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  1. Sounds about right. Hmmm.... Now if our Korando was to suddenly need replacing........! Stop it, you're giving me ideas.
  2. Serious question from a caravanner. What's the towing limit? Does look a lovely thing. Well bought.
  3. Dobloseven

    End of shite?

    Saw one yesterday. Wondered what it was, now I know. In Leicester, being driven.
  4. Dobloseven

    End of shite?

    = This is how I've been picking stuff up for fun, last couple of years. Just ask people to let one know if and when they want to get rid. Not much good if you're desperate or want something specific though. If my budget for a daily car was £2k or less, think I'd be pretty miserable.
  5. Dobloseven

    End of shite?

    New car sales have been at 70s levels for the past 3 years. But dealers can sell cars at the full price, no need to pre reg stuff to boost the figures either. Plus prices have risen considerably anyway. In this months Caravan Club mag, there's a test of a 1litre Focus Estate. £38.5k anyone? This sort of thing will increase or keep steady at least, prices of nearly new stuff, along with not so new, down to the near end of life stuff that us lot have a penchant for.
  6. Is that Boycie from OFAH in the top pic?
  7. Out in the Renault 25 today with Mrs D looking at bathroom showrooms to spend money that'd be better used buying crap cars. Like to use it as much as I can unless weather is really bad. Black lady comes alongside, big smile and thumbs up. As she pulls away, I see she's driving an R reg Mercedes of some description, so not that much younger than the Renault.
  8. Son who lives in South Wales spotted this in his local doctors. As a parent, he thinks the idea of Mum taking the kids out while Dad watches the telly while having a drink, is quite appealing.
  9. I thought Jago at first. But weren't they Escort Mk1/2 based?
  10. Guessing Mk3/4/5 Cortina running gear. Certainly different!
  11. Well, he's taken it for Mot today and passed with no advisories. Which is perhaps just as well, because there's only a couple of days left on the old one. And it's not the best time of year for driveway repairs!
  12. Series Landrovers used some Whitworth and BSF sized nuts and bolts, so doubtful they'd have anything suitable. This might do though. Note six sided drive. The things us old boys keep "just in case".
  13. Day after Boxing day, went to Drive Vauxhall/MG in Leicester and there was a very tidy white 5 door amongst the used cars. Didn't seem to be for sale though.
  14. I'd be interested to know what the actual buying in price for mixed metal/light iron is in different places. Our local yard was 90 per tonne just before Christmas. Does fluctuate massively though. When I bought the Signum last spring, it was 170,with an extra tenner for cars, so about 270 for a Monsignivensat size car.They just drain the fluids and crush them. Take the alloy wheels off and battery out and that's about it. Obviously some stripped shells from breakers, but surprising how many complete, quite decent looking cars they get in.
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