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  1. The old thing is still going strong. Came up to see us for the weekend, a 280 mile round trip. His 12 year old has more room in the centre seat than in his Cactus and the boot is massively bigger and easier to load with no lip,so it's his car of choice at the moment. He says it's not very economical, but then says it's doing 34mpg which sounds fine to me.
  2. All this talk of oil made me change it for her tonight. Really easy to do. Filter is a spin on type vertically alongside the sump. Only holds 3.3 litres. Took ages for the oil light to go out. Also noticed it's got a wet timing belt, visible through the oil filler. Can't quite get my head round 3 cylinder engines though. Engine sounds quite harsh(1.2 petrol),whereas the 1.4 in my Zafira, same age and mileage is almost inaudible on tickover.
  3. Daughter came round a couple of Sundays ago. Oil light had come on in her car. Checked dipstick which wasn't reaching the oil. Evening so all the usual suspects were shut. Car, 66reg Peugeot 208 needs 0w30 stuff. Got lots of oil in shed, but none of that. Phone oldest son, he hasn't got any either. He lives near the Leicester Forest East M1 Services. Phones me up, 23 quid a litre. Fortunately I'd just been to the petrol station at the bottom of the road and paid 15 quid. That got it back on the dipstick. Only holds about 3 litres anyway. Bought 5 litres and a filter from GSF later for around 40 quid, but haven't got round to changing it for her yet. She's going to Dubai in August so car will be sold off anyway. Been a good car for her really. Had it new on a Just add fuel PCP, bought it outright when the 3 years were up. Just got in on the £20 pound tax. WBAC come up with more than she paid for it,so all good.
  4. That looks like the grilles the limousine and hearse converters put on to disguise the fact it's really a Mercedes or somesuch.
  5. Land Rover didn't do a diesel at the time. So a potential market.It was a German or Austrian design. There's quite a lot of information on the Turner website. They also made tractors, marine engines, transmissions etc.
  6. Frisky JARC Little Horse/British Anzani Astra/Gill Getabout which led to the Lightburn Zeta. So really smug know it alls can say there was a 2 stroke Astra long before the 2 stroke Fiesta. Barkas Turners of Wolverhampton did a 2 stroke diesel conversion for Land Rovers in the fifties before they did their own engine. Think Theodore Gillam might have one in his shed. Can we have the Marshall and Field Marshall tractors?
  7. Are we to include three wheelers?
  8. Trojan Lloyd (British) DKW There's lots more but I won't spoil it.
  9. I reckon Grogee knows how many beans make five! Very interested to see how this one works out.
  10. But Grogee reckons it'll give him a good opportunity to see what he might be letting himself in for in terms of the underbody etc. This is Autoshite, don't forget, not a Quentin Wilson buyers guide.
  11. In the late eighties I worked with a guy who had a Mk 2 Capri. The bottom edge of the tailgate had completely rusted away. Someone he knew welded in and painted new metal for him. There was no old metal left to follow the profile of with the repair, so he made it look the same as his own car which wasn't a Capri.
  12. Pensions are about being sensible.To me at least, Autoshite is about not being sensible. Or am I missing something?
  13. But all that was nigh on 30 years ago. We're now in another world of classic cars, where older is better. Nobody's going to buy a Metro today for an involving drive, its NCAP rating, its rust resistance. It's only going to be going to nice places on nice days. Anybody buying one today for strong money will have other cars at their disposal for the boring stuff. See also Escorts, Sierras, Cavaliers etc. etc.......
  14. That does look a lovely slice of the eighties. Which seem to becoming the new seventies. Falklands war, Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana, Miners strike, when there was still hope BL might come good. In my opinion needs to be kept completely as standard though,to maintain its heritage and of course value. Classic car values don't make any sense though. Six cylinder summed it up when he said the later Rover Metros with K series engines and five speeds were much better cars, but worth much less.
  15. They say you regret the things you didn't do, rather than those you did. I'd say have a look.The Metro is delightfully eighties and the Turbo is the holy grail. Grogee isn't mad or stupid, he knows what he's doing and has a grim determination to get things done,see Powershift gearbox etc. Sounds a bit on the high side price wise, but a polite sensible offer might do well. Regarding the borrowing aspect, even the whole 7k wouldn't be a huge monthly payment, and if the price could be brought down a bit, and the money from the sale of another car thrown in, then a whole lot less. To me though, a MG Metro needs to be red or white or just possibly black, but that's just a personal opinion.
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