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  1. Think in a way the car has been good for him. For the past four years he's been working full time and studying for an engineering degree. Now he's graduated he's got some spare time on his hands.While he was doing the brakes, the lad over the road came out and gave him a screen thingy that he was going to put in an E46 he used to own. He's told me he's made up a harness to fit it and replace the existing wiring which had been badly botched. Unfortunately he also seems to have got addicted to sticking it in Sport mode and flooring the accelerator!
  2. Lad reckons, happy to be corrected, if the valve is stuck shut, then remapping is ok, so it's not told to open. If it's stuck open, then valve needs removing to fit blanking plate and refitting because needs to be seen to be there for Mot.In which case job is done anyway. Anyways, think he's quite pleased with himself for doing it and has earned some browneye points. Think despite having a 71reg company A4, he's a closet Shiter.
  3. Rang him on Wednesday evening and suggested remap. Said he'd looked into it, but had bought a Hella branded part by then and was going to do it himself. Couldn't find anyone to do it in at short notice anyway(perhaps didn't want the job!) and current partner is very impatient. Came round that evening and borrowed my trolley, jack axle stands etc. Messaged him late yesterday and he'd done it. Took him seven hours, total cost 335 pounds. He's recently bought a house with a good size garage and was able to do it in there,which helped. Did buy himself some new axle stands because he was worried about mine damaging the carpet in it! He's a good lad really, despite driving an Audi.
  4. Sounds like something has dropped. Are they similar to the Berlingo underneath?
  5. Oldest sons partner has a 2011 A3 with the ubiquitous 2.0 tdi engine, in,I'm guessing 140 bhp flavour. EGR cooler was replaced by a local independent VAG specialist about 3 years ago at about 800 quid. Apparently it needs replacing again. Son has pretty well decided to have a go at doing it himself this time.Since he'll willingly help me out, I want to do my bit. Any tips? Apparently its a bit of a bugger to get at. Car has done about 200k miles,and has generally been pretty good.
  6. Is it a proper slushomatic? Or a dual clutch affair?
  7. I love bottom of the food chain stuff like this. You can't go wrong if it's less than scrap money.Like betting on a horse and the nice bookmaker gives you your money back if it doesn't win. Four months Mot gives you time to get the measure of it and work out if it's worth doing anything with. I use Cillit Bang burnt on grease stuff for Alloy wheels. Costs about 2 quid, spray it on, scrub it a bit with someones toothbrush you don't like much. Hose it off, seems to do a better job than proper wheel stuff costing much more.
  8. Yes, he's had a look and seems pretty good underneath . The rear brakes are pretty standard stuff really.Is yours an E46??
  9. This is one of my favourite threads. Absolutely brilliant what has been achieved. Long live Katie!
  10. Also it gave us a nice father /son bonding afternoon culminating in meeting Mrs Doblo for a meal in a local eaterie. He's nearly 24 and hasn't really done a lot with cars till now,but seems to have got quite into it. Lad he shares a house with is pretty knowledgeable though which helps. He's found out the car cost £40k in 2002,which sounds a lot. Think he still fancies a Saab though.
  11. Son's been home this weekend and asked me to help him with the rear brakes.Bit of a mixed result really. He'd bought new Bosch discs and pads from Autodoc ready to fit. Trouble getting the wheel bolts undone, also one wheel was well and truly stuck on the hub. Wasn't to sure when I suggested refitting the bolts finger tight and driving round the block. Did the trick though. Caliper bracket bolts were rusted up, but my Dewalt impact wrench soon sorted them, once I'd undone the lower shock absorber bolt to give more clearance. The discs were very difficult to get over the handbrake shoes and the drums were thick with rust on the inside. Cleaned everything up, checked the handbrake mechanism was free, refitted the discs with the shoes just clear of the drums, fitted the new pads, result footbrake fine, handbrake very poor. Hmmm. In other news, he's done quite a lot at it, sorting oil leaks and replacing pipes and hoses under the bonnet. He's currently got the passenger seat out trying to sort the electric reclining mechanism and the infotainment screen out as well. It does go very well with a lovely engine and autobox. He says he's enjoying doing it and he's spent less than the payments on his Honda would have been.
  12. A few years ago I saw a smiley face Transit car transporter carrying a Transit van and towing a car trailer with another Transit van on it. Belonged to a local Ford dealer as well. The Transit I hired the other week had a maximum weight of 3600kg and a Gross train weight of 6200kg.
  13. To celebrate 10 years of the dour Northern crime drama,Land rover are planning a "Vera" special edition based on a SWB Defender, with faded blue paint and off white roof with discoloured steel wheels. Production will be strictly limited to 500,or how many they can sell, whichever is the greater. The lucky buyers will be entered into a prize draw with the winner getting a" Vera Experience Day". This comprises of driving round the north east on a cold and rainy day dining on petrol station sandwiches and coffee in paper cups. Culminating in a showdown in a windswept derelict farmyard where Vera confronts you. "You murdered him/her in cold blood didn't you pet, because you couldn't bear the thought of him/her being with anyone else". This is your cue to run away, straight into the arms of Veras sidekick who's been in something else on the telly as well, but you can't think what. As an alternative, you can opt to blow your brains out with a shotgun, with Vera shouting "Give yourself up, pet, it's not worth it!". Five runners up will receive a Land rover branded raincoat and hat worth £875.
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