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  1. Sorry, just going on Saturday. Pity, would like to meet as many ASers as possible.
  2. Hopefully be down tomorrow as soon after 10 as I can. As a FoD virgin, are there any tools I can bring along to help? Socket set? Jack? Impact wrench? Also got a 2.2kw inverter generator.
  3. Bit of bad luck there, Eddy. Had the opposite problem with the Meriva I bought as a project earlier in the year. Body was as new underneath despite being 54 reg. Mot tester couldn't believe it. However, I'd found at least ten mechanical faults I'd have failed it on that I put right before the test and it still failed on one I'd missed. Car now belongs to one of my sons who thinks it's the best car ever.
  4. Hoping to come along to FoD at weekend. Have pm'd Chris and my discretion is assured. Think I've worked out where to go to from Google Maps. Any tips on what to bring along?Am guessing a chair come in handy. Hoping to bring the Renault 25 along for its first longish trip in my custody.
  5. What colour did it leave the factory in? To me, that green looks just right.
  6. Seems ok now, though it did get a bit scary at one point, with noisy eruptions coming out the overflow bottle when I was running it with the cap off. Certainly the worst cooling sytem I've had to deal with. Good to have it back on the road again though. It's a nice old thing to drive round in, very relaxing, the auto really suits its character. Next port of call will be the brakes. They work really well, but would like to change the fluid. That'll give me the opportunity to check everything as well. Surprisingly, it's got drums at the rear, yet my late father had a 1969 Renault 10 with discs all round. Think the V6 25s did have rear discs though.
  7. All done. Parts place had the alternator cum waterpump belt in stock and picked up power steering one from a local bearing type place. Took belt kit with "wrong tensioner" back and turns out that the original type has been superseded. Fitted ok once I knew what was what. Had a lot of trouble filling and bleeding the cleaned out cooling system, think I've got all the air out now, but keep checking the level.
  8. Well, haven't had much advice yet, so thought I'd just follow my nose and get on with the timing belt. Got the radiator out, which gives a lot more room to work and get the Dewalt impact wrench in for the crankshaft pulley. The timing belt was quite loose and the power steering belt along with the alternator belt were badly cracked so I've ordered replacements. The tensioner in the kit is completely different to the other so will go to parts place tomorrow to see whats what. A tentative feel of the old one doesn't show any roughness or play, so might well be ok. Worryingly, while the radiator was out, I thought I'd flush out the cooling system and found the long hose from the overflow container completely blocked. Would have made refilling the system impossible. Flushed the radiator and blew through the core with compressed air to improve airflow. All in all, a day of mixed success. Will hopefully put a photo up tomorrow of the naked engine front.
  9. Well, refitted the sill trim, so that's it for now. Didn't get some of the angles and radii quite right, but it's as good as it's going to be. Going to do the timing belt next, but will post in the Ask a Shiter section as I might need a bit of advice.
  10. Thanks, but my efforts pale into insignificance against your Rover! When I bought it, I wasnt planning on doing any welding,but I couldn't leave it as it was. Once seen, couldn't be unseen....
  11. 9Well, it's taken me just over a fortnight,though I did have five days away in the caravan, but seem to be on the home straight. Just got the trim to fit, which will cover a multitude of sins. Probably leave the other side for now. Can see a few flakes of rust behind the wheel arch liner and the sill trim but nowhere near as bad as this side was. Was a bit more involved than I first thought,with four layers of metal, if you count the wing bottom, to line up. Can perhaps see now why it had been crudely bodged up with what appeared to be bathroom sealant. Anyway it's metal again now, thank goodness.
  12. Yes, know what you mean, quite fancy an early basic one, though I don't think the later ones changed that much. To me, there's a purity of design thats kind of ageless. Along with basic mechanicals. Perhaps, one day.....
  13. Also, while I'm repairing that side sill, thought I'd check the rear part. It's covered by a black plastic cover and I was concerned it might be rusting away out of sight. Drilled out a couple of pop rivets and pulled it away and felt behind. All seemed amazingly sound so one job less.
  14. Only a small amount of progress tonight. Finished dressing the welds. Drilled holes in the new metal for the sill finisher trim. Test fitted the wheel arch liner and checked the jack would fit in the slot I'd had to remake in the sill repair. It's only a location, the weight is taken by a thick metal jacking point fixed to a big box section. Didn't want to get it all painted and then have to start drilling and modifying bits to suit.
  15. Here's another photo I forgot. Piece was still being beaten into submission, hence the clamps and screws. First thoughts were to make it in one piece, but glad I didn't attempt it.
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