoping it would. Any 1970s provincial bank manager would be right at home in this interior. . This means it's pretty much restoration complete now. Literally just need to sort out wheel trims and we're there. Yeah, it took longer than it should have, and I cheated by getting a lot of the work done by other (significantly more talented) people. But I can still enjoy a sense of satisfaction from having bought an unloved scrapper destined for the breakers, and turned it into a head-turner that's hopefully going to last many more years. And looking at the way values of these have gone, I've probably just about broken even (ish). Got a ticket for the rescheduled Classics on the Common in Harpenden on 22nd September, so planning to take it for a day out for what will be its first show in many years. Hopefully will bump into some fellow members of the AS massive while I'm there. Some new exterior shots for the pervs. A final shout out to MBVR who did the most recent work on it, including that stunner of a vinyl roof. Would recommend them without hesitation.
  5. Bo11ox on the Ford Zephyr:
  6. I bet in 1978 the original owner was well impressed when he discovered the Saab dealer had put black and silver metal number plates on his brand new motor.
  7. Took a while longer than hoped but, erm, I've got wood... A few switches and wires to be matched back up now...
  8. Yeah it's not an Escort though m9 so I'm out
  9. Saxos seem to be one of those cars that were everywhere and then suddenly nowhere. This example may demonstrate why!
  10. Spotted this Talbot Solara(?) on the A1 in Yorkshire earlier. Anyone here responsible?
  11. Got my ticket and hoping to have the Sceptre in sufficiently driveable condition to make this its first show in, um, probably eight years. Think it’ll be a day trip for me but would be great to catch up with any other members of the AS massive who are going to be around.
  12. Having caught up with this terrible news extremely late there's little I can add to the many warm tributes. I never met Giles but his contributions here were not just interesting but full of personality too - you just always got the impression reading his stuff that he was one of the good guys and a great laugh to boot. And what @DSdriver says below x100 . He would have been so proud.
  13. I really do miss the days when a car manufacturer would just randomly plaster something like “16 VALVE” on a dashboard to fill some space
  14. Looks smart but there’s something not quite right about this. Maybe a later grille from a facelifted model?
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